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5th of September, 19xx

Audio Recording #1: Risky Rifty Tech

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

*Lio takes a few steps back after the recording starts.*
"H-hello, this is Officer Lio Lewis Levon, a-attempting my first Audio Entry."
"I h-have been a part o-of the project h-headed by Midnight Erebus, c-creating Buoys that d-double as alerts w-within the rift. They w-were designed to find one th-thing in particular, as our current t-tests did not a-allow us to attempt f-further subjects of s-study, and time f-for them was short."
"The buoys t-turned out to be a risky sh-shot at first, but in the end, th-they are successfully placed in s-specific points, to m-monitor for the subject in q-question."
"I a-am thrilled to see others outside of the usual e-engineering and science d-departments coming up w-with crafty a-and very h-helpful ideas and i-inventions. It spurs m-me to work harder on my o-own! Midnight s-seemed particularly proud, and I do not b-blame him for being so! I hope th-this will be a start t-to get him out of his c-current situation."
"We h-have also learned alarming news about a c-creature that will be very important. I a-am admittedly worried over w-writing it down, l-lest it be c-copied on the Word Tree. I h-h-hope this sordid b-business can be handled s-swiftly, too much t-trouble has been as of late, too many m-mishaps and problems..."
"I will n-need to prepare for more, and now w-with this project completed, I will w-work on the next one, with Raz. She h-has come up with a-an interesting i-idea I would like to u-utilize on the field as soon a-as possible."
"O-Officer Lio Lewis Levon, s-signing off... Wait, h-how do I sign off on this o-oh wai-!"
*The device nearly hits the floor, but he catches it, turning it off in the stumble and near fumble.*

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