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23rd of October, 19xx

Audio Recording #6: Crewmate Camaraderie

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"I-it has been a long time s-since I've taken a-any moment to de-stress. I didn't r-realize just how badly I needed th-this."
"S-Seth, Zacna, O-Officer Stein+ and I were r-recruited by First Mate Rupert, s-sponsored by Officer Vernix to p-participate in Webball, a n-new... or p-perhaps classic, sport in Liminal. I-it is hard to tell when multi-dimensional sports a-are in play. The arenas w-were so strange and fantastical, but exciting! A-an N-shaped playing field w-with three areas, t-two diagonal, one vertical, and we n-needed to play around this with th-the abilities we have, and th-the trust of our t-team to s-score six points. The g-goals on the diagonal fields are o-one point, but the vertical ones are w-worth two! F-falling off the field however t-takes away a point a-and leaves you out of the game until a-at least half-time."
"Zacna w-was the muscle of the team, ready to take on the bigger threats each team had to offer with determination and might. S-Seth was the veteran, being a star b-ball player before his time with the c-crew! Vatna w-was definitely the team favorite, having a f-fanbase already established! Those m-moths really do support their o-own! I w-was the support, helping out w-with the others as much as I c-can. T-together, we formed the HTML's Silver Stingers!"
"Our f-first opponent was w-with the Worpeltinger Guardians. Talk about h-heavy hitters from the get go! It w-was definitely a rough go, with Gus g-getting the first point. I w-was able to get the ball from Mama Parse by h-hopping on her head and getting towards the middle. I h-hope Mama Parse accepted my a-apology gift in the l-letter I gave her after th-the matches. Zacna and A-Aspara were toe-to-toe, and it was cl-close, but Zacna powered through! He's r-really, really tough. I w-went towards getting th-the goal, and Seth was able to trip A-Aspara off of the field p-proper, negating Gus' score e-earlier, and managing to get 2 points in the middle goal! Zacna th-then flew over to help Vatna g-go up against Gus, and it was tough! Zacna e-even got a wing injury from the t-tussle, but Vatna sneakily b-brought about a 2nd Webball, surprising Gus so much he d-dropped the ball he had! Vatna th-then made an amazing double p-pass, throwing b-both of them to Seth and I, thanks t-to Zacna distracting Gus, t-to get the two goals in the middle a-and winning the first game Six t-to Nothing~! Midnight c-came by after the g-game and g-got Zacna an athletic b-brace for the wing to h-help it r-recover safer as w-we train and got ready for the next game l-later in the week. S-something occurred afterwards a-as well, as one of th-the Guardians j-joined our team! the h-hedgehog guardian. Th-the names were hard t-to pronounce, so we were informed t-to call them Taco... Or was it Gyro? I'll n-need to ask to be sure, it k-kept being switched back and f-forth from time to time."
"Th-the next game was when things g-got *Really* s-serious, us v-versus the Parliament Hot Shots. Penny, Pound, Larry, a-and a zombified f-facsimile of the Roc!? It w-was scary, to s-say the least. And they d-did NOT Play f-fair, in the slightest. I g-got punched by Pound th-the instant I got the ball, he didn't even bother trying to get it! And I'm p-pretty sure Seth got stabbed b-by Penny!! Th-they were absolutely ch-cheating in an absolutely u-unethical fashion, but w-we couldn't stoop to their l-level. We would not! If we're winning, w-we're going to d-do it on our o-own merits! Seth w-was able to pass the ball towards Vatna a-and Zacna, d-despite getting stabbed by Penny. Zacna managed to g-get the ball, thanks to Vatna k-keeping Zombie Roc b-busy to not n-notice the ball. Seeing h-how callous Pound w-was being over this, I kn-knew better than to t-try to go against him, s-so instead I threw the b-ball towards Zacna, wh-who absolutely tackled Larry o-off the field prior t-to in order to get the f-first two points! Pound h-however took that o-opportunity to punch me off th-the field entirely... And th-that's when I learned th-they purposefully skimped on th-the safety mats to ensure i-injury! I fell hard enough th-that my right arm broke on the i-impact!! Larry however, s-suffered worse, and suffered a terrible b-back injury. Th-the three on th-three remaining however, was more th-than enough for the Silver Stingers t-to get the job done, an a-absolute sweep again, even m-more concrete th-than the last! Six to N-Negative One! S-serves those cheaters right t-to lose so absolutely s-soundly! Rupert injected s-some weird medicine, m-made from Doctor Nicholas a-and his rather incredible m-mushroom remedies. M-my arm felt g-good as new! Midnight l-looked very angry th-though over what Pound did t-to me. H-here's hoping they d-don't cross, as p-personally I think we p-proved ourselves without a sh-shadow of a doubt with the game itself.
"Finally, th-the third big game. We h-had a choice of going for the r-regularly scheduled opponent, or a mystery t-team... Rupert s-seemed upset at our d-decision, but we decided t0 s-stick to the program, and we were up a-against the Pastura Clay Catfishes! W-we went about it very differently than th-the last two, more t-technical about it. Zacna and I e-even tried a rather u-unorthodox strategy, letting Zacna th-throw me high up towards the upper goal to throw into it!.... B-but Sabatha just plucked me out of the air w-without trouble and scored the goal. S-Sabatha was so nice about it though! S-setting me down s-safely and a-applauding our efforts, d-despite it not going well. Queen Sabatha t-truly is a benevolent Tarrasque, which u-up until I met her, always th-thought Tarrasques w-were dangerous forces of d-destruction... P-perhaps Queen Sabatha i-is the exception to th-the rule, or maybe th-the legends are w-wrong? Half-Time a-arrived, and we were down One to Two. Then S-Seth had an interesting idea!... Instead of it b-being a competitive match, h-have it be a fun e-exhibition match instead and c-call it a draw... and the King and Queen a-agreed! I N-never realized how strong K-King Reedi actually was! K-kind of makes sense why he a-appreciates those of s-strong musculature, like Queen Sabatha. T-takes one to know one! The r-rest of that game was an absolute blast, d-definitely the most fun game of them a-all. Even th-the Guardian got in on the sh-shenanigans!"
"A-after that experience, we d-decided to change our n-name from the Silver Stingers, to the Planestrotters! I-it fit us more, as we honestly w-wanted to do this to bring j-joy and some relief for the c-crew and Liminal in general, after the scary, s-stressful things we've b-been experiencing so much as of l-late... I r-really think th-the people, a-and ourselves in g-general, r-really needed it! I-it really should bolster our s-spirits and get o-ourselves more m-motivated to really d-do our best as a wh-whole. I'm p-pretty sure Webball might b-become a national s-sport in Liminal. P-perhaps if it really goes well, we c-can spread the word about Webball to other w-worlds! Imagine th-that, a Grand t-tournament from th-the best teams of m-multiple planets! Th-that would be amazing, and an a-absolutely fantastic w-way to bring Liminal, and th-the worlds around us, united. Th-through teamwork, c-camaraderie, and the l-love of the game~!"

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