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HTML Wanderpus


by Nika Simone

The HTML Wanderpus
is a persistent living-world tabletop roleplaying experience where the entire community can join by way of chat-interactive Twitch TTRPGs, open text-roleplay speakeasy streams and crew quarters Discord channels, events, and SO MUCH MORE!

I’m looking for the best and
the brightest to join my crew!


— Captain Nika Simone


  The HTML Wanderpus is a trans-dimensional submarine
set in an alt fantasy 1920's/30's era, whose mission is
to investigate volatile dimensional rifts, stabilize or seal them, and resolve any anomalies that arise in the process.


Rifts sporadically occur across worlds through water. A being may find themselves caught in sudden light rain and be instantaneously transported to another world with no hope of return once the rainfall ceases. Liminal is a unique dimensionally-centric island world built upon centuries of these rift-fallen items, friends, and foes.   Though rifts litter Liminal’s oceans, extensive sanctioned and unsanctioned trade between island kingdoms and ports support flourishing life and societies. Recently however, rifts have become more erratic and dangerous for Liminal inhabitants; thus the HTML Wanderpus was specifically designed as the first rift-faring vessel to locate and seal rifts, quarantine invasive items and affects, and scientifically research rifts’ true origin.

Design a character deployed upon the HTML Wanderpus or positioned somewhere within the worlds at-large. Then join us as a player or as a supporting crew member in our highly-interactive RPG Twitch-Partnered Streams, using the VERY
newbie-friendly indie system, Quest!

There are several one-shot Away Games and episodic Main Games to participate in! Or casually join us for some lo-fi text-only roleplaying Speakeasy sessions and 24/7 Crew Quarters!

You'll find everything you need to get started right here in the World Anvil, or ask for creative and technical support
in the WanderDiscord!


#1 Make A Character
Step-by-step guide for Roll20 and World Anvil!

#2 Become Your Character
Offered game types and game schedule laid out

#3 Impact the World!
Streamloots & Twitch-specific interactive features broken down

by Nika Simone

Catch up & Get Down!

How-to Get Started!
#1 Character Creation
#2 Game Schedules
#3 Streamloots & Twitch

Find past game VODs, transcripts & character reactions all in one spot!
The Season One Recap
The Season Two Recap
CURRENT The Midseason Recap

Lists of current Crew & Depts.
with links to Character Profiles
Character Manifest - Current
Character Manifest - S1 Archive

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Create the World!

Who's Who
Crewmates (Players)
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Soon: More World Lore
Silver Thimble
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Soon: Season Two Expanded Recaps
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