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Nichol Trafford

Recon Officer (Naturalist)

A re-acquisitions officer, Nichol is a devil-ray-person and an experienced smuggler and pirate/thief. He tries to look cool and badass, especially when secretly excited or panicked. He is talented in manipulating the elements.

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Tue 14th Feb 2023 02:26

New World

by Nichol Trafford

"The barrier is down. Back to work, then... especially with so many people hungry, and Caram's orphanage, and..."
*a moment of silence...*
"We got a ping from one of our communicators out there, in the wider world. Even though the world is... basically gone and mixed up to who know what now. When we got there, the king or mayor or whatever knew everything about us. Including our history, and what we're all good at. Somehow, he thought it would be a good idea to be super nice, and let us all know how much he knew about us, so we would support him against the people the other side."
"It didn't work well, because we all immediately decided to check out what he didn't tell us about - the west side of this city called Dyad. There was a lot less tech there, and a supposed absentee king who wasn't leaving the castle. Also, the east king, Sal, had people making sure people couldn't get through to the west castle. So we checked with the locals supporting him, and eventually we were able to find an opening to get there."
"A... pretty messy opening, yeah, but it got us in. Turns out, the absentee king was a really confused King Reedi, who was beside himself about what was going on and his missing wife. Someone took his communicator, so he was stuck there. Turns out it was Sal, of course."
"Thanks to the communicator magic bullshit that keeps us safe too, and a little well-timed fog, we were able to get him out safely and start plans for his comeback. We set up flyers, a parade, and a bunch of other stuff to re-establish him. Of course, Sal came there to pretend to play nice. I had a little talk with him to make sure he did play nice, and Ento really sealed the deal. Sal got the communicator back as his show of good faith, and now a lot of the crew is going to be here a while to help out."
"I think I'm going to need to ask around about a few things. I heard some stuff during that last meeting, and I think it'd be a good idea to follow up. I'll have to ask around a bit with a couple people before I have another polite talk."

Nichol's Journal Ordered oldest to newest

  1. The Moon Job
    30 May 2022 02:53:29
  2. Endless Transport
    19 Jun 2022 03:15:03
  3. The Perils of Fame
    19 Jun 2022 03:33:58
  4. The questionnaire, Part 1
    08 Jul 2022 01:18:29
  5. The Nameless City
    10 Jul 2022 04:21:13
  6. The Questionnaire, Part II/A Reaction
    28 Jul 2022 01:41:07
  7. The Questionnaire, Final
    28 Jul 2022 03:10:30
  8. An ultimatum
    01 Aug 2022 03:01:09
  9. The Grind
    13 Sep 2022 01:00:45
  10. Emergency Operations
    02 Oct 2022 08:57:41
  11. Combat Practice
    02 Oct 2022 09:23:41
  12. External Renovations
    03 Oct 2022 12:46:27
  13. A good day?
    03 Oct 2022 03:47:10
  14. Something Magical
    03 Oct 2022 11:42:47
  15. Punch Sports
    23 Oct 2022 01:55:09
  16. Spooky Things
    23 Oct 2022 02:00:20
  17. A Desperate Defense
    23 Oct 2022 02:48:08
  18. The Bargain, redux
    23 Oct 2022 03:57:03
  19. Debriefing - the sub job
    23 Oct 2022 01:06:55
  20. The New Sensation
    05 Nov 2022 02:16:07
  21. New Moon
    14 Nov 2022 04:26:01
  22. Mushroom Farming
    18 Dec 2022 10:30:58
  23. Field Tests
    18 Dec 2022 11:18:20
  24. A failed counterattack
    18 Dec 2022 11:25:23
  25. Homecoming Assistance
    18 Dec 2022 11:29:55
  26. A return
    18 Dec 2022 11:35:08
  27. Defense Plans
    18 Dec 2022 11:53:46
  28. Cleanup crew
    19 Dec 2022 12:00:12
  29. A Testament
    19 Dec 2022 12:13:33
  30. Impossibility
    16 Jan 2023 12:09:19
  31. New World
    14 Feb 2023 02:26:56

The major events and journals in Nichol's history, from the beginning to today.

