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Lio L. Levon

R&D Officer Lio L. Levon (a.k.a. N/A)

Lio L. Levon is a Lagora with a love for machinery.   Shy and prone to stuttering, but dutiful and thorough, he intends to give it his best as one of the Wandercrew as the crew's Tinkerer and Tool Maker.  

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Lio has a bit of a slender build, though he is a bit stronger than he looks thanks to constantly working with machinery and crafting growing up.

Body Features

Aside from the rabbit-like features, though it is not seen by most, he does have a decently sized scar on his chest due to a mechanical failure on one of his earlier craft attempts.

Facial Features

His face is not marred by any scars or the like, with only the red eyes being the easily noticeable facial feature, really.

Identifying Characteristics

The rabbit-like features about him are quite noticeable, that being the long ears, tail, and fuzzy rabbit legs.

Physical quirks

His ears have a tendency to twitch, as he is often on alert for any unusual sounds he might hear. It is quite rare for him to be more than a few minutes without an ear twitch.

Special abilities

Ability Tree Ability Name Ap Cost Ability Description
Wrath Fiery Avenger 1 "The Forge's Fire flows through my Hammer!" You speak the phrase of power, igniting your weapon in a magical flame of any color. While the weapon is on fire, it acts as a torch that casts light nearby. The flame increases the weapon's damage by 1. The flame persists until you roll a failure or worse on an attack with the weapon. You may dismiss the flame at any time.
Wrath Thunderous Word 2 "I'm Working Here!" You speak the word of power, releasing a thunderous shockwave in the direction you are facing. The wave knocks up to three creatures backward and hits them each for 2 damage. Creatures affected by the spell are briefly dazed and cannot use special abilities during their next turn.
Invocation Declare 0 (Once per Scene) Once per scene, you may declare a reason for intervening in a matter, steeling your resolve. The reason should be based on your ideal (p. 26) and the scene's context. For example, if you believe in order, you might tell highway robbers they're breaking the law. Or if you believe in honor, you might say there's no honor among thieves. Choose one result: ■You immediately make a successful basic attack on a nearby foe. ■You compel an NPC to explain what they are doing (they may lie to you). ■You convince commoners to leave.
Wards Shield 1 You summon a magical shield that appears as an aura of soft light around your body. The shield blocks up to 3 hit points of damage. (Any damage dealt in excess of 3 HP passes through the shield and hits you.) The shield lasts until it takes 3 or more damage in a single hit.
Wards Sigil 2 You draw a magic sigil on an object. The spell lasts until you cancel it or cast Sigil again. You can only cast the spell if no enemies are currently nearby.Choose a specific creature for the sigil to affect, or a type of creature, like spirits or werewolves. Then draw a circle on a piece of paper at the table. Draw the creature that will be affected by the spell inside of the circle. Choose one of four effects:lure. The sigil attracts creatures to its location, where they linger for a minute.repel. Creatures who come nearby won't move closer to the sigil or may turn back.alert. Receive a signal in your mind when creatures pass by the sigil.message. The sigil telepathically sends a short message of up to 10 words in your language to creatures passing nearby.You may keep your drawing and reuse it later when casting this spell again, and you can choose a new effect each time.
Wards Lawbringer 3 You raise your hand to the sky and summon a spectral warhammer into your grip. The hammer is a one-handed weapon that deals 3 damage. It appears to crackle with blue-green light and leaves a deep, reverberating sound in its wake. If you roll a 20 when using the hammer, it releases a crackling boom and casts Thunderous Word on the target. The hammer vanishes in smoke after one hour or when you dismiss it.
Healing Mend 1 You gently touch a creature, immediately restoring 5 HP and mending minor wounds like cuts and bruises. The spell does not remove impairments, heal permanent wounds, or cure disease. You cannot use this spell during combat.
Healing Relieve 1 You say something comforting to a nearby creature, alleviating them of anxiety, pain, and discomfort for one hour. In this state, the creature cannot be affected by fear or confusion. For a brief time, they feel better than they have ever felt before.
Healing Heal 2 (Or less, depending on recipient) You embrace a creature with a caring touch, restoring all of their hit points. After a short time, the creature is relieved of any short term impairments. The spell does not remove permanent conditions. If you are using Heal on another member of the party, they may contribute any amount of their own AP to help pay for the spell.
Healing Restore 7 (Or less, depending on recipient) You embrace a creature with a caring touch, restoring all of their hit points. After a short time, the creature is relieved of any short term impairments. The spell does not remove permanent conditions. If you are using Heal on another member of the party, they may contribute any amount of their own AP to help pay for the spell.
R&D Improvise 0 (Passive) If you take this skill you can use anything as a tool and roll without concern that the tool will fail you. You can also use this to turn normal items into 4 damage weapons in your hands as long as you justify it in fiction.
R&D Research and Destroy 2 Examine a structure or creature to figure exactly how to bring it down. Triumph = 2 Negative Conditions to the Target Success = 1 Negative Condition to the Target Tough Choice = 1 Negative and 1 Positive to the Target Failure = 1 Positive Condition to the Target Catastrophe = 2 Positive Conditions to the Target. The Catastrophe still plays as normal as well.
Tattoos Cat's Call (Lio and the Alley Cats) 5 This odd tattoo Lio got when he was drunk holds a memory of his time dancing with the Alley Cats. Surely they will answer the call if he but struts his stuff to the world, right? Through the power of the Tooth, Lio can channel its energy into him, transforming him into the Idol Duo, Zweiherz!   Lio will dance with all he's got. His performance dictates how much of the Alley Cats come through to help alongside him during the battle.   20 - The Whole Alley Cats Troupe is here! ALL 5 Alley Cats join the fray. 11-19 - Siamese Sisters, Calico Charles and Tabby Tammy! 4 Alley Cats join the fray. 6-10 - The Siamese Sisters! 2 Alley Cats join the fray 2-5 - Calico Charles! 1 of the Alley Cats join the fray. 1 - Such an Insult to Their Name! None arrive, and the Ability is locked until you atone.   The Alley Cats can help manipulate rolls in positive and negative ways, provided there's a proper explanation as to how they help! They can also be used to re-roll a roll instead, but you must take it, even if the new roll is worse. Only one cat can be utilized in a roll at a time. They can only be used once each, and will not return for the rest of the session once used. Use their help wisely!
Invocations Invoke 0 (With One Hundred Billion Star Cloak On) You leave your worldly body behind and create an astral projection of yourself. You must be in a quiet place with no other creatures around to begin the ritual. While in this trance, you can only vaguely sense if there is danger around your mortal body. You may exit the trance at any time. Your mind enters a liminal plane of existence. You experience this place like a dreamworld in the stars; it might be a lush paradise in a nebula, an idyllic homestead, or a temple in the fires of creation. If you have an allegiance to a deity, you meet with their avatar. If you hold no allegiance to a deity or if your deity is merely a figment of your character's imagination, you meet with an avatar of supernatural wisdom. Set a timer. You may speak to the avatar for 1 minute about anything you like. If you ask any of these questions, the Guide will give you a truthful answer: ■ Am I on the right path to ____________? ■ Is ___________ who they say they are? ■ Am I living up to my ideal? ■ Have my actions unknowingly caused anyone harm? ■ How can I redeem myself?
Legendary (Doctor) Banish 1, or 5 1 - You banish a nearby spirit creature to a random shadow plane for the next hour. You do not know its destination. When its imprisonment is up, it reappears at its previous location. 5 - You permanently banish a nearby spirit creature to a random shadow plane. (This can only be used on bosses if they have less than 20 percent of their total HP remaining.

Apparel & Accessories

Regardless of what he wears, be it his traveling clothes or crew uniform, he is never seen without a pink cherry blossom necklace, a gift given to him by his twin sister, Leah.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

One of a pair of Twins, Lio is a quiet lad among a race of rabbit-like demihumans known as the Lagora. He was essentially slated to have stayed within the city unless for important reasons, as the Lagora have a 9:1 Female to Male ratio. It was something he would have accepted, so long as he got to keep to his work otherwise, attempting to follow his father's footsteps of being one of the master craftsmen of the city.   A rift that suddenly occurred within the City's waterwheel as he was fixing it brought him to Liminal, having fallen in it unintentionally. He was terrified of his new surroundings, having been suddenly torn away from essentially everything he knew, but he thankfully was able to understand the language of Liminal, especially with the help of the Lockstitch Academy.   Lio is now a part of the HTMLWanderpus as it's Tinkerer, Tool Maker, and now R&D Officer, learning about the rifts and helping close the dangerous ones, so that others don't get lost and yanked away from their home like he was, though he hopes someday he gets to see his parents and sister again, perhaps finding a way for them to visit him in the place he now calls home.

Gender Identity

Lio identifies as a Male since his time growing up at home in Ukko, and it looks to stay that way in his mind, content with who he is.


Lio would have had his purpose within Ukko as a potential progenitor, a task he has accepted but felt he would not have appreciated. Not being in his home world, this is not something he has to adhere to, and is free to explore, though taking that first step worries him greatly.


Lio was actually Home-Schooled by his mother and father growing up, though his time in the Lockstitch Academy in order to become a part of the crew bolstered his knowledge on subjects outside of home.   His time at the Lockstitch Academy was mostly a quiet one. He took to the studying well, being one to sort of close himself off anyway, though his lack of socializing with the other students left him without friends, essentially. He focused especially upon combat techniques with a spear, and machines, wanting to know how things tick.


Growing up he was a craftsman, as those in his family have always been.   Now, he is a part of the HTMLWanderpus, as the crew's tinkerer and tool maker. He wears this vocation with newfound pride, ready to leap into action whenever he can for the Wandercrew, be it something simple as making a tool, or fixing a heater, to facing down Red-Caps, spear in hand.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Lio does not feel he made any great achievements growing up.   Becoming a part of the crew is something he considered his first true Accomplishment, though he did not feel he has earned it at the time.   Recent adventures in the Wandercrew has had him feel it was a true accomplishment, helping save the Word Tree with the crew. An Achievement he would never deny, and proud to have been a part of it.   Having become an Officer for the Submarine's R&D team has become a great achievement for him.   His greatest achievement to date however, is being a part of the HTML Wanderpus' new submarine construction.

Failures & Embarrassments

There have been quite a few mishaps with his work, especially when it came to learning up to what he knows now. His greatest failure so far would have to be the mechanical failure that nearly killed him, and gave him the scar on his chest.   The way the final exam went for him he feels is a major embarrassment, and he has yet to let that go.

Mental Trauma

He has a fear of circular saw blades he is working to overcome, ever since the scar he got on his chest after a particularly messy mishap growing up at home.   He has a profound hatred of forced labor, enslavement. The mere sight of such acts is enough to enrage him, and would take all he has in him to not act in a truly merciless and violent matter to those responsible.

Intellectual Characteristics

Lio is proud of his mind, especially when it comes to creating things and repairs. Machines, and Tools, are definitely his strong suit, though he is not very confident when it comes to medicines.

Morality & Philosophy

Lio is a good-natured fellow, and a grand mission like the Wanderpus' mission to help those affected by the rifts and closing them are something he is all too happy to assist with, though some of the things they do don't sit well with him, like their willingness to simply leave those accidentally caught in a rift to essentially be a lost cause.   When something truly becomes a threat to those he cares about, hie mentality and demeanor can change on a dime to one of fierce determination and no nonsense whatsoever.


Lio is very protective of his tail, for those who purposely grab a Lagora's tail is a highly insulting gesture, and is a very easy way to anger one of the Lagora. Lio is no exception and will get agitated if another would do such to him.

Personality Characteristics


Lio seeks to work on a great creation, something everyone would know of. He is unsure what that may even be, however, so he helps out whoever he can in hopes that inspiration will come.   He is also working on trying to find a way to contact his sister with his Skycaller Amulet, having experimented and tested various attempts with so far no success...   Lio has grown to care for the crew of the Wanderpus, and will go above and beyond for them.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He's great working with machines, and has fairly decent knowledge of spear use in combat.   He has a lot to learn about medicines, and is not the most confident crew member.

Likes & Dislikes

He likes trying various new foods, usually willing to give them a try, so long as they're safe. He is also at his element around machinery, being much more at ease around such. Though he is embarrassed over it, he also enjoys being pat on the head, even lightly thumping the floor with his foot, though patting/rubbing the ears tends to make him blush.   Treachery, underhandedness, and similar things of that nature tend to upset and anger him. He also hates being unclean himself, keeping his station and his person very neat and tidy.

Virtues & Personality perks

Lio is a generous sort, willing to lend a hand to those who need it, though he sometimes doesn't consider his own safety in the matter, which can backfire.   Lio is also quite determined when given a task, and it is very difficult to break his focus from a task until the job is done, and done right.

Vices & Personality flaws

He unfortunately had a bad habit of self-depreciation if he messes up something, tending to do so when no one is around.   He also is one to hide behind other things and people when someone intimidating or threatening is talking to him.

Personality Quirks

His ears have a tendency to twitch as he is always trying to pay attention for any unusual sounds. An unusual sound has a tendency to have him stop what he's doing briefly to make sure the source of the sound isn't coming towards him.   His tail will wiggle quite a bit when around schematics and blueprints, easily excited over projects and their inner workings.


Lio is one to keep himself clean as much as he can, especially after working. He is particularly careful when it comes to his legs and tail, loathing when something gets them dirty.


Contacts & Relations

B+: 'I was nervous going to their office, and the procedure during the checkup was... unexpected to say the least. But they were rather nice without needing to say... err, write, much.'   Gemini: 'I took the test with him, and lost to him for my own mistake of worrying over others. I will need to pay more attention to the rules like he did if I intend to do well among the crew, even if it means going against who I am which, honestly, I am not sure if I could.'   Joaquin: 'He was also among those who took the test with me, though I don't know why Joaquin had to. Isn't he an officer?'   Corzipa: 'She scared me at first, from what little I've interacted with her back then. Now, we may have our differences, but she is a strong Officer I know I can trust if combat is an inevitability.'   Captain: 'She's always so certain and sure of herself and her decisions. How does she manage to keep such a level head around the lot of us? I'm rather jealous of that confidence.'   Rha: 'He's rather intimidating as well, and admittedly a bit rude. Why does he not seem to respect most of the crew right off the bat?'   Midnight: 'He's a strong-willed tracker, and though he seems to enjoy teasing and messing with me at times, he has a lot of respect and faith in me, as I hold the same respect and faith in him.'   Tsoki: 'He's such an enthusiastic fellow, it's kind of contagious! I still need to get used to all the compliments he throws at me though, I'm not sure I deserve such praise...'   Quet and Vatna: 'The two of them are quite new, and I feel a responsibility to take care of them and support them as best I can... Though admittedly I feel it's more the other way around, considering how much they have helped me!'   Carica (Retired): 'Retired Officer Carica is one of the people I hold in highest esteem personally, and I take their counsel seriously. They have always been there to support me, even after they have retired from the crew.'   Pim: 'Pim's such a wonderfully strong-willed person, I couldn't help but be smitten with her right away. I wonder if I'll really be able to live up to her kind of expectations...'   Raz: 'Raz and I have been working together on many an invention, and I trust her more than just about anyone when it comes to our work on inventions and tools!'   Seth: 'Seth may be a bit nervous around folks, and coming from me that's saying something, but he's a determined crewmate when he really puts his all into it! I want to help him out in any way I can, though I do not want to impose.'

