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20th of December, 19xx

A Tree Grows in Liminal

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"...eltl omhret nad afhret I ovel hmet, Leah. Nad oyu oto."
The crew, along with everyone we were able to rally, began the assault against Timothy, Ezekiel, and their plan to destroy the Word Tree. We had brought all we had to bear, doing our utmost to take down the barrier Timothy had placed, but it seemed hopeless. Our bombardment did nothing to it, and the Redcaps seemed to have come through endlessly. But as one does for dramatic effect, help came at the right time. Our Captain, along with two of her lost crewmates of her original crew, and the Ringleader with Jormungandr, arrived, poised to join the assault. Their presence lit a fire among the crew, and we showed Timothy just what we're capable of when you put all of Liminal in danger. Once he was taken down, the Captain, with a weapon none of us had ever seen before, tore through the ball as though it were a hot knife through butter, breaking the barrier entirely. The Ringleader took the beaten body of Timothy to parts unknown afterwards, leaving a bit of a trail of... spaghetti bags? But now was not the time, we had a tree to save.
Officer Tobias, Officer Carica, Navigator Akhana, and Anthropologist Gemini made landfall to take down Ezekiel once and for all. The Redcaps were many, and time was running sort as they attempted to saw down the Word Tree. The crew, with the Orb not barring the way anymore, went underwater to seal the rift that had been a source for all these Redcaps to invade the tree as easily as they were. I was able to reverse engineer the jukebox, albeit with a bit of trouble during, and were able to push the Redcaps back into the rift long enough for the crew to seal it shut, leaving only the Redcaps already there to deal with. The Riverman was phenomenal in that regard, mowing down swaths of the creatures like they were wheat before a scythe, pretty scary really. From what little we could see, the battle on the island itself was fierce, Redcaps and Birds fighting and flying every which way until Ezekiel fell from the tree. He... Did not survive the landing.
What happened next however, was nothing short of horrifying. The living Redcaps invaded his body after landing, turning it into a monster in every sense of the word... albeit one in a suit. I wasn't sure how we had any hope of handling that thing, but the cavalry had arrived once again, in the form of the mice and otters who make our city home. The combination of their assault, our cover fire, and a... Mostly Coordinated aerial strike from the crew on the island stopped the monstrous husk that was Ezekiel for good, saving the Word Tree, and by extension, potentially all of Liminal.
Everyone who had been in the battle, as well as some spectators like King Reedy, gathered on the island once it was truly said and done, absolutely ecstatic over our victory. A Great feast was held there, after a bit of cleaning up of course, to celebrate our hard earned victory, and to remember those who had unfortunately not pulled through during the invasion, especially the paper people who did their best defending against the Redcaps until we got our way through. But for once in a good while, everyone seemed happy, accomplished even.
We got to meet the former crewmates the Captain managed to bring back, Pim and Ento, Jackalope siblings. I... Admittedly was in a bit of awe in their presence, Pim especially. She was-*There would be some faded words as it was clearly erased before continuing*-Ah, I shouldn't write my opinion on that, lest the Word Tree have a copy of that too.
Leah, Mom, Dad. I think I found my home here. It will be great to see you again some day, and maybe chat through our devices if we really get it working, but I don't think I'm going to go home. I hope you can forgive me when we do meet eachother again, and I'll miss you all until that day comes. However, I'm not just a male lagora to be a part of population production back home in Ukko.
I am Lio Lewis Levon. Engineer, Tinkerer, and Tool-Maker for the Wandercrew. A Citizen of Silver Thimble Isle. And a Denizen of Liminal.

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