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24th of July, 19xx

A Raucous Reunion

by R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

"...onetarh fesa nadl, onetarh payhp lifmya, Leah."
This has been quite the adventure, to say the least. Mama Parse, wanting to ensure her children are more prepared for the future, requested I instruct them as they clear the forest of the strange plants that plague it. I had been able to bring Officer Vernix, Officer Stein-Positive, and Tsoki Chatterfang of Communications along to assist in the matter. Bech, Amel, Ol, Ive, Mozzer, and Ella were q-quite ready, with proper tools for th-the job, even!
Th-the training began... rather chaotically, with the first plant we came across getting the jump on us, but with Vatna's restorative music, and the children's rather quick responses to our instructions, they weeded out the first one rather well despite that! Amel in particular, who rifled through Vatna's pockets without him realizing, managed to make a fire bomb to destroy it. Amel's rather clever! We then kept to the healing flowers until we were all set. I hope with the classes, I can bring about a measure of assured purpose with my own music like Vatna has with his.
Parse spoke to us about her husband, Gus, and his sister, Aspara. To have lost them for over three years... I wonder if that's how my family feels over my absence. How long has it been for them since I fell through the rift and into Liminal...?
We continued on into the forest and met a few giant hedgehogs about to eat one of the plants! Thankfully Mozzer, with Krieg's guidance, were able to convince them it is unsafe. Krieg even offered treats to make up for it to the hedgehogs.
When we made it further north to a giant hole, Ol and Ive were up, but before they could attempt, Ol fell into the hole! I... Didn't think, but I just shielded myself and jumped down to rescue Ol. Thankfully Vatna jumped with to keep us both from being too injured and we managed to keep Ol safe. It was then both Vatna and I have heard a voice. A sudden change of plans, but we all ventured down to the source of the voice, and the result... Must have been such a shock to the family.
It was both Gus, and Aspara, the children's missing Father and Aunt who have been gone for over three years! I still don't understand how I look anything like him, we couldn't be more opposite, really! They were facing the giant plant in there which had been the source of all these strange plants in the forest! I don't know what came over me, but seeing the family together after they've been separated, it lit a fire in me. I heard my voice as I bellowed out and worked to inspire the Matriarch of the family, while Tsoki rallied the children. Tsoki is honestly really good at motivation and bringing out the best in people, I've noticed. Crabert even was there, ready to fight! I don't know how Crabert manages to sneak around so easily, but I need to thank Lore again when I see her.
As we faced these plants, and the big one itself made their presence known, it was getting a bit tough as it was striking at everyone with an unexpected accuracy. Tsoki in particular was really hurt... But an unexpected hand arrived, or apparently drove! Officer Nari came through and absolutely crushed the monster with a powerful combination strike! It was amazing to see...
We had thought it done once the giant monster was destroyed, but a redcap attempted to attack us!... One Tsoki just shot without a second thought, thankfully. We all moved to close the rift and... I nearly fell in. I must have been more exhausted than I realized... Thankfully Tsoki was quick on his feet and saved me. I owe him, big time.
Vatna closed that Rift, but using silver, we learned a very unusual truth. Closing Rifts with Silver turns the rift into a sort of.. Door. We can now open and close it ourselves at will, but only if opened to the right frequency and tune set when the door is first made. Another question answered with many more added to the Rifts...
I gave Akhana half of my share of the treasure Gus had brought from the Rift he and Aspara got out of. Akhana deserves as much of a share as the rest of us, and she did so with such aplomb...
Seeing Parse's family reunited was so uplifting to see!... Yet at the same time, it hurt me so much to watch. I hope my family back in Ukko will be okay, and they find their way to keep marching on until I can speak to them again... And I hope I can find my happiness here in Liminal. I need to seek something like that for myself, to really be happy with a family so close-knit, a circle of love and joy that can't be replicated or replaced. It sounds wondrous.

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