Family Ties

Lio has always been close to his family, especially his twin sister, Leah. The two were nigh inseparable growing up, and since his joining Lockstitch Academy, has been trying to contact her. Sadly, the Skycaller Amulet he owns has yet to show any signs of functioning due to being in another planet.

Religious Views

When it comes to religion, Lio does not interfere or comment over others, and tries to understand their views, if at least not to offend others. Lio himself doesn't necessarily follow any religions.

Social Aptitude

He isn't the most social fellow, due to his own concern over him messing up, but he is trying to improve on this matter!   He has made an effort to talk to people, and is getting far better!... Stuttering notwithstanding.


Lio tends to stutter a lot. He can get fidgety and his ears twitch and stand at attention when trying to keep track of his surroundings. He can be chatty over a subject he has particular interest in.

Hobbies & Pets

Lio has no pets, and doesn't intend to get any considering his busy line of work.   He enjoys his Tinkering quite a bit, seeing it more than just a Job, but a fun hobby as well. He also enjoys playing card games and is always up for learning new ones!   A bit of a hobby he has that he usually keeps to his room or away from others is playing the flute. He has begun to speak of that interest sometimes, however.


Aside from his stutters when not speaking his native tongue, his manner of speech is rather polite and proper.

Wealth & Financial state

Lio was never one to care too much over wealth, only enough to fund any projects or the like he may be working on. Most of his earnings go towards those projects, especially the Skycaller amulet he's trying to make function across worlds.   Thanks to retired Officer Carica's suggestions... and insistence... Lio has patented his works and has amassed quite a bit of gold for himself. Nowhere near Officer Vernix's levels of wealth, but Lio is quite proud of how much he has earned.

23 Year old Invoker among the HTML Wanderpus. The crew's Tinkerer and Toolmaker, as well as the R&D Officer, he is quite shy and nervous around the other crewmates.

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Lawful Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Tinkerer Tool-Maker Engineer R&D Officer
Date of Birth
11th of June, 19XX
World: Atlas. Nation: Galenigare. City: Ukko.
Current Residence
Traveling with the HTMLWanderpus
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
3 ft. 1 in.
33 lbs
Quotes & Catchphrases
"O-Officer Lio, r-reporting for duty!" - Reporting to a Higher-up. "Oh, c-cogs and sprockets!" - Panicking over a mishap.
Known Languages
Lio knows the common speech of Liminal, though it wasn't necessarily his first language learned, hence his uncertainty when he talks in it. Should he need to speak to other folks of his homeland, he can easily speak with no trouble using his more native tongue.

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Questionnaire Pt.2 (26-50)
? of ?, 19xx

26. When and with whom was your first kiss? - My first kiss happened during my time here with the crew. In the restaurant within Exuvia, through a bunch of circumstances and mishaps, Pim and I shared my meal together. One particularly long strand of linguini wound up with our lips meeting and... we kissed. I kissed Pim.   27. Are you a virgin? If not, when and with whom did you lose your virginity? - I am not a virgin, no. I… have lost my virginity during my time with the crew. The one whom I lost it to is… um.. well…   28. If you are a supernatural being (i.e. mage, werewolf, vampire), tell the story of how you became what you are or first learned of your own abilities. If you are just a normal human, describe any influences in your past that led you to do the things you do today. - I'm normal, as far as being a Lagora is. There wasn't much to influence me to what I do today, aside from always being around my family.... And then suddenly being torn away from them, having to use what I had learned then to survive now.   29. What do you consider the most important event of your life so far? - The fated day I fell into a rift and saw my home for, as of currently, the last time.   30. Who has had the most influence on you? - My Sister, Leah. She has always been one to push me forward no matter what, always picking me up when I was down, but also steering me down the right way if I go off course.   31. What do you consider your greatest achievement? - The day I was promoted to Officer among the Wandercrew has so far been my greatest achievement. I hope I can do even better.   32. What is your greatest regret? - Not being able to help defend Galenigare from the threats that loomed on the horizon still haunt me. I can only hope they're all okay.   33. What is the most evil thing you have ever done? - Nothing really comes to mind? I almost did something terrible once though: I had almost condemned a former crewmate turned traitor to death by my own hands... I'm glad I kept myself from doing that, however.   34. Do you have a criminal record of any kind? - Not to my knowledge, No.   35. When was the time you were the most frightened? - Back at home, when a freak accident with obsidian almost killed me. I still have the scar as proof.   36. What is the most embarrassing thing ever to happen to you? - The humiliating display done to me by Mama Parse, and her children, in front of the woman I had a crush on. I gave up on that endeavor after that...   37. If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be, and why? - I wish I could redo the final exam in Lockstitch. That near failure had led me down a path of overworking myself and self-depreciation that I still am trying to overcome.   38. What is your best memory? - I remember on our 12th Birthday, Leah gave me a Cherry Blossom Necklace, enchanted so that the flowers would never wither or crumble from time. I still wear it to this day.   39. What is your worst memory? - My worst memory was about seven years ago, when a freak accident involving obsidian sliced my chest. I'm amazed I survived at all, considering how close it was to hitting a fair few vital bits, according to the doctor.   40. Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic? - I'm Optimistic over others.... I'm Pessimistic about myself.   41. What is your greatest fear? - That I will die without doing something truly great, and no one to carry on the torch after me. I don't want to die alone, as a nobody.   42. What are your religious views? - I am not a religious person, but at the same time I would never be rude to those who are.   43. What are your political views? - I keep away from Politics. I was never good with such a delicate subject.   44. What are your views on sex? - I feel people should love who they love, but they should be careful about such things too.   45. Are you able to kill? Under what circumstances do you find killing to be acceptable or unacceptable? - Monsters, I will kill if I must. People? I am not sure if I myself can kill someone. At most I've injured or knocked them unconscious in a fight if I can help it...   46. In your opinion, what is the most evil thing any human being could do? - Slavery, without question. Just the thought of it infuriates me greatly, holding others against their will, forcing them to do your bidding... It's disgusting.   47. Do you believe in the existence of soul mates and/or true love? - I... I want to believe that, and maybe it is true for some. I have doubts for myself, personally.   48. What do you believe makes a successful life? - Being able to live peacefully, have a family and just be generally happy. I would like that kind of life after making my mark on the world.   49. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings? - I tend to shelter myself from others, hiding some of my true feeling for those I really care about from others, and myself... On occasion, it comes out, however.   50. Do you have any biases or prejudices? - Not here on Liminal, no. Back home, however, we were raised to be wary of Humans, especially those of the Sol Kingdom...

?? of ??, ????

*Lio looks to the recording device as it begins its recording.*   "...I am n-not sure what I sh-should do next."   "T-Tsoki and Vatna have been e-endlessly keeping the shield t-together, but there's next to n-nothing I can assist there."   "We a-are all gradually succumbing to h-hunger, but th-there is l-little I can do there."   "I n-need to figure out h-how to help them wi-..."   *Lio would stop talking for a bit... He looks to the right, at a mirror he had placed in his office... He sees how ragged and just out of it he looked before looking to the recording again.*   "...I do th-this every time, don't I... Always t-trying to help e-everyone else and leaving m-myself to just drop onto the ground until someone h-has to drag m-me out of this cycle. I'm... m-messing up again."   *Lio then looks to the back, the schematics of his obsolete mech.* "Hmm... I k-keep trying to pull off feats and goals th-that I just cannot reach as I a-am. It's irritating how much I c-cannot do... Maybe it's b-because I can only do s-so much? Maybe ph-physically I am insufficient... I n-need to improve. I always t-try to be selfless... But I'm n-neglecting myself again. Maybe for o-once with what I still h-have, with what I c-can do, maybe I sh-should work on using technology not for a-augmenting the lives of others, but i-instead for augmenting m-myself? Make m-myself a stronger, m-more capable Officer i-instead of helping the rest wh-when so many n-need help..."   "...M-maybe I should be... selfish?" *He takes a deep breath.* "I need to s-stop trying to do what I can't until I a-am sure that I can. I h-have the mind f-for it, I know n-now I have m-magic for it... I now n-need to make m-myself the p-parts to match, and I'll work o-on doing just that. For o-once, I w-will work on Me, Myself, and I."

Audio Recording #8: Liminal Stands Together
17th of December, 19xx

"I... I-I can't believe it. Our b-battle with the Librarian... at l-least, the initial battle, h-has come to a close. The Librarian is d-defeated, and now comes th-the tense situation that is the a-aftermath."   "When th-the sky was removed and the l-light of the sun was taken, the Librarian had a-arrived to wreak havoc, a grandiose a-appearance as one would have e-expected of him. But we w-were ready, all of Liminal was r-ready."   "The Airship T-Team was first up. Nichol, Valentina, Zacna, Caram, and Officer Stein+, t-taking on the Librarian's air forces, and finding a w-way to bring the Bookwyrm from moving about too much. M-Midnight's plan with the b-buoys came into play, a-anchoring the Bookwyrm once it f-found the tree. Admittedly, th-the fact that it f-found it so easily, e-even with the sigil, was concerning, t-to say the least. Th-the paper planes w-were being taken care of f-fairly well, when we s-saw Officer Tra-... Nichol, jump d-down from the ship to s-strike at the Bookwyrm with his powers o-obtained from the odd Tooth h-he was given. It w-was a stellar strike that damaged the Proboscis... But then Nichol himself suffered an explosion, l-later told to me th-that it was a bomb that w-was implanted on him, and Nichol, to m-make the Librarian regret that decision, h-he used himself and that b-bomb to damage the Bookwyrm. Th-thankfully he's alive, and th-the Captain got a team to g-go retrieve him and bring h-him to safety."   "The Sub and land t-team was next, with Seth, Clementine, Senior O-Officer Maestra Ceylon, and m-myself leading this one. Despite the d-damage to the Proboscis, that Bookwyrm m-managed to still begin siphoning from the Tree right away! W-we had to stop it, and quick. I... m-managed to shake off my nervousness and... well, embarrassment, to d-dance and call upon th-the Alley Cats' help. I a-almost messed up, but I r-redoubled my efforts, and the S-Siamese Sisters came b-by to lend a hand! Th-the lot of u-us utilizing the p-power of song, Webball... a-and bombs, aheh, w-were getting a good start, when the Librarian s-summoned great monsters to t-try to stop us!... When w-we had feared a d-dangerous battle, who e-else but the Ringleader a-arrives to help us! A performer at th-their core, they c-cut up one of the monsters with g-grace, panache... and a freakishly sharp c-claw! W-with our spirits bolstered, and the big f-fish monster getting quite b-beat up by the airship crew and Lore with h-her mech, we were able to g-get the door opened once Seth th-threw Clem, myself, a-and the Alley Cats up on the Bookwyrm t-to do so! Most of u-us lost our balance when it f-fell down, but Clem held on and m-managed to get inside, and r-really made a mess for th-the strike team to take advantage of! On top of th-that, Seth c-called in some incredible h-help, with a Holy being kn-known as Beezus, and a... r-rather Unholy giant Lippy th-that obeyed Seth's commands w-without fail, bringing the Bookwyrm down fully!... But Clem did n-not come out right away. I-it was up to the Strike t-team to save Clementine and take d-down the Librarian... but I felt, honestly, more confident than ever th-that the strike team could d-do both."   "Th-the strike t-team went in once a-all was set for them. Commander Joust, Senior Officer Vanderbilt, Officer Quet, Pim, and Midnight moved in to take on th-the Librarian and save Clem. While I w-will ask them th-the details to i-it when I get the chance once all is s-settled, what matters is th-they were able to defeat the Librarian. It s-seems they went will fully getting r-rid of him as opposed to the plan th-that was given before in turning h-him into a book to preserve the knowledge."   "...The b-bookwyrm died with him, h-however... A l-lot of history from v-various worlds and lands, g-gone in the battle... E-even with us doing o-our utmost to p-protect Liminal, it s-seems it cannot be done without s-severe consequences... I wonder whose h-homes are lost to nothingness n-now? what s-stories will forever b-be untold...? H-have I lost something i-important? h-has anyone of the crew?"   "Now wh-what is left is to manage th-the aftermath, and then... w-we'll figure out what to do from th-there."

Audio Recording #7: The Coming Storm
11th of December, 19xx

"Th-things are getting more and m-more closer to the coming day... I'm a-afraid but it seems I've b-been making more progress than I h-have in a while."   "All of th-the crew's gear is in proper o-order and up to snuff, the Submarine n-now has a backup engine in case the Librarian and h-his forces somehow takes down th-the main engine. If it g-goes down, we at least c-can stick to the battle a little longer, and we n-need any measure to keep the fight that's t-to come going."   "Though it s-seems I haven't been k-keeping an eye on my own health once again... It's a b-bit of a surprising issue when I-Ive has to stop me from overworking myself a-again. They r-rarely have much to say, b-but they almost always get the point across without so m-much as a word. And th-they're right. If I don't t-take care of myself, I will h-have no chance handling myself when th-the day finally arrives. I'll g-get some rest after this entry."   "All th-this focus on work has m-me realized I h-haven't had a chance to just take some time to see R-Raz, busy as sh-she is helping with the Airship's w-work. P-perhaps after all this is over and done w-with, some time o-off with her is i-in order..."   "Ack! Shoot, w-wait a second!" *Lio, embarrassed that in his tired state, realized he was saying stuff that is more of a personal thought th-than mission related, hurries over to turn off the recording, face beet red as he turns off the recording.*

Audio Recording #7: Passing the Wrench
20th of November, 19xx

“I… I-I am not sure what to do.”   “Bech h-had arrived to my office and gave me a letter. It was addressed to m-my Senior Officer, Royce Vanderbilt… b-but looking at this letter… I-I am afraid.”   [To Lio: I commend you for your growth, you're an asset to the crew and don't let anyone tell you that you're not. The Engine is in good hands between you, Bech and the rest of the Engineering team. I know you'll continue to innovate and supply the crew with that which you do best. Keep them on their toes Officer Levon! The Wander Crew needs you more than you know.]   [Much Peace, Forever Wanderings - Royce Vanderbilt]   “A-along with the letter… I was given the sc-schematics… the blueprints to the original Submarine, the one h-he had designed himself. One NEVER g-gives their original schematics to a-another, unless they’re certain they’re never to work again… b-be it retirement, or…”   “Do I r-really deserve something this p-precious, something that’s s-such a core piece to s-someone? …He thought so, didn’t h-he… I… I-I can o-only hope I’m even h-half the engineer he thinks th-that I am, to even c-consider myself worthy of something l-like this… and I’ll have to b-be. I will show that s-such a decision was not m-misplaced.”   “Royce, wh-whether you’re w-watching peacefully in a f-faraway land, looking d-down from the grand towers of the h-heavens, or deciding to g-give the monsters from the h-hellish realms another bare knuckle b-beating… I will m-make you proud, Sir.”

