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Chef Tobias Matthews
Vessel Chef Officer, Chief Officer

Chef and Demolitions (Spy)

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The major events and journals in Tobias's history, from the beginning to today.

The Flipstick

The Flipstick is a versatile tool for any adventurer seeking to turn the tide of battle. Its silver construction and long handle provide a perfect balance between reach and power, while the flat blade is inscribed with ancient runes that glow with magical energy. 2AP- The Flipstick can unleash its fearsome power, flipping an enemy with ease. If an enemy within reach attacks you and rolls a failure, your spatula will send them flying, leaving them prone and vulnerable, and dealing 2 points of bludgeoning damage. The Magic Spatula is a must-have for any hero looking to gain the upper hand in combat.

04:01 am - 05.02.2023

Melesse's Menagerie

Tobias got Melesse’s Menagerie as a gift from King Reedi for crafting the best cake he's ever made. This set of magical figurines is carefully placed inside of a memento box. When you open the box, you feel transported to your childhood. 2 AP. You place a figurine from the box on the ground. (You may place multiple figurines; spend 2 AP per figurine.) The figurine rapidly expands to become a life-sized automaton of itself. For example, if it is a figurine of a bear, it turns into a simulacrum of a bear and gains a bear’s range of motion and general physical abilities. (No matter what kind of figurine you choose, it cannot become larger than an elephant, but it retains its proportions.) The automaton responds to your commands to the best of its ability. You must have any figurines you use for this item in the real world; place them on the table when you use this ability. Each automaton has 6 HP and 2 Attack, and reverts to a figurine if it reaches 0 AP. Automatons revert to their figurine form at the end of the day or when you command them to.

02:10 am - 11.09.2022

Familiar Found!

After the Tincture Game, Officer Vernix brought back a TINY HORSE that is now imprinted on Tobias, and his familiar from the use of the Wizard Spell Scroll.

03:16 am - 21.06.2021

April 25 Main Game Level Up!

After the level up from the April 25th, 2021 main game Tobias learned the 'Mimic' skill

03:15 am - 26.04.2021

It's Chef, not Chief!

03:00 pm - 19.04.2021

Tobias at the Lockstitch Academy

02:58 am - 19.04.2021

April 4 Main Game Level Up!

After the level up from the April 4, 2021 main game Tobias learned the 'Dossier' skill

02:18 am - 19.04.2021

The list of amazing people following the adventures of Tobias.

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