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16th of October, 19xx

Audio Recording #4: Facing the Giant

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

*Lio would turn on the recorder to begin his entry. He looked visibly rattled and shaken up, his voice trembling a lot more than usual.*
"I-I.... I am at a l-loss."
"This w-was supposed to be an e-exciting day. Raz, Tsoki, a-and I were to pitch our ideas f-for the Fishtinger r-robotics company. Admittedly I w-was worried when Pim arrived, h-having to pitch her the idea m-made more nervous than I sh-should've been... But I th-think it was going d-decently well enough!... And th-then it happened."
"An i-invasion from the Whales t-took place! I've... Never seen o-one before in person, and... It was t-terrifying meeting a foe w-well over 100 feet tall....O-officer Lore joined u-us in the battle, as the crew w-worked to protect the city."
"Th-the damage was severe, and w-we lost part of th-the city... and f-frankly, almost the entire city. We were a-able to pull through, but n-not without great difficulty. The Drones took away Raz's R-Retractable Anchor before it could be u-utilized. We r-rallied, and we were able to take them down, b-but that victory was short-lived. A powerful one among their number, th-the Erlking, was the one leading the invasion, and has n-noticed Lore's destruction of the Drone. He was not one to back d-down, and it took all we had just to knock h-him down."
"Afterwards, a g-giant machine arose f-from the center to fire upon th-the city, as th-the main flying b-battleship was attempting a p-powerful charged blast. Th-the crew was g-getting quite a bit of work done t-to delay and protect th-the city, as the rest of us m-moved towards the center machine when th-the Erlking resurfaced... He g-grabbed Raz, and I attempted to make him d-drop her. My o-ordinances worked to knock him down again, but he didn't drop h-her!... I-I got scared but, h-her main cockpit w-was well built enough for this, w-we worked together on them. I was a-able to k-keep myself from g-getting too s-stressed out, but..."
"Tsoki a-and Lore, meanwhile, were h-handling the big machine and d-did so easily, before moving to th-the giant ship. The Erlking r-resurfaced yet again afterwards, R-Raz in hand. He d-destroyed her mech entirely and sent her careening through th-the sky!... Pim c-came in just in time, h-however, to catch her in h-her own mech, a v-very heavily g-geared one as well. Seeing him d-do what he did, I-I briefly lost f-focus and u-used all I had to take the Erlking d-down once and for a-all... But n-not before he managed to set off a ticking t-time bomb..."
"Tsoki, d-daring as h-he always has been, w-went into the ship to diffuse the b-bomb after I figured o-0ut it was the sh-ship itself that was the bomb! W-with a l-little bit of encouraging w-words, though h-he didn’t need it with his kn-knowledge on Diffusing bombs, Tsoki w-was able to diffuse the b-bomb and easily get out, b-back on his mech and safely w-without nary a s-scratch on him! It w-was only one of th-the Whales, but it's clear w-we need as much power as p-possible to even stand a ch-chance... and Tsoki's m-mechs were definitely th-the best ones for th-the job. Th-they were quickly made a-and used to put out the f-fires and b-begin rebuilding th-the city's damaged sections. I-I was able to salvage The Button th-the Erlking used. It is a-a powerful and d-dangerous button. FAR t-too dangerous for a-anyone of us to u-use. At Midnight's s-suggestion, We a-are going to l-later attempt to break the button d-down to use in the r-repairing of the Reality D-detector from Adders. E-even if it doesn't work, kn-knowing that s-such a dangerous Button w-will never see th-the light of day is f-for the best."
“I h-have also decided not to d-destroy my own Mech. It m-may not have been good enough f-for the city, but I think wi-with enough time and e-energy, I think I can m-make it work well enough f-for myself to utilize in b-battle.”
"I c-can't relax, h-however. Not a-after what I saw... Th-the threat that it w-was just ONE o-of them... a-and Raz... She was almost... I-I couldn't do anything... Were it not f-for Pim, Raz w-would've been... sh-she would've....."
*Lio would be very quiet for a good few seconds, before walking over to turn off the recording. By the look on his face, his eyes were watery, as he seemed as though he was about to cry, before the recording cuts off.*

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