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2nd of February, 19xx

Work and Play

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"...eben nagtwin ot teg cakb noti elfut nipyagl, Leah."
I must say, life has been busier than ever since Ezekiel's defeat at the hands of the Wandercrew. With our image finally being seen in a far better light than how things were, we've been working with the various countries to figure out the best way to allow the world of Liminal to flourish with the portals and magical results of what those portals bring and take. Our ships have helped transfer goods and trade, our home becoming a city in and of itself, and the increase in crewmates are quite apparent and helpful! Being an officer for the Research and Development branch, I've been...well, slowly at least, learning to speak to others with a bit less fear in my tone! Still a work in progress however.
With the changes, we've even had divisions for different focuses even on the same station! We have folks who now focus on keeping the city up and running, folks like myself who still keep the submarine and seafaring vessels in.. well, ship shape, and now we've been working on a proper main Airship that will be used and maintained by a different group among the Wandercrew once we're all done building it. I wonder what team will take the tasks involving the Airship? Interesting for sure, but I think I've grown too attached to the Submarine to give it up.
All of this however, I think, has been tiring myself out more than I already tend to, and becoming an officer is a bit stressful, to say the least. I've been looking for ways to properly relax, though I'm not used to just unwinding around so many folks, so places like the Spa I tend not to go to until the times each day when there's few people. I tried going to bars and the like but I am still too nervous to do that with any consistency... I think I need to get back to playing music. That's helped me before, and maybe enjoy costumes and the like again.
...I wonder if there's a tailor I can ask about something as silly as a costume? I don't want to bother the crew over Non-Uniform related things, that feels selfish... Though I also wonder what costumes would the crew wear if a party to that effect would occur? I also wonder if there's a good music shop in the city I could check? I ought to get myself a good flute again, that'll help me relax, definitely.

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