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17th of December, 19xx

Audio Recording #8: Liminal Stands Together

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"I... I-I can't believe it. Our b-battle with the Librarian... at l-least, the initial battle, h-has come to a close. The Librarian is d-defeated, and now comes th-the tense situation that is the a-aftermath."
"When th-the sky was removed and the l-light of the sun was taken, the Librarian had a-arrived to wreak havoc, a grandiose a-appearance as one would have e-expected of him. But we w-were ready, all of Liminal was r-ready."
"The Airship T-Team was first up. Nichol, Valentina, Zacna, Caram, and Officer Stein+, t-taking on the Librarian's air forces, and finding a w-way to bring the Bookwyrm from moving about too much. M-Midnight's plan with the b-buoys came into play, a-anchoring the Bookwyrm once it f-found the tree. Admittedly, th-the fact that it f-found it so easily, e-even with the sigil, was concerning, t-to say the least. Th-the paper planes w-were being taken care of f-fairly well, when we s-saw Officer Tra-... Nichol, jump d-down from the ship to s-strike at the Bookwyrm with his powers o-obtained from the odd Tooth h-he was given. It w-was a stellar strike that damaged the Proboscis... But then Nichol himself suffered an explosion, l-later told to me th-that it was a bomb that w-was implanted on him, and Nichol, to m-make the Librarian regret that decision, h-he used himself and that b-bomb to damage the Bookwyrm. Th-thankfully he's alive, and th-the Captain got a team to g-go retrieve him and bring h-him to safety."
"The Sub and land t-team was next, with Seth, Clementine, Senior O-Officer Maestra Ceylon, and m-myself leading this one. Despite the d-damage to the Proboscis, that Bookwyrm m-managed to still begin siphoning from the Tree right away! W-we had to stop it, and quick. I... m-managed to shake off my nervousness and... well, embarrassment, to d-dance and call upon th-the Alley Cats' help. I a-almost messed up, but I r-redoubled my efforts, and the S-Siamese Sisters came b-by to lend a hand! Th-the lot of u-us utilizing the p-power of song, Webball... a-and bombs, aheh, w-were getting a good start, when the Librarian s-summoned great monsters to t-try to stop us!... When w-we had feared a d-dangerous battle, who e-else but the Ringleader a-arrives to help us! A performer at th-their core, they c-cut up one of the monsters with g-grace, panache... and a freakishly sharp c-claw! W-with our spirits bolstered, and the big f-fish monster getting quite b-beat up by the airship crew and Lore with h-her mech, we were able to g-get the door opened once Seth th-threw Clem, myself, a-and the Alley Cats up on the Bookwyrm t-to do so! Most of u-us lost our balance when it f-fell down, but Clem held on and m-managed to get inside, and r-really made a mess for th-the strike team to take advantage of! On top of th-that, Seth c-called in some incredible h-help, with a Holy being kn-known as Beezus, and a... r-rather Unholy giant Lippy th-that obeyed Seth's commands w-without fail, bringing the Bookwyrm down fully!... But Clem did n-not come out right away. I-it was up to the Strike t-team to save Clementine and take d-down the Librarian... but I felt, honestly, more confident than ever th-that the strike team could d-do both."
"Th-the strike t-team went in once a-all was set for them. Commander Joust, Senior Officer Vanderbilt, Officer Quet, Pim, and Midnight moved in to take on th-the Librarian and save Clem. While I w-will ask them th-the details to i-it when I get the chance once all is s-settled, what matters is th-they were able to defeat the Librarian. It s-seems they went will fully getting r-rid of him as opposed to the plan th-that was given before in turning h-him into a book to preserve the knowledge."
"...The b-bookwyrm died with him, h-however... A l-lot of history from v-various worlds and lands, g-gone in the battle... E-even with us doing o-our utmost to p-protect Liminal, it s-seems it cannot be done without s-severe consequences... I wonder whose h-homes are lost to nothingness n-now? what s-stories will forever b-be untold...? H-have I lost something i-important? h-has anyone of the crew?"
"Now wh-what is left is to manage th-the aftermath, and then... w-we'll figure out what to do from th-there."

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