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- Seth Richards


Once there was an elf. He made a contract, but can't remember why. Now he's a cute shoggoth boy. ??? profit

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Fri 17th Mar 2023 06:10

-OOC Current Abilities-

by - Seth Richards

Class: Naturalist
Shapeshifter Path:
Animal Form - Gills - Steelsprout - Petrify - Shapeshift
1. Animal Form
Class: Naturalist
Path: Shapeshifter

Cost : 2 AP
You take the form of a wild animal, adopting its shape, senses, and range of motion. You may choose any creature that is no smaller than a mouse and no larger than a horse. Everything you carry becomes part of your animal form. While in animal form, you have 6 HP. You may make basic attacks that hit for 2 HP. You can't cast spells, use items, or speak languages while transformed.
You can return to your normal form at any time. When transforming back, you regain the hit points you had before you transformed. Falling to 0 hit points while transformed instantly returns you to your normal form
2. Gills
Class: Naturalist
Path: Shapeshifter
Cost: 1 AP
You enchant a small amount of water in a container that you are holding. When you spritz the water on a creature, they grow small but visible gills, allowing them to breathe underwater for up to 1 hour. This spell enchants enough water to use 6 times.

(Alteration: the current gills possessed become usable in the plane the user is currently within.)
3. Steelsprout
Class: Naturalist
Path: Shapeshifter

Cost: 2 AP
You extend your hand and close your eyes, permanently turning a nearby metal object into a weave of delicate plants. (The object cannot have magical properties or be larger than a door.) Describe the plants that the object turns into.

(Note: will almost always be a type of flower}
4. Petrify
Class: Naturalist
Path: Shapeshifter
Cost: 2 AP
You turn the surface of a nearby commoner or minion to stone for the next minute. The target cannot move, see, hear, or speak during this time. The creature has 50 hit points while petrified. If its hit points are reduced to 0 during the spell, it shatters to pieces and dies.

(Alteration: instead of stone, have the surface turned into hard amber.)
Cost: 2 AP
You encase your armor or clothing with a chitinous shell. The shell absorbs up to 10 hit points of damage. If you were hit by a nonmagical weapon, the weapon shatters to pieces. The carapace crumbles away immediately after it takes damage. You may cast this spell as a reaction to an incoming attack during another creature's turn.

5. Shapeshift
Class: Naturalist
Path: Shapeshifter
Cost: 3 AP
This is a master version of your Animal Form spell (p. 58). The rules are the same, except for these differences:
• You can choose a creature no smaller than a housefly and no larger than an elephant.
• You have 10 HP in animal form.
• Your animal form attacks hit for 3 HP.
• You can send messages telepathically to members of the party

Class: Naturalist
Summoner Path:
6. Thorn
Class: Naturalist
Path: Summoner
Cost: 0 AP
You open your palm, conjuring a poisonous thorn that you shoot in a straight line toward a nearby target creature or object. The thorn hits for 2 HP.
20: The thorn's poison is amplified. If you hit an organic creature, its skin becomes swollen, it cannot see beyond its reach, and it can't speak or cast spells until the end of its next turn.
(Alteration: Stinger out of tentacle)
7. Echoes of Creation
Class: Naturalist
Path: Summoner
Cost: 6 AP
You hum a reverberating melody, summoning a coterie of magical wisps from the ages of creation. The wisps were powerful beings of light who once roamed the omniverse. Now, like dying stars, these ethereal remnants are burning the last of their energy. They are no longer sentient, but seem to sense the world around them. For the next minute, the wisps float about the area, restoring the hit points of all creatures and animating new plant life. Every creature in the scene stops what they are doing while the wisps are present and remain still with awe until they fade to the beyond.
Notes: Used Transmute card to go straight to Echoes of creation
Class: Invoker
Invocation Path:

  • - Petition - Invoke

    8. Petition
    Class: Invoker
    Path: Invocation
    Cost: 2 AP
    When you regroup (p. 14), you may close your eyes and calm your body. You recite a short petition and receive a boon. You must recite a petition at the table that contains all of these parts:
    • An address line, like "in the name of the gods" or "for the love of wisdom."
    • A request, like "I ask for strength."
    • An adulation, like "for I am your humble servant" or "for you are the truth."
    When you are finished reciting the petition, all of your hit points are restored.
    9. Invoke
    Class: Invoker
    Path: Invocation
    Cost: 3 AP
    You leave your worldly body behind and create an astral projection of yourself. You must be in a quiet place with no other creatures around to begin the ritual. While in this trance, you can only vaguely sense if there is danger around your mortal body. You may exit the trance at any time. Your mind enters a liminal plane of existence. You experience this place like a dreamworld in the stars; it might be a lush paradise in a nebula, an idyllic homestead, or a temple in the fires of creation.

    If you have an allegiance to a deity, you meet with their avatar. If you hold no allegiance to a deity or if your deity is merely a figment of your character's imagination, you meet with an avatar of supernatural wisdom.

    Set a timer. You may speak to the avatar for 1 minute about anything you like. If you ask any of these questions, the Guide will give you a truthful
    • Am I on the right path to ____________?
    • Is ___________ who they say they are?
    • Am I living up to my ideal?
    • Have my actions unknowingly caused anyone harm?
    • How can I redeem myself?
    Class: Verdicts
    Verdicts Path:
    Inspire - Compel Truth - Forgive
    10. Inspire
    Class: Invoker
    Path: Invocation
    Cost: 1 AP
    You inspire a nearby NPC by reciting a meaningful statement to them. You may invent a famous quote or proverb, or borrow one from the real world. The creature must be able to hear and understand you, and cannot currently be hostile toward you. Until the end of the day, the NPC shapes their behavior around their ideal, and cannot fall victim to their flaw.
    11. Compel Truth
    Class: Invoker
    Path: Invocation
    Cost: 1 AP
    Roll the Die. Your eyes glow like blue flames as you look into the eyes of a nearby creature and grip their mind.
    • 20: The target is compelled to answer all questions truthfully for the next 5 minutes. You may set a real timer.
    • 11-19: The target is compelled to answer three questions truthfully. 6-10: The target is compelled to answer one question truthfully.
    • 2-5: The target resists your invasion and senses you tried to manipulate them.
    • 1: The spell backfires. The target may compel you to answer a question truthfully instead.
    12. Forgive
    Class: Invoker
    Path: Invocation
    Cost: 3 AP
    While placing your hand on a creature and telling them they are forgiven, they immediately feel guilt fade from their conscience. You must know a specific act or circumstance that the creature feels guilty for. Your words of forgiveness must be in the form of a Petition (p. 42).
    If you use this on a commoner or minion, they will become awestruck as if they have received a blessing from a god. They may begin to follow you as if you are a prophet, and they will not willingly cause you harm.
    If you use this on a boss, you will temporarily endear them to you. They will not harm you until the next time you meet, unless you or the party tries to harm them. They cannot be affected by this spell twice
    Seth Richards (Nyght) — Today at 10:48 PM
    Hey, I'd like to learn "Wild Evolution" by using Eureka. I'd also like to play "It's Free Real Estate" to start up a temple (In character, I don't think it'd be time yet, but I really wanna start working on it around/after/during the Hammerfall game, so I'd like to play it now. And "Glow Up" For the rosaries we talked about.
    From <https://discord.com/channels/298020040660484096/767633933230931988>
    belts unbuckled, and shirts unbuttoned.
    Pets become unleashed
    Legendary Ability
    Perfect gift
    Cost: 4 AP
    You glimpse the mind of a nearby creature, discovering what stirs their heart. Then, you conjure an emotionally priceless gift for them. The Guide chooses the form of the gift to match the effect with the creature. You choose how the gift makes the creature feel once it is received.
    Choose one option from the table below
    They come to terms with the loss of a loved one, finding peace.
    They decide to repair a broken relationship in their life.
    They become exuberantly happy for the next month.
    They become obsessed with the gift, refusing to part with it for any reason.
    They love you as an intimate friend and seek a closer relationship.
    Legendary Ability
    Wild Evolution
    Cost: FREE
    Your physical essence becomes permanently intertwined with that of a chosen animal’s form. The animal can be no smaller than a mouse and no larger than an elephant. You may only choose this form once.
    You may morph back and forth between your original form and your chosen form at will. When you change between forms, you maintain your current hit points.
    You adopt the animal's natural capabilities while you are transformed. For example, if you transform into an
    eagle, you may fly. Your basic attacks in animal form hit for 3 damage.
    You may now cast spells in animal form and speak telepathically to your allies. You can still use the Animal Form and Shapeshift abilities (p. 58), and the rules for those abilities still function as usual.
    Special Ability (Personal Tattoo)
    Seth: Return to Sender
    4 AP
    Seth can reach out and grab an incoming projectile and throw it back at its origin.
    20: the projectile hits with critical accuracy and deals 4 damage
    11-19: The projectile hits the target for 2 damage
    6-10: Seth can knock the object away from its target or Seth can take the damage of the hit and till throw it back.
    2-5 Seth takes 4 damage
    1 – Seth and the original target take 4 damage
    Special Ability (Personal Tattoo)
    Familiar: Lips
    This Summons a very large boss level Lippy Crab that is only Tangentially under the command of its summoner.
    20: The Crab will follow your commands
    11-19: The Crab will follow a command
    6-10: The Crab isn't attacking you yet
    2-5: He is attacking you
    1: RUN
    Seth Signature Ability: Break Away
    A game-changer on the battlefield"
    Seth is known for his exceptional athletic ability, and his "Break Away" ability is a testament to this. With a quick slide through even the densest crowds, Seth is able to reach his target with ease, slipping past enemies without drawing their attention. This ability has proven crucial in both escaping dangerous situations and reaching important objectives.
    But don't let Seth's smooth moves deceive you - this ability doesn't come without a cost. Each use after the first in a game session will cost Seth 2 AP, making it a valuable but strategic tool in his arsenal. Keep an eye on Seth as he navigates the battlefield - his "Break Away" ability is sure to be a game-changer.