Audio Recording #6: Crewmate Camaraderie
23rd of October, 19xx

"I-it has been a long time s-since I've taken a-any moment to de-stress. I didn't r-realize just how badly I needed th-this."   "S-Seth, Zacna, O-Officer Stein+ and I were r-recruited by First Mate Rupert, s-sponsored by Officer Vernix to p-participate in Webball, a n-new... or p-perhaps classic, sport in Liminal. I-it is hard to tell when multi-dimensional sports a-are in play. The arenas w-were so strange and fantastical, but exciting! A-an N-shaped playing field w-with three areas, t-two diagonal, one vertical, and we n-needed to play around this with th-the abilities we have, and th-the trust of our t-team to s-score six points. The g-goals on the diagonal fields are o-one point, but the vertical ones are w-worth two! F-falling off the field however t-takes away a point a-and leaves you out of the game until a-at least half-time."   "Zacna w-was the muscle of the team, ready to take on the bigger threats each team had to offer with determination and might. S-Seth was the veteran, being a star b-ball player before his time with the c-crew! Vatna w-was definitely the team favorite, having a f-fanbase already established! Those m-moths really do support their o-own! I w-was the support, helping out w-with the others as much as I c-can. T-together, we formed the HTML's Silver Stingers!"   "Our f-first opponent was w-with the Worpeltinger Guardians. Talk about h-heavy hitters from the get go! It w-was definitely a rough go, with Gus g-getting the first point. I w-was able to get the ball from Mama Parse by h-hopping on her head and getting towards the middle. I h-hope Mama Parse accepted my a-apology gift in the l-letter I gave her after th-the matches. Zacna and A-Aspara were toe-to-toe, and it was cl-close, but Zacna powered through! He's r-really, really tough. I w-went towards getting th-the goal, and Seth was able to trip A-Aspara off of the field p-proper, negating Gus' score e-earlier, and managing to get 2 points in the middle goal! Zacna th-then flew over to help Vatna g-go up against Gus, and it was tough! Zacna e-even got a wing injury from the t-tussle, but Vatna sneakily b-brought about a 2nd Webball, surprising Gus so much he d-dropped the ball he had! Vatna th-then made an amazing double p-pass, throwing b-both of them to Seth and I, thanks t-to Zacna distracting Gus, t-to get the two goals in the middle a-and winning the first game Six t-to Nothing~! Midnight c-came by after the g-game and g-got Zacna an athletic b-brace for the wing to h-help it r-recover safer as w-we train and got ready for the next game l-later in the week. S-something occurred afterwards a-as well, as one of th-the Guardians j-joined our team! the h-hedgehog guardian. Th-the names were hard t-to pronounce, so we were informed t-to call them Taco... Or was it Gyro? I'll n-need to ask to be sure, it k-kept being switched back and f-forth from time to time."   "Th-the next game was when things g-got *Really* s-serious, us v-versus the Parliament Hot Shots. Penny, Pound, Larry, a-and a zombified f-facsimile of the Roc!? It w-was scary, to s-say the least. And they d-did NOT Play f-fair, in the slightest. I g-got punched by Pound th-the instant I got the ball, he didn't even bother trying to get it! And I'm p-pretty sure Seth got stabbed b-by Penny!! Th-they were absolutely ch-cheating in an absolutely u-unethical fashion, but w-we couldn't stoop to their l-level. We would not! If we're winning, w-we're going to d-do it on our o-own merits! Seth w-was able to pass the ball towards Vatna a-and Zacna, d-despite getting stabbed by Penny. Zacna managed to g-get the ball, thanks to Vatna k-keeping Zombie Roc b-busy to not n-notice the ball. Seeing h-how callous Pound w-was being over this, I kn-knew better than to t-try to go against him, s-so instead I threw the b-ball towards Zacna, wh-who absolutely tackled Larry o-off the field prior t-to in order to get the f-first two points! Pound h-however took that o-opportunity to punch me off th-the field entirely... And th-that's when I learned th-they purposefully skimped on th-the safety mats to ensure i-injury! I fell hard enough th-that my right arm broke on the i-impact!! Larry however, s-suffered worse, and suffered a terrible b-back injury. Th-the three on th-three remaining however, was more th-than enough for the Silver Stingers t-to get the job done, an a-absolute sweep again, even m-more concrete th-than the last! Six to N-Negative One! S-serves those cheaters right t-to lose so absolutely s-soundly! Rupert injected s-some weird medicine, m-made from Doctor Nicholas a-and his rather incredible m-mushroom remedies. M-my arm felt g-good as new! Midnight l-looked very angry th-though over what Pound did t-to me. H-here's hoping they d-don't cross, as p-personally I think we p-proved ourselves without a sh-shadow of a doubt with the game itself.   "Finally, th-the third big game. We h-had a choice of going for the r-regularly scheduled opponent, or a mystery t-team... Rupert s-seemed upset at our d-decision, but we decided t0 s-stick to the program, and we were up a-against the Pastura Clay Catfishes! W-we went about it very differently than th-the last two, more t-technical about it. Zacna and I e-even tried a rather u-unorthodox strategy, letting Zacna th-throw me high up towards the upper goal to throw into it!.... B-but Sabatha just plucked me out of the air w-without trouble and scored the goal. S-Sabatha was so nice about it though! S-setting me down s-safely and a-applauding our efforts, d-despite it not going well. Queen Sabatha t-truly is a benevolent Tarrasque, which u-up until I met her, always th-thought Tarrasques w-were dangerous forces of d-destruction... P-perhaps Queen Sabatha i-is the exception to th-the rule, or maybe th-the legends are w-wrong? Half-Time a-arrived, and we were down One to Two. Then S-Seth had an interesting idea!... Instead of it b-being a competitive match, h-have it be a fun e-exhibition match instead and c-call it a draw... and the King and Queen a-agreed! I N-never realized how strong K-King Reedi actually was! K-kind of makes sense why he a-appreciates those of s-strong musculature, like Queen Sabatha. T-takes one to know one! The r-rest of that game was an absolute blast, d-definitely the most fun game of them a-all. Even th-the Guardian got in on the sh-shenanigans!"   "A-after that experience, we d-decided to change our n-name from the Silver Stingers, to the Planestrotters! I-it fit us more, as we honestly w-wanted to do this to bring j-joy and some relief for the c-crew and Liminal in general, after the scary, s-stressful things we've b-been experiencing so much as of l-late... I r-really think th-the people, a-and ourselves in g-general, r-really needed it! I-it really should bolster our s-spirits and get o-ourselves more m-motivated to really d-do our best as a wh-whole. I'm p-pretty sure Webball might b-become a national s-sport in Liminal. P-perhaps if it really goes well, we c-can spread the word about Webball to other w-worlds! Imagine th-that, a Grand t-tournament from th-the best teams of m-multiple planets! Th-that would be amazing, and an a-absolutely fantastic w-way to bring Liminal, and th-the worlds around us, united. Th-through teamwork, c-camaraderie, and the l-love of the game~!"

Audio Recording #5: Becoming More than Myself
21st of October, 19xx

"Wh-what an adventure this h-has been...!"   "I w-was not expecting to have been thrown into a m-mission so soon after th-the attack... But Nichol came to m-me, entrusting me with a m-mission, along with Midnight, and Quet. I d-did not realize Nichol h-had put such faith in me. Th-the others sure, but... Me?"   "We w-were led... rather violently I m-might add, through a portal t-to another world, to meet w-with a Kukla we h-had once helped before... B-but they were far smaller than normal! We w-were given special... Um... t-teeth... one for e-each of us, and we began our a-adventure."   "We w-went north, deciding to f-focus on helping the Spindles a-as opposed to the f-fairies. Which... f-fair, our a-attempts with helping f-fairies has been mostly... c-catastrophic. We h-had attempted to fix an unusual t-table, but sadly, repeated a-attempts from the group did not work out, and was b-broken up. Thankfully Midnight e-easily helped us n-navigate the areas well! We m-made it to an arid a-area with a strange r-red river. Midnight s-scouted ahead, but the delay in his r-return concerned Quet enough t-to check. They have a g-good sense for trouble, it s-seemed, as when we got there, Redcaps w-were attacking Midnight! Two of th-them were d-drawn away by him, while we faced th-the other two. Our us-usual tricks did n-not work here, and so w-we had to rely on the gifts w-we were given."   "...A-and oh, what gifts th-they were."   "We w-went about fantastical t-transformations! Nichol b-became Fleur de Vide, a master of i-ice and water, bending it to his whims. Quet b-became the Unbeleafable Fleurette, a stoic defender, with p-paper planes serving as p-powerful electric charges. M-Midnight became Moonlight Gale, a fierce f-fighter, strong e-enough to tear apart a r-redcap with his bare hands! And I... W-well, I became s-something I never thought I c-could ever be, a joyful, musical i-idol, Zweiherz. It was rough at f-first, and we h-had trouble getting used to it, but we got the h-hang of our new powers q-quickly enough, and we moved on!"   "Back to o-our normal selves, There, we m-met the Spindles of the n-north. They h-had good r-reasons to not w-want to help the Kukla anymore, c-constantly not wanting to l-lose anymore teeth. Quet, Midnight a-and Nichol h-handled the negotiations... I... I-I froze up with fear. Th-the Kukla's words were d-disturbing, but... worse still, was the town... Made entirely of O-Obsidian. I w-wanted to run, and scream... Th-thinking of my homeland, and wh-what they're suffering... I was r-remembering the day I almost d-died to an o-obsidian shard. I wanted to r-run, but.... I felt Nichol's hand on m-my shoulder. It was a simple sh-show of support but... It m-meant so much to me. I was able t-to g-get my faculties together again and p-press onward..."   "And good th-thing too, as a Volcano e-erupted! Nichol... err, I mean, Fleur de Vide, sprung into action and was the first to arrive! The Unbeleafable Fleurette knew what kind of t-trouble would be there, so Moonlight Gale a-and I joined them in time. There was lava q-quickly moving down a path, and the Redcaps were the ones causing a path t-to the Kukla temple! If that g-gets destroyed, then the Redcaps h-here would have nothing to f-fear. It t-took a lot of Effort. Fleur de Vide u-used his powers to freeze up the Lava flow, I w-was able to support Midnight Gale on th-the attack, and to s-slow down the flow briefly b-by using a bomb arrow, thanks to Seth's bow he gifted me. I m-must thank him again for it. The Unbeleafable Fleurette was a-able to stave off the attackers from Fleur de Vide to p-perform his plans. Th-that's when the big battle with the giant Redcap happened."   "I w-was worried for a moment, but the group r-rallied together, our p-powers combined, we c-created an amazing w-weapon that destroyed the g-giant Redcap in a single s-strike!! The Shocking Radiant Diamond Lance! I-it was an incredible feeling, working to-together and saving the people! Th-they were more receptive to h-help afterwards. We w-were unable to help th-the faeries, but we were g-glad we got some alliances w-working! With K-Krieg's help b-back at home, and hopefully a lawyer, w-we intend to help th-them with their teeth problem via t-trading! Krieg is d-definitely the man for that, and I have n-no doubt it will go well!"   "During that a-adventure I felt... I felt m-more than who I am. I w-wasn't a Cog in the Machine... I f-felt like I was really something... I was so m-much more than myself, in my heart. It was a-all thanks to my friends th-that were there, and... My Sister. When I t-transformed, I saw my sister, Leah, in my heart, bolstering me to s-strive to be better, more c-courageous. It was f-for a brief moment, but it... I was s-so happy, seeing family a-again..."   "Leah, wh-whatever you are d-doing, wherever you m-may be.... Your b-brother misses you, Mom and Dad v-very much. I hope y-you're all okay, taking d-down those Obsidian Monsters b-back home.... and maybe one d-day, i'll get to see you again. You'll s-see how much I have improved s-since my days being made to b-become some repopulator-to-be. How w-with this crew, th-the people I care for, th-those who I like, a-and love... have made m-me a far b-better person than I used to be... and w-when we all r-reunite as a family..."   "...I h-hope you'll be proud of m-me."

