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1st of September, 19xx

Something Lost, Something Learned

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

In light of the events of the Librarian, I have doubled my efforts in my work. I took extra focus on the shield generators. The condition we all returned from that mission was far from ideal, looking absolutely ragged. Officer Quet and Senior Officer Vanderbilt both nearly died in the battle. I cannot let that happen again. If we're to do these improbable feats we throw ourselves into attempting, my work require Adaptation. I need to Improve. I absolutely MUST overcome my own weaknesses and...
My own weaknesses.
They are apparent, of that I know, but I never like to think about it. They tend to bring me down further into a spiral which usually requires someone else pulling me out of. Officer Busicon, Officer Quet, Midnight and Tsoki, the list goes on. They have always been there for me so many times when I get into these cycles... But I need to be better for them.
I need to be better for myself.
I am more than just a toolmaker, more than just some repairman. I am an Officer, and an Officer should lead by example. An Officer should stand proud, accept their decisions, both good and bad, and forge onward no matter what. I remember the day Quet became an officer at Carica's begrudging recommendation, and I promised them I would keep an eye on Quet for them and keep them safe... And I nearly failed. A mistake I do not wish to make again.
Just as they keep me afloat, I will make sure the others do not falter and sink. A saying I've heard in Liminal in particular has been sticking to me lately. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." That has never made more sense to me than when thinking of some of the remarkable things we have achieved as a crew. They are all capable of so many great things when they really put their heart into it, and I'll gladly give my all to see them all shine their brightest, as I have already done time and time again when things have gotten tough. I will not have anyone fall under my watch, this I solemnly swear.
I'll stand alongside them, a bulwark, that we all may tackle the challenges of Liminal and Beyond, and return home to tell the tales of our exploits.
I am Lio Lewis Levon, proud Lagora of Galenigare. Research and Development Officer of the Wandercrew. I will yield to no man, monster, or inner doubt.
I mean honestly, I can garner the courage to actually wear a dress to a party, I should have no reason to be doubting myself over anything at this point!

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