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22nd of February, 19XX

The Final Exam

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

So today was the day...
The final exam to become an official member of the crew. I still can't believe I managed to pass, considering how terrible I did.
The first test involved an obstacle course and a duel, in which I went up against another crewmate-to-be, Gemini. We were pretty neck and neck, despite a near stab to the foot. Thankfully what I've learned really helped me avoid any real injury, but I screwed up big and showed too much concern, making sure Gemini did not get hurt himself. That wound up causing me to fall behind and just fail the first test by getting frozen before even making it to the arena proper. No good deed, Lio. No good deed...
The second test involved defusing a bomb, something I should be good at! But I began second-guessing myself, unsure which wire to cut after ruling out the obvious fake. Gemini had a backup plan at the very least, though another crewmate-to-be, Carica, couldn't really assist after getting hit with a stray pellet from the firing range nearby. Thankfully Officer Joaquin was there to inform of potentially the correct color, and going with his suggestion, we got the bomb defused! I feel stupid for second guessing myself, but considering I would've picked the wrong color without his help, maybe it's for the best...
The third test involved finding materials to assist an injured civilian, which for the purpose of the test was one of the professors. We all worked together rather well that time! The others searched for the materials while I kept guard, making sure no further danger befell the 'civilian'. The medicine made was apparently quite a tonic, able to deal with stuff like concussions! Thank goodness too, Carica needed it, so the professor made sure they took it, before there was a fire in the lab room of the academy... Again. She had to go deal with that, so we moved to the last test.
The final test involved closing a rift without causing a panic. The others were very clever and distracted the bystanders so that I can close the rift, but I dropped my set of tools! One of the others handed me theirs and I closed it, but I also accidentally let something slip out when I was closing the rift. The professor gave us a pass and let the mistake go under the rug, provided we never make that mistake out on the field.
In the end, we all passed. Officer Joaquin did the best, unsurprisingly. I wonder what happened that made him have to take the exam anyway? Gemini was just behind him, doing very well for not showing any weakness or hesitation. Carica was third but only because they lost the duel to Joaquin. I was dead last and only barely made the cut. I'm certain if the professor didn't let the mistake I made in the last test slide, I wouldn't have even passed. I'm such an idiot! ...I'm officially a part of the crew, don't I don't feel like I truly earned it. I'm going to need to work very hard to keep up. I don't want to be a burden to people anymore.
I just want to help.

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