Audio Recording #4: Facing the Giant
16th of October, 19xx

*Lio would turn on the recorder to begin his entry. He looked visibly rattled and shaken up, his voice trembling a lot more than usual.*   "I-I.... I am at a l-loss."   "This w-was supposed to be an e-exciting day. Raz, Tsoki, a-and I were to pitch our ideas f-for the Fishtinger r-robotics company. Admittedly I w-was worried when Pim arrived, h-having to pitch her the idea m-made more nervous than I sh-should've been... But I th-think it was going d-decently well enough!... And th-then it happened."   "An i-invasion from the Whales t-took place! I've... Never seen o-one before in person, and... It was t-terrifying meeting a foe w-well over 100 feet tall....O-officer Lore joined u-us in the battle, as the crew w-worked to protect the city."   "Th-the damage was severe, and w-we lost part of th-the city... and f-frankly, almost the entire city. We were a-able to pull through, but n-not without great difficulty. The Drones took away Raz's R-Retractable Anchor before it could be u-utilized. We r-rallied, and we were able to take them down, b-but that victory was short-lived. A powerful one among their number, th-the Erlking, was the one leading the invasion, and has n-noticed Lore's destruction of the Drone. He was not one to back d-down, and it took all we had just to knock h-him down."   "Afterwards, a g-giant machine arose f-from the center to fire upon th-the city, as th-the main flying b-battleship was attempting a p-powerful charged blast. Th-the crew was g-getting quite a bit of work done t-to delay and protect th-the city, as the rest of us m-moved towards the center machine when th-the Erlking resurfaced... He g-grabbed Raz, and I attempted to make him d-drop her. My o-ordinances worked to knock him down again, but he didn't drop h-her!... I-I got scared but, h-her main cockpit w-was well built enough for this, w-we worked together on them. I was a-able to k-keep myself from g-getting too s-stressed out, but..."   "Tsoki a-and Lore, meanwhile, were h-handling the big machine and d-did so easily, before moving to th-the giant ship. The Erlking r-resurfaced yet again afterwards, R-Raz in hand. He d-destroyed her mech entirely and sent her careening through th-the sky!... Pim c-came in just in time, h-however, to catch her in h-her own mech, a v-very heavily g-geared one as well. Seeing him d-do what he did, I-I briefly lost f-focus and u-used all I had to take the Erlking d-down once and for a-all... But n-not before he managed to set off a ticking t-time bomb..."   "Tsoki, d-daring as h-he always has been, w-went into the ship to diffuse the b-bomb after I figured o-0ut it was the sh-ship itself that was the bomb! W-with a l-little bit of encouraging w-words, though h-he didn’t need it with his kn-knowledge on Diffusing bombs, Tsoki w-was able to diffuse the b-bomb and easily get out, b-back on his mech and safely w-without nary a s-scratch on him! It w-was only one of th-the Whales, but it's clear w-we need as much power as p-possible to even stand a ch-chance... and Tsoki's m-mechs were definitely th-the best ones for th-the job. Th-they were quickly made a-and used to put out the f-fires and b-begin rebuilding th-the city's damaged sections. I-I was able to salvage The Button th-the Erlking used. It is a-a powerful and d-dangerous button. FAR t-too dangerous for a-anyone of us to u-use. At Midnight's s-suggestion, We a-are going to l-later attempt to break the button d-down to use in the r-repairing of the Reality D-detector from Adders. E-even if it doesn't work, kn-knowing that s-such a dangerous Button w-will never see th-the light of day is f-for the best."   “I h-have also decided not to d-destroy my own Mech. It m-may not have been good enough f-for the city, but I think wi-with enough time and e-energy, I think I can m-make it work well enough f-for myself to utilize in b-battle.”   "I c-can't relax, h-however. Not a-after what I saw... Th-the threat that it w-was just ONE o-of them... a-and Raz... She was almost... I-I couldn't do anything... Were it not f-for Pim, Raz w-would've been... sh-she would've....."   *Lio would be very quiet for a good few seconds, before walking over to turn off the recording. By the look on his face, his eyes were watery, as he seemed as though he was about to cry, before the recording cuts off.*

Audio Recording #3: Parks and Renovation
24th of September, 19XX

“W-well, today was a bit interesting…”   “I had a-arrived a bit late as I got news that th-the Captain’s home has been b-bombed! Thankfully no one was too seriously I-injured but there was a l-lot of reconstruction to be done. Admittedly I’m… not th-that great on architecture…”   “Thankfully M-Midnight was also aware of the crew’s glaring w-weakness on this department and got Rupert and Peanut to a-assist! With their help it was an easy t-task, and I have a feeling it was s-somehow even better than before! Rupert and Peanut have b-been quite the hard workers l-lately with all their digging and construction!”   “It turns out th-the engine was what got messed up on the s-submarine. Senior Officer Pi handled the r-repairs… which considering his propensity for using m-magical duct tape w-with repairs… scares me just a l-little bit…”   “I also w-worry about Royce. This is the second time h-he became a Wraith, and I’m worried th-that-”   *His words would stop suddenly as it seems someone opened his office offscreen, and Lio looks over to talk to them.* “I am a-almost done with the r-recording… Huh? Wh-who’s hospitalized….? What!?”   *Fear would suddenly be evident in Lio’s features as he hurriedly rushes to the recording device, abruptly turning it off.*

Audio Recording #2: Facing the Devil's Maw
21th of September, 19xx

"It seems I t-took today a bit more seriously th-than I thought."   "I decided t-to head to the B-Belle after my repair work. A-a lot of the crew's g-gear had some major d-damage with recent events, but I n-needed to make sure I did n-not overwork myself f-for the umpteenth time. I r-ran into Tsoki, Midnight, and Nichol th-there, surprisingly!"   "Tsoki's b-been through a lot i-in the last mission, and h-his visions had b-brought him a great deal of e-emotional strife as of l-late. I've n-never seen him so s-sad before... Thankfully we w-were able to cheer him up some. I w-won't get into detail of what he told u-us that he saw in his v-visions. Th-that's not my place to speak of. I'm g-glad we were able t-to help him feel better though! It h-helped that Nichol and I h-had a spar to do, for Tsoki and Midnight to w-watch a few officers face o-one another, h-heh!"   "...I just w-wished I handled i-it better."   "Nichol s-seemed to have figured a w-way to strike a b-bit of a nerve, giving m-me honorifics... Lord Levon, pfeh. I'm n-no Lord, or a-anything of the sort. Amel p-put it simply, and best; I'm a-a coward. I kn-know this too. I'm a c-coward who honestly... r-really hates being p-put on a pedestal. Th-that's not my place, n-nor would it ever be."   "I had already started that duel on the backfoot with that stuck in my head, and Nichol took advantage o-of it at the start by catching me o-off guard with h-his tail. I w-was able to get back my f-focus and was h-honestly gaining the upper hand, sticking to my pr-practice and formations w-with the shield I h-have been honing s-since getting the Rampart."   "...Then I was caught b-by another of Nichol's tricks in combat. I n-nearly went to ch-check on him, almost letting my worry get the b-better of me, and I thought I r-read the feint in time... but I only n-noticed one, not the other, and an uncomfortably h-hot pile of dirt was th-thrown in my face. I..."   "...I-I got so angry. L-Livid, even..."   "I d-dropped my shield and a-all sense of s-strategy m-must have left me a-as I just... S-screamed at him. Wh-whatever happened after that, I g-guess ended in my favor, as I s-saw him take a knee before I c-came to my senses. I h-hate getting like this. Why is i-it that these things affect me so fully? Sadness, Anger, Fear. I-I hate how terrible I a-am at keeping myself in ch-check when these things happen. If I-I am to b-be an officer, and th-therefore a-an example f-for the d-department I am a p-part of, I c-can't let myself do these th-things so often..."   "There's a-always room to improve, but I r-really need to figure this out sooner r-rather than later..."

Audio Recording #1: Risky Rifty Tech
5th of September, 19xx

*Lio takes a few steps back after the recording starts.*   "H-hello, this is Officer Lio Lewis Levon, a-attempting my first Audio Entry."   "I h-have been a part o-of the project h-headed by Midnight Erebus, c-creating Buoys that d-double as alerts w-within the rift. They w-were designed to find one th-thing in particular, as our current t-tests did not a-allow us to attempt f-further subjects of s-study, and time f-for them was short."   "The buoys t-turned out to be a risky sh-shot at first, but in the end, th-they are successfully placed in s-specific points, to m-monitor for the subject in q-question."   "I a-am thrilled to see others outside of the usual e-engineering and science d-departments coming up w-with crafty a-and very h-helpful ideas and i-inventions. It spurs m-me to work harder on my o-own! Midnight s-seemed particularly proud, and I do not b-blame him for being so! I hope th-this will be a start t-to get him out of his c-current situation."   "We h-have also learned alarming news about a c-creature that will be very important. I a-am admittedly worried over w-writing it down, l-lest it be c-copied on the Word Tree. I h-h-hope this sordid b-business can be handled s-swiftly, too much t-trouble has been as of late, too many m-mishaps and problems..."   "I will n-need to prepare for more, and now w-with this project completed, I will w-work on the next one, with Raz. She h-has come up with a-an interesting i-idea I would like to u-utilize on the field as soon a-as possible."   "O-Officer Lio Lewis Levon, s-signing off... Wait, h-how do I sign off on this o-oh wai-!"   *The device nearly hits the floor, but he catches it, turning it off in the stumble and near fumble.*

Coming Full Circle
4th of September, 19xx

"ew erwe beal ot esva ti!"   Today was the day of Tsoki's big presentation to King Reedi, for the kites of Pastura's tomorrow!...Or it would have been, had it not been for a most unusual situation. Tsoki forgot how to Kite! Reedi was fine with it anyway and left... which is good, I guess? But we needed to figure out what was wrong. Best way to go about it wound up being to head to Tsoki's world. So Midnight, Vatna, Officer Stein+, Ive, Amel, and I utilized the Airship to do so. It... was a concerning thing to attempt, but we had to do so quickly, so off we went.   On our way to his world, my Redcap Detector went off with a signal I've never seen before... Studying upon it, I learned the nature of it as we traveled our way there... The presence of the Bookwyrm. It was easy to assume the Librarian had struck Tsoki's world...   And sure enough, it was correct. The people of Tsoki's world were under the same unmotivated selves as the other planet that the Bookwyrm struck. We needed to find our way down to the Word Tree. After a... unexpected drop of frozen clouds onto the bottom of the chasm, we brought the Airship down to the bottom, and followed the path Tsoki claimed to the Word Tree.   The Word Tree was... so different from ours. Instead of Papers, there were giant acorns with runes of his world!... But the tree was dying, and falling apart. We began to work on fixing it, when a Rift Opened, with the Tree's Guardian falling in! Redcaps, and a giant... Unholy creature stepped out of it. We were able to take down the smaller Redcaps handily enough, but Midnight suffered some terrible damage from it. We didn't have time to assess the damage yet as the larger monster loomed...   We learned however, just how powerful Tsoki is when he has home field advantage. He jumped up and attacked the monster relentlessly, with the Tree's Guardian, having come out of it.. somehow with a Cybernetic eye, driving the monster back in the rift after that sufficient pummeling! It was a sight to behold, the drive one can have to protect that which they hold dear.   With that taken care of, however, we resumed repairing the tree... Admittedly, we did not know exactly what to do, but Amel and Vatna suggested, and executed, forming a chain between our Word Tree and Tsoki's, providing sap to revitalize it. Tsoki, Midnight and I, then followed up, restoring the Kite technology that was missing. We almost messed up, but regrouped and made sure we did this correctly. With the Word Tree restored as best as we could manage.   Tsoki was able to get one more disturbing vision. The Librarian has a Sapling, potentially another Word Tree, with the knowledge he has gained from Tsoki's world, and others. We do not know where he went next, but we need to prepare, all of us. On that note, we rushed back home, using the rift Vatna made. Thankfully we did NOT Damage our Word Tree on our return. The Scholars are definitely mad at us and I doubt I will be able to check in on them... well, ever... But at least we were able to warn them of the danger that is the Librarian. I will have to apologize to Quet, not being able to fulfill my promise to visit the tree anytime soon, if ever...   Interesting, how things come full circle, however. Tsoki saved our tree, and now we were able to return the favor and save his. This will probably have unusual results, as it did with ours, but to give theirs a new lease as he did with ours... It makes me proud. Proud of the crew I'm a part of, and the Friends I have. They mean the world to me, and together we are capable of such great things when things don't go completely chaotic.   "Ym fiel ofr eht Wandercrew, ofr hyet rae ym ymfial, ym efinsdr, ym olsev, dan ym ehtra."

Something Lost, Something Learned
1st of September, 19xx

In light of the events of the Librarian, I have doubled my efforts in my work. I took extra focus on the shield generators. The condition we all returned from that mission was far from ideal, looking absolutely ragged. Officer Quet and Senior Officer Vanderbilt both nearly died in the battle. I cannot let that happen again. If we're to do these improbable feats we throw ourselves into attempting, my work require Adaptation. I need to Improve. I absolutely MUST overcome my own weaknesses and...   My own weaknesses.   They are apparent, of that I know, but I never like to think about it. They tend to bring me down further into a spiral which usually requires someone else pulling me out of. Officer Busicon, Officer Quet, Midnight and Tsoki, the list goes on. They have always been there for me so many times when I get into these cycles... But I need to be better for them.   I need to be better for myself.   I am more than just a toolmaker, more than just some repairman. I am an Officer, and an Officer should lead by example. An Officer should stand proud, accept their decisions, both good and bad, and forge onward no matter what. I remember the day Quet became an officer at Carica's begrudging recommendation, and I promised them I would keep an eye on Quet for them and keep them safe... And I nearly failed. A mistake I do not wish to make again.   Just as they keep me afloat, I will make sure the others do not falter and sink. A saying I've heard in Liminal in particular has been sticking to me lately. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." That has never made more sense to me than when thinking of some of the remarkable things we have achieved as a crew. They are all capable of so many great things when they really put their heart into it, and I'll gladly give my all to see them all shine their brightest, as I have already done time and time again when things have gotten tough. I will not have anyone fall under my watch, this I solemnly swear.   I'll stand alongside them, a bulwark, that we all may tackle the challenges of Liminal and Beyond, and return home to tell the tales of our exploits.   I am Lio Lewis Levon, proud Lagora of Galenigare. Research and Development Officer of the Wandercrew. I will yield to no man, monster, or inner doubt.   I mean honestly, I can garner the courage to actually wear a dress to a party, I should have no reason to be doubting myself over anything at this point!

What Was Lost
29th of August, 19xx

"...era ew usjt ofosl yinplag ehor...?"   What just happened...?   We traveled to a planet that was... Devoid of, well, anything. Emotion, Energy, all of it seemed drained. We were able to link this to a source out in the Rift, so we followed it to find a... Bookwyrm? I've never seen the like before, and it was a terrifying sight. The creature was the biggest I've ever seen, towering over our ship without issue. Officer Quet, Seth, Senior Officer Vanderbilt, and Senior Officer Tea ventured into the heart of the Wyrm to meet with someone. They told us their name was The Librarian.   According to the reports, the Librarian claimed they were a collector of stories, hearing the words of others to copy down and add to their collection, but it was a farce. In truth, they were a thief, stealing the stories and tales of planets they visit with the Bookwyrm, leaving it devoid of any and all emotion and energy, from what I witnessed in the planet... A great battle ensued, both in the Wyrm and in the Sub, with Paper Knights fighting us relentlessly. Midnight and Raz were instrumental in keeping the sub from taking too much damage, and help from the Jewels at an opportune moment help tip the scales in our favor within the Submarine.   Despite our best efforts, however, the Librarian managed to escape, and the Bookwyrm with it. I do not know what we were fighting to protect in there... But the Knights we destroyed were stories themselves. They reminded me of Quet, and the thought of what we did to the knights, destroying their stories once and for all... I feel disgusted. I worry how Quet will handle this, having never experienced something quite like this, none of us have.   Seth managed to save a tome, however. A Holy text depicting a religion of another world, mentioning a bee-like deity. The tome itself is known as the Beeble, and at the very least, we managed to get something away from that Librarian. But the Planet... It did not improve. In fact, I feel it's worse than ever before, and it was because we couldn't stop the Librarian.   My Senior Officer, Royce Vanderbilt... Whatever the Librarian did to him within the Bookwyrm, he seemed to have lost just about all knowledge of the Submarine. I... Am terrified of the notion that I know more of the Submarine than the actual creator of it now. We need to help him relearn it all somehow, be it intuitive, teaching, or getting what the Librarian stole. I fear what we must face when the Librarian has such knowledge at their disposal.   There is too much work to be done in the wake of this monster's actions, and nowhere near enough time to do it. It's time I roll up my sleeves and focus.

