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17th of July, 19xx

Some Assembly Required: An Inventor's Dream

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"ti si nedo, Leah!"
It's done! It's finally done! The HTML Wanderpus has been rebuilt, and better than ever! There's so much it can do now, I'm so excited to have been a part of such a wondrous vessel's construction!
The Submarine's Hull has been reinforced with stronger metals.
The Med-Bay has been rebuilt with a new Pathogen Lab extension.
The Beds and their special materials have been rebuilt.
The Jukebox is fully functional again.
The Engines have a new, fuel efficient, and eco-friendly method of ionizing instead of melting silver for its energy.
The Bread Kiln has been reapplied, with a Donut Fryer attachment, after the incident which destroyed the last one involving Senior Officer Pi.
Turbo Engines have been added.
The 'tentacles' of the ship now have the ability to allow the ship movement on land, making for easier deployment and retrieval of crew members.
Two extendible grabber hands have been added, shaped in full hands for better grip and control.
A Cloaking System has been installed into the ship.
Retractable Wings allow flight for the vessel.
A new Switchboard has been added with improved functionality.
A Torpedo Bay has been added to the ship, usable in Launching the aforementioned Torpedoes, As well as the new Escape Pods, and even Deployment of smaller Land Vehicles for land missions!
A new Weapon and Explosives Storage room has been added, with a shielding encasing the Engine above it, should the storage get damaged. It is also able to be segmented off, for extra safety should it be compromised.
Art of the Captain has been added to the side of the ship... Style Points, I guess?
It's such an astounding submarine now... well, it's far more than a submarine now, calling it such would be an insult! ...And I was a part of it's creation.
I... I never thought I'd be able to be a part of something so grand before. I'd laugh and say it was naught but a dream... but it isn't. I really helped make it.
Mom, Dad, Leah... I know you might never get to see it... But I really hope you're proud of me.

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