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19th of December, 19xx

The Road to Unification

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"...ende ot etsle fesylm ofr eht ufteur, Leah. Htsi liwl eb a rtila..."
I was assigned with Record Keeper Isaac, Officer Krieg, and Officer Joaquin to help as much of Liminal as possible. Admittedly, I wasn't sure if I was up to the task... Surely there were better crewmates right?... Then again with all that's going on, everyone needs to do their part without hesitation, so I did not refuse.
We were able to save as many of the people as we can in Port Barter, as well as a fairy named Seventeen. We brought her back home to reunite with Three as her home was... Destroyed. We were able to also get a few books from the crumbling library, and was given a special armor from Seventeen. It's sure to help the crew spearheading the assault soon, I'm sure...
Pastura had two very different issues. South Pastura had a hole that the Redcaps were using as an invasion point. The Sigil used there, combined with the rocks being disguised as Kuklas and the Illusion of the Kukla that was made, kept them away. We also were given a paper with information of one of our crew members... But I forgot they existed until I read it! It then dawned on us that this is a piece of the Word Tree! Things are getting dangerous very... very quickly.
North Pastura however we had to be moral support. We attended a feast by King Reedy, and Peanut... Peanut spoke. And he spoke ill about King Reedy in ways I wasn't sure could be used together in a sentence! Joaquin and I were able to lift his spirits thankfully, as right now we do NOT need the nations to be against each other or unwilling to help. Thankfully we were able to fix that issue, and a bet Officer Krieg won ensured Reedy's assistance!
Then there was Salt and Sand.
We found out the people there were being.... Enslaved... By the Redcaps, and the one who was controlling them with strange music. Of all people, it would be one formerly of the crew leading them! Tsura, one of the only Invokers of the crew turned traitor. We were able to stop her and the redcaps but... When I saw what she used to keep them in line... the marks on the people that matched this item I... I almost lost it. If the Officers weren't there I might have... It's.. It's best I don't think about what could have happened...
We also learned that Timothy and the others are working to destroy the Word Tree! We were not able to make it to the Archipelago in time, or Yoke, but we did the best we could, and we were able to help out half of the people. Now we will need to be ready for the Word Tree itself, currently encapsulated in a strange colorful bubble, no doubt formed by Timothy himself. I do not know what will happen, but we all need to prepare for... Whatever may happen. Whatever the case, I'm... I'm ready.
I hope you are safe back home, Leah. I'll do my best to make sure I'm safe too.

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