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R&D Officer Lio L. Levon


23 Year old Invoker among the HTML Wanderpus. The crew's Tinkerer and Toolmaker, as well as the R&D Officer, he is quite shy and nervous around the other crewmates.

11th of June, 19xx
Played by
? of ?, 19xx

Questionnaire Pt.2 (26-50)

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

26. When and with whom was your first kiss? - My first kiss happened during my time here with the crew. In the restaurant within Exuvia, through a bunch of circumstances and mishaps, Pim and I shared my meal together. One particularly long strand of linguini wound up with our lips meeting and... we kissed. I kissed Pim.
27. Are you a virgin? If not, when and with whom did you lose your virginity? - I am not a virgin, no. I… have lost my virginity during my time with the crew. The one whom I lost it to is… um.. well…
28. If you are a supernatural being (i.e. mage, werewolf, vampire), tell the story of how you became what you are or first learned of your own abilities. If you are just a normal human, describe any influences in your past that led you to do the things you do today. - I'm normal, as far as being a Lagora is. There wasn't much to influence me to what I do today, aside from always being around my family.... And then suddenly being torn away from them, having to use what I had learned then to survive now.
29. What do you consider the most important event of your life so far? - The fated day I fell into a rift and saw my home for, as of currently, the last time.
30. Who has had the most influence on you? - My Sister, Leah. She has always been one to push me forward no matter what, always picking me up when I was down, but also steering me down the right way if I go off course.
31. What do you consider your greatest achievement? - The day I was promoted to Officer among the Wandercrew has so far been my greatest achievement. I hope I can do even better.
32. What is your greatest regret? - Not being able to help defend Galenigare from the threats that loomed on the horizon still haunt me. I can only hope they're all okay.
33. What is the most evil thing you have ever done? - Nothing really comes to mind? I almost did something terrible once though: I had almost condemned a former crewmate turned traitor to death by my own hands... I'm glad I kept myself from doing that, however.
34. Do you have a criminal record of any kind? - Not to my knowledge, No.
35. When was the time you were the most frightened? - Back at home, when a freak accident with obsidian almost killed me. I still have the scar as proof.
36. What is the most embarrassing thing ever to happen to you? - The humiliating display done to me by Mama Parse, and her children, in front of the woman I had a crush on. I gave up on that endeavor after that...
37. If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be, and why? - I wish I could redo the final exam in Lockstitch. That near failure had led me down a path of overworking myself and self-depreciation that I still am trying to overcome.
38. What is your best memory? - I remember on our 12th Birthday, Leah gave me a Cherry Blossom Necklace, enchanted so that the flowers would never wither or crumble from time. I still wear it to this day.
39. What is your worst memory? - My worst memory was about seven years ago, when a freak accident involving obsidian sliced my chest. I'm amazed I survived at all, considering how close it was to hitting a fair few vital bits, according to the doctor.
40. Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic? - I'm Optimistic over others.... I'm Pessimistic about myself.
41. What is your greatest fear? - That I will die without doing something truly great, and no one to carry on the torch after me. I don't want to die alone, as a nobody.
42. What are your religious views? - I am not a religious person, but at the same time I would never be rude to those who are.
43. What are your political views? - I keep away from Politics. I was never good with such a delicate subject.
44. What are your views on sex? - I feel people should love who they love, but they should be careful about such things too.
45. Are you able to kill? Under what circumstances do you find killing to be acceptable or unacceptable? - Monsters, I will kill if I must. People? I am not sure if I myself can kill someone. At most I've injured or knocked them unconscious in a fight if I can help it...
46. In your opinion, what is the most evil thing any human being could do? - Slavery, without question. Just the thought of it infuriates me greatly, holding others against their will, forcing them to do your bidding... It's disgusting.
47. Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love? - I... I want to believe that, and maybe it is true for some. I have doubts for myself, personally.
48. What do you believe makes a successful life? - Being able to live peacefully, have a family and just be generally happy. I would like that kind of life after making my mark on the world.
49. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings? - I tend to shelter myself from others, hiding some of my true feeling for those I really care about from others, and myself... On occasion, it comes out, however.
50. Do you have any biases or prejudices? - Not here on Liminal, no. Back home, however, we were raised to be wary of Humans, especially those of the Sol Kingdom...

