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Tsoki Chatterfang

Tsoki is a squirrel who likes kites

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Thu 9th Mar 2023 02:36

Update S3

by Tsoki Chatterfang

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Tsoki Chatterfang's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

  1. The Visions Begin
    Jan. 19th. 19xx
  2. Visions Pt. 2
    Jan. 24. 19xx
  3. Thoughts on the Cloud River
    Feb. 20th. 19xx
  4. A Newfound Purpose
    March. 15. 19xx
  5. The Time Approaches
    June. 18th. 19xx
  6. Legends Rise
    June. 19th. 19xx
  7. After The Pot & Kettle
    27 Jun 2022 03:40:20
  8. Dude Where's My Teeth!?
    19 Jul 2022 02:40:54
  9. The Upgraded HTML Wanderpus
    23 Jul 2022 05:49:32
  10. Tsoki's First Mission
    24 Jul 2022 04:43:35
  11. Questionnaire Part 8
    26 Jul 2022 12:24:52
  12. The Trial of the Wolpertingers
    27 Jul 2022 04:15:57
  13. Homecoming
    16 Sep 2022 03:16:19
  14. Thoughts on the Librarian
    16 Sep 2022 03:38:38
  15. The Journal Entry’s title
    09 Mar 2023 02:35:59
  16. Update S3
    09 Mar 2023 02:36:18

The major events and journals in Tsoki Chatterfang's history, from the beginning to today.

The Visions Begin

During my daily meditation today I experienced a feeling like no other. I found was looking through what i knew to be my own eyes but I had no power over the actions being taken. My eyes peered over my village swathed in shadow. I look up to the sky to se...

02:59 am - 19.06.2022

Visions Pt. 2

Whiskerchin says what I experienced may have been a vision of the future. Normally I would conduct a reading channeling my powers through the acorns of the great tree, but for my powers to manifest almost on their own... I knew that my powers have been ge...

03:00 am - 19.06.2022

Thoughts on the Cloud River

The Cloud river that lies in the great canyon has always been of great comfort to me. As I sit here on the river bank the flow of the clouds reminds me of the balance of nature. That even though I may be feeling sad or upset today, tomorrow still comes an...

03:00 am - 19.06.2022

A Newfound Purpose

I had another vision. It began the same as the first, sitting on the riverbank as a shadow shrouds the village in darkness. In the sky the giant beast descends. My body rushes forward as multiple figures dismount the beast. They introduce themselves as me...

03:02 am - 19.06.2022

The Time Approaches

My vision has been happening more often recently. At first I would have the vision once a month. A month turned into weeks, weeks into days. I experience the vision almost daily now. I cant help but feel excited! The frequency of my visions can only mean ...

03:02 am - 19.06.2022

Legends Rise

It finally happened! The Wanderpus and crew finally arrived! Although it was a bit different than what I had foreseen, as soon as I heard their ship my heart nearly burst from my chest! The way the ship rose from the cloud river parting the clouds like wa...

05:30 am - 19.06.2022

After The Pot & Kettle

I have done it! I have been made a member of the Wanderpus crew! And as the first order of business! I am told I am not allowed to go anywhere! How weird is that? Something about people not trusting the crew for everything they have done. I don't know wha...

03:40 am - 27.06.2022

Questionnaire Part 8

101. Are you from Liminal? If not, where are you from and what makes your world unique? A:101: Tsoki is from the land of Arboreal, home of the flying squirrels. The world has made great use of the constant winds that flow over the mountaintop. All the ...

11:02 pm - 13.07.2022

Dude Where's My Teeth!?

There I was, tying the last piece of string to the kite that has become my magnum opus. This thing was beautiful, let me tell ya. It was HUGE! And Colorful! And the best part was that it could fly even without wind! Oh man what a wonderful creation. The w...

02:40 am - 19.07.2022

The Upgraded HTML Wanderpus

The crew has been quite busy these last few weeks! And our efforts have been rewarded with a beautiful new ship! I kept hearing stories of how the old submarine was destroyed. And although I am disappointed that I was never able to see the "beast" from th...

05:48 pm - 23.07.2022

Tsoki's First Mission

Today was a wonderful day! I got to go on my first mission as a fully fledged member of The HTML Wanderpus! Krieg, Quet, Midnight and myself were chosen to go and find some boxes that may or may not have been stolen. We were dropped off on the shores of S...

04:43 am - 24.07.2022

The Trial of the Wolpertingers

Officer Lio approached me the other day and asked for some assistance with a request he received from Mama Parse. I humbly accepted and began my usual preparations. Apparently the Worpletingers have begun a project to clear their forest of the interplanar...

03:46 am - 26.07.2022


I finally was able to present my Kite project to King Reedi of Pastura! However! Nothing went according to plan. But that was mostly because I couldn't remember ANYTHING! So instead of showing Reedi how everything works, because ya know I forgot, Lio Midn...

03:16 am - 16.09.2022

Thoughts on the Librarian

I have been told that the notes that we take should be done through recording instead of through writing. So this will be my first one of these that I record. There has been little new information about this Librarian character. But I want to record some...

03:38 am - 16.09.2022

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