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Midnight Erebus
Shadow Wolf

Invoker/Ranger - Airship Tracking Specialist

Adopted son of a Dwarven monster hunter name Yomrim Brewsword. Grew up in another world in a village of monster hunters. He was pulled into a rift due to an instability in a magical leyline of his world.

Sat 27th May 2023 10:44

Midnight's Journal: Constellations

by Midnight Erebus

"Yoke has been an interesting place. In ways it's almost a parody of many of the things back home. Still, it's an enjoyable sort of place. Still, haven't had a whole lot of luck with the Adventurer's Guild ever since I told them about my connection to Gibbet. I would like to explain that more clearly, but it's best I not let my true feelings get back to them. So for most of the day I just hoped they would adjust to my presence and someone would be brave enough to talk to me, even if it would be simply to rant about whatever their issues are. Knowing what Gibbet has done would be valuable information in my efforts in itself."
"Thankfully things seemed to pick up. I noted a rumbling off in the distance and went to check it out only to see this MASSIVE giant. The same apparently the Captain and her group messed up with. An opportunity to prove myself. I got on the radio to let everyone know I was going to check it out and if they wanted to come along, they were welcome. Little bit of initiative to clean up a mistake we made. This thought got caught short as I heard about other going ons. Quet and Isaac being hired to track down some books and Adli being threatened with arrest to get one in particular. Wasn't particularly happy about that last bit. What did ae do to be threatened with such a thing?"
"Anyways, first things first was to look into the small amount of clues we had. Just a name. Cursive. Not much, but well, I've worked with less. First thing to check in a situation like this is where such a name originates usually. Typically gives a hint on where a person might be from or their origin. Maybe you get lucky enough to find people with that name. We got sidetracked saving a child to the point where I forgot to ask the rather irresponsible caregiver that then abandoned the kid, but it worked out. We circled back to the library and met a rather interesting fellow who knew where we needed to go and gave us a quick way to travel. Could have done without being clubbed on the head, but still. Unfortunately we had to leave some powerful items as collateral. He also left a business card for a place in the Folded City? Perhaps my curse can be dealt with there in the long run if things don't pan out in Yoke. It is curious how the entire library seemed interested in my presence. So much so that my presence brought utter awkward silence. I seem to be having that effect on people."
"Back to the point, turned out Cursive lived in the area the giant was stomping around. Convenient. We tracked them down and while I would have loved to chat, we had to deal with things quickly to avoid the risk of the wagon being damaged. That chisel of mine absolutely can NOT fall in the wrong hands. We got to the manor and found the giant. Upset about not being able to take a nap apparently? My mind immediately went to Ceylon's music lessons. A lullaby that we were taught that it turned out I was rather good at and decided to sing for the giant while the others went to look for the book. Isaac cast some spell on the way in that I'm not entirely sure what it did, but I suspect it helped. The giant was very enamored with my song, lifting me up to a high rock to hear me easier and then wanting a story."
"A story.... what could I tell the giant? It was obvious after a moment. Who else could I tell him about but my old friend, Notroc Giantheart. One of the fiercest and strongest people I ever knew. The story of how we met and how we became close friends...."
*silence falls upon the recording other than background noise and a few loud sniffs before Midnight continued*
"Anyways... he seemed confused by my meaning at first, insulted even and attacked me. I blocked his attempt to toss me away using a vial of the lippy drug and my transformation ring but still took a powerful hit. Nearly broken by the strike, I forced myself to the feet and stared the giant down, asking simply if he wanted me to continue the story or not. I'm not sure if he was impressed with me, curious, or what but he let me continue, to clarify my meaning. Eventually he fell asleep. The others soon came out with the book and well, we were on our wa-.... I wonder if they checked for the other books that were asked for... we kind of wanted those particular books too afterall. Maybe I should ask Quet."

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    27 May 2023 10:44:33

The major events and journals in Midnight's history, from the beginning to today.

First Day on the Wanderpus

My home is lost to me. I don't know what happened in the Chaos Wood to create one of these "Rifts" but the odds of me getting back are low. It's still hard to believe. Still, I have to count my blessings that I am still alive. By all rights, I should have...

06:56 am - 20.03.2022

The Results of Midnight's Final Exam

The Fight (11) Fighting was very much one of Midnight's specialties however this new world made many of his usual strategies more difficult as he was used to more control over his shadow magic. This world's rules however made everything flow a bit diffe...

02:32 am - 08.05.2022

To Luminal's Moon

Quite an interesting mission to say the least... to traverse the Rift between Luminal and it's visible moon and discover what awaited us there. A perfect test flight for our new airship. To be honest, flight is definitely not a favorite of mine. Too much...

