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A Quest game In the world of HTML Wanderpus
Feb 2021 | Looking for Players
The HTML Wanderpus is a trans-dimensional submarine set in an alt fantasy 1920's/30's era, whose mission is to investigate volatile dimensional rifts, stabilize or seal them, and resolve any anomalies that arise in the process.   Open to all! Join our crew!  


by Nika Simone


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  The Welcome Aboard section of the homepage contains several helpful articles with all the resources you need to create a character, become your character, and catch up with the world we build together!   As a player, you will go back and forth between the Dashboard and the 'In-World' view. Start with the HTML Wanderpus Welcome Aboard section's "Play with Us: Character Creation" article! You can even declare your HTML Wanderpus Department!   You should create a character in both Roll 20 AND in World Anvil. Roll20 will store your character's Abilities and Inventory, while World Anvil will breath life and personality into your character as they interact with other crewmates and officers using WA's social features.   Play your character in our TTRPG Twitch streams, Open text roleplay streams, or in the roleplay sections of our Discord! Consider creating past memories with other player's characters to set up making future memories together!

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  • The Liminal Plane - S1 & S2
Supporting Cast
  • Honey Banks
    The charming faun/centaur wrestler she joined the crew after being defeated in the squared circle by the captain. She is part of the communications and diplomatic team.
  • Peanut
    Peanut is the very put upon advisor of The Glorious Frog King Reedi C Ulyess. They joined the Wanderpus crew as a spy for Pastura, but thankfully the crew was intent to change Peanut's ways and now he resides in Silver Thimble City.
  • The Coo'Kla
    An ancient creature that once battled with the moths that eat the fabric of reality, it was greatly wounded and has spent centuries recovering by replacing its scales with teeth given by fairies and other worshippers.
  • The Glorious Frog King Reedi C Ulyess
    The Six eyed four armed two legged extra skinned entirely to large frog king of Pastura. A very stubborn man who has to stick to his guns on subjects whether he has changed his mind on the subject or not. Wears a long cape and crown. Has two smaller arms that come from his upper chest that function as human hands while still sitting or hopping like a frog. Apparently very sexy “Who knew?” Loves strong women and has a big crush on Officer Corzipa Gavon.
  • The Riverman
    20 foot tall blue Oni like creature who wrestles and works along side Tincture, Little is known about him other than he lost his chance at the Intercontinental belt due to the Captain.
  • Three
    A helpful swamp Fairy that collects teeth to trade with the Coo'kla for gems. The tree and portal has been destroyed and their fate is unknown.
  • Tincture
    A wandering merchant and treasure hunter on the continent of Pastura