Seth Richards

- Seth Richards (a.k.a. -)

Mixologist with a strong clipboard

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Body build: Ectomorph on humanoid top half, thicc on tentacle bottom-half  

Body Features

Skin Color:
  • Caucasian top half
  • Blue with darker spotted half on bottom
Three sets of fins between tentacled area and humanoid half Scutes on belly Tentacles:
  • Four on back
  • Four large on bottom for locomotion
  • Two - one in front of each ear
  • All are fully prehensile
Antlers with glowing symbols Mucus membranes are teal

Facial Features

  • Irises are teal-blue and gold
  • irises are slit
  • Style: long in the back with bangs
  • Color: dark and light blue gradients
Four ears - one larger set with a smaller set "inside" long split tongue shark-like teeth - can replace as teeth fall out

Physical quirks

Sometimes tendrils will just do their own thing without Seth being conscious of it.   Right handed

Apparel & Accessories

Normal Wanderpus uniform

Mental characteristics

Gender Identity

CIS Male - He/Him


Bi+/Pansexual - polyamorous

Morality & Philosophy

Vices: Lust & Greed Virtues: Kindness

Personality Characteristics


Hobbies: collecting beach rocks singing (has a cover band on 'home plane' & at some point wants to make it big, rather than having to escort to make dosh) writing (he's not too great at it, but tries so hard) reading cheesy novels colouring

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Personality Types
  • Temperament: Sanguine
  • Enneagram: The Peacemaker, The Enthusiast, The Loyalist
  • Holland: Creating and Persuading

Likes & Dislikes

  • Foods: sashimi & cheesecake
  • Drinks: Old Fashioned & sarsaparilla
  • Flavours: sweet cream, strawberry, cocoa
  • Colours: dark blues & purples
  • Animal: carnotaurs, bees, cats
  • Holiday: Festival of Renewal (New Year's)
  • Season: Winter
  • Time of Day: Night
  • Places: museums, the beach, & bed
  • Genres of Music: punk, pop, & rock, but listens to a bit of everything
  • Genre of Literature: romantic suspense, trash romance, mystery
  • Sport: basketball
  • Random: the scent of autumn leaves, thundersnowstorms, meteor showers
  • music (both as a participant and listener)
  • writing & doodling
  • napping
  • snow & winter
  • swimming
  • the ocean
  • bees
  • plushes
  • alcohol
  • cats
  • children
  • strong smells
  • heat & summer
  • criticism
  • dogs

Virtues & Personality perks

Strengths: can see in low light better than human sense of smell tall, can reach the top shelf has a high tolerance to cold can hold breath for a really long time     Virtues: excitable, friendly, and playful tries to be emotionally supportive to others would rather talk it out than physically fight

Vices & Personality flaws

Weaknesses far-sighted physically weak emotionally & physically sensitive low tolerance to heat & fire magic difficult to see in brighter lights   Flaws: has a childish and sarcastic sense of humor - will laugh at poop jokes intense emotional highs and lows is either a complete recluse or assertive, there is rarely an in-between can easily get confused forgetful a bit clumsy   Fears: ghosts nightmares/night terrors the idea of possession/being possessed tight spaces ghosts being magically or mundanely emotionally manipulated (hypocrite) imprisonment ghosts   "Current" AU Trivia is currently unable to shapeshift from current form no access to ice magic at all

Personality Quirks

has a mild stutter that mostly materializes during stressful situations likes to carry a small bag around with little rocks he finds despite not liking heat, really loves to wrap self in blankets like a burrito


Grooming: Well-kept


Family Ties

Has no connection with blood-family - barely knows birth name of Fawr'goee

Religious Views

Azathoth - self gratification & anti-establishment


Posture: carries self high, but is clumsy

Hobbies & Pets


Once there was an elf. He made a contract, but can't remember why. Now he's a cute shoggoth boy. ??? profit

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Chaotic Neutral
Date of Birth
February 15
Appalachian Wilds
Current Residence
Teal & Gold
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Caucausian & BLue
8 ft/244 cm
~450 lb / 204 kg
Known Languages
Common ASL