Lio's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

  1. The Final Exam
    22nd of February, 19XX
  2. A Futile Report
    25th of April, 19XX
  3. Problems
    1st of May, 19xx
  4. IWL Debacle
    3rd of May, 19xx
  5. Admiral's Orders
    8th of May, 19xx
  6. Avian Antics
    30th of May, 19XX
  7. Saving Private Squishy
    28th of August, 19xx
  8. A Not-so-Warm Welcome
    11th of September, 19xx
  9. The Quiet (But Busy!) Year
    17th of October 19xx
  10. Timothy's Trial
    1st of November, 19xx
  11. Wandercrew's Wild Ride
    22nd of November, 19xx
  12. Vatna's Reunion
    18th of December, 19xx
    18th of December, 19xx
  14. The Road to Unification
    19th of December, 19xx
  15. A Tree Grows in Liminal
    20th of December, 19xx
  16. Promotion
    12th of January, 19xx
  17. Work and Play
    2nd of February, 19xx
  18. A Kindred Spirit
    3rd of March, 19xx
  19. Sigil Sagacity
    10th of April, 19xx
  20. Dear Mom
    8th of May, 19xx
  21. A Star's Silver Lining
    23rd of May, 19xx
  22. Gone...
  23. Twenty-Three
    12th of June, 19xx
  24. Questionnaire Pt.1 (1-25)
    ? of ?, 19xx
  25. Questionnaire Pt.3 (51-75)
    ? of ?, 19xx
  26. Questionnaire Pt. 4 (76-100)
    ? of ?, 19xx
  27. Checking on the Herd
    18th of June, 19xx
  28. To Meet One's Heroes
    18th of June, 19xx
  29. Useless
    26th of June, 19xx
  30. A Mind for Machines, an Ear for Music
    4th of July, 19xx
  31. Wandervania: Symphony of the Nightcap
    15th of July, 19xx
  32. Some Assembly Required: An Inventor's Dream
    17th of July, 19xx
  33. Taking Teeth for Granted
    18th of July, 19xx
  34. An Unknown Science
    20th of July, 19xx
  35. A Raucous Reunion
    24th of July, 19xx
  36. To Pim and Ento
    24th of July, 19xx
  37. Beauty
    6th of August,19xx
  38. A Perfect Storm
    7th of August, 19xx
  39. An Invitation
    9th of August, 19xx
  40. Happiness
    12th of August, 19xx
  41. Tinger and the Bun
    12th of August, 19xx
  42. Time Away From Work
    13th of August, 19xx
  43. Addicted to Failure
    14th of August, 19xx
  44. Long, Long Ago
    18th of August, 19xx
  45. Questionnaire Pt.5 (101-120)
    ? of ?, 19xx
  46. For the Sake of Others
    27th of August, 19xx
  47. What Was Lost
    29th of August, 19xx
  48. Something Lost, Something Learned
    1st of September, 19xx
  49. Coming Full Circle
    4th of September, 19xx
  50. Audio Recording #1: Risky Rifty Tech
    5th of September, 19xx
  51. Audio Recording #2: Facing the Devil's Maw
    21th of September, 19xx
  52. Audio Recording #3: Parks and Renovation
    24th of September, 19XX
  53. Audio Recording #4: Facing the Giant
    16th of October, 19xx
  54. Audio Recording #5: Becoming More than Myself
    21st of October, 19xx
  55. Audio Recording #6: Crewmate Camaraderie
    23rd of October, 19xx
  56. Audio Recording #7: Passing the Wrench
    20th of November, 19xx
  57. Audio Recording #7: The Coming Storm
    11th of December, 19xx
  58. Audio Recording #8: Liminal Stands Together
    17th of December, 19xx
  59. Selfish
    ?? of ??, ????
  60. Questionnaire Pt.2 (26-50)
    ? of ?, 19xx

The major events and journals in Lio's history, from the beginning to today.

The Final Exam

So today was the day... The final exam to become an official member of the crew. I still can't believe I managed to pass, considering how terrible I did. The first test involved an obstacle course and a duel, in which I went up against another crewm...

04:43 am - 21.04.2021

A Futile Report

"-...Ehya, ti swa netsigernti, ot ays eht stlae. Oehp ot ese oyu noso, Leah... sims oyu, eb fesa." Done with my third call for the day... even though it really doesn't amount to anything. This amulet still doesn't work like I hope it would, despite al...