11:14 pm - 23.05.2022

After Action Report: Destruction of the HTTP Wanderpus

My knowledge of what occurred on the mission is limited. A strange flower-like object was brought on board that demanded study. Observations were made by various members of the crew. For my part I attempted to ascertain that it wasn't some plant-based liv...

03:07 am - 30.05.2022

Midnight Erebus's Bestiary Page 1

This record are my notes about creatures I have fought in the past and the environment they reside in. While I doubt the creatures of this world of Luminal share much resemblance to that which I am familiar, I find it important to review my past encounter...

03:53 am - 30.05.2022

Midnight Erebus's Bestiary Page 2

Draugurs The Frozen Undead Draugurs are some of the most common hunts we had in the Banshee Mountains. These are what most commonly rise from those who die there. Shriveled mummified husks with eyes that burn with blue fire, they seethe with rage at t...

04:14 pm - 30.05.2022

Midnight's Bestiary, Page 3

The Green Dragons The Children of Erdan Dragons are typically intelligent creatures. They are born as fledglings with small wings, transforming into humanoid forms with their reach the age of 10. These forms then grow like most humanoids until the ag...

05:11 pm - 30.05.2022

Midnight Erebus's Bestiary, Page 4

Memories of home have been flooding my mind as I write this journal. For the most part I have spoken of my most difficult or challenging of hunts. However I am reminded of a hunt that while less challenging than most, came at a time when I was still learn...

09:15 pm - 30.05.2022

Midnight Erebus's Bestiary, Page 5

I have earned three silver earrings in my life so far. The first was from the Ice Banshee hunt. The first earring is a sign of a full-fledged hunter, so every hunter that survives to be a member of an unsupervised party has the one. All that come after ar...

04:00 am - 31.05.2022

Midnight Erebus's Bestiary, Page 6

Erdan, Lord of the Hive The Draconic Necromancer The battle that brought me to Liminal. We had received a lead that Erdan was making his lair in a cave near the Chaos Woods. We knew there was a massive reward from several countries for his death or ca...

05:17 pm - 31.05.2022

Midnight's Old Journal, 12/23/3540

[i]An excerpt from Midnight's journal, left behind in Meterra[/i] My father got me this journal and insisted I write in it. "A great hunter should keep a record of his life so all can learn from it," he told me. To be honest I don't see the point as I ...

06:07 pm - 31.05.2022

Midnight's Old Journal, 01/01/3541

The start of the new year and the day of the Great Hunt! At the start of every year, teams of hunter candidates are sent out to seek out a target decided on by the seer of the village. The rest of the village feasts, tells stories of hunts, brawls in the ...

07:20 pm - 31.05.2022

Midnight's Old Journal, 05/11/3541

Been a while since I made a new entry. Honestly in part it was because of a recent incident that resulted me not being allowed in the house for a few days. My own fault really... mostly. Nilly really didn't need to go as far as she did but she proved her ...

07:10 pm - 07.06.2022

100 Questions About Midnight, Part 1 - The Basics & Growing Up

1. What is your full name? --- Midnight Erebus. No known middle name thought typically the culture of my origin doesn't use them. --- 2. Where and when were you born? --- I was born in a wagon on the road in the Banshee Mountains on the 21st Day o...

02:37 am - 09.06.2022

100 Questions About Midnight, Part 2 - Past Influences, Beliefs and Opinions

--- 29. What do you consider the most important event of your life so far? --- Definitely the Ice Banshee hunt that served as my trial. It solidified my path as a hunter of monsters, I lost my best friend, made a new one and truly learned of mortality...

07:23 pm - 09.06.2022

100 Questions About Midnight, Part 3 - Relationships with Others, Likes and Dislikes

--- 53. In general, how do you treat others (politely, rudely, by keeping them at a distance, etc.)? Does your treatment of them change depending on how well you know them, and if so, how? --- In general I try to be welcoming. Treat all new people like...

04:36 am - 11.06.2022

100 Questions About Midnight, Part 4 - Self Images and Etc.

--- 84. Describe the routine of a normal day for you. How do you feel when this routine is disrupted? --- My typical work isn't exactly routine. If I'm on a tracking mission, I'm doing that and the way that happens is varied. I suppose when I'm not do...

11:38 pm - 11.06.2022

The Storm

The explosion of the submarine has seemed to have lead to a massive storm. Signs of it appeared immediately following the explosion but I didn't imagine it spreading like it has. It's definitely a nasty one. There will be a lot of repairs to do once it's ...