The Moon Job

I know. Never takes notes on a criminal conspiracy. But the Captain of this operation keeps telling me it's not a criminal conspiracy. Still think she's blowing some smoke after those Starlight cops showed up, but it gives me an excuse to keep track th...

02:53 am - 30.05.2022

Endless Transport

It's definitely not a criminal conspiracy. Or at least, not anymore. Thanks for the info, Lio, but not so much the drinks on an empty stomach. I've been spending a lot more time than usual on the airship's bridge, ferrying people here and there in an...

03:15 am - 19.06.2022

The Perils of Fame

And what, exactly, was that load of whale crap? I take a crew on a sanctioned mission to search out a beacon of some kind in the rift. Granted, no job ever goes totally smooth, but this? Ending up in a world where the crew were treated like some kind...

03:33 am - 19.06.2022

The questionnaire, Part 1

Well, I'm on city lockdown, so I guess I should finally do that questionnaire for the archive people. If you're reading this, you'd better make sure this doesn't get out. 1. What is your full name? [b]Nicholas Trafford.[/b] 2. Where and when were ...

01:18 am - 08.07.2022

The Nameless City

So. Penny and Pound made it out of their deposing alive, after all. Hate to admit it, but part of me was hoping they didn't. The whole time we were meeting with the Matron, I was waiting for the other shoe to drop and for her to ask for a hit job. I...

04:21 am - 10.07.2022

The Questionnaire, Part II/A Reaction

The archivists are apparently getting annoyed. So now that I'm feeling a lot better, back to these questions. Part 4: Beliefs And Opinions 40. Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic? [b]I’d say realistic. Most would say that’s pessimis...

01:41 am - 28.07.2022

The Questionnaire, Final

(this entry has the occasional claw-stains on it where Nichol was holding the journal.) Okay. Have my hands cleaned after that accident. Mostly. I need to get this over with now, because with what I just learned, who know if I’ll even have a chanc...

03:10 am - 28.07.2022

An ultimatum

I know the crew that borrowed the airship did a good thing. They got all the stuff that was stolen from them by... whichever boss they had before the Captain. They managed to fight some baddies, and they managed to bring back their guest who got really ...

03:00 am - 01.08.2022

The Grind

The job doesn't give lots of control. That's the whole point - I get orders, I do the job, that's it. Lately, it's starting to feel like even that's not really happening. Ever since that whole thing with that living mega-ship, and the paper soldier...

01:00 pm - 13.09.2022

Emergency Operations

Today ended up being a real good lesson in why it's so important to know where the airship is in an emergency. There was something about a small group heading out for a special mission, I think. The next thing I know, there's an emergency situation and ...

08:57 pm - 02.10.2022

Combat Practice

[This is not a written journal entry, but is an audio recording of Nichol's voice. He sounds like he's in a bit of pain.] "Before you ask, whoever's looking at these things, I wasn't planning to switch to the audio thing I heard some others are doing ...

09:23 pm - 02.10.2022

External Renovations

[Another audio entry.] "This recording thing could be useful after all. It seems faster. Just have to make sure I'm a little more careful about words, since I can't cross stuff out." A short break. "Anyway. Not much this time. From what I was t...

12:46 am - 03.10.2022

A good day?

*Click!* The audio recording starts. "I actually had a simple job this time, I guess. Tattoo asked me, Vatna, and Tsoki to help out our image by meeting with this documentarian and look into some issues back in Port Barter. It was really straightfor...

03:47 am - 03.10.2022

Something Magical

*CLICK* "Apparently we managed to clean up enough lingering matters, because the orders came down from on high: we need to start preparing for the Librarian's coming. After our first horrible try, we know we don't have enough right now to take them o...

11:42 pm - 03.10.2022

Punch Sports

*CLICK* That was some good fighting. I'm a bit disappointed I couldn't join in with the spars, but I was supposed to rest and recover after that last trip to the pony world. And at least it could give me some more fighting pointers. In any case,...

01:55 am - 23.10.2022

Spooky Things

*CLICK! * *A harmonic moan over jazz music can be heard in the background.* So. Hotel was haunted. Some idiot decided to broadcast it live. Now the Belle is haunted by... I think the ghost DJ called them sick beats? Guess I'm not going to slee...