For the Sake of Others
27th of August, 19xx

I’m terrible at not working, clearly.   The books and tomes I have studied whenever I’ve not been at work detail methods and incantations. Ways to channel one’s energy as a source of comfort, to soothe what ails the injured, the infirm, and the impaired. {Tawh ofolshi daverneo rae uyo nyrgit onw?}   The Doctors of Liminal have various incredible ways of providing succor, from the fantastical to the… disgusting. But these methods are none that I can achieve. {uyo rae ernev oging ot eb nigtyha, omnro.}   So I have taken it upon my own studies to learn the ways of the healers, to be able to help others as well… and maybe inspire some of the crew to do the same? {hyw oduwl oeynan veer eb erispidn yb uyo?}   An officer should strive to do their utmost, not just for themselves, but for the sake of others. I’m not as thorough as Officer Positive, nor am I worldly and knowledgeable of Liminal like Doctor Ento. But maybe I can at least help lighten the load for them? I think that’s how I can help the Doctors of the crew.

Questionnaire Pt.5 (101-120)
? of ?, 19xx

101. Are you from Liminal? If not, where are you from and what makes your world unique? - I'm from another planet called Atlas. My homeland is Galenigare, within the city of Ukko, and the various species from very diverse lands make Atlas unique in my opinion.   102. What are some places in your world that you have been to? What specifically makes them unique? - I've never left my homeland of Galenigare prior to winding up in Liminal, but the mostly underground nation has such unique creatures adapted to the land, they are a sight to behold.   103. Is there somewhere specific that you favor in particular? Tell us about it. - There was an underground spring that I loved to visit with my sister, Leah. We used to stick around and play there whenever we had a chance away from our duties and work. In Liminal, however, visiting the village of the Wolpertingers have been something I've done often. It's where I've felt most at home, barring the Silver Thimble and my actual home.   104. Is there somewhere specific that you hate? Why? - I don't have any particular places I hate yet... After all, I still have a lot to see.   105. How about a place you haven’t been to yet but you have always wanted to visit? - There's too many possibilities to consider... But if I wind up back home during these various rifts... maybe getting to see the Eastern Kingdom would be quite nice.   106. Are you a typical individual for your world? Is there some significant way you consider yourself to differ from your societal norms? - As far as Galenigare is concerned, I am a typical individual. However, I am a Male. The ratio of Male to Female is heavily skewed towards females with my species, which makes me somewhat of a rarity in that regard.   107. What makes you stay with the crew rather than stay in one place? Is there something that would make you leave? - The crew has become like a second family to me, and I would not leave them. Nothing would make me want to leave if I can help it, but I wouldn't mind some people from home coming here...   108. What do you find interesting or what theories do you have in regards to all the rifts that open in Liminal? - The Rifts are a mysterious entity to me that is a subject of much wonder. Officer Stein-Positive in particular can work with Rifts in unusual ways that leaves me so very curious.   109. Do you believe that closing the rifts is the best long term solution or do you think there are other possibilities to explore? - No, not anymore. There's more to the Rifts than we know, and just closing every one is not the way to go about it.   110. Do you have any particular thoughts about the Redcaps? - The redcaps are a dangerous menace that needs to be stopped. Their insatiable hunger for blood is a threat to all that are in their sights.   111. What is your relationship with your home? Do you want to return? Is there something keeping you from doing so? Or is there a reason you are satisfied to simply stay with the crew? - I love my home of Galenigare, and my family within. I would like to visit again sometime, but I would not want to live there, not anymore. Living here, I can be who I truly wish to be, and not be simply a tool for population.   112. What is your role among the crew and why did you choose this role? - I am the Research and Development Officer of the crew. Working with tools and inventions are what brings me joy, and seeing them working for the betterment of Liminal's people is a wonderful feeling.   113. In what ways do you fulfill your role in the crew? Is your role one that might have a lot of downtime? If so, what duties do you perform to fill in that downtime? - I am constantly maintaining the crew's various gadgets and trying to find improvements to them, as well as maintaining the Submarine. I occasionally have downtime, but I usually fill it with more work or studying.   114. On a mission, what is your ideal loadout to bring along? What things would you like to carry with you, even if you might not necessarily currently have access to them? Why these particular items? - My crystal Spear, my 8-Bit Halo, and Mama Parse's Shawl are usually what I bring with me to missions, they tend to be what I mainly need. If I could carry all my tools, I would, but that would be a bit Impractical.   115. Sometimes the crew can get a bad reputation. How much does this matter to you and why? - I don't want the crew to have a bad reputation. I know we could be a team that can better Liminal, but it requires the trust of the others.   116. Were you a part of the crew before the Admiral was killed? If so, what were your thoughts on finding out the truth about their motives for the crew and did it leave any lasting effect on you? - I was a part of the crew during that time... I feel disgusted over the late Admiral Taupe's actions... but also myself. In my effort to want to help the crew, I wound up recording data for them, not realizing it was a trick to get more info. I had for a time considered quitting the crew after being an unwitting pawn. It still disgusts me to this day.   117. A police force organization by the name of Starlight has a particular dislike for the crew and does not seem to like the crew interacting with the rifts. Have you had any interactions with them and what are your thoughts of them so far? - I've had multiple interactions with them so far, and we have had rough outings with them. I hope however, that we can be on the same side, as there are worse threats out there than our teams bickering and fighting.   118. Who on the crew have you formed a close relationship with? Tell us about this relationship. - Midnight Erebus, I've been very close with. He has been guiding me, keeping me from making mistakes, and I value his counsel greatly. I would like to be closer to Akhana and Pim... hopefully some day...?   119. As a player, what is your goal for your character? What would you like to see them pursue or what do you hope to get out of your character? - [As a Player, I want Lio to be a helpful character to the team, providing support whenever he can. I hope he goes find what he seeks, even if he doesn't know what he seeks yet at times.]   120. Do you have any special traits that might not be apparent just from an initial glance? Is there a particular reason you know of for having these traits? - I... Occasionally have a change in my demeanor very suddenly when things get serious. I've been able to really gather my courage when it really matters... Though I don't think that's anything special.

Long, Long Ago
18th of August, 19xx

"...locud ryt gninsig no ym entx tivsi?"   Music classes with Senior Officer Ceylon have been a helpful alternative to just worrying, or working, day in and day out, though at times I don't realize how beneficial it really has been. Lately, with me trying to do more things, returning to my music practices, my costume collecting hobby, and getting to know more people, It really makes me think of how I got here, the places I've been to back at home, and the two that have always been close to me growing up.   The music class this month has had an important lesson with how I have been at the moment. To tie the song 'Long, Long Ago' to something, or someone, important in my own life. To make it my own. Thinking about it, my time growing up back at home wasn't all bad. Far from it, my childhood I felt was such a fun, wonderful time. It was definitely thanks to my Sister, and our childhood friend, that really made it such a fond childhood to look back on... My interpretation of the song will be about them.   Leah and Clark are the friends I have loved, Long, Long ago, Long, along ago. There was no cave we three would not have roved, Long, Long ago, Long, Long ago. One was real careful, and one was so sly, There were no secrets that we couldn’t pry, They were the wind that would help my soul fly, Long, Long ago, Long ago.   Gemstones and Flowers, we gathered for home, Long, Long ago, Long, Long ago. Galenigare’s meadows, we would roam, Long, Long ago, Long ago. Sweetheart, O’ Dear Heart, won’t you sit with me? Hear the friends whom that have shaped me to be, The person that stands here now, before thee, Long, Long ago, Long ago.   ...I wonder if that will go well in the music class? And I wonder if maybe... Yeah! I'll sing it to Pim the next time I visit the her and Officer Positive. I never did tell her of my interest in music and my flute playing. I think she wouldn't mind, right?

Addicted to Failure
14th of August, 19xx

"...m'i a tufiplu cexeus of a eorlv."   Things never seem to go well for the people here in Yoke.   The crew was task to check on Yoke once more. The nation has been on such terrible times ever since that failed rebellion attempt caused a flood that killed thousands of people. A strange illness seems to be plaguing the nation now, however. Two of the crews doctors, Officer Positive, and Reliene, as well as Ento and Pim, went into Yoke itself to figure out the root of it. The rest of the crew were ordered simply to wait unless needed.   I wish I had gone with them.   At some point, a giant Lippy creature appeared, rampaging in the city. There wasn't much we could do from our end, and the only support I could do is by way of Ive. She's a great shot, that much is certain, and the team out there were clearly able to defeat it, bringing it back to what it should be.   It turns out to be one of their former crewmates, the same one who used the corpse of the traitor, Admiral Taupe, as a sort of 'skin'.... It turns out she was lippified to an extreme, and they were somehow able to fix the mistake caused, getting rid of the strange 'illness' in Yoke.   The people of Yoke treated us as the enemy, and the crew intended to leave... But then we all crashed into Yoke. Something affected the cockpit and caused the people within it to sleep, and we crashed shortly after.   Pim was infected with something... terrible, and it seems she is addicted to the substance that makes up of Officer Positive. What in the hell happened down there? Why are they infected? Three doctors and somehow all this happened? What the hell did B do to her?   I should have gone there with them... Tsoki and Midnight called me a Paladin back at the Belle... They're wrong. I'm no Paladin, otherwise I would have protected her, like a Paladin in tales do. I'm just a tool-maker, and I should stay in my lane after this is all figured out.   I'm going to figure out a way to help her, I'll ask for Vatna and Quet's help on this... But maybe she should probably seek someone more capable than me.   A failure like me doesn’t deserve her.

Time Away From Work
13th of August, 19xx

I wonder what I should do?   I’ve been pondering over a few things ever since the ‘date’ in Exuvia. Aside from the moment where we shared the dinner together, it was… not very romantic at all. Terrifying and Horrible, really. I messed up horribly on that date, and I… well, I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t want to attempt a date ever again.   I want to make it up to her, and do things right. She deserves that much and more. But where do I go? The beach was dangerous. The bay was how this whole mess started…   I wonder if I can find a way to take her somewhere different, a place only for us to be there and away from so many mishaps…   I know I can figure this out for a date proper… Maybe guide her to the place I go to for peace?

Tinger and the Bun
12th of August, 19xx

"...sikdes Pim ofr eht rfits meti."   What a chaotic, unexpected way for a first date to go...   Midnight, Vatna, Ive and Amel were, as this whole day turned out, were all working together to make sure Pim and I make it to the restaurant at the end of the strange dungeon of Exuvia. We had only a few hours to make it, and we could not be in our uniforms, and instead needed to be in proper restaurant attire throughout the entire dungeon, so we had little time to waste.   The bottom floor was filled with shells that would cause a shark to strike if anyone makes a noise. Vatna and Pim were both attacked, but otherwise we were able to make it through. We were well stocked with medical supplies at least, so we treated our wounds and continued on.   The next floor had many armored knight statues that... weren't just statues. I was struck by one and nearly flattened, were it not for Pim's quick rescue. Vatna was able to harness a giant Key-Blade and use it to get through to a teleporter, after which Pim absolutely decimated the knights... As strong as she is beautiful... Anyway! Vatna was able to find an unusual circlet that seems to have a connection to someone! I wonder how Vatna and that new friend of his is doing?   The third floor was an icy path with no rails, and a long way down to the ocean, along with strange penguin-like monsters and a giant demon that... wanted to tickle us? I don't know what THAT would entail, but we chose to deal with the penguins... or rather I did, by yelling them off the platforms. Midnight and Vatna were able to get us through the floor easily, and we even snagged a lot of gold and an Ice Staff on the way! Or rather, Amel did. She grabbed it without a moment's hesitation. It's... very cold around Amel now.   The Fourth Floor was an Elevator Puzzle which was definitely more my speed! Skeletons attacked, but Vatna, Ive, Amel, and Midnight handled them swiftly! I was able to solve the puzzle with little trouble and we proceeded on!   The Fifth Floor however... was an entirely different beast altogether... There were various deadly traps every which way, and ruling over it is a bunny butcher, Guy was his name and his pet cockatrice, Wings... That monster almost killed Pim, and I... I got so angry... One moment, I saw him attacking her and the next... He was a headless body on the ground... The others managed to take down the cockatrice, Wings.   We finally made it to the restaurant, and not a moment too soon, either. The ticket almost burned out our signatures! But we made it! The dinner itself started... chaotically. Vatna argued with the waitstaff a bit over his food, and the table Pim and I were eating at accidentally caught fire, destroying her dish entirely! Mine came out perfectly fine, so I moved myself over to her side and shared the meal with her, a wonderful linguini with clam sauce. Vatna and Midnight decided during that dinner to serenade for Pim and I, embarrassing me to no end, for sure....   At one point, an extra long strand of linguini happened to be in both our mouths, and at one point... our lips connected. Pim didn't back down, and as surprised as I was.... I didn't either. It would be my first kiss, and it would be with Pim, the one I love.   As chaotic and almost tragic as this could have been, in the end, we had our date, and we shared a kiss... I did not think a fateful spill into a rift would have brought me here... But if it means spending time with her, I'd gladly weather any trial. She means the world to me, and I can only hope she sees me in even half of such a light as I see her.   I love you, Pim.

12th of August, 19xx

Nerves. It’s nothing new to me, I’m usually nervous, or stressed over something. But this is new, not being stressed over work, or myself, but over another. One I wish to be able to fight alongside, to spend time with her and see her happy. Is this what love is? It’s such a very strong emotion, but I need to temper it, lest I overheat.   In my apartment, I don something I don’t usually use, but it has brought me comfort in multiple occasions: a hooded cloak with an unusual, yet strangely adorable, pink flamingo design and pattern. I take a moment and engage in a bit of meditation.   As I meditate, I am brought to the idyllic ground I’ve grown accustomed to when I do this: a peaceful green grassland, stretching as far as the eye can see. An occasional flamingo can be seen walking around, which is unusual, but that may be simply a product of the unusual happenings of the Liminal Plane?   As I meditate, 3 figures hover in front of me. I’m not a religious Lagora, but there are still things I believe in. My family has always been a source of strength and knowledge, and today is no different. I look up to them, Mother, Father, and Leah smiling softly to them, and I ask them a simple question, but for once, one that I ask in earnest.   “Am I following the path to my Happiness?”

An Invitation
9th of August, 19xx

Pim,   I am writing this letter to you quickly to extend my hand for an invitation I was given. A place known as Exuvia has a restaurant, one unique to the plane. It is said a wish can be granted there, though the food is so delicious, most simply wish for more!   It requires overcoming a dungeon, with five layers of difficulty, and many have failed trying, leaving many belongings behind...   Midnight was given a reservation for four, and has picked me as one of the other three to go with him.   I... I would like us to go together. It is a tough challenge for sure, maybe even one that some might consider impossible, considering how the story behind it is sounding. But... I believe we can do this. I trust in your abilities, and I think it would be a wonderful date when we get there. I hope you feel the same trust in me too.   Lio.