12:11 am - 13.06.2022

After Mission Report: The Floating Island

Our away mission to the floating island deep in the river of clouds was a fruitful one that I hope will make our unexpected long term absence more forgivable. To start off with we were guided by one Tsoki Chatterfang towards a floating island that was ...

03:52 am - 19.06.2022

Midnight's Private Journal: After Legends Rise

This mission today was an unsettling one if I'm perfectly honest. So much about where we were reminded me of home. A squirrel-like race of people with a hero worship culture and impressive technological skills? If it were not for the great chasm and the f...

05:42 pm - 19.06.2022

Midnight's Private Journal: After The Pot & Kettle

Found that weird bell crab in my belongings again... decided to leave it for Tlalli since Lio found it useful when I had just stuffed him into his pockets as a joke. . . . Did some fishing with Tsoki to make a little bit of money... being stuck i...

03:23 am - 27.06.2022

Midnight's Personal Journal: After Call My Name

What the hell did we put the engine? What happened to me? First I hit Vatna, angry that he came back without my cloak from a while back. Which yeah, I was upset, but that was a while ago. And I wouldn't just punch someone. Apparently everyone was affec...

03:22 am - 10.07.2022

Expanded Questions About Midnight - The HTML Wanderpus

--- 101. Are you from Liminal? If not, where are you from and what makes your world unique? --- No, I am from a place called Meterra. The most unique thing I can think of about my world when compared to Liminal would be the abundance of magic. Magic pe...

04:18 am - 14.07.2022

Midnight's Private Journal: After The Ascension

Can't believe I missed out on a vampire hunt... I never actually got to hunt down a vampire before. Will say though, the world we ended up was quite strange. When the nightmares first came, I imagined he'd be dealing with an attack on our town. Instead...

03:10 pm - 16.07.2022

Midnight's Private Journal: After Ante Up

I don't like when secrets are kept from me. Not at all. Mission started simply enough. A travel through the desert with Officer Krieg leading the way. He's not a bad pathfinder. Got us to the nearest town without any hassle at all. While overlooking th...

02:37 am - 17.07.2022

Midnight's Private Journal: After Teeth

I think this is the first time the crew has seen my darker side. Last night we had a party to celebrate the completion of our new ship. A worthy thing for a party. I drank more than I have in a long while. Celebrating with everyone I could, convincing ...

03:13 am - 19.07.2022

Midnight's Notes: The World Fair

Judge Notes: Nicholas - 3.5/5 Mushroom experiments Great concept. Could dig a cave system around the Silver Thimble, farm them using water brought in from central pool? They didn't suggest it but maybe will offer the suggestion to the city planners....

02:56 am - 24.07.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Hello Tomorrow

So ended the day naked in public and smelling like lemons. At least I feel cleaner than ever. Guess that slime stuff isn't so bad after all if the formula gets adjusted a bit? Either way, the burner that had the remnant of it has been passed along to the ...

03:22 am - 24.07.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Pretty Little Things

So apparently we're on hole digging duty... not exactly how I expected to spend my day. Didn't go all that great at first as apparently the cats don't really know what they're doing and ended up causing a collapse. Not exactly the most pleasant experi...

03:20 am - 25.07.2022

Midnight's Journal: An Interesting New Sword

So one of the more recent missions apparently resulted in the team bringing back some pieces of a magical weapon. Not particularly an uncommon occurrence in itself. What is more uncommon is that this weapon has ended up in my hands. Looking it over, I can...

09:19 pm - 04.08.2022

Midnight's Journal: After R.Y.L.A.H.

So another mission. We decided to finally take action against that storm the explosion of our previous sub caused. Not something I expected to be much help with so I stuck around on the new sub while the airship and away team went ahead. It was pretty ...

04:09 pm - 08.08.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Diners, Dungeons & Dives

So that could have gone a bit better all things considered... The goal was to get Pim and Lio to the top unharmed. I failed that miserably. By the time we got to the restaurant they were exhausted. Should have insisted they stayed behind me after the s...

03:36 am - 13.08.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Palm Reader

A rather simple mission for most of the crew this time around. Go to Yoke, help out around town. Before heading out I made sure to pick up a magic scroll in preparation to heal the damaged land as one of their major issues were their fields. Apparently...

02:58 am - 22.08.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Bookwyrm

A strange day to say the least. We went through the rift to explore somewhere? Then went to some giant worm eating itself that apparently had a library inside? Probably one of our strangest trips. Not something I would question had events not played out t...