02:00 am - 23.10.2022

A Desperate Defense

*CLICK* Things... almost went really badly for the city today. I was taking a nap when I ended up stuck to my bed. I got out, got stuck to the floor. I was able to get up again, but every step to the airship was a struggle. As it turns out, that we...

02:48 am - 23.10.2022

The Bargain, redux

*CLICK* So. How about the consequences of my big mouth coming back to haunt me? Back in ponyland, I helped a Kukla and assistants escape from the unicorn, and as part of that, I volunteered to help them out with what they needed. They took me up o...

03:57 am - 23.10.2022

Debriefing - the sub job

*the following is one of several handwritten transcripts, found in Parliament City at some point after the assassination of The Roc.* (T) "Really? This one's getting written down?" (M) "...yes, Mr. Trafford." (T) "Okay. Just surprised at the ch...

12:00 pm - 23.10.2022

The New Sensation

*CLICK* "I meant to do this a while ago, but..." *COUGH COUGH* "...I'll talk about the delay with the other report. This one is about something fun." "Apparently, there's a new sport called Web Ball, that came out of nowhere. A few of the crew en...

02:16 pm - 05.11.2022

New Moon

*CLICK* "Okay. I've been putting this off long enough, and now that I can breathe better -" *COUGH* "...mostly better, let's talk about how I got injured. "The otters needed a small group of people to help them with some sort of project. Well, not...

04:26 pm - 14.11.2022

Mushroom Farming

*CLICK!* "Sometimes I forget about the part of the job where we get hired for random crap. "This time, it was a healer named Nicholas, who needed us to look into these huge mushrooms dotting the Pastural region. The things were basically wood at th...

10:30 pm - 18.12.2022

A failed counterattack

*CLICK* "...just heard about what happened to Royce a bit ago." *silence...* ""I'm finding the Jewels. I need to find something big and deadly, and I don't care how many favors I'll need to pull to get it." *a rather violent CLICK*...

10:33 pm - 18.12.2022

Field Tests

*CLICK!* *Nichol's voice sounds different. Less watery, a little more crisp.* "Holy crap, I was right! I thought something was different, but-" *Pause. A few deep breaths. Nichol continues, sounding calmer.* "Okay, I need to explain this. ...

11:18 pm - 18.12.2022

Homecoming Assistance

*CLICK* "The jobs don't stop, even if you want them to. I'd like to say it's a nice distraction from... all that other whale crap the Librarian is doing, but it isn't. It just covers it up for a bit. "Officer Lore got a distress call from a home w...

11:29 pm - 18.12.2022

A return

*CLICK! Nichol sounds... tired. But in a good way.* "They did it. I don't know how, but they did it. Royce is back, and far as anyone can tell, he's just fine. I don't know what in the abyss the whole crew is capable of, but after today, I'm glad ...

11:35 pm - 18.12.2022

Defense Plans

*CLICK!* "I really, really hate redcaps. "Pim and Officer B+ were in bad shape, and they needed some emergency healer care. While a small group was helping Nicholas with the treatment, the airship and the sub had to work together to keep them prote...

11:53 pm - 18.12.2022

Cleanup crew

*CLICK* "Where in the abyss does some of this stuff come from?" "The crew had a strange job today. Some cleaning slime ended up over Yoke, and we had to make sure it didn't cause havoc for the city below. Apparently the Wanderpus crew's had troubl...

12:00 am - 19.12.2022

A Testament

*CLICK.* "It's happened. The librarian's here, and somehow he managed to shatter the sky in the process. No more prepping, no more waiting. This is our one last shot to protect each other and protect this world. My home. We've all had plans, made ...

12:13 am - 19.12.2022


*CLICK* "..." "..." *There's a long period of silence, only apparent by the background noise.* "" *When Nichol finally speaks, his voice sounds rough - like it's kind of hard for him to speak.* "...I don't understand it. I've f...

12:07 am - 16.01.2023

New World

*CLICK!* "The barrier is down. Back to work, then... especially with so many people hungry, and Caram's orphanage, and..." *a moment of silence...* "We got a ping from one of our communicators out there, in the wider world. Even though the worl...

02:26 am - 14.02.2023

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