A Perfect Storm
7th of August, 19xx

"...LETO si ykoa!"   We've finally took the matter of the Storm as priority. Heading to the source, the land party had gone to handle what was causing the storm to stay put, while the rest of us worked on keeping the populace safe. The strange 'Lippies' I recall getting attacked by during the 2-D world were there, with shells and crab-like legs. A horrifying sight to be sure, but Vatna and I were able to destroy them handily, by luring them with a sigil into a fiery rift, and sealing it once every Lippy was properly dealt with.   The storm had gotten intense eventually however, crashing into the church the party went to. We were able to retrieve the party, though the people in the Church I was told were annihilated from the blasts... A strange laser then shot out of the church, risking damaging Liminal irrevocably! Pim and Akhana however, destroyed the Laser without a second of hesitation. The way they worked together was so enthralling to watch... But there was a task at hand!   A Manaticore was within the eye of the storm, fighting fiercely to protect the anchors of the storm. As we fought it however, Officer Joaquin was able to find out it wasn't trying to hurt us, it just wanted to be safe... We changed our plan accordingly, and were able to bring him, Maverick as we learned his name was, to safety.   From there on, it was all up to LETO. They jumped into the eye of the storm after I had managed to shield him, and we could do nothing but wait... It was such a tense moment for all involved, everyone was holding their breath, holding onto one another and just hoping... And then, it happened.   LETO Absorbed the storm into themselves, becoming stronger than they have ever been! We saw them fly to safety on their own! Officer Vanderbilt I know must be so proud of LETO and what they've accomplished!   In amidst of that tense moment however, it occurred to me that I was... holding Pim's hand. I was so worried I messed up, but she wasn't upset at all or anything. I... I asked her out on a date when we got back to Silver Thimble, and she... She said yes! In fact, she apparently wondered why I took so long to ask!   Frankly, it was because I didn't think someone like myself, who knows next-to-nothing about love deserves to be with someone so confident and strong like her... But she didn't think that way, not at all. She really does want to spend time with me.   I need to prepare for this proper.

6th of August,19xx

“…I hiktn I ma ni eolv, Leah…”   It has been some time since I’ve been a part of the Wandercrew, and there have been various adventures and circumstances that have been wild. Some triumphant, some catastrophic, and all in between. From losing the Sub, to rebuilding the new one, it has been an adventure unlike any other.   Nothing however prepared me for the current journey I may undertake.   A tall woman, whom I’ve had the fortune of joining her on missions a few times. Her shape… well, I’ve heard of some ‘shapes’ based on the novel I had read… But ‘Hourglass’ doesn’t describe her, for no ‘shape’ would do her justice. She’s one of a kind in my eyes.   She has wings with the same wonderfully Tawny tone as her skin and fur, and a tail that trails down towards the ground before it curves up. A pair of striking antlers adorn her head by her ears, proudly above hair as green as the abundant forest home she’s from. And her eyes… such dazzling mint green eyes…   I had no idea what this all meant. I’d never met someone whose… whose beauty, is just so prominent and appealing from first sight. So I asked a close friend, Midnight, over this, what this meant. He helped me understand what is going on. And with the Novel I am studying, I think I understand, being something that occurred at first sight, and these feelings only grew stronger over time.   I think… No, I’m certain… I’m simply in love with Pim.

To Pim and Ento
24th of July, 19xx

Dear Pim and Ento,     I write this letter to you to bring you news of great import, wherever you both may be. Your aunt and Father, Aspara and Gus, have been found.   A training session conducted by Myself, Officer Vernix, Officer Stein-Positive, Tsoki Chatterfang, and Officer Nari led to the discovery of Gus and Aspara deep within the forest of your homeland. They had been in another Rift for three years, but had recently found their way back here. The forest is safe again now, and the family have been reunited.   You both should go visit home at your earliest convenience. I’m certain they both miss you two very much, and you both must have missed them dearly. A family reunion is in order, I would imagine.   Sincerely, R&D Officer Lio L. Levon

A Raucous Reunion
24th of July, 19xx

"...onetarh fesa nadl, onetarh payhp lifmya, Leah."   This has been quite the adventure, to say the least. Mama Parse, wanting to ensure her children are more prepared for the future, requested I instruct them as they clear the forest of the strange plants that plague it. I had been able to bring Officer Vernix, Officer Stein-Positive, and Tsoki Chatterfang of Communications along to assist in the matter. Bech, Amel, Ol, Ive, Mozzer, and Ella were q-quite ready, with proper tools for th-the job, even!   Th-the training began... rather chaotically, with the first plant we came across getting the jump on us, but with Vatna's restorative music, and the children's rather quick responses to our instructions, they weeded out the first one rather well despite that! Amel in particular, who rifled through Vatna's pockets without him realizing, managed to make a fire bomb to destroy it. Amel's rather clever! We then kept to the healing flowers until we were all set. I hope with the classes, I can bring about a measure of assured purpose with my own music like Vatna has with his.   Parse spoke to us about her husband, Gus, and his sister, Aspara. To have lost them for over three years... I wonder if that's how my family feels over my absence. How long has it been for them since I fell through the rift and into Liminal...?   We continued on into the forest and met a few giant hedgehogs about to eat one of the plants! Thankfully Mozzer, with Krieg's guidance, were able to convince them it is unsafe. Krieg even offered treats to make up for it to the hedgehogs.   When we made it further north to a giant hole, Ol and Ive were up, but before they could attempt, Ol fell into the hole! I... Didn't think, but I just shielded myself and jumped down to rescue Ol. Thankfully Vatna jumped with to keep us both from being too injured and we managed to keep Ol safe. It was then both Vatna and I have heard a voice. A sudden change of plans, but we all ventured down to the source of the voice, and the result... Must have been such a shock to the family.   It was both Gus, and Aspara, the children's missing Father and Aunt who have been gone for over three years! I still don't understand how I look anything like him, we couldn't be more opposite, really! They were facing the giant plant in there which had been the source of all these strange plants in the forest! I don't know what came over me, but seeing the family together after they've been separated, it lit a fire in me. I heard my voice as I bellowed out and worked to inspire the Matriarch of the family, while Tsoki rallied the children. Tsoki is honestly really good at motivation and bringing out the best in people, I've noticed. Crabert even was there, ready to fight! I don't know how Crabert manages to sneak around so easily, but I need to thank Lore again when I see her.   As we faced these plants, and the big one itself made their presence known, it was getting a bit tough as it was striking at everyone with an unexpected accuracy. Tsoki in particular was really hurt... But an unexpected hand arrived, or apparently drove! Officer Nari came through and absolutely crushed the monster with a powerful combination strike! It was amazing to see...   We had thought it done once the giant monster was destroyed, but a redcap attempted to attack us!... One Tsoki just shot without a second thought, thankfully. We all moved to close the rift and... I nearly fell in. I must have been more exhausted than I realized... Thankfully Tsoki was quick on his feet and saved me. I owe him, big time.   Vatna closed that Rift, but using silver, we learned a very unusual truth. Closing Rifts with Silver turns the rift into a sort of.. Door. We can now open and close it ourselves at will, but only if opened to the right frequency and tune set when the door is first made. Another question answered with many more added to the Rifts...   I gave Akhana half of my share of the treasure Gus had brought from the Rift he and Aspara got out of. Akhana deserves as much of a share as the rest of us, and she did so with such aplomb...   Seeing Parse's family reunited was so uplifting to see!... Yet at the same time, it hurt me so much to watch. I hope my family back in Ukko will be okay, and they find their way to keep marching on until I can speak to them again... And I hope I can find my happiness here in Liminal. I need to seek something like that for myself, to really be happy with a family so close-knit, a circle of love and joy that can't be replicated or replaced. It sounds wondrous.

An Unknown Science
20th of July, 19xx

“…Hatw od I od, Leah?”   The day was a busy, but fruitful one, getting the Blade ready. It should be set for Nichol soon. The projects for the World Fair ought to be ready as well. It will be great for their ideas to be out there, maybe earn the interest of Liminal! I’m happy to have lent a hand where I could.   As I was going about my day, I had come across Midnight working on his project. Originally it was us speaking of the projects, but as time went on, we spoke about home, food, and other things. Once more, I was brought a question I just don’t know the answer to: What do I want for myself? I know what I want to do for the Crew: give it my all for them, and I know I want to be a part of greater and greater inventions and projects. But… What do I want for myself?   I’m a stranger to love. Where I am from, I was to have my role in population, as few men there are among my species. It was a duty, and thus I did not find the concept of being with another appealing. But in Liminal, I'm not bound by that duty. I can be with who my heart feels is right, so love who I wish to love… but how do I go about this? How do I know what my heart wants, when I don’t even know?   Midnight intends to take me to places where I can talk to people and figure it out… And yet I’m not sure. There are those among the crew I know I’ve felt differently to, but I don’t want to bother them. They have more important things to do, I’m sure. I don’t want to waste their time.

Taking Teeth for Granted
18th of July, 19xx

"ohep htat envre ensphap ginaa, Leah..."   I should have known something was wrong.   I've always kept a keen eye on how much I drink, something was wrong with it, and I woke up missing my two front teeth!!   I got off easy, compared to others, however. Officer Lore, and Tsoki both were completely toothless! Thankfully there were crew members on the case to solve it. Turns out Cree, the moth woman who was with us during the Pixelated world rescue, was the one responsible, using our teeth to summon a Kookla! Such blatant disregard for people... I can understand wanting to help the people... But the way they have gone about this was inexcusable... She was arrested and her ritual was put to a full stop.   Thanks to their effort, we were all able to get our teeth back, and we were able to have them recovered rather quickly! I'll have my mouth back to normal soon enough!   I am still very mad that someone just took teeth from my mouth like that... the nerve of some people...

Some Assembly Required: An Inventor's Dream
17th of July, 19xx

"ti si nedo, Leah!"   It's done! It's finally done! The HTML Wanderpus has been rebuilt, and better than ever! There's so much it can do now, I'm so excited to have been a part of such a wondrous vessel's construction!   The Submarine's Hull has been reinforced with stronger metals. The Med-Bay has been rebuilt with a new Pathogen Lab extension. The Beds and their special materials have been rebuilt. The Jukebox is fully functional again. The Engines have a new, fuel efficient, and eco-friendly method of ionizing instead of melting silver for its energy. The Bread Kiln has been reapplied, with a Donut Fryer attachment, after the incident which destroyed the last one involving Senior Officer Pi. Turbo Engines have been added. The 'tentacles' of the ship now have the ability to allow the ship movement on land, making for easier deployment and retrieval of crew members. Two extendible grabber hands have been added, shaped in full hands for better grip and control. A Cloaking System has been installed into the ship. Retractable Wings allow flight for the vessel. A new Switchboard has been added with improved functionality. A Torpedo Bay has been added to the ship, usable in Launching the aforementioned Torpedoes, As well as the new Escape Pods, and even Deployment of smaller Land Vehicles for land missions! A new Weapon and Explosives Storage room has been added, with a shielding encasing the Engine above it, should the storage get damaged. It is also able to be segmented off, for extra safety should it be compromised. Art of the Captain has been added to the side of the ship... Style Points, I guess?   It's such an astounding submarine now... well, it's far more than a submarine now, calling it such would be an insult! ...And I was a part of it's creation.   I... I never thought I'd be able to be a part of something so grand before. I'd laugh and say it was naught but a dream... but it isn't. I really helped make it.   Mom, Dad, Leah... I know you might never get to see it... But I really hope you're proud of me.

Wandervania: Symphony of the Nightcap
15th of July, 19xx

"...evnre ewkn tsju owh edivra dorlws anc eb!"   I had strange nightmares, followed by an even stranger adventure. People chanting in prayer, monsters attacking and destroying everything in sight, and a Dark Castle looming over it all... This horrible dream was felt by everyone in Silver Thimble, and we had to put this to rest. I was originally assigned to be a part of the crew on the ship while four of the combat specialists would make landfall and solve the issue, as per usual... But due to a bit of an error, I was one of the folks in the combat team? I... Was worried, to say the least. Combat is not my field of expertise! But regardless, I did not protest, and exited the ship with Officer Stein-Positive of the Airship's Navigation team, Zacna Midrad of Security, and now fully recovered Officer Gavon of Security.   The world itself was strange. We were all... blocky, and flat looking! When I asked about this later, I was told we were... Pixelated? Like in a video game, whatever that may be. I was curious! But I digress. A giant spider(?) was on the moon, with a battalion of ghosts(?) that attempted to destroy the town. The Crew on the airship dealt with them while we continued on foot. We first came up against a living tree, swinging it's branches, as well as gravestones in a dangerous fashion. We were able to defeat it, though Vatna and Corzipa took a hit. We had no time to rest, however, so we continued onward.   Ahead was a strange river with logs and attacking fishfolk, who attacked in a specific pattern. Officers Stein-Positive and Gavon kind of made it a game on who could get the fishfolk down first. I think Vatna got one more down than Corzipa did, but it was rather close. Vatna was able to find out that the river wasn't actually a river, and it would lead to an endless chasm if fallen into... Zacna however, was able to attach a hook to the other side and we shimmied across, all of us without nary a scratch that time!   Further along, we faced a giant knight...or rather, a suit of autonomous armor, wielding a mace that's got to have been at least multiple times my size. It was pretty scary, to say the least! Vatna and Corzipa took dangerous hits, Corzipa especially! She's strong, however; she took the hit and made it to an advantage, toppling the entire knight down!.... On poor Zacna, but the two of them together destroyed it!... Or so we thought.   As we continued down the castle, there were many skeletons blocking the path. Vatna, upon seeing the Knight reanimated and attempting to attack us, utilized a Sigil to make the Knight destroy the skeletons! Though we had to make a run for it, else we would be next!   We had to climb a strange clock tower afterwards, with these strange, giant lipped heads floating by! I got struck twice by them, and by body felt rather sensitive to contact from the 2nd one... but thankfully it was temporary. I still went to the medical ward afterwards, to make sure it did not leave any lasting effects. Officer Gavon managed to find an enchanted axe on the way, no doubt it will be helpful for what lies ahead!   Finally, we made it to the top of the castle, and the throne room itself. a caped monarch was leading the attack... which turned out to be a talking Redcap! Upon seeing that thing... I don't know, but I felt a sort of righteous conviction, if that makes sense. I was focused on destroying it. The source of this world's terror being these blasted Redcaps, it had to be destroyed. We fought the caped Redcap, finding another powerful weapon to use during the fight thanks to Vatna, but as soon as I slammed my Hammer onto the Redcap, something unexpected happened...   The Redcap was... just a vessel. A shell for what it truly was: a Four-winged Angelic being composed of naught but a giant eye. The ensuing battle was fierce, but thanks to the team's efforts, and some tasty candy to keep us energized, we destroyed it for good! When it was destroyed, Two of the wings' power was granted to Vatna, while the other two were granted to Zacna. Corzipa and I must have received a fragment of the barrier which surrounded the Eye itself, as a pixelated halo floats above our heads now. The Halo.. I feel it protects me as well, along with the Shawl given to me by Mama Parse, they work in tandem.   I cannot rest on these laurels, however. A triumph to be sure, to save the people of that world from the Redcap, but this is one of many. People need help, both in Liminal and beyond. I can only hope I can be that Bulwark, that Shield, for those who need it. Perhaps when the Submarine is complete, all of us can contribute even more to Liminal, and beyond. I need to remember I am not by myself in this. We're a crew, after all. Together we can accomplish a lot, I just know it!

