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21st of October, 19xx

Audio Recording #5: Becoming More than Myself

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"Wh-what an adventure this h-has been...!"
"I w-was not expecting to have been thrown into a m-mission so soon after th-the attack... But Nichol came to m-me, entrusting me with a m-mission, along with Midnight, and Quet. I d-did not realize Nichol h-had put such faith in me. Th-the others sure, but... Me?"
"We w-were led... rather violently I m-might add, through a portal t-to another world, to meet w-with a Kukla we h-had once helped before... B-but they were far smaller than normal! We w-were given special... Um... t-teeth... one for e-each of us, and we began our a-adventure."
"We w-went north, deciding to f-focus on helping the Spindles a-as opposed to the f-fairies. Which... f-fair, our a-attempts with helping f-fairies has been mostly... c-catastrophic. We h-had attempted to fix an unusual t-table, but sadly, repeated a-attempts from the group did not work out, and was b-broken up. Thankfully Midnight e-easily helped us n-navigate the areas well! We m-made it to an arid a-area with a strange r-red river. Midnight s-scouted ahead, but the delay in his r-return concerned Quet enough t-to check. They have a g-good sense for trouble, it s-seemed, as when we got there, Redcaps w-were attacking Midnight! Two of th-them were d-drawn away by him, while we faced th-the other two. Our us-usual tricks did n-not work here, and so w-we had to rely on the gifts w-we were given."
"...A-and oh, what gifts th-they were."
"We w-went about fantastical t-transformations! Nichol b-became Fleur de Vide, a master of i-ice and water, bending it to his whims. Quet b-became the Unbeleafable Fleurette, a stoic defender, with p-paper planes serving as p-powerful electric charges. M-Midnight became Moonlight Gale, a fierce f-fighter, strong e-enough to tear apart a r-redcap with his bare hands! And I... W-well, I became s-something I never thought I c-could ever be, a joyful, musical i-idol, Zweiherz. It was rough at f-first, and we h-had trouble getting used to it, but we got the h-hang of our new powers q-quickly enough, and we moved on!"
"Back to o-our normal selves, There, we m-met the Spindles of the n-north. They h-had good r-reasons to not w-want to help the Kukla anymore, c-constantly not wanting to l-lose anymore teeth. Quet, Midnight a-and Nichol h-handled the negotiations... I... I-I froze up with fear. Th-the Kukla's words were d-disturbing, but... worse still, was the town... Made entirely of O-Obsidian. I w-wanted to run, and scream... Th-thinking of my homeland, and wh-what they're suffering... I was r-remembering the day I almost d-died to an o-obsidian shard. I wanted to r-run, but.... I felt Nichol's hand on m-my shoulder. It was a simple sh-show of support but... It m-meant so much to me. I was able t-to g-get my faculties together again and p-press onward..."
"And good th-thing too, as a Volcano e-erupted! Nichol... err, I mean, Fleur de Vide, sprung into action and was the first to arrive! The Unbeleafable Fleurette knew what kind of t-trouble would be there, so Moonlight Gale a-and I joined them in time. There was lava q-quickly moving down a path, and the Redcaps were the ones causing a path t-to the Kukla temple! If that g-gets destroyed, then the Redcaps h-here would have nothing to f-fear. It t-took a lot of Effort. Fleur de Vide u-used his powers to freeze up the Lava flow, I w-was able to support Midnight Gale on th-the attack, and to s-slow down the flow briefly b-by using a bomb arrow, thanks to Seth's bow he gifted me. I m-must thank him again for it. The Unbeleafable Fleurette was a-able to stave off the attackers from Fleur de Vide to p-perform his plans. Th-that's when the big battle with the giant Redcap happened."
"I w-was worried for a moment, but the group r-rallied together, our p-powers combined, we c-created an amazing w-weapon that destroyed the g-giant Redcap in a single s-strike!! The Shocking Radiant Diamond Lance! I-it was an incredible feeling, working to-together and saving the people! Th-they were more receptive to h-help afterwards. We w-were unable to help th-the faeries, but we were g-glad we got some alliances w-working! With K-Krieg's help b-back at home, and hopefully a lawyer, w-we intend to help th-them with their teeth problem via t-trading! Krieg is d-definitely the man for that, and I have n-no doubt it will go well!"
"During that a-adventure I felt... I felt m-more than who I am. I w-wasn't a Cog in the Machine... I f-felt like I was really something... I was so m-much more than myself, in my heart. It was a-all thanks to my friends th-that were there, and... My Sister. When I t-transformed, I saw my sister, Leah, in my heart, bolstering me to s-strive to be better, more c-courageous. It was f-for a brief moment, but it... I was s-so happy, seeing family a-again..."
"Leah, wh-whatever you are d-doing, wherever you m-may be.... Your b-brother misses you, Mom and Dad v-very much. I hope y-you're all okay, taking d-down those Obsidian Monsters b-back home.... and maybe one d-day, i'll get to see you again. You'll s-see how much I have improved s-since my days being made to b-become some repopulator-to-be. How w-with this crew, th-the people I care for, th-those who I like, a-and love... have made m-me a far b-better person than I used to be... and w-when we all r-reunite as a family..."
"...I h-hope you'll be proud of m-me."

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