    Seth's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

    The major events and journals in Seth's history, from the beginning to today.

    Oh look a journal

    I'm not the super best at writing journals, but I feel like I really REALLY should start keeping one. Too much has happened not to document, and honestly, if I die, someone needs to know the crazy shit that goes down. I'm not making this up. Probably....

    04:34 am - 17.05.2021

    Working with Engineering - First Science Endevour

    [dc]I've[/dc] recently been made part of the science department, and truly thought I’d have some more scientific endeavors. Which I have, of course. I’ve assisted working on upgrading our “scuba” gear with Officer Lio Levon, the lead engineer, and...

    12:28 am - 11.08.2022


    <div class="col-sm-7 p-0 col-sm-pull-8"> <div class="col-12" style="border-bottom: 1px solid black;"> <span style="color: #CC072D;"><h6>Basic Info</h6></span> <div class="justify-content-between"...

    12:56 am - 11.08.2022

    "Hurricane" Exploration and Handling

    I’ve been entrusted with another task, and it is something I couldn’t imagine being placed into. The passing through what seems to be the entire plane needed to be investigated. And our team discovered way more than what we expected, or what I did, at...

    01:34 am - 11.08.2022

    Daily Activities - Update with Life

    So it's been an insane ride so far. I've been trying to "find myself" with more work this time. No sitting behind a bar anymore. I've truly been thinking about where to go with this new science direction, and I've spoken with Quet about chemistry. So, bei...

    04:11 am - 28.08.2022

    Break from Studies

    OK, I gave up. It was too much and nothing was really sticking in my brain. So, I had to take a break. A real one. And thank every star in the universe Lio just happened to make his way into the library when I was actually beginning to melt into the o...

    04:18 am - 28.08.2022

    -OOC Current Abilities-

    Magician Magic Tricks Misdirection Cost:0 AP You produce a tiny magical effect to surprise, delight, or confuse those around you. Choose any combination of these effects each time you use this ability: Light. You create a harmless display of ligh...

    09:24 pm - 17.12.2022

    The list of amazing people following the adventures of Seth.

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