A Mind for Machines, an Ear for Music
4th of July, 19xx

"....htsi aym eb htaw eht odorct edrored!"   Work is definitely picking up in the Wanderpus... The Rift above the city is still prevalent, the Submarine is working on being built, and now the strange elevator. I'm not sure what to make of this...   Three strange men decided to just give me schematics for an elevator, for a way to go down to the rift in the bay. The sudden appearance and departure of their visit makes it pretty known its not much of a choice, as this is something for the City. Either we build it, or someone else will... As a result, myself along with the other Engineers, are working on both the Submarine and Elevator. I'm worried some of the other crew members are going to be run ragged from all this...   While I was working on these however, I was visited by Officer Ceylon. She gave me some earrings, claiming it'll help me sleep. I am not sure how good of an idea this is considering how much needs to be done, but it would be rude not to at least use them once for when I do get some rest. More importantly however, She is setting up a music class of sorts for people among the Crew can discover more of themselves. I readily agreed to take part, and am looking forward to seeing who else joins in.   ...I hope they won't find my attire too odd when I play music with them...

26th of June, 19xx

What’s wrong with me?   I felt myself getting so… angry, over Tattoo’s words…. But what if those words are correct? Maybe I’m a big contributor to the problem, not the solution? I’m to blame for suggesting the Plant should have been studied in the submarine and caused the chain of events that brought out the storm. I wound up just being a part of a party instead of helping with the anomaly in Tsoki’s world like I should have been.   The group that went out there today did their work and they did it well. They didn’t need the rest of the crew. Are we all just that much of a nuisance to the world, or is it a select few?   Carica told me that I am more than the sum of my parts, but are they wrong? Am I less than that now? Am I just more of a detriment the longer I am here?         Am I useless?

To Meet One's Heroes
18th of June, 19xx

"...odn't hitnk I liwl erev etg sdue ot htat..."   I've visited another world.   This world was high up, above the clouds. The people there were squirrel-like, and there were many of them. It was a world that... we in a big way, were responsible for. They had B+'s notes, and from those, they created a civilization with our technology... or at least the best they could. It was amazing to witness, how prosperous they were. What was a bit less so was how they saw us.   To them, we were as gods. It was frightening to be thought of that way. I don't think I deserve that kind of worship or recognition, not even a fraction of that... But to see them happy, I couldn't get myself to break their spirits or hopes. I helped Quet do their studying while seeing to the people there who spoke to me.   The group went down to check the anomaly and.... Well, somehow they brought it to Liminal, nearly destroying the Word Tree. Were it not for Chatterfang's skills, we may have very well lost all of the memories ever written down... a terrifying thought to think about...   The Anomaly, in the end, was removed from their world, and they can return to things being peaceful. We somehow returned with a veritable Mountain of silver, and a new engine, though its glow is... strange to me. Perhaps the product of another world doing their best at replicating the engine? Regardless, what we have for the Submarine's rebuilding is here, and aside from small things here and there for us to look for, the work can begin apace.   It is time I get serious and really focus on the Submarine now. There's work to be done.

Checking on the Herd
18th of June, 19xx

To Parse:   I hope the letter arrives to you safely. The storm has finally passed here and aside from minor damage to the buildings, it seems no one was injured… except for one of my superiors. Grant it that wasn’t from the storm and apparently from falling down a flight of stairs but those are strange stair injuries… but I digress!   How are you all holding up? I hope things have been peaceful now that those dangerous plants-turned-monsters have been removed from around your village. Thank you again for allowing Akhana and I to enjoy a meal with your family, it was quite delicious.   Mozzer, Ella, Ol, Ive, Bech, Amel, please make sure you all behave, yes? Your mother works very hard and would no doubt appreciate if you made sure to get your chores done in a timely manner to help her out. You’ll all get to play sooner if you do!   One last note, thank you for the shawl. It has proven to be a source of comfort during a period of depression after the submarine sank. I am in a far better mood now and am back to working hard as I usually am! I’ll do my best to make sure Pim and Ento are okay whenever they’re not home.   Sincerely, Lio L. Levon

Questionnaire Pt. 4 (76-100)
? of ?, 19xx

76. Do you smoke, drink, or use drugs? If so, why? Do you want to quit? - I drink on occasion, though I tend to keep my alcohol consumption to a limit. I am aware of what would be too much for me, and I ensure I do not cross that threshold.   77. How do you spend a typical Saturday night? - I usually spend my weekend nights practicing my flute playing. Music tends to be nice after a busy week. I usually work on my personal projects some too.   78. What makes you laugh? - A bit of silliness with my sis back in Galenigare was always good for a laugh. Leah and I would get into a fair bit of trouble... within acceptable limits!   79. What, if anything, shocks or offends you? - I despise -anyone- touching my tail. That is a highly offensive thing to do to one of my kind, and we do not take such slights lightly.   80. What would you do if you had insomnia and had to find something to do to amuse yourself? - Oh that's easy. I'd just get more work done if I cannot sleep.   81. How do you deal with stress? - Music. Music helps me with stress, as well as Meditation. The Cloak of a Billion Stars has done wonders to calm and de-stress when I meditate with it on.   82. Are you spontaneous, or do you always need to have a plan? - I'm used to living with plans for the day, schedules and the like. On rare occasions I would do something out of the ordinary, but I usually don't.   83. What are your pet peeves? - Messy workstations when they're not in use tends to upset me. Having something proverbially on the tip of my tongue but I can't recall it is incredibly annoying too.   84. Describe the routine of a normal day for you. How do you feel when this routine is disrupted? - Wake up, bathe, eat breakfast, get working on various tasks at the HQ and Docks, with lunch in between, though its usually me being invited to get some lunch with one of the crew-mates. Once home, I get a bit more work done, bathe, eat dinner, maybe play music or read if I have time, and sleep. Rinse and repeat. If the routine is disrupted for something, it's fairly annoying, but it's simply something I just have to adapt to when they occur.   85. What is your greatest strength as a person? - I'd like to think when it comes to me, I am dedicated to get a job done, and get it done right if I have the time to do so. A good work must not be rushed, instead it should be perfected first.   86. What is your greatest weakness? - I am... not the bravest person, and I don't have the same strength as many of the crew have.   87. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? - My general cowardice. Normally, I keep my distance and would rather just stick to my work alone. But I can't behave that way, especially not as an Officer.   88. Are you generally introverted or extroverted? - I am most definitely an Introverted person, without question.   89. Are you generally organized or messy? - I am quite organized. I don't like things being messy if I can help it, be it my workspace, or myself.   90. Name three things you consider yourself to be very good at, and three things you consider yourself to be very bad at. - I am very good at : A - Tinkering/Machinery, B - Spear Combat, C - Flute Playing. On the contrary, I'm terrible at : A - Being Social with People, B - Making Difficult Decisions, C - Seeing Myself in a Better Light.   91. Do you like yourself? - No, I don't think I'm that great, in all honesty. I shouldn't beat myself up like I do, but... I don't know. I can be better.   92. What are your reasons for being an adventurer? Are your real reasons for doing this different than the ones you tell people in public? - I do what I do because I have to. I'm not home anymore, I don't have Mom, Dad, Leah, or the people of Galenigare to help me. I need to stand up on my own two feet and make a name for myself, and if I work hard enough, I just might achieve something great.   93. What goal do you most want to accomplish in your lifetime? - I want to make my mark in Liminal as a part of a grand invention, one the world will know and speak of for years, even after I pass on. That... and I would like to see my family again someday.   94. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? - Still working in the Wandercrew. Liminal is a chaotic place, and I don't see things slowing down anytime soon.   95. If you could choose, how would you want to die? - Peacefully, at home. I don't like thinking about this kind of thing, so that is all I will say on the matter.   96. If you knew you were going to die in 24 hours, name three things you would do in the time you had left. - I'd try one last time to get my communicator working, play the flute one last time, and speak to some of the crew, Vatna and Quet in particular. They're still new to the crew, but I feel like I should do my best for them and... well, it'd be a sad thing to know I'd have to pass on but I'd definitely talk to them about it.   97. What is the one thing for which you would most like to be remembered after your death? - I may not have been the strongest, or bravest, but I would like to be remembered for being someone who would have always been there for those who needed someone like me, whoever that may be.   98. What three words best describe your personality? - Cowardly, Meticulous, Friendly.   99. What three words would others probably use to describe you? - Meticulous, Brave(According to Carica), Friendly.   100. If you could, what advice would you, the player, give to your character? - I personally would tell Lio to be more confident in himself. He's far better than what he tends to think of himself. Others clearly see that, but he needs to start to see that for himself.

Questionnaire Pt.3 (51-75)
? of ?, 19xx

51. Is there anything you absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances? Why do you refuse to do it? - I don’t see myself ever touching drugs if they’re not for medicinal purposes. I have seen what it can do to people and it is a scary thing to me. Even with my occasional drinking, I do not drink much to avoid inebriation.   52. Who or what, if anything, would you die for (or otherwise go to extremes for)? - For my family, I would put my life on the line without question, as well as the crew I am a part of and their relatives. The Wandercrew is the closest I have to a family in Liminal, and they mean so much to me.   53. In general, how do you treat others (politely, rudely, by keeping them at a distance, etc.)? Does your treatment of them change depending on how well you know them, and if so, how? - I tend to be polite to those I meet, but depending on how they are as I get to know them I may change behaviors. I admittedly have been a bit colder to some crewmates, for they may see me as lesser if I am polite to them, mistaken as being weak to their eyes.   54. Who is the most important person in your life, and why? - That would be my twin sister, Leah. She means the world to me, and I’d do anything for her if need be.   55. Who is the person you respect the most, and why? - At home, it would be my father, a great machinist who was even allowed to leave our homeland to pursue his work so long as he returned when needed. In Liminal, that would be the retired Officer, Carica. Though their methods don’t always bear fruit, their work ethic and dedication to it has been a point of inspiration during my time among the Wandercrew.   56. Who are your friends? Do you have a best friend? Describe these people. - I’d like to think I’m friends with some of the crew, but I know it is not something I should assume. It’s better to say that I have acquaintances unless I’m certain of otherwise.   57. Do you have a spouse or significant other? If so, describe this person. - I do not have a significant other or spouse.   58. Have you ever been in love? If so, describe what happened. - I have had a crush once, with one of the crew, Pim… However the recent humiliation and subsequent fear by both her siblings and mother, along with the threat by her twin, Ento… has brought me to the conclusion that I should not attempt that path.   59. What do you look for in a potential lover? - I… Am not entirely sure. Love was not something that had crossed my mind for most of my life… now that I have that choice to follow my heart I am not sure where to truly begin.   60. How close are you to your family? - My sister and I were, proverbially, attached at the hip, and Mom and Dad I’ve held in high regard. We were very close-knit.   61. Have you started your own family? If so, describe them. If not, do you want to? Why or why not? - I do not have my own family, but I would like one someday. Being able to pass down what I know, and enjoy time with my own children and spouse, who ever they may be, would be a wonderful thing.   62. Who would you turn to if you were in desperate need of help? - Work related, probably Carica or Lore. But for just someone to talk to/emotional support?… I don’t know. I don’t want to burden people with my problems. They all have their own to deal with as is.   63. Do you trust anyone to protect you? Who, and why? - As much as I would like to say all of the crew, there are those I’ve spoken to before in which I… have doubts I can truly trust to protect me. I might even be admonished for not being able to protect myself. But at least some of the crew, yes.   64. If you died or went missing, who would miss you? - Mom, Dad and Leah no doubt miss me already, being gone for well over a year now… They probably think I’m dead already, and it hurts me that that they’re hurt because I’m here.   65. Who is the person you despise the most, and why? - a former crewmate turned traitor fills me with such a rage when she comes to mind… I’d rather not even have her name pass my lips, to be honest.   66. Do you tend to argue with people, or avoid conflict? - I avoid conflict if I can, unless it’s necessary.   67. Do you tend to take on leadership roles in social situations? - I would say no… but it’s happened more than I expected, especially now that I am an officer.   68. Do you like interacting with large groups of people? Why or why not? - I do not. Large groups get me nervous, despite being a part of a crew like this. I prefer smaller groups if I can help it.   69. Do you care what others think of you? - I do. Admittedly I would be less afraid speaking to someone who doesn’t see me in a negative light.   70. What is/are your favorite hobbies and pastimes? - I love tinkering with machines… but I also love playing music, and dressing up in various costumes and outfits! I just tend not to do those near people.   71. What is your most treasured possession? - An enchanted cherry blossom necklace given to me by my sister on our birthday.   72. What is your favorite color? - Pink, actually! It’s very bright and pretty.   73. What is your favorite food? - Oooh. A nice hearty stew is wonderful~   74. What, if anything, do you like to read? - I like reading romance novels and the like, though I rarely get time to. I’m usually rather busy with work.   75. What is your idea of good entertainment (consider music, movies, art, etc.)? - I enjoy music for sure, especially the more classical kinds. I enjoy a good play as well, costumes and all!