05:59 pm - 26.04.2021


What am I doing? I've been in the workshop when I don't need to be. The Ship's been finally repaired, and I should be taking time to rest, maybe go to the speakeasy, try to actually talk to people over something that isn't work. Instead I'm here, worki...

07:13 am - 02.05.2021

IWL Debacle

"...tlils nac't levebie ew idd tawh ew idd.. lwil ryt ot lalc oyu gania, Leah." Another message sent that won't go through. Pointless, but perhaps a comfort for myself. I cannot believe all that happened today, what a mess. It was just supposed to be a...

03:33 am - 04.05.2021

Admiral's Orders

"...m'i os tixedec, Leah!" This was an unexpected situation, but I am definitely not upset over this at all. I have been given a mission to do! Seems like me keeping a journal is going to be put to good use after all! Walking by, I came across Admir...

06:54 am - 10.05.2021

Avian Antics

"...eht ridb irteb rae otn ikle oeths ni Atlas, Leah..." Deception! The tip we were given over a possible rift in the mountains was all but a trick! The Parliament had baited the crew to take our ship and potentially kill us with that giant bird! It...

03:25 am - 31.05.2021

Saving Private Squishy

This has been an eventful day, to say the least. I had not expected there to end up as... wild a rescue as it has been. Squishy was taken by an entirely new organization, and our rescue run went a bit... chaotic, as per the norm. The Captain herself went ...

12:58 am - 12.09.2021

A Not-so-Warm Welcome

I just had to ask what could have gotten worse. Our return to Liminal was met with Bobbert, trying to sell our home, our things! I thought I was going to lose it, but thankfully my fellow engineers were able to scare them away from doing that... The gi...

01:18 am - 12.09.2021

The Quiet (But Busy!) Year

"...shwi oyu docul ese htsi, Leah!" Never did I expect these would be some of the works I could get done with the crew! Now that we broke off from the others who turned out to be using us for less-than-honest ends, we're now our own crew, on our own is...

04:48 am - 02.11.2021

Timothy's Trial

" orridew ofr osem fo eht rewc." It seems the cold is causing a lot more trouble than I thought. There are odd circumstances that seem to be responsible for the cold, possibly? The crew, with Timothy's help in exchange for our cooperation with him...

04:59 am - 02.11.2021

Wandercrew's Wild Ride

"pohe eht Ringleader lwil eb eno ot epke Reedy apyhp." Today was a.... Stressful adventure, to say the least. We had originally intended to get to a ship from Corzipa's home world of Corinthos, but things got out of hand... real quick. A catfish the si...

04:22 pm - 20.12.2021

Vatna's Reunion

"os apyhp Vatna si fesa, Leah!" One strange situation after another. The Crew was able to pinpoint Vatna's location! The island however, was being attacked by Redcaps. On top of that, a strange noise was emanating from somewhere nearby. The scanners we...

04:44 pm - 20.12.2021


"...nacton aktl umhc, Leah, oyrsr!" What in Liminal is going on!? Redcaps every which way, Liminal's suffering a full on invasion?? No time for an entry, I'll do my best to be safe Leah, and talk again when I can!...

05:13 pm - 20.12.2021

The Road to Unification

"...ende ot etsle fesylm ofr eht ufteur, Leah. Htsi liwl eb a rtila..." I was assigned with Record Keeper Isaac, Officer Krieg, and Officer Joaquin to help as much of Liminal as possible. Admittedly, I wasn't sure if I was up to the task... Surely ther...

05:56 pm - 20.12.2021

A Tree Grows in Liminal

"...eltl omhret nad afhret I ovel hmet, Leah. Nad oyu oto." The crew, along with everyone we were able to rally, began the assault against Timothy, Ezekiel, and their plan to destroy the Word Tree. We had brought all we had to bear, doing our utmost to...

06:58 am - 21.12.2021


"...Oyu dowlu ont elbevie hwta ujts edhepanp, Leah!" I... I got promoted to officer. I, along with Akhana Nari of Navigations have been promoted to the Officer position! I am now the Officer for the HTML Wanderpus' Research & Development department....

04:01 am - 13.01.2022

Work and Play

"...eben nagtwin ot teg cakb noti elfut nipyagl, Leah." I must say, life has been busier than ever since Ezekiel's defeat at the hands of the Wandercrew. With our image finally being seen in a far better light than how things were, we've been working w...

