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12th of August, 19xx

Tinger and the Bun

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"...sikdes Pim ofr eht rfits meti."
What a chaotic, unexpected way for a first date to go...
Midnight, Vatna, Ive and Amel were, as this whole day turned out, were all working together to make sure Pim and I make it to the restaurant at the end of the strange dungeon of Exuvia. We had only a few hours to make it, and we could not be in our uniforms, and instead needed to be in proper restaurant attire throughout the entire dungeon, so we had little time to waste.
The bottom floor was filled with shells that would cause a shark to strike if anyone makes a noise. Vatna and Pim were both attacked, but otherwise we were able to make it through. We were well stocked with medical supplies at least, so we treated our wounds and continued on.
The next floor had many armored knight statues that... weren't just statues. I was struck by one and nearly flattened, were it not for Pim's quick rescue. Vatna was able to harness a giant Key-Blade and use it to get through to a teleporter, after which Pim absolutely decimated the knights... As strong as she is beautiful... Anyway! Vatna was able to find an unusual circlet that seems to have a connection to someone! I wonder how Vatna and that new friend of his is doing?
The third floor was an icy path with no rails, and a long way down to the ocean, along with strange penguin-like monsters and a giant demon that... wanted to tickle us? I don't know what THAT would entail, but we chose to deal with the penguins... or rather I did, by yelling them off the platforms. Midnight and Vatna were able to get us through the floor easily, and we even snagged a lot of gold and an Ice Staff on the way! Or rather, Amel did. She grabbed it without a moment's hesitation. It's... very cold around Amel now.
The Fourth Floor was an Elevator Puzzle which was definitely more my speed! Skeletons attacked, but Vatna, Ive, Amel, and Midnight handled them swiftly! I was able to solve the puzzle with little trouble and we proceeded on!
The Fifth Floor however... was an entirely different beast altogether... There were various deadly traps every which way, and ruling over it is a bunny butcher, Guy was his name and his pet cockatrice, Wings... That monster almost killed Pim, and I... I got so angry... One moment, I saw him attacking her and the next... He was a headless body on the ground... The others managed to take down the cockatrice, Wings.
We finally made it to the restaurant, and not a moment too soon, either. The ticket almost burned out our signatures! But we made it! The dinner itself started... chaotically. Vatna argued with the waitstaff a bit over his food, and the table Pim and I were eating at accidentally caught fire, destroying her dish entirely! Mine came out perfectly fine, so I moved myself over to her side and shared the meal with her, a wonderful linguini with clam sauce. Vatna and Midnight decided during that dinner to serenade for Pim and I, embarrassing me to no end, for sure....
At one point, an extra long strand of linguini happened to be in both our mouths, and at one point... our lips connected. Pim didn't back down, and as surprised as I was.... I didn't either. It would be my first kiss, and it would be with Pim, the one I love.
As chaotic and almost tragic as this could have been, in the end, we had our date, and we shared a kiss... I did not think a fateful spill into a rift would have brought me here... But if it means spending time with her, I'd gladly weather any trial. She means the world to me, and I can only hope she sees me in even half of such a light as I see her.
I love you, Pim.

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