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Aldebaran Maia

Aldebaran (Adli) Maia is an unknown type of humanoid with petrified wings, a tail, and star splotched skin. Ae fell to Liminal just as the shield went up and was rescued by the crew. Currently ae work in Navigations.

Played by
Keldi Keld
Aldebaran Maia

A Favor; The walking constellations

by Aldebaran Maia

Find and observe strange creatures north of the Silver Thimble and South of Consonant. These creatures are native to large plains directly south of Consonant [coordinates and mapping of area enclosed with original report].
Quet was in charge of researching the culture and area. Zacna and Clovis were our scout and guide (Clovis having a history dealing with large creatures). All documents of this plain describe amazing beautiful creatures but not what they look like. There is also an important taboo; Quet was in charge of looking into that.
Day one;
We stayed at [coordinates redacted] for a night and were able to document several parts of the sky for airship travel to be communicated back to the Silver Thimble. That night while star charting I attempted to show something to Clovis. Clovis took my telescope and moved it and caught sight of a muzzle flash. While Zacna and Quet were scouting and found a creature that was glowing slightly and then Zacna heard a silencer shot and it disappeared.
Considering the timing of events the creature probably went down when the muzzle flash was seen. When Zacna and Quet returned we figured out the location of the shooter and went to investigate.
Upon investigation a hunter from Gibbet was collecting a creature that was to be ground up and used as fuel for a mana battery. The creature seemed to be a large dog… or boar? like creature had small wings or protrusions from its back. It was covered in stars and constellations that glowed a bright blue. The creature gave off a strange orange hue from the recon visor but the hunter from Gibber was not visible at all while looking through it.
We did end up startling him because upon Zanca’s agreement I transformed into a lion-like creature and took away the hunter’s gun to ensure they didn’t think any of the crew were dangerous and had no ability to shoot us. He was not happy about this. Though after the initial conversation Zacna did tell me to return his weapon and let him go. We later found out this individual's name was Copper.
Day two;
In the morning Quet radio-ed back to call for a fly-over of the airship to look for more creatures:
‘We had a sighting of a creature and a potential hostile that shot at the creature. We are requesting assistance for someone to fly over and see if there are any signs of what occurred.’
-Message received in full by Officer Patagon
This flyover revealed the location [included in regular mapping projects, not celestial charts] of a camp that was heavily camouflaged. This appeared to be the camp for the hunters from Gibbet.
That day we went searching for more of the creatures, as Quet’s initial attempt to take a picture of the dead creature the night before failed. Clovis found tracks from some vehicle. Zacna noticed some large reverberations in a field a little ways away and it seemed like it was something… massive? It was extremely hard to follow but we did our best. Not catching up to it that day.
Despite Zacna’s impatience we pitched camp that night instead of following. While Quet worked on developing photos he had taken of the seemingly empty air, Clovis went to investigate a comotion nearby. Upon investigation Clovis found several hunters (Boron, Ox, Mercury, and Copper) taking down a large boar creature with the similar celestial markings to the sky. He reportedly did not help them in this but radioed Zacna. With Quet’s permission Zacna and I left camp while she tried to finish developing the photo.
Zacna and I arrived just as one of the Gibbet hunters shot the boar in the head.
I was going to investigate the remains but Copper, the one we met earlier, pointed a firearm at me so I walked back toward the group. Then Officer Quet radioed the group to inform us that killing these creatures was taboo to all cultures on this side of the world. The creatures are revered. This effectively made the Gibbet hunters poachers.
It was then that Clovis informed me, quietly, that the creature was still alive. When I asked if we should heal it or let it die Clovis said he could not heal the creature. I informed him that I could and he distracted the hunters so I could get closer. It was then that I heard a shot and apparently Zacna had shot one of the people from Gibbet who had a gun pointed at me, with the apparent intention to open fire.
This is where I am a little… confused about events. I, we, were upset. The other voices (or dialogues as Quet refers to them) in my head would not tolerate this. I remember a lapse in vision and senses and then being a different… me. My sight changed to a far more colorful, broader, spectrum and a much more familiar body made of light and gravity. It had the strange feeling of familiarity and belonging. I do not know what I was, but the crew informed me later I looked not myself. I, we, healed the creature, more so than I would normally have been capable of.