07:34 pm - 18.02.2022

A Kindred Spirit

"...ym kowr etincosun acepa, Leah." I've been making progress! With the crew big enough now to have teams divided doing different things, I can focus more on the tools I make and maintain for the crew whenever the Submarine is in good working condition...

08:55 pm - 27.04.2022

Sigil Sagacity

"...evnre htoutgh ym lkisk owdlu eb htugat ot entohar!" What an unexpected turn of events for me. My day did not turn out like I thought it would. I was visited by Isaac Wicklaw, the Record Keeper of the crew. I had at first thought it was to be ano...

09:06 pm - 27.04.2022

Dear Mom

*The letter itself would be ineligible to all except Lio, having written it in his native tongue. This is but a translation of the letter.* ‘Mother,’ ‘How are things back in Ukko? It has been a long time since the last we spoke. I have doubts ...

06:38 pm - 08.05.2022

A Star's Silver Lining

"...htat ew wyasla ermdade fo, pecsa!" The Airship has finally been set for it's first voyage, with many of the crew and officers on hand to see what it had in store. I thought I'd be able to stay on Liminal but... I got too worried over the Airship's ...

04:19 am - 23.05.2022


....It's gone. The Submarine we've had and worked on for so long. The submarine that had so much work done to it. The Extending Hand to retrieve underwater objects, the specialized portholes to allow crew members to defend the ship without weaponry....

03:14 am - 30.05.2022

Questionnaire Pt.1 - The Basics

1. What is your full name? - I am Lio Lewis Levon. 2. Where and when were you born? - I was born in the Galenigare Caves in the planet Ukko, on June 11th [The year has not been given by Lio]. 3. Who are/were your parents? - My Mother is Nora, a Quie...

02:57 am - 13.06.2022


"...payhp thydibra, Leah." Huh... My birthday came and went already. I guess with how things are lately, I don't have time to worry about my birthday. It's already been a few years since we celebrated our birthday together like we used to, Sis. How ...

03:10 am - 13.06.2022

Questionnaire Pt.2 (26-50)

26. When and with whom was your first kiss? - I'll get back to you on this when it actually happens. 27. Are you a virgin? If not, when and with whom did you lose your virginity? - I am a virgin, yes. 28. If you are a supernatural being (i.e. mage, ...

04:21 am - 13.06.2022

Questionnaire Pt.3 (51-75)

51. Is there anything you absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances? Why do you refuse to do it? - I don’t see myself ever touching drugs if they’re not for medicinal purposes. I have seen what it can do to people and it is a scary thing to me. ...

11:19 pm - 14.06.2022

Questionnaire Pt. 4 (76-100)

76. Do you smoke, drink, or use drugs? If so, why? Do you want to quit? - I drink on occasion, though I tend to keep my alcohol consumption to a limit. I am aware of what would be too much for me, and I ensure I do not cross that threshold. 77. How do ...

12:54 am - 15.06.2022

Checking on the Herd

To Parse: I hope the letter arrives to you safely. The storm has finally passed here and aside from minor damage to the buildings, it seems no one was injured… except for one of my superiors. Grant it that wasn’t from the storm and apparently from ...

02:55 pm - 18.06.2022

To Meet One's Heroes

"...odn't hitnk I liwl erev etg sdue ot htat..." I've visited another world. This world was high up, above the clouds. The people there were squirrel-like, and there were many of them. It was a world that... we in a big way, were responsible for. Th...

02:51 am - 19.06.2022


What’s wrong with me? I felt myself getting so… angry, over Tattoo’s words…. But what if those words are correct? Maybe I’m a big contributor to the problem, not the solution? I’m to blame for suggesting the Plant should have been studied i...

03:48 am - 27.06.2022

A Mind for Machines, an Ear for Music

"....htsi aym eb htaw eht odorct edrored!" Work is definitely picking up in the Wanderpus... The Rift above the city is still prevalent, the Submarine is working on being built, and now the strange elevator. I'm not sure what to make of this... Thre...

02:31 am - 07.07.2022

Wandervania: Symphony of the Nightcap

"...evnre ewkn tsju owh edivra dorlws anc eb!" I had strange nightmares, followed by an even stranger adventure. People chanting in prayer, monsters attacking and destroying everything in sight, and a Dark Castle looming over it all... This horrible dr...

