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18th of August, 19xx

Long, Long Ago

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"...locud ryt gninsig no ym entx tivsi?"
Music classes with Senior Officer Ceylon have been a helpful alternative to just worrying, or working, day in and day out, though at times I don't realize how beneficial it really has been. Lately, with me trying to do more things, returning to my music practices, my costume collecting hobby, and getting to know more people, It really makes me think of how I got here, the places I've been to back at home, and the two that have always been close to me growing up.
The music class this month has had an important lesson with how I have been at the moment. To tie the song 'Long, Long Ago' to something, or someone, important in my own life. To make it my own. Thinking about it, my time growing up back at home wasn't all bad. Far from it, my childhood I felt was such a fun, wonderful time. It was definitely thanks to my Sister, and our childhood friend, that really made it such a fond childhood to look back on... My interpretation of the song will be about them.
Leah and Clark are the friends I have loved,
Long, Long ago, Long, along ago.
There was no cave we three would not have roved,
Long, Long ago, Long, Long ago.
One was real careful, and one was so sly,
There were no secrets that we couldn’t pry,
They were the wind that would help my soul fly,
Long, Long ago, Long ago.
Gemstones and Flowers, we gathered for home,
Long, Long ago, Long, Long ago.
Galenigare’s meadows, we would roam,
Long, Long ago, Long ago.
Sweetheart, O’ Dear Heart, won’t you sit with me?
Hear the friends whom that have shaped me to be,
The person that stands here now, before thee,
Long, Long ago, Long ago.
...I wonder if that will go well in the music class? And I wonder if maybe... Yeah! I'll sing it to Pim the next time I visit the her and Officer Positive. I never did tell her of my interest in music and my flute playing. I think she wouldn't mind, right?

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