-OOC Current Abilities-

Magician   Magic Tricks Misdirection   Cost:0 AP You produce a tiny magical effect to surprise, delight, or confuse those around you. Choose any combination of these effects each time you use this ability: Light. You create a harmless display of light, like a flickering flame or a pattern of sparks. You can also snuff out or ignite small light sources like torches. Sound: You create a small, brief sound effect, like a wind chime, an audience clapping, or someone whispering. Smell:. You conjure a smell of any kind, like a freshly baked pie or a cesspool. Touch: You give one or more nearby creatures a gentle physical sensation, like someone tapping them on the shoulder, a chill breeze, or the feeling of goosebumps.   Mesmerize Misdirection   Cost:1 AP You dazzle a nearby commoner or minion with an optical illusion. (The creature must be able to see.) Until you leave the area, the creature cannot move, take actions, or respond to conversation. The spell ends if the creature is harmed.   Magic Eye Clairvoyance   Cost:1 AP You briefly gain the ability to see beyond physical reality. For the next hour, you are able to see the following: Magic: A faint aura surrounds any person or object currently affected by magic Illusion: Any illusory creature or object slightly flickers, but you do not see its true form   Whisper Clairvoyance   Cost:0 AP You telepathically send a message to a nearby creature. They know you are speaking from within their mind, but they hear you as if you were speaking out loud. Cost:1 AP You create a link with the creature that allows them to respond to your whisper. If they respond, you may have a telepathic conversation with them for the next minute.   Message Clairvoyance   Cost:1 AP Choose a creature you have met before. You must know the general area where they are presently located. You may communicate with each other telepathically for up to 1 minute. Cost:4 AP You can create the telepathic link, even if you do not know where the creature is located. They can be anywhere   Bamboozle Mind Control   Cost:1 AP You make a nearby creature mildly confused about a specific subject until you leave the area. For example, you could make a merchant confused about the value of their goods, a guard confused about who is authorized to pass, or a dog confused about whether he is a good boy. The confusion is lifted if you push the deception too far, like trying to trade a rock for a priceless item.   Wren’s Delightful Dream Mind Control   Cost:1 AP You whisper and wave your hand at a nearby creature. The next time the creature falls asleep, they experience a deeply comforting dream. They wake up feeling beloved and forget all of their grudges for the next week.     Perky Profanation Mind Control   Cost:1 AP You curse a nearby creature for the next 10 minutes. The curse is lifted if the creature is harmed. Choose one: Laughter: They double over in sustained laughter and can’t move. Everything they hear is hilarious. Dance. They hear their favorite tune and start dancing like their life depends on it. Mimicry: They begin to mimic a creature of your choice. For example, you can make them behave like housecats.   Cost:4 AP Curse any number of nearby commoners.   Fear Mind Control   Cost:4 AP Special Roll the Die   You breach the mind of a nearby creature to seek their worst fear. 20: You learn the creature’s worst fear. They become permanently haunted by it in every waking moment. Over time, their personality is destroyed, and they become unresponsive to others. 11-19: You learn the creature’s worst fear. You may then conjure the image of this fear in their mind’s eye, paralyzing them with dread for the next 10 minutes. They cannot act, except to flee danger. 6-10: You learn the creature’s worst fear, but they reject you from their mind before you can conjure the fear. 2-5: You learn the creature’s worst fear, but it paralyzes you with dread for the next 10 minutes. During this time, you are unable to use abilities. 1: When confronting the creature’s fear, you become permanently haunted by it. You must choose an additional character flaw. You can only lift the fear by having the Liberate spell (Invoker spell under Verdicts) cast on you.   Scintillate Mayhem   Cost:0 AP You extend your fingers outward, and a streaking bolt of sparks shoots toward a target you can see. Roll the die to see if it hits the target successfully. You may make the bolt explode on contact with crackling energy, hitting the target for 2 HP. Or you can make the bolt a harmless firework that explodes in the air, creating a pattern of any shape and color.   Bedazzle Mayhem   Cost: 5 AP You summon four prismatic bolts that sparkle brilliantly. You may direct each bolt toward any target you can see. The bolts each hit for 2 HP. If all four hit a single creature, the creature is affected by your Mesmerize ability   Loosen Mayhem   Cost:2 AP You twirl your finger as if you are unwinding a spool of yarn. Starting with a single creature nearby that you can see, you create a cascading wave of magic mischief that loosens anything fastened or tightened around nearby creatures. For example: Bags become unclasped and spill out their contents. Shoelaces become untied, belts unbuckled, and shirts unbuttoned. Pets become unleashed   Legendary Ability Perfect gift Cost: 4 AP You glimpse the mind of a nearby creature, discovering what stirs their heart. Then, you conjure an emotionally priceless gift for them. The Guide chooses the form of the gift to match the effect with the creature. You choose how the gift makes the creature feel once it is received.   Choose one option from the table below   They come to terms with the loss of a loved one, finding peace. They decide to repair a broken relationship in their life. They become exuberantly happy for the next month. They become obsessed with the gift, refusing to part with it for any reason. They love you as an intimate friend and seek a closer relationship. Special Ability (Personal Tattoo) Seth: Return to Sender 4 AP Seth can reach out and grab an incoming projectile and throw it back at its origin. 20: the projectile hits with critical accuracy and deals 4 damage 11-19: The projectile hits the target for 2 damage 6-10: Seth can knock the object away from its target or Seth can take the damage of the hit and till throw it back. 2-5 Seth takes 4 damage 1 – Seth and the original target take 4 damage   Special Ability (Personal Tattoo) Familiar: Lips This Summons a very large boss level Lippy Crab that is only Tangentially under the command of its summoner. 20: The Crab will follow your commands 11-19: The Crab will follow a command 6-10: The Crab isn't attacking you yet 2-5: He is attacking you 1: RUN     Seth Signature Ability: Break Away   A game-changer on the battlefield"   Seth is known for his exceptional athletic ability, and his "Break Away" ability is a testament to this. With a quick slide through even the densest crowds, Seth is able to reach his target with ease, slipping past enemies without drawing their attention. This ability has proven crucial in both escaping dangerous situations and reaching important objectives.   But don't let Seth's smooth moves deceive you - this ability doesn't come without a cost. Each use after the first in a game session will cost Seth 2 AP, making it a valuable but strategic tool in his arsenal. Keep an eye on Seth as he navigates the battlefield - his "Break Away" ability is sure to be a game-changer.

