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Tue 19th Jul 2022 03:13

Midnight's Private Journal: After Teeth

by Midnight Erebus

I think this is the first time the crew has seen my darker side.
Last night we had a party to celebrate the completion of our new ship. A worthy thing for a party. I drank more than I have in a long while. Celebrating with everyone I could, convincing Corzipa to drink as I asked about their last adventure, singing songs, and so on.
Unfortunately what I awoke to the next day was a nightmare. When I pulled myself out of bed, everything seemed normal. However I soon found out that many of the crew and others had teeth missing. Some were even left unconscious. This included Tsoki who was missing ALL of their teeth. I felt anger boil up in me. What if he never woke up for some reason? What about his teeth? What would happen to them? What if whatever was done to them had been worse and ended their life? Someone had to pay for this. I would make them pay myself if I got my hands on them. Regardless of another team being on it, I wanted to be a part of the chase. Lio tried to calm me down, but he wouldn't speak directly. Turned out he has a victim as well and had his two front teeth taken.
Both of my best companions here were harmed. I howled in rage, swearing revenge upon whoever did this. First though... I had to reduce the harm that was done. There was a meal from my home for hunters to recover from severe injuries. Not always the best tasting but nutritious. Wasn't sure if I could find what was needed but searching and asking around town and nearby I found enough similar stuff to bring to the kitchen. Some was even better, some strong healing herbs in particular that worked well with the recipe. So I brought it all to the kitchen and made it a point to bring a serving to Tsoki. After feeding him, he woke up surprisingly fast. I brought him up to speed before heading out to keep watch around town for anything that might help the investigation team.
Thankfully they managed to catch them. Cree is their name. As soon as I heard, I tried to make good on my promise to myself, full of anger and rage. I don't know what I planned to do, just that I wanted Cree to never even consider harming us again. To never DARE touch any of us ever again. How I'd do that? I don't know. Just was following instinct at that point. Some of the crew has cooler heads than I though and made a point to stop me. Lio's pleading for no violence also stuck out in my mind. I realized the situation was done. It was already handled and what I was doing wouldn't help any. If Cree ever got free and threatened us again, perhaps that'd be one thing, but for now that was not the case.
So now I'm just left asking a single question. Why? Why would they do such a thing? Perhaps I'll ask about it in the morning or another time. Mentally prepare myself, make sure Lio and Tsoki are around to pull me back if I begin to lose control again. I should also start busying myself with my project. Wasn't initially planning on presenting it at the Fair but... why not? Might not be of particular interest to most in this place, but it's not like I'm full of ideas like this. Might as well dedicate myself to what I have, right?

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