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29th of August, 19xx

What Was Lost

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"...era ew usjt ofosl yinplag ehor...?"
What just happened...?
We traveled to a planet that was... Devoid of, well, anything. Emotion, Energy, all of it seemed drained. We were able to link this to a source out in the Rift, so we followed it to find a... Bookwyrm? I've never seen the like before, and it was a terrifying sight. The creature was the biggest I've ever seen, towering over our ship without issue. Officer Quet, Seth, Senior Officer Vanderbilt, and Senior Officer Tea ventured into the heart of the Wyrm to meet with someone. They told us their name was The Librarian.
According to the reports, the Librarian claimed they were a collector of stories, hearing the words of others to copy down and add to their collection, but it was a farce. In truth, they were a thief, stealing the stories and tales of planets they visit with the Bookwyrm, leaving it devoid of any and all emotion and energy, from what I witnessed in the planet... A great battle ensued, both in the Wyrm and in the Sub, with Paper Knights fighting us relentlessly. Midnight and Raz were instrumental in keeping the sub from taking too much damage, and help from the Jewels at an opportune moment help tip the scales in our favor within the Submarine.
Despite our best efforts, however, the Librarian managed to escape, and the Bookwyrm with it. I do not know what we were fighting to protect in there... But the Knights we destroyed were stories themselves. They reminded me of Quet, and the thought of what we did to the knights, destroying their stories once and for all... I feel disgusted. I worry how Quet will handle this, having never experienced something quite like this, none of us have.
Seth managed to save a tome, however. A Holy text depicting a religion of another world, mentioning a bee-like deity. The tome itself is known as the Beeble, and at the very least, we managed to get something away from that Librarian. But the Planet... It did not improve. In fact, I feel it's worse than ever before, and it was because we couldn't stop the Librarian.
My Senior Officer, Royce Vanderbilt... Whatever the Librarian did to him within the Bookwyrm, he seemed to have lost just about all knowledge of the Submarine. I... Am terrified of the notion that I know more of the Submarine than the actual creator of it now. We need to help him relearn it all somehow, be it intuitive, teaching, or getting what the Librarian stole. I fear what we must face when the Librarian has such knowledge at their disposal.
There is too much work to be done in the wake of this monster's actions, and nowhere near enough time to do it. It's time I roll up my sleeves and focus.

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