Break from Studies

OK, I gave up. It was too much and nothing was really sticking in my brain.   So, I had to take a break. A real one. And thank every star in the universe Lio just happened to make his way into the library when I was actually beginning to melt into the old, smelly book.   We decided to go shopping. I'm so proud of him! The poor bunny hadn't taken a day off in forever, and he was given a week off. A much needed vacation. So, we went to look at clothes, and...   I absolutely love how eclectic his style of clothing is. He looks adorable in just about everything, though. It was nice to be able to give fashion advice and such... I haven't even been able to get clothes myself other than sleep shirts and the uniform...   And I bought the few things I had with tips from mixing. Which... I was told was not the way we got money. We... actually get a stipend? I feel like I was told this at some point, but I forgot it? Seems like a damned important thing to forget. So, that's something I am going to have to check up on ASAP, because I WOULD LIKE SOME CLOTHES... sometimes. Most of the time I do not want to bind these damned tentacles out of my back. Helpful, but STILL feel weird.   OH, we encountered Tsoki there, too! I have no idea how that squirrel has so many pockets. And it scares me. He's a blast to be around, though...   Haha, I hope he doesn't carry any bombs in those pockets.   But anyway, it ended up being a good day.   I promise I'll make up for the studying later!

Daily Activities - Update with Life

So it's been an insane ride so far. I've been trying to "find myself" with more work this time. No sitting behind a bar anymore. I've truly been thinking about where to go with this new science direction, and I've spoken with Quet about chemistry. So, being the smart ass motherfucker I am (partial sarcasm, the second part is absolutely true), I decided to start reading up as much as I could at the city library. Start from the beginning, right?   No. Wrong.   Whoever said chemistry was fun is out of their fucking minds. Balancing equations is the most boring thing I've had to do in a damned long time.   I tried to read, I tried to take notes, but it's just not sticking. Maybe I'm not cut out for this?   I'll try again another day, I guess.