03:44 am - 29.08.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Veldt

Something is missing... something important. I don't feel like myself anymore.... I don't know how to describe it... It all began when we, that being Lio, Vatna and myself, assisted Tsoki with his presentation. Suddenly he couldn't read his own langua...

03:20 am - 05.09.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Where You'll Find Me Now

"Midnight Erebus, Personal Audio Entry #1" "After the crew's mission out in the between, we returned to learn that the group that went to Yoke were put on trial. Not sure how to feel about the prospect but it seems to be water under the bridge as they ...

05:52 pm - 06.09.2022

Midnight's Journal: After A Bard's Tale

"Audio Journal of Midnight Erebus, #2.... do I really need to start these things this way? Hmm.... ahh forget it, I'll figure it out somehow..." "We ended up going into the Between for a music lesson. It was intriguing. I was introduced to a form of mu...

03:04 am - 14.09.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Valhalla's Calling

"A world conquered by giant whales with some kind of rainbow magic... a world I was quite fond of. The fight with Aspara and Gus was one sided, sure, but I was looking forward to maybe returning to the arena there. Doing more drinking and singing. Now th...

10:03 pm - 19.09.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Broken

"A rather noisy night tonight" "Apparently a piece of the sub's engine went messing. I hadn't heard anything but offered to send my shadow to go look for it if they couldn't find any other information. Turns out it wasn't needed however. Works out for ...

05:58 pm - 25.09.2022

Midnight's Journal: After They Know Me

"Secon- ow, hurts to talk. Ahem. Won second place in the tournament today. It was far more interesting than that however." "I'd been practicing my shadow manipulation for this day for my morning exercises and it ultimately paid off. I was able to pull...

03:27 am - 03.10.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Welcome to the World

"Well that was certainly an interesting time. Magical powers that turn me pastel pink, give me some crazy muscles and a shapeshifting cloak? Hah, crazy, right? It was enjoyable though." "Nichol called me to help with a favor with the Kukla. It was my f...

02:44 pm - 22.10.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Villainous Thing

"Got woken up by some unearthly screaming last night. Still not sure what exactly that was but when I looked out the window, some strange giant bird creatures were flying away. Wasn't sure what was going on but I understood pretty quick that we would be h...

05:07 pm - 14.11.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Curses

"I swear on the Heart of the World that the Librarian will be destroyed. That he shall know no peace, no rest, no comfort if it is within my power to crush it. He has slain a crewmate today. While I did not know Royce well, he was clearly a great fighter,...

05:19 am - 20.11.2022

Midnight's Journal: "The Librarian's Defeat"

"We did it. We actually did it. The Librarian is beaten. Not in the way we had planned for a multitude of reasons, but we did it." "It was rough going though... Nichol, we almost lost him. Apparently at some point a bomb was planted on him. We ended up...

05:33 pm - 18.12.2022

Midnight's Journal: "The World Changes"

"Liminal is gone. There is no other way to really put it. Worlds collapsed into themselves and formed something new. We've trapped ourselves in a shield to try and keep ourselves safe from what was coming and it seemed to work. How did we get here though?...

03:18 pm - 19.12.2022

Midnight's Journal: After Sleep is for the Weak

"The shield is finally down... Most of the crew stuck around town to work with civilians while Krieg, Tobias, Royce and Catori went off to the Secret Recipe for supplies. Honestly wouldn't minded scouting out the surrounding waters for additional food,...

03:52 am - 05.02.2023

Midnight's Journal: After creature

"Ugh, that was an absolute nightmare... So first trip out of the shield we go to some apiary town that worships Beezus. Makes blue honey that tastes... different. I'm concerned about how that'll affect the mead. Like it didn't taste bad, but not what ...

04:48 am - 06.02.2023

Midnight's Journal: After Dear Fellow Traveler

"An interesting time I think... First mission with Officer Lore. I hope I proved myself well enough to her. Although honestly it ended in a bit of chaos. See it was a mission to recover some stolen books. Simple enough I suppose. Requires a differen...

05:34 am - 20.02.2023

Midnight's Report: After Love From The Other Side

"Where to begin..." "Thaddeus made a call to Charity who then put a call out to Renic, Arel and myself. Apparently Thaddeus has been busy, recovering books from after the tower was taken down. Including a book Arel brought to my attention involving the...

07:35 pm - 24.04.2023

Midnight's Report: Handclap

[i]Packaged in the report is the following letter and a recording:[/i] Dear Midnight, I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to you as the Modern Major General of Gibbet, We have been closely following your exploits and have heard remarkable ...

07:50 pm - 24.04.2023

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