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?? of ??, ????


by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

*Lio looks to the recording device as it begins its recording.*
"...I am n-not sure what I sh-should do next."
"T-Tsoki and Vatna have been e-endlessly keeping the shield t-together, but there's next to n-nothing I can assist there."
"We a-are all gradually succumbing to h-hunger, but th-there is l-little I can do there."
"I n-need to figure out h-how to help them wi-..."
*Lio would stop talking for a bit... He looks to the right, at a mirror he had placed in his office... He sees how ragged and just out of it he looked before looking to the recording again.*
"...I do th-this every time, don't I... Always t-trying to help e-everyone else and leaving m-myself to just drop onto the ground until someone h-has to drag m-me out of this cycle. I'm... m-messing up again."
*Lio then looks to the back, the schematics of his obsolete mech.* "Hmm... I k-keep trying to pull off feats and goals th-that I just cannot reach as I a-am. It's irritating how much I c-cannot do... Maybe it's b-because I can only do s-so much? Maybe ph-physically I am insufficient... I n-need to improve. I always t-try to be selfless... But I'm n-neglecting myself again. Maybe for o-once with what I still h-have, with what I c-can do, maybe I sh-should work on using technology not for a-augmenting the lives of others, but i-instead for augmenting m-myself? Make m-myself a stronger, m-more capable Officer i-instead of helping the rest wh-when so many n-need help..."
"...M-maybe I should be... selfish?" *He takes a deep breath.* "I need to s-stop trying to do what I can't until I a-am sure that I can. I h-have the mind f-for it, I know n-now I have m-magic for it... I now n-need to make m-myself the p-parts to match, and I'll work o-on doing just that. For o-once, I w-will work on Me, Myself, and I."

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    22nd of February, 19XX
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    25th of April, 19XX
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    17th of October 19xx
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    18th of December, 19xx
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    19th of December, 19xx
  15. A Tree Grows in Liminal
    20th of December, 19xx
  16. Promotion
    12th of January, 19xx
  17. Work and Play
    2nd of February, 19xx
  18. A Kindred Spirit
    3rd of March, 19xx
  19. Sigil Sagacity
    10th of April, 19xx
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    8th of May, 19xx
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    23rd of May, 19xx
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    12th of June, 19xx
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  35. A Raucous Reunion
    24th of July, 19xx
  36. To Pim and Ento
    24th of July, 19xx
  37. Beauty
    6th of August,19xx
  38. A Perfect Storm
    7th of August, 19xx
  39. An Invitation
    9th of August, 19xx
  40. Happiness
    12th of August, 19xx
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    12th of August, 19xx
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    13th of August, 19xx
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    1st of September, 19xx
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    4th of September, 19xx
  50. Audio Recording #1: Risky Rifty Tech
    5th of September, 19xx
  51. Audio Recording #2: Facing the Devil's Maw
    21th of September, 19xx
  52. Audio Recording #3: Parks and Renovation
    24th of September, 19XX
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    16th of October, 19xx
  54. Audio Recording #5: Becoming More than Myself
    21st of October, 19xx
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    23rd of October, 19xx
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    20th of November, 19xx
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    11th of December, 19xx
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    17th of December, 19xx
  59. Selfish
    ?? of ??, ????
  60. Questionnaire Pt.2 (26-50)
    ? of ?, 19xx