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Tobias Matthews

Chef Tobias Matthews (a.k.a. Vessel Chef Officer, Chief Officer)

Physical Description

Special abilities

Sneak Attack
Once per round, when a nearby foe attacks a creature other than you, you may exploit their focus. You may immediately move behind them to perform one of the following actions:   1 AP: You make a basic attack on them.   1 AP: You incapacitate a commoner or minion by touching one of their pressure points. They fall to the ground unconscious for the next 10 minutes, or until they are harmed.   3 AP: You kill a commoner or minion instantly. Describe how you take them out.

You combine basic goods from any well-stocked general store to create poison. You create enough poison for one use. You can apply it to weapons, put it in drinks or meals, or serve it to a creature directly. Regardless of delivery method, each use of the poison can only affect one creature. Choose any combination of effects:   1 AP: Blue - The victim falls asleep for 1 hour.   2 AP: White - The victim writhes in extreme pain for 1 hour and is unable to speak.   3 AP: Purple - The victim collapses and is paralyzed for the next day.   4 AP: Black - Commoners and minions are instantly killed. Bosses are hit for 10 HP.   6 AP: Clear - The victim experiences no symptoms and dies 1 week later. (This does not work on bosses.)

Unless you are actively searched by another creature, you can conceal up to two weapons in your clothing without being noticed, provided you’re wearing enough to reasonably conceal them.)

1 AP: Any time you are in a room like a bedroom, armory, or office, you may find objects to use to put together a convincing disguise. Depending on where you are, the disguise will offer at least one signature element of your deception, like a uniform, a membership insignia, or a style of dress. The disguise automatically fools commoners, but minions and bosses may question you.

Blink Pack
Magic Item. A magical messenger pack with a hidden switch in the clasp. When activated, the switch turns the bag’s mouth into a portal to a shadow plane where secret objects may be stored. When the switch is deactivated, the bag functions normally. Spy items stored in the pack do not count against your inventory limit. (This allows you to carry more than 12 items.)   The pack is paired with a magic amulet that has a button on it.   3 AP: You press the button on the amulet. The Blink Pack is teleported to your hands from wherever it is in the omniverse.

As long as you have an open item slot you may add one of these explosive devices to your inventory. When using the explosives you make a normal roll but the penalties for failure are more severe.   1 AP: You are able to craft a small firecracker type explosive that can aid you in distractions and be either loud or flashy.   3 AP: You can create a grenade suitable for combat. This counts as a ranged weapon that explodes on impact.   3 AP: You can craft a timebomb that will go off when you choose. This explosive does a great deal of damage to an area and everything in it.

Magic Item. A magic book that copies things. You can make a Dossier of any size — from a pocket-sized folio to a coffee table book.   0 AP: You can use the book to copy any kind of writing or drawing that is pressed against its pages. For instance, if you press a handwritten letter against one of the Dossier’s pages, a legible but imperfect copy will appear inside.

Needful Hilt
Magic Item. A hilt to a basic weapon, like a sword or dagger.   0 AP: If you imagine a common weapon while holding it, the hilt instantly morphs into that weapon. It hits for 2 HP in any form. When you no longer need the weapon, it reverts to its form as a simple hilt.

Magic Item. A magic cape that makes everything but your shadow invisible.   2 AP: When you activate the cape's ability, it shimmers and sparkles briefly before you and everything you are carrying vanishes. You are invisible for the next minute, but you still cast a shadow when you move. The shadow disappears when you are still. While invisible, common folk and minions won't notice you passing by unless you make a lot of noise. If you attack while invisible, the cape deactivates and you become visible again.

Death Hand
Magic Item. A single-shot hand cannon that uses a silent magic charge to propel a slug. The Death Hand can sense your target and guide your hand to make a perfect shot on any target you can see in your scene, including those that are far away. The shot hits for 6 HP. It instantly kills commoners and minions.
  3 AP: You must spend 3 AP and one turn each time you recharge the weapon.

Chaotic Chef
24 years of age
Current Residence
The HTML Wanderpus / Lockstitch Academy
Fluffy Brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair, but marred by scars and chemical burns
just shy of 6ft/183cm

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