04:29 pm - 16.07.2022

Some Assembly Required: An Inventor's Dream

"ti si nedo, Leah!" It's done! It's finally done! The HTML Wanderpus has been rebuilt, and better than ever! There's so much it can do now, I'm so excited to have been a part of such a wondrous vessel's construction! The Submarine's Hull has been re...

04:03 am - 18.07.2022

Taking Teeth for Granted

"ohep htat envre ensphap ginaa, Leah..." I should have known something was wrong. I've always kept a keen eye on how much I drink, something was wrong with it, and I woke up missing my two front teeth!! I got off easy, compared to others, however...

01:46 am - 19.07.2022

An Unknown Science

“…Hatw od I od, Leah?” The day was a busy, but fruitful one, getting the Blade ready. It should be set for Nichol soon. The projects for the World Fair ought to be ready as well. It will be great for their ideas to be out there, maybe earn the in...

05:21 am - 21.07.2022

A Raucous Reunion

"...onetarh fesa nadl, onetarh payhp lifmya, Leah." This has been quite the adventure, to say the least. Mama Parse, wanting to ensure her children are more prepared for the future, requested I instruct them as they clear the forest of the strange plan...

04:23 am - 25.07.2022

To Pim and Ento

Dear Pim and Ento, I write this letter to you to bring you news of great import, wherever you both may be. Your aunt and Father, Aspara and Gus, have been found. A training session conducted by Myself, Officer Vernix, Officer Stein-Positive, Tsoki...

09:26 am - 25.07.2022

Questionnaire Pt.5 (101-120)

101. Are you from Liminal? If not, where are you from and what makes your world unique? - I'm from another planet called Ukko. My homeland is Galenigare, and the various species from very diverse lands make Ukko unique in my opinion. 102. What are some...

04:06 am - 28.07.2022


“…I hiktn I ma ni eolv, Leah…” It has been some time since I’ve been a part of the Wandercrew, and there have been various adventures and circumstances that have been wild. Some triumphant, some catastrophic, and all in between. From losing t...

04:11 am - 04.08.2022

A Perfect Storm

"...LETO si ykoa!" We've finally took the matter of the Storm as priority. Heading to the source, the land party had gone to handle what was causing the storm to stay put, while the rest of us worked on keeping the populace safe. The strange 'Lippies' ...

04:44 am - 08.08.2022

An Invitation

Pim, I am writing this letter to you quickly to extend my hand for an invitation I was given. A place known as Exuvia has a restaurant, one unique to the plane. It is said a wish can be granted there, though the food is so delicious, most simply wish ...

01:02 am - 10.08.2022


Nerves. It’s nothing new to me, I’m usually nervous, or stressed over something. But this is new, not being stressed over work, or myself, but over another. One I wish to be able to fight alongside, to spend time with her and see her happy. Is this wh...

10:48 pm - 12.08.2022

Tinger and the Bun

"...sikdes Pim ofr eht rfits meti." What a chaotic, unexpected way for a first date to go... Midnight, Vatna, Ive and Amel were, as this whole day turned out, were all working together to make sure Pim and I make it to the restaurant at the end of t...

03:59 am - 13.08.2022

Time Away From Work

I wonder what I should do? I’ve been pondering over a few things ever since the ‘date’ in Exuvia. Aside from the moment where we shared the dinner together, it was… not very romantic at all. Terrifying and Horrible, really. I messed up horribly...

03:34 am - 14.08.2022

Addicted to Failure

"...m'i a tufiplu cexeus of a eorlv." Things never seem to go well here. The crew was task to check on Yoke. A strange illness seems to be plaguing the nation. Two of the crews doctors, Officer Positive, and Reliene, as well as Ento and Pim, went in...

06:22 am - 15.08.2022

Long, Long Ago

"...locud ryt gninsig no ym entx tivsi?" Music classes with Senior Officer Ceylon have been a helpful alternative to just worrying, or working, day in and day out, though at times I don't realize how beneficial it really has been. Lately, with me tryin...

04:39 pm - 18.08.2022

For the Sake of Others

I’m terrible at not working, clearly. The books and tomes I have studied whenever I’ve not been at work detail methods and incantations. Ways to channel one’s energy as a source of comfort, to soothe what ails the injured, the infirm, and the imp...

