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Akhana Nari

termination spy / navigator

Human woman hailing from Yoke and termination spy by trade, Akhana serves as a Navigation department officer on the HTML Wanderpus sub. She has kept the tradition of generations of her family, tinkering simple machines.

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Sun 18th Jul 2021 02:39

HTML Wanderpus: Mission to Save Peanut!

by Akhana Nari

The Away Team for today' s mission, Carica, Qui, Rha, Lina set off in a mini-sub and meet up with Peanut in Yoke. The approach a bone bridge with Peanut's intent to bust down the stone door but the Away team has other thoughts.
BOOM, bridge breaks and is now on fire and currently blocking the team's path across a moat-like river, chock-full of reeds. They swim across and make it to the other side when 3 antelope minotaurs with rifles pointed at the team and told them "you are weird looking guards". Qui pipes up, "we are travelling merchants and need to get a cross when the bridge exploded". The guards see Peanut and ask the team to go with them because they have guns.
Lina wishes to bribe the guards to convince them not to make them come along. Qui casts "over there" and told the guards 'friend over there says you are stupid" to redirect his anger and turn him against his friend. This endeavor succeeds!! The guards are now in-fighting and are mostly distracted. Carica uses 'Cloud Call' and fogs the area to help make their escape but fails miserably. Carica falls over, nose bleeding and utterly spirit-fallen.
Rha is ready to throw down and tells the guards, "MOVE", and uses Yelp with a HUGE failure. Peanuts arms go up and the team is escorted into the mausoleum. Before they get far, Sakura uses Persona and takes the image of an officer and orders the guards to scram. They just noticed this group of guards have nice uniforms and very nice rifles, which is odd and unlike the weaponry we are familiar with.
Lina orders the guards to take them to their commanding officer and they are lead to a room in the mausoleum and the first thing they see is a pile of skulls. there are a few rooms but the guard is blocking an inner stairway. Sakura demands some answers. Peanut is looking for someone specific (Rawley, I think) and Carica wants to ask questions. They notice two guys in costume, one carrying a lute and one has 2 arms but in a costume with 2 additional arms. Qui believes they are fakers and Carica thinks they may think they are actors. Peanut's taking notes dutifully but staring in awe at Lina. They also notice masks strewn on the tables, more than the number of people in the rooms and doesn't look like they would fit the people here. Rha inspects the cannons in the room. Lina inspects the skulls and there is a loud crack and one of the guards people in the room questions her. We find out the skulls are their ancestors of people living here. Wooahh, creepy!
The Away team realizes that these people are not from the Liminal plane. Qui asks about a book to the being in the room and it's revealed that he's a goat man and on stilts. He mentions "The Lady" and Qui presses on but the goat guy doesn't want to open it. Another masked person talks to Lina and mentions that the cat mask on the table is Lolli's and tells the team Lolli is out with "The Lady". Peanut is now at full attention. Qui asks where and he points a thumb outside towards the sounds of fighting. Lina is making a quick sketch of the scene in the rooms they've seen.
Guy wearing a onsie kinda reveals that he is a deamon under his get up and changes his costume. The away team gets a little anxious. Carica wants to make a costume. In another room, Rha and Carica notices a table full of magical items. "You guys must have been away because, splinter cells, amirite? This woman comes in wearing ridiculous iron gear and this woman said we can get you some weapons and other magical items. All they have to do is make a promise and there is a huge rock, on Pastora, with a river under it and it was a huge stash of magical items. The Lady was fine with the promise". Rha starts checking out the weapons and the guy wearing purple fur stops him because they don't know what the weapons do or are capable of. Meanwhile, Peanut goes through the map on the table and the notes and he slips the book off the table and takes it out of the room. Qui chases after Peanut.
Carica tells Rha it's not a good idea and now he faces a tough choice - touch the weapons and face a standoff or walk away. The mood has the potential to get tense. Also, Lina picks through the masks and costumes. Rha says he's going to look while putting his hand on the hilt of a weapon. Qui uses Chaos Ball and it bounces off of everything and breaks things in it's path and Rha snatches the great sword. Peanut runs out, Qui runs out. The chaos ball does its thing and breaks through skulls, cannons, tables, Carica tries rolls up the skins and takes the magical items and the other half of the building explodes into magical explosions. In the chaos the weapons break, except for the great sword Rha grabbed. Carica uses body switch heal and ends up in Rha's body, Rha ends up in owl dude paper machie's body, and owl dude is now in Carica's boneless body. And hijinx ensues!! Carica/Rha has the sword! The weapons disappeared with the eggplants and one of the masked dudes...... dun dun dunnnn Carica is not used to having a body, eyes, and structure. The chaos ball keeps bouncing and breaking stuff. Carica drops the great sword >< Lina picked the sword up and dragged it out of the mausoleum.
Qui and Peanut head to the river, holds the book, and Peanut empties excellent spy equipment from his backpack. Soldiers and revolutionaries are fighting outside of The Yoke and bedlam and unrest are rampant on the other side of the river and it began to rain water balloon size drops.
Rha tries to figure out how to use Carica's abilities and ditches the costume from the owl dude, but a standing horse man and cannot do magic. Carica wants to reach in her shell to get the starcaller to contact Comms on the Wanderpus. Rha takes his starcaller out to call to Comms on the Wanderpus to have them come pick up Carica's body. Rha and Carica go into a medidative transe trying to figure out how to move in their bodies or use abilities. Lina ducks into a building to escape the rain. The sun comes up and Peanut and Qui kept trying to break into the book. Qui tries to convince Peanut to stop and hen find the others.
Lina goes into the city to look around and comes to a wall. The street is flooding already and the whole area is nearly submerged. Lina sees too people with magical outlines, arms in the air, chanting and what seems to be naturalists magic. She's suspicious and wants to whack one with her sword. Lina approaches a 6ft tall, hooded, frog face, and a feather boa. She is chanting something and summoning the rain. And now we realize it's Lolli, King Reedy's daughter, and Lina attacked her with the sword and beheaded her. WHAAAA NOOOOOOO! The sword is apparently cursed with magic and does bad things.
Lina wants to float the idea that the revolutionaries did it and really had no idea who she killed. So, now we have a huge issue. The Away Team brainstorms how to get around this....
Since the caster has been taken down, the rain stops and the team is standing in some water. Peanut has slipped away from Qui. Carica feels an echo of magic and everyone feels pulled towards the stone wall where Lina was. The area is still mostly submerged and the team has gotten back to their original bodies.
A Sith-like mage with lightning, Lady of Bones, coming from her and charging at Lina, covered with smeared blood on her. Carica uses Steal Sprout and opens an area in the door to release the water from the submerged area but fails and floods the surrounding area. This causes a new river to pour out and catches Lady of Bones and rushes past the team, Peanut jumps and lands on the Lady of Bones chest and rides her down the river - 0.O - as the team jumped out of the way.
They now find themselves in a town of minotaur that are coming out of their houses as the river runs through. Rha decides to grab everyone and rides the river. Carica gives everyone gills to breath as the whoosh away and stealthed successfully. However, they got washed all the way back to a island on the edge of Yoke. Peace talks where happening and now breaking up as they sail back towards the main area of Yoke. The team saved the upper crust citizens, flooded the poor citizen's town area, and got rid of the weapons. The Away Team managed to get close to the sub, changed back into their uniforms, and the Admiral approaches them (who knows nothing of this mission). Peanut is no where to be found.
What a wild ride!! Join us next time for more.... chaos??

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