"Hurricane" Exploration and Handling

I’ve been entrusted with another task, and it is something I couldn’t imagine being placed into. The passing through what seems to be the entire plane needed to be investigated. And our team discovered way more than what we expected, or what I did, at least.   - We found mushroom dog man, oh gods, I cannot remember his name for the life of me … but anyway, we found him close to the beach, right as actual monsters of the depths… the bad and gross ones, not the chaotic and fun ones… began to swarm out of the ocean, thanks to the storm. -   We safely were able to make our way to safe location to discuss the options we had regarding the mission as well as many important details. We were entrusted with an “anchor” for the storm. A large egg-shaped device that pulsed with magic.   - One good thing about me being stuck in this form here is that I always have a few extra limbs so that I can give an extra hand to anyone who needs it. -   Our party made our way to a ‘church’ somewhat nearby. It seemed like a sect of sentient porcelain dolls were attempting to harness the entire hurricane to obtain energy from it. To try and gather power from something as unpredictable as a superstorm seems foolish, but at the time, they seemed certain they knew what they were doing.   But, they didn’t. Unfortunately, there was surge of lightning while we were there, putting much of the team in danger, and almost killing two of our own. And, unfortunately, killing all of theirs.   So much happened so quickly it’s hard to recall correctly. It seemed like we were truly going to lose LETO again. He was going to give himself to absorb the storm.   - No one got fatally injured in our party, and with the help of the crew, there was definitely a net gain from the mission. Now we have an absolute superhero on our team: LETO. He can fucking fly. I bet he can shoot laser beams from his eyes, too. I should ask later.   NOTE TO SELF: ASK LETO LATER IF HE CAN SHOOT EYE BEAMS -   Also, part of the storm was controlled/a part of a manticore. I believe they called him a ManaCore? I could be mistaken. However, this sentient manticore is completely made of energy. Manticores were something of legend even from my own home, but nothing prepared me for this creature, no, person. This is a person. His name is Maverick, and we can learn so much from each other. I truly hope he stays part of the crew. I would love to be able to speak to him at some point, but I’m sure he will be having his paws busy with speaking to others in the crew, especially the Captain.

Working with Engineering - First Science Endevour

I've recently been made part of the science department, and truly thought I’d have some more scientific endeavors. Which I have, of course. I’ve assisted working on upgrading our “scuba” gear with Officer Lio Levon, the lead engineer, and that was very informative and helpful for even my own interpersonal relationships with other crew members. Something I truly need to work on if I want to actually be part of a *crew* and not someone who hides behind a bar or a room.   It’s not just that, but I really miss being able to enjoy the water. I know it’s nothing like it is at home here, but at least it’s something.   - I have no idea how old Lio is, but he’s incredibly intelligent. At least half his small body must be his brain! I really hope he doesn’t get pissed at me accidentally running him over. He seemed pretty OK despite … well… the circumstances, but this is one of those incidents that will keep me up when I am supposed to be asleep thinking on how stupid I am. -   Either way, he’s incredibly helpful, and it’s a good first step to working with scientific endeavors a bit more

Oh look a journal

I'm not the super best at writing journals, but I feel like I really REALLY should start keeping one. Too much has happened not to document, and honestly, if I die, someone needs to know the crazy shit that goes down. I'm not making this up. Probably. Not this time.   Anyway, so, get this shit - I got sick and because I didn't have any PTO, I just kept working. JUST KIDDING! We don't get paid. I think? Do we get paid? We just take things most of the time. At least I got these sweet ass sunglasses.   I mean, uh, let me back up.   'K - a hole was blown in the ship. Not my fault, but B+, my second best Bee friend, next to Beezebubble - who is sleeping beside me - he snores so fucking loud. I lost my train of thought. Oh B+ and I ditched the cargo hold when it was getting flooded. Not like I can do much, I just can make things pretty and sound good and make people not pay attention to things. I can't melt steel or pick up heavy shit.   But that happened and we went to med bay but I got bored so I went to work and there was some crazy shit happening in the 'easy and uh we ended up beating each other up look I don't have strong arms why did I even try to do an arm wrestling thing i don't even know but THE CAP'N GOT RECRUITED TO WRESTLE   But I didn't get to see it very displeased   had to go with others to get fuckin magic shit that didn't belong I got this really cool belt and I had to get rid of this really cool belt   because   Okay backing up again   okay   We went to this wrestling competition. Captain had to do her thing while the rest of us did -secret awesome recon- to get contraband. We were SO fucking stealthy and not a soul found out. But we were able to get this magical belt... that we had to give up MY belt for. But it was worth it - for our cause -ya ken?   I made SACRIFICES.   But we also got information there may be a spy on board! And some magical crystals that look like they were used for scrying or summoning? ALSO, I got some bitchin ass sun glasses. Nothing else happened - it was pretty cut and dry! We did well, and I'm proud of our group!   Oh, we also got a new crew member. Oh by the -Abyss- did we get a new crew member. All four glorious, furry, hooved legs of her. I gotta find out what kinda shit she likes.     OH, ON ANOTHER NOTE - Am playing with putting things on sticks and frying them. No one says no to me when I go into the mess hall at night when they are asleep.   Sausage covered in batter and fried on a stick - Callin it corm dorg chocolate covered peanut butter covered in batter on a stick - callin it delicious   OOH! Beezebubble's wakin' up. Time to give him his daily gumdrops!


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