An Acid Connoisseur Otter

Key Character Milestones

  • "Tbh I think Officer Tobias and Clementine have similar goals, and that's cool since Clemente works in his department."
  • "Also, I think it's a thing that Clemente's very adaptive, hence why he can secrete his own acid and isn't as affected ingesting it, but that's also why he did that since it helped him start producing what he uses. He's more tolerant, at least."
  • Ringleader's Bachelor Party MVP! (S2G24 Party Up!)
  • Clementine's kind are very adaptive, so that's why he'd be secreting his own acid and has an immensely better tolerance for it. His family members also have some traits that they specifically developed over their lives, but one specific example would be that his sister's blood is like jelly and she's very flexible. They're also larger than typical honey badgers, similarly to humans in range and then some, hence Clementine's height, but he's otherwise a badger person.




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