The poachers, when informed that what they were doing was illegal, in a sense, tried to justify their actions. Then one of them looked through some kind of lens at our group.
Upon looking at Clovis and Zacna he didn’t say anything I could hear. But then when he got to me, and especially Quet, he said something along the lines of “A little more work isn’t too bad”. And two pointed these guns (more like net launchers) at Officer Quet and I. Quet attempted to entangle the poachers in grass to try to stop the confrontation. This only agitated the fireflies living in the grass. The fireflies apparently have some latent magic and randomly give off magical effects? At this a member of the poachers (I believe Mercury) was aiming at one of us. Zacna made a clear shot and we (I?) overcharged the projectile’s momentum. This had the effect of taking the poachers head clean off. And I will state for the record; was not my intention.
One of the other poachers laying near Quet (the one that Zacna had shot in the arm to stop them from shooting me) reached for some type of knife with a syringe. The rest of me (my voices) were mad and I wanted to help Officer Quet so we threw them [approximated at 14000 feet or more is my estimate] into the air through the fireflies before they hit the ground (after the rest of the end of the confrontation).
Clovis intercepted several attacks aimed at us. While one of the members with a weapon similar to gauntlets cast an effect that seemingly killed the fireflies around them. This had some type of anti-magic effect and knocked me back to my current physical state. Zacna went to attack this individual and when I came to my senses again, as just me, I noticed that this person was reaching for Zacna. I jumped to hold his arms and Zacna… I believe the term is bisected him? I do not wish to repeat the experience of being covered in blood and whatever else is inside the people who live on this plane.
The last poacher, Boron, loaded a mana battery into some kind of arm cannon. Quet attempted to stop the cannon with a spell. But it only slightly worked. I learned later the spell in the gauntlet was meant to instantly kill. Clovis intercepted this and managed to jam the a mechanism on the gauntlet which caused it to explode. Along with its owner. However this directed the spell at Clovis instead of Zacna, who seemed to be the original intended target.
I managed to bring Clovis back, thankfully. In time to see the beast walking away from the area after Zacna extinguished the light from the weapon he carried.
With Quet safe, and Clovis and Zacna still alive, we all watched the creature leave. I felt a profound sense of… gratitude? From this being, as if it were talking to me like I talk to others when I am shapeshifted. Quet seemed to confirm my observation.
We then loaded what we could find of the bodies into the vehicle the poachers had and made our way back to camp. The next day while breaking down the camp the airship arrived with Krieg, Nichol, and Caram. I am not sure who radioed in though there was some mention of a message from my communicator that I was unaware I had sent. They helped us pack up camp and did some searching for other poachers. At least that was my understanding? I know enough to know that the man I threw away from Quet had expired, nevermind the others that were dispatched.
All of our gear was collected and this report has been reviewed briefly by Quet who was aware of most of the details in this missive. All charts [containing locations and maps of the area] are being handed over to navigations.
Our campsites and creature sightings include [Redacted] locations. The poachers camp was approximately [Redacted] from our last camp site.
The Creatures:
The creatures across these plains come in all shapes and sizes. But all seem to share a few common characteristics. For starters they are only visible in starlight. In any other light source they become invisible and nearly weightless. Seemingly “barely in this world”. But in starlight they regain all their mass and form. All seem to have constellations that glow all over their body along with some crystallizations on their body. Some of these constellations resemble those in the night sky. None of them had constellations I recognize, nor ones I have seen on my own transformations. If these creatures are taken out of their natural habitat in the planes they instantly die. Thusly the Gibbet poachers killed them and probably ground them up for their concentrated magic before leaving the plains (most likely?). Further study is needed but they seem to eat fireflies. Perhaps this is one of the ways that they collect ambient magic around them as we were informed that they are extremely magical. It would be interesting to learn how the magic is collected ambiently and perhaps have a better understanding of how we can use this to power low energy sources without the use of the Mana batteries. It would be nice to study these creatures further.

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Played by
Keldi Keld