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4th of September, 19xx

Coming Full Circle

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"ew erwe beal ot esva ti!"
Today was the day of Tsoki's big presentation to King Reedi, for the kites of Pastura's tomorrow!...Or it would have been, had it not been for a most unusual situation. Tsoki forgot how to Kite! Reedi was fine with it anyway and left... which is good, I guess? But we needed to figure out what was wrong. Best way to go about it wound up being to head to Tsoki's world. So Midnight, Vatna, Officer Stein+, Ive, Amel, and I utilized the Airship to do so. It... was a concerning thing to attempt, but we had to do so quickly, so off we went.
On our way to his world, my Redcap Detector went off with a signal I've never seen before... Studying upon it, I learned the nature of it as we traveled our way there... The presence of the Bookwyrm. It was easy to assume the Librarian had struck Tsoki's world...
And sure enough, it was correct. The people of Tsoki's world were under the same unmotivated selves as the other planet that the Bookwyrm struck. We needed to find our way down to the Word Tree. After a... unexpected drop of frozen clouds onto the bottom of the chasm, we brought the Airship down to the bottom, and followed the path Tsoki claimed to the Word Tree.
The Word Tree was... so different from ours. Instead of Papers, there were giant acorns with runes of his world!... But the tree was dying, and falling apart. We began to work on fixing it, when a Rift Opened, with the Tree's Guardian falling in! Redcaps, and a giant... Unholy creature stepped out of it. We were able to take down the smaller Redcaps handily enough, but Midnight suffered some terrible damage from it. We didn't have time to assess the damage yet as the larger monster loomed...
We learned however, just how powerful Tsoki is when he has home field advantage. He jumped up and attacked the monster relentlessly, with the Tree's Guardian, having come out of it.. somehow with a Cybernetic eye, driving the monster back in the rift after that sufficient pummeling! It was a sight to behold, the drive one can have to protect that which they hold dear.
With that taken care of, however, we resumed repairing the tree... Admittedly, we did not know exactly what to do, but Amel and Vatna suggested, and executed, forming a chain between our Word Tree and Tsoki's, providing sap to revitalize it. Tsoki, Midnight and I, then followed up, restoring the Kite technology that was missing. We almost messed up, but regrouped and made sure we did this correctly. With the Word Tree restored as best as we could manage.
Tsoki was able to get one more disturbing vision. The Librarian has a Sapling, potentially another Word Tree, with the knowledge he has gained from Tsoki's world, and others. We do not know where he went next, but we need to prepare, all of us. On that note, we rushed back home, using the rift Vatna made. Thankfully we did NOT Damage our Word Tree on our return. The Scholars are definitely mad at us and I doubt I will be able to check in on them... well, ever... But at least we were able to warn them of the danger that is the Librarian. I will have to apologize to Quet, not being able to fulfill my promise to visit the tree anytime soon, if ever...
Interesting, how things come full circle, however. Tsoki saved our tree, and now we were able to return the favor and save his. This will probably have unusual results, as it did with ours, but to give theirs a new lease as he did with ours... It makes me proud. Proud of the crew I'm a part of, and the Friends I have. They mean the world to me, and together we are capable of such great things when things don't go completely chaotic.
"Ym fiel ofr eht Wandercrew, ofr hyet rae ym ymfial, ym efinsdr, ym olsev, dan ym ehtra."

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