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Akhana Nari

termination spy / navigator

Human woman hailing from Yoke and termination spy by trade, Akhana serves as a Navigation department officer on the HTML Wanderpus sub. She has kept the tradition of generations of her family, tinkering simple machines.

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Sat 25th Mar 2023 02:43

S3 E22: Six Shooter

by Akhana Nari

After Action Report for Peanut
Officer Akhana led a team, designated as spy detail, with crew members: Officer Patagon, Kat, and Howl. We conducted an investigation of Gibbet via parachute drop-in to gather information about daily life of its people, city imports, power source(s) of the city, and identifing the Modern Major General.
The goal of this mission was to find out the following unknown info:
- What does Gibbet import?

  • What do they use to power the city?

  • What do Gibbet people do in their daily life/do for fun?

  • We were given a crate of supplies including 3 communication bugs to plant in strategic areas that will continue to transmit information back to Peanut/Silver Thimble Comms team for a week out.
    Two stipulations: (1) no dead bodies left behind, and (2) have plausible deniability if found out.
    Through our investigative work, we identified and had contact with the Modern (current) Major General and gained access to his secret laboratory in the Research and Development sector of the city. Kat will deliver dossiers they gathered from his office that contain copious notes on Wanderpus crew members, Silver Thimble specifics, and how to leverage our knowledge, technology, and possibly used as a magic source or mana battery trader.
    The city, and its people, run on mana batteries. They use one main sources to gather the magic power to manufacture these mana batteries - magic found in the forest west of Dyad, Arbona's Wealds. They are exploring two experimental sources for mana battery components: killing live animals and grinding them into magic components and the rose bushes growing wildly around and through the forest.
    Daily life occurs for Gibbet people without sleep, food, drink, or currency. Gibbet people use mana batteries as their life source. Gibbet people wear respirators and do not 'breathe' air. They are dog-type people and lack basic human internal organs. Their clothing and garments appear to be grafted or somehow attached directly to their skin.
    They love loud, heavy metal music, and are very social. They ride trains, go to bars, sing karaoke, and live communally. There are no restaurants, street food vendors, or shops, in the sense we know them to exist. They do use vending machines to charge or replace their mana batteries. We even witnessed an establishment that added different 'colors' to mana batteries to provide the user with different simulated experiences.
    One communicator bug was placed in the Modern Major General's office and seemed to be transmitting before leaving the site. The Modern Major General wielded a syringe-type sword that we availed him of and are currently doing our own research and development on it's capabilities and ammo cartridges. Will report on this as more information becomes available.
    We lost one communicator bug to electrical shock and we were not able to place the third bug in a place to gather intel. We learned through some interactions during a blackout that most, if not all, Gibbet people have radar-type visors that can see magic visibly. One of our team's magic aura from their weapon was detected but we evaded capture or further detection.
    Extraneous Intel:
    Modern Major General had letters between Gibbet and Bobbert to trade and sell mana batteries. MMG noted that Bobbert is untrustworthy and wasn't inclined to continue a line of business with him.
    We found out at the community center that the Gibbet people are aware of the Silver Thimble, that we have and play Webball, and some are interested in visiting the Silver Thimble.
    Gibbet people are named for minerals, elements, and scientific genius and species of animals.
    In their R & D facility, we observed devices and tech they were working on: shotgun with larger ammo cartridges but hair-triggers; file cabinets with dossiers on Wanderpus (acquired) and other cultures of this world; large-capacity generators that tend to arc when disturbed. In the MMG's secret lab area, we observed vials of mana in three colors: purple, orange and teal.
    There was a kerfuffle with the MMG and this spy team where he injured two of us but we managed to leave him in a paralyzed state. Noting for the record that we had found a mechanism to detach his secret lab (built on a boat's hull) form the R&D facility, and left him unconscious and afloat in this lab. We left going unnoticed by any other personnel and were fully disguised while interacting with MMG, so as not to leave any trace of Wanderpus crew or Silver Thimble presence at, on or near Gibbet.
    -Officer Akhana, out

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