02:05 pm - 27.08.2022

What Was Lost

"...era ew usjt ofosl yinplag ehor...?" What just happened...? We traveled to a planet that was... Devoid of, well, anything. Emotion, Energy, all of it seemed drained. We were able to link this to a source out in the Rift, so we followed it to find...

06:01 am - 02.09.2022

Something Lost, Something Learned

In light of the events of the Librarian, I have doubled my efforts in my work. I took extra focus on the shield generators. The condition we all returned from that mission was far from ideal, looking absolutely ragged. Officer Quet and Senior Officer Vand...

06:40 am - 02.09.2022

Coming Full Circle

"ew erwe beal ot esva ti!" Today was the day of Tsoki's big presentation to King Reedi, for the kites of Pastura's tomorrow!...Or it would have been, had it not been for a most unusual situation. Tsoki forgot how to Kite! Reedi was fine with it anyway ...

03:40 am - 05.09.2022

Audio Recording #1: Risky Rifty Tech

*Lio takes a few steps back after the recording starts.* "H-hello, this is Officer Lio Lewis Levon, a-attempting my first Audio Entry." "I h-have been a part o-of the project h-headed by Midnight Erebus, c-creating Buoys that d-double as alerts w-wi...

11:51 pm - 06.09.2022

Audio Recording 2: Facing the Devil's Maw

"It seems I t-took today a bit more seriously th-than I thought." "I decided t-to head to the B-Belle after my repair work. A-a lot of the crew's g-gear had some major d-damage with recent events, but I n-needed to make sure I did n-not overwork myself...

04:52 am - 23.09.2022

Audio Recording #3: Renovation

“W-well, today was a bit interesting…” “I had a-arrived a bit late as I got news that th-the Captain’s home has been b-bombed! Thankfully no one was I-injured but there was a l-lot of reconstruction to be done. Admittedly I’m… not th-that...

06:42 pm - 25.09.2022

Audio Recording #4: Facing the Giant

*Lio would turn on the recorder to begin his entry. He looked visibly rattled and shaken up, his voice trembling a lot more than usual.* "I-I.... I am at a l-loss." "This w-was supposed to be an e-exciting day. Raz, Tsoki, a-and I were to pitch our ...

06:10 am - 17.10.2022

Audio Recording #5: Becoming More than Myself

"Wh-what an adventure this h-has been...!" "I w-was not expecting to have been thrown into a m-mission so soon after th-the attack... But Nichol came to m-me, entrusting me with a m-mission, along with Midnight, and Quet. I d-did not realize Nichol h-h...

06:53 am - 22.10.2022

Audio Recording #6: Crewmate Camaraderie

"I-it has been a long time s-since I've taken a-any moment to de-stress. I didn't r-realize just how badly I needed th-this." "S-Seth, Zacna, O-Officer Stein+ and I were r-recruited by First Mate Rupert, s-sponsored by Officer Vernix to p-participate i...

08:21 am - 24.10.2022

Audio Recording: Passing the Torch

“I… I-I am not sure what to do.” “Bech h-had arrived to my office and gave me a letter. It was addressed to m-my Senior Officer, Royce Vanderbilt… b-but looking at this letter… I-I am afraid.” [To Lio: I commend you for your growth, yo...

05:54 am - 20.11.2022

Audio Recording #7: The Coming Storm

"Th-things are getting more and m-more closer to the coming day... I'm a-afraid but it seems I've b-been making more progress than I h-have in a while." "All of th-the crew's gear is in proper o-order and up to snuff, the Submarine n-now has a backup e...

05:52 pm - 18.12.2022

Audio Recording #8: Liminal Stands Together

"I... I-I can't believe it. Our b-battle with the Librarian... at l-least, the initial battle, h-has come to a close. The Librarian is d-defeated, and now comes th-the tense situation that is the a-aftermath." "When th-the sky was removed and the l-lig...

08:19 pm - 18.12.2022


*Lio looks to the recording device as it begins its recording.* "...I am n-not sure what I sh-should do next." "T-Tsoki and Vatna have been e-endlessly keeping the shield t-together, but there's next to n-nothing I can assist there." "We a-are al...

08:23 am - 16.01.2023

Played by