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? of ?, 19xx

Questionnaire Pt.5 (101-120)

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

101. Are you from Liminal? If not, where are you from and what makes your world unique? - I'm from another planet called Atlas. My homeland is Galenigare, within the city of Ukko, and the various species from very diverse lands make Atlas unique in my opinion.
102. What are some places in your world that you have been to? What specifically makes them unique? - I've never left my homeland of Galenigare prior to winding up in Liminal, but the mostly underground nation has such unique creatures adapted to the land, they are a sight to behold.
103. Is there somewhere specific that you favor in particular? Tell us about it. - There was an underground spring that I loved to visit with my sister, Leah. We used to stick around and play there whenever we had a chance away from our duties and work. In Liminal, however, visiting the village of the Wolpertingers have been something I've done often. It's where I've felt most at home, barring the Silver Thimble and my actual home.
104. Is there somewhere specific that you hate? Why? - I don't have any particular places I hate yet... After all, I still have a lot to see.
105. How about a place you haven’t been to yet but you have always wanted to visit? - There's too many possibilities to consider... But if I wind up back home during these various rifts... maybe getting to see the Eastern Kingdom would be quite nice.
106. Are you a typical individual for your world? Is there some significant way you consider yourself to differ from your societal norms? - As far as Galenigare is concerned, I am a typical individual. However, I am a Male. The ratio of Male to Female is heavily skewed towards females with my species, which makes me somewhat of a rarity in that regard.
107. What makes you stay with the crew rather than stay in one place? Is there something that would make you leave? - The crew has become like a second family to me, and I would not leave them. Nothing would make me want to leave if I can help it, but I wouldn't mind some people from home coming here...
108. What do you find interesting or what theories do you have in regards to all the rifts that open in Liminal? - The Rifts are a mysterious entity to me that is a subject of much wonder. Officer Stein-Positive in particular can work with Rifts in unusual ways that leaves me so very curious.
109. Do you believe that closing the rifts is the best long term solution or do you think there are other possibilities to explore? - No, not anymore. There's more to the Rifts than we know, and just closing every one is not the way to go about it.
110. Do you have any particular thoughts about the Redcaps? - The redcaps are a dangerous menace that needs to be stopped. Their insatiable hunger for blood is a threat to all that are in their sights.
111. What is your relationship with your home? Do you want to return? Is there something keeping you from doing so? Or is there a reason you are satisfied to simply stay with the crew? - I love my home of Galenigare, and my family within. I would like to visit again sometime, but I would not want to live there, not anymore. Living here, I can be who I truly wish to be, and not be simply a tool for population.
112. What is your role among the crew and why did you choose this role? - I am the Research and Development Officer of the crew. Working with tools and inventions are what brings me joy, and seeing them working for the betterment of Liminal's people is a wonderful feeling.
113. In what ways do you fulfill your role in the crew? Is your role one that might have a lot of downtime? If so, what duties do you perform to fill in that downtime? - I am constantly maintaining the crew's various gadgets and trying to find improvements to them, as well as maintaining the Submarine. I occasionally have downtime, but I usually fill it with more work or studying.
114. On a mission, what is your ideal loadout to bring along? What things would you like to carry with you, even if you might not necessarily currently have access to them? Why these particular items? - My crystal Spear, my 8-Bit Halo, and Mama Parse's Shawl are usually what I bring with me to missions, they tend to be what I mainly need. If I could carry all my tools, I would, but that would be a bit Impractical.
115. Sometimes the crew can get a bad reputation. How much does this matter to you and why? - I don't want the crew to have a bad reputation. I know we could be a team that can better Liminal, but it requires the trust of the others.
116. Were you a part of the crew before the Admiral was killed? If so, what were your thoughts on finding out the truth about their motives for the crew and did it leave any lasting effect on you? - I was a part of the crew during that time... I feel disgusted over the late Admiral Taupe's actions... but also myself. In my effort to want to help the crew, I wound up recording data for them, not realizing it was a trick to get more info. I had for a time considered quitting the crew after being an unwitting pawn. It still disgusts me to this day.
117. A police force organization by the name of Starlight has a particular dislike for the crew and does not seem to like the crew interacting with the rifts. Have you had any interactions with them and what are your thoughts of them so far? - I've had multiple interactions with them so far, and we have had rough outings with them. I hope however, that we can be on the same side, as there are worse threats out there than our teams bickering and fighting.
118. Who on the crew have you formed a close relationship with? Tell us about this relationship. - Midnight Erebus, I've been very close with. He has been guiding me, keeping me from making mistakes, and I value his counsel greatly. I would like to be closer to Akhana and Pim... hopefully some day...?
119. As a player, what is your goal for your character? What would you like to see them pursue or what do you hope to get out of your character? - [As a Player, I want Lio to be a helpful character to the team, providing support whenever he can. I hope he goes find what he seeks, even if he doesn't know what he seeks yet at times.]
120. Do you have any special traits that might not be apparent just from an initial glance? Is there a particular reason you know of for having these traits? - I... Occasionally have a change in my demeanor very suddenly when things get serious. I've been able to really gather my courage when it really matters... Though I don't think that's anything special.

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