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15th of July, 19xx

Wandervania: Symphony of the Nightcap

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"...evnre ewkn tsju owh edivra dorlws anc eb!"
I had strange nightmares, followed by an even stranger adventure. People chanting in prayer, monsters attacking and destroying everything in sight, and a Dark Castle looming over it all... This horrible dream was felt by everyone in Silver Thimble, and we had to put this to rest. I was originally assigned to be a part of the crew on the ship while four of the combat specialists would make landfall and solve the issue, as per usual... But due to a bit of an error, I was one of the folks in the combat team? I... Was worried, to say the least. Combat is not my field of expertise! But regardless, I did not protest, and exited the ship with Officer Stein-Positive of the Airship's Navigation team, Zacna Midrad of Security, and now fully recovered Officer Gavon of Security.
The world itself was strange. We were all... blocky, and flat looking! When I asked about this later, I was told we were... Pixelated? Like in a video game, whatever that may be. I was curious! But I digress. A giant spider(?) was on the moon, with a battalion of ghosts(?) that attempted to destroy the town. The Crew on the airship dealt with them while we continued on foot. We first came up against a living tree, swinging it's branches, as well as gravestones in a dangerous fashion. We were able to defeat it, though Vatna and Corzipa took a hit. We had no time to rest, however, so we continued onward.
Ahead was a strange river with logs and attacking fishfolk, who attacked in a specific pattern. Officers Stein-Positive and Gavon kind of made it a game on who could get the fishfolk down first. I think Vatna got one more down than Corzipa did, but it was rather close. Vatna was able to find out that the river wasn't actually a river, and it would lead to an endless chasm if fallen into... Zacna however, was able to attach a hook to the other side and we shimmied across, all of us without nary a scratch that time!
Further along, we faced a giant knight...or rather, a suit of autonomous armor, wielding a mace that's got to have been at least multiple times my size. It was pretty scary, to say the least! Vatna and Corzipa took dangerous hits, Corzipa especially! She's strong, however; she took the hit and made it to an advantage, toppling the entire knight down!.... On poor Zacna, but the two of them together destroyed it!... Or so we thought.
As we continued down the castle, there were many skeletons blocking the path. Vatna, upon seeing the Knight reanimated and attempting to attack us, utilized a Sigil to make the Knight destroy the skeletons! Though we had to make a run for it, else we would be next!
We had to climb a strange clock tower afterwards, with these strange, giant lipped heads floating by! I got struck twice by them, and by body felt rather sensitive to contact from the 2nd one... but thankfully it was temporary. I still went to the medical ward afterwards, to make sure it did not leave any lasting effects. Officer Gavon managed to find an enchanted axe on the way, no doubt it will be helpful for what lies ahead!
Finally, we made it to the top of the castle, and the throne room itself. a caped monarch was leading the attack... which turned out to be a talking Redcap! Upon seeing that thing... I don't know, but I felt a sort of righteous conviction, if that makes sense. I was focused on destroying it. The source of this world's terror being these blasted Redcaps, it had to be destroyed. We fought the caped Redcap, finding another powerful weapon to use during the fight thanks to Vatna, but as soon as I slammed my Hammer onto the Redcap, something unexpected happened...
The Redcap was... just a vessel. A shell for what it truly was: a Four-winged Angelic being composed of naught but a giant eye. The ensuing battle was fierce, but thanks to the team's efforts, and some tasty candy to keep us energized, we destroyed it for good! When it was destroyed, Two of the wings' power was granted to Vatna, while the other two were granted to Zacna. Corzipa and I must have received a fragment of the barrier which surrounded the Eye itself, as a pixelated halo floats above our heads now. The Halo.. I feel it protects me as well, along with the Shawl given to me by Mama Parse, they work in tandem.
I cannot rest on these laurels, however. A triumph to be sure, to save the people of that world from the Redcap, but this is one of many. People need help, both in Liminal and beyond. I can only hope I can be that Bulwark, that Shield, for those who need it. Perhaps when the Submarine is complete, all of us can contribute even more to Liminal, and beyond. I need to remember I am not by myself in this. We're a crew, after all. Together we can accomplish a lot, I just know it!

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