Questionnaire Pt.1 (1-25)
? of ?, 19xx

1. What is your full name? - I am Lio Lewis Levon.   2. Where and when were you born? - I was born in the Galenigare Caves in the planet Ukko, on June 11th [The year has not been given by Lio].   3. Who are/were your parents? - My Mother is Nora, a Quiet and Focused Alchemist, and my father was Valter a Confident and Talkative Machinist.   4. Do you have any siblings? What are/were they like? - I have one Sibling: My twin sister, Leah. She's very Outgoing and unafraid to say what's on her mind. She's very smart and never backs down from a challenge, physical or mental.   5. Where do you live now, and with whom? - I live in an apartment in Liminal's Silver Thimble City. It is a minimally furnished place aside from my tools, schematics, and projects. I live alone.   6. What is your occupation? - I am a Tinkerer, Tool-Maker, and the Research and Development Officer of the Wandercrew.   7. Write a full physical description of yourself. - I am only 3'1", and about 32 lbs. I'm a Lagora, a race of Rabbitfolk not from Liminal. I have White Hair/Fur, and Red Eyes. I prefer wearing shorts and no shoes, they're uncomfortable for my feet and legs if I wore longer pants or cramped shoes. I am never seen without a shirt on, as I have a scar on my chest I prefer people do not see.   8. To which social class do you belong? - I am among the working class, though lately my inventions and the like have been earning me a fair bit of money. I may be slightly higher up than I realize.   9. Do you have any allergies, diseases, or other physical weaknesses? - Some Flowers and Trees tend to get me sneezing quite a bit. Thankfully I haven't come across that in Liminal yet... For the most part.   10. Are you right- or left-handed? - I am Left-Handed.   11. What does your voice sound like? - I... Guess I sound a fair bit quiet and um... Shaky? I'm not sure how one would describe my voice. Sorry.   12. What words and/or phrases do you use very frequently? - Admittedly I mutter 'Sprockets' a lot when I am frustrated during work. I am not fond of swearing.   13. What do you have in your pockets? - Aside from my Wallet and Keys, I almost always have a locket that has a picture of Leah and I.   14. Do you have any quirks, strange mannerisms, annoying habits, or other defining characteristics? - My Ears have a habit of twitching a lot, and I unfortunately stutter often when I speak.   15. How would you describe your childhood in general? - It was busy. Mother and Father were and still are busy workers, and Leah and I needed to be ready to take over their duties. I also had other duties to prepare for that I'm thankful I did not have to follow through with.   16. What is your earliest memory? - The earliest memory I can think of is Father, singing a lullaby to Leah and I. I still remember it, but translating it to the common Liminal tongue would sound strange and not rhyme as it should.   17. How much schooling have you had? - I was home schooled by Mother and Father back in Ukko. I went to the Lockstitch Academy in Liminal some time after I arrived there, however.   18. Did you enjoy school? - It was a quiet one for the most part, as I kept to my studies and away from others. I nearly failed at the end of it however... I can't say I truly enjoyed my time in Lockstitch, near-failure of a student that I am.   19. Where did you learn most of your skills and other abilities? - Most of what I can do, I've learned from Mother, Father, and Leah. I learned a little bit in Lockstitch, but not as much as I did back home.   20. While growing up, did you have any role models? Aside from my Parents, no. I rarely ever left Galenigare, my life was rather sheltered before arriving in Liminal.   21. While growing up, how did you get along with the other members of your family? - Definitely. They were my Closest Friends, my Teachers, my Role Models. They were my world growing up, and I was happy.   22. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? - I wanted to be a famous inventor, one that actually gets to leave Galenigare and do great things outside of my homeland, not to be cooped up within like I was originally fated to be...   23. As a child, what were your favorite activities? - If I wasn't working or Learning, I was either playing the flute or dressing up in various outfits. Mother found it odd and time wasting, but Father encouraged it, saying to enjoy creativity as it comes to me.   24. As a child, what kinds of personality traits did you display? - I was always attentive, but shy. I usually tend to be quiet around the other kids, and some had a tendency to bully me... Unless Leah was around. They were afraid to try around her.   25. As a child, were you popular? Who were your friends, and what were they like? - I was not very popular as a kid, though I had a good friend outside of my family, Clark. He was a generally sleepy fellow, but we got along very well.

12th of June, 19xx

"...payhp thydibra, Leah."   Huh... My birthday came and went already. I guess with how things are lately, I don't have time to worry about my birthday. It's already been a few years since we celebrated our birthday together like we used to, Sis.   How are things back home in Ukko? ...I hope you're well. With the Sol Province's King attempting a war with us Demi-Humans, not to mention the Obsidian Monsters creeping its way to the lands. I wish I knew how I can help you from over here. Though I suppose I should worry about myself and my own problems first. You always told me to look after myself before others, but... I've always been terrible at that. Are Mother and Father okay? Are you all focusing on keeping the land safe with the others? I hope you're not dividing too much of your time figuring out where I wound up. You should all worry about yourselves and Galenigare. The needs of the many outweigh that of the few, or the one.   I hope one day I will be able to get our amulets working again, Leah. I miss talking to all of you...   Happy belated Birthday, Leah.


....It's gone.   The Submarine we've had and worked on for so long. The submarine that had so much work done to it.   The Extending Hand to retrieve underwater objects, the specialized portholes to allow crew members to defend the ship without weaponry. The Bread Ovens and Specialized Beds for the crew to have comfort on long missions. The specialized magical glass lab. The new engine upgrades from an otherworldly ship...   It's all gone.

A Star's Silver Lining
23rd of May, 19xx

"...htat ew wyasla ermdade fo, pecsa!"   The Airship has finally been set for it's first voyage, with many of the crew and officers on hand to see what it had in store. I thought I'd be able to stay on Liminal but... I got too worried over the Airship's maiden voyage and joined in as well... Tincture was also with us, interestingly enough, as we all aimed to try and reach that unusual moon held by the otter constellation. Little did we know what we were to expect...   On our travels out in space, we came across a police force... the very same force that had taken Squishy such a long time ago, and they had not forgotten what happened to that ship and their crew. Things got a... bit hectic when a Gale went wildly out of control, and most of us wound up pretty banged up, to say the least. There were also a smaller ship with two friendly folk that seem to know the Explosion-Happy Frog that was a part of that ship's destruction when we saved Squishy. Of course, what situation wouldn't be complete without Red Caps... Ugh.   Our confrontation wound up with all of us on the Moon itself. Not the best way of getting there, but we did make it! And what we got out of it will have us researchers busy for the foreseeable future, most definitely! A Mech, Ancient Tomes, the Anvil that the Otters revere so much that the moon itself was named after it! There's so much to learn, to decipher and help make Liminal better than it was yesterday, I'm so excited!   ...You know, having finally been to space and being able to take the time to appreciate it briefly before it all went to a mess, it's... it's beautiful, Leah. The stars still seem ever so distant, but some, not so much. The Moon I was on, despite never leaving the ship itself, was wondrous, with it's signs of life and breathable atmosphere. It was all a marvel and a wonder I thought I never would get to experience in my life... I just wish you were there to see it, Sis, and enjoy all that wondrous splendor with me. The stories I'll have to tell the family when I find a way to visit you all will be amazing.  

Dear Mom
8th of May, 19xx

*The letter itself would be ineligible to all except Lio, having written it in his native tongue. This is but a translation of the letter.*   ‘Mother,’   ‘How are things back in Ukko? It has been a long time since the last we spoke. I have doubts this letter will reach you, but perhaps someday I can hand it to you myself if we find a way to visit.’   ‘I have become part of a crew in this world I’m now a part of, and have been in it for well over a year now. It started off rocky for me, but I’ve been working hard since then, and have now become a full-fledged officer among the crew even! I am the Research and Development officer for the Crew’s gadgets, and for the Submarine’s repairs and upgrades.’   ‘All the lessons you taught Leah and I are paying off greatly here. Thanks to you, I’m more than just one of our homeland’s progeny producing machines. I’m (I hope) a respected Officer among a crew, helping keep this world I’m in safe and happy. I wouldn’t ever be where I am today without you.’   ‘Thank you, Mom.’ ‘Lio’

Sigil Sagacity
10th of April, 19xx

"...evnre htoutgh ym lkisk owdlu eb htugat ot entohar!"   What an unexpected turn of events for me.   My day did not turn out like I thought it would. I was visited by Isaac Wicklaw, the Record Keeper of the crew. I had at first thought it was to be another repairwork to be needed, happens often enough among the crew. However, I was wrong. Isaac was wishing to know how to create Sigils. And he asked me for help in the matter!   I... Still don't think I'm the best candidate for this, I've never taught someone how to do things other than repairwork before, but I gladly accepted all the same. It was exciting, and very fruitful, for him and myself! I did not think I would ever have been able to even consider doing something like this before, when I arrived here. Yet here I am now, teaching a fellow crew member in a one on one class on Sigils!   I am getting better at talking to people, for sure! I wonder if someone in the crew can teach me how to handle being around crowds better?

A Kindred Spirit
3rd of March, 19xx

"...ym kowr etincosun acepa, Leah."   I've been making progress! With the crew big enough now to have teams divided doing different things, I can focus more on the tools I make and maintain for the crew whenever the Submarine is in good working condition. Lately I've been focusing on improving the Skycaller devices. As our main connection between the crew, we need to improve their connection strength, especially since they double as trackers for the Submarine, and soon the Airship, to find crew in case we get unceremoniously separated again. Problem is I was making no progress, and just couldn't figure out what can be done. It was troubling me to the point I was losing sleep over it. Officer Carica would give me an earful if she knew I was losing sleep over something again...   Thankfully, I had help!   One of the crew members I've not really spoken to before, Korall is one versed in cultural linguistics and thaumaturgy. The latter is definitely not one I know about, but I am thankful Korall does. His knowledge in it was able to see the next step to the devices that I simply could not figure out! Portals, pockets between reality to connect the devices magically in a way tech alone simply cannot! His idea has brought a new wave of motivation I was missing to really get this working!   Liminal is my home now, but maybe one day we can talk again, Sister... and it may be sooner than I thought!

Work and Play
2nd of February, 19xx

"...eben nagtwin ot teg cakb noti elfut nipyagl, Leah."   I must say, life has been busier than ever since Ezekiel's defeat at the hands of the Wandercrew. With our image finally being seen in a far better light than how things were, we've been working with the various countries to figure out the best way to allow the world of Liminal to flourish with the portals and magical results of what those portals bring and take. Our ships have helped transfer goods and trade, our home becoming a city in and of itself, and the increase in crewmates are quite apparent and helpful! Being an officer for the Research and Development branch, I've been...well, slowly at least, learning to speak to others with a bit less fear in my tone! Still a work in progress however.   With the changes, we've even had divisions for different focuses even on the same station! We have folks who now focus on keeping the city up and running, folks like myself who still keep the submarine and seafaring vessels in.. well, ship shape, and now we've been working on a proper main Airship that will be used and maintained by a different group among the Wandercrew once we're all done building it. I wonder what team will take the tasks involving the Airship? Interesting for sure, but I think I've grown too attached to the Submarine to give it up.   All of this however, I think, has been tiring myself out more than I already tend to, and becoming an officer is a bit stressful, to say the least. I've been looking for ways to properly relax, though I'm not used to just unwinding around so many folks, so places like the Spa I tend not to go to until the times each day when there's few people. I tried going to bars and the like but I am still too nervous to do that with any consistency... I think I need to get back to playing music. That's helped me before, and maybe enjoy costumes and the like again.   ...I wonder if there's a tailor I can ask about something as silly as a costume? I don't want to bother the crew over Non-Uniform related things, that feels selfish... Though I also wonder what costumes would the crew wear if a party to that effect would occur? I also wonder if there's a good music shop in the city I could check? I ought to get myself a good flute again, that'll help me relax, definitely.

12th of January, 19xx

"...Oyu dowlu ont elbevie hwta ujts edhepanp, Leah!"   I... I got promoted to officer.   I, along with Akhana Nari of Navigations have been promoted to the Officer position! I am now the Officer for the HTML Wanderpus' Research & Development department. I am surprised I was given the promotion in all honesty, and was recommended for it by Officer Vanderbilt! I am not sure if I'm the best for the job, but I'll do my best, that much is certain!   To be honest, I'm both excited, and terrified. One the one hand, that they feel I should become an officer, it's such an honor! But at the same time, now I'm worried. I don't want to disappoint them. I need to double my efforts, do my best to make sure these projects make proper progress, that these upgrades to the submarine, our tools, and the like work correctly out on the field. It will be tough... Daunting, even... But I'll need to be up to the task. A Cog in the machine must not rust, lest the machine fall to ruin.   R&D Officer Levon.... That's gonna take some getting used to.

A Tree Grows in Liminal
20th of December, 19xx

"...eltl omhret nad afhret I ovel hmet, Leah. Nad oyu oto."   The crew, along with everyone we were able to rally, began the assault against Timothy, Ezekiel, and their plan to destroy the Word Tree. We had brought all we had to bear, doing our utmost to take down the barrier Timothy had placed, but it seemed hopeless. Our bombardment did nothing to it, and the Redcaps seemed to have come through endlessly. But as one does for dramatic effect, help came at the right time. Our Captain, along with two of her lost crewmates of her original crew, and the Ringleader with Jormungandr, arrived, poised to join the assault. Their presence lit a fire among the crew, and we showed Timothy just what we're capable of when you put all of Liminal in danger. Once he was taken down, the Captain, with a weapon none of us had ever seen before, tore through the ball as though it were a hot knife through butter, breaking the barrier entirely. The Ringleader took the beaten body of Timothy to parts unknown afterwards, leaving a bit of a trail of... spaghetti bags? But now was not the time, we had a tree to save.   Officer Tobias, Officer Carica, Navigator Akhana, and Anthropologist Gemini made landfall to take down Ezekiel once and for all. The Redcaps were many, and time was running sort as they attempted to saw down the Word Tree. The crew, with the Orb not barring the way anymore, went underwater to seal the rift that had been a source for all these Redcaps to invade the tree as easily as they were. I was able to reverse engineer the jukebox, albeit with a bit of trouble during, and were able to push the Redcaps back into the rift long enough for the crew to seal it shut, leaving only the Redcaps already there to deal with. The Riverman was phenomenal in that regard, mowing down swaths of the creatures like they were wheat before a scythe, pretty scary really. From what little we could see, the battle on the island itself was fierce, Redcaps and Birds fighting and flying every which way until Ezekiel fell from the tree. He... Did not survive the landing.   What happened next however, was nothing short of horrifying. The living Redcaps invaded his body after landing, turning it into a monster in every sense of the word... albeit one in a suit. I wasn't sure how we had any hope of handling that thing, but the cavalry had arrived once again, in the form of the mice and otters who make our city home. The combination of their assault, our cover fire, and a... Mostly Coordinated aerial strike from the crew on the island stopped the monstrous husk that was Ezekiel for good, saving the Word Tree, and by extension, potentially all of Liminal.   Everyone who had been in the battle, as well as some spectators like King Reedy, gathered on the island once it was truly said and done, absolutely ecstatic over our victory. A Great feast was held there, after a bit of cleaning up of course, to celebrate our hard earned victory, and to remember those who had unfortunately not pulled through during the invasion, especially the paper people who did their best defending against the Redcaps until we got our way through. But for once in a good while, everyone seemed happy, accomplished even.   We got to meet the former crewmates the Captain managed to bring back, Pim and Ento, Jackalope siblings. I... Admittedly was in a bit of awe in their presence, Pim especially. She was-*There would be some faded words as it was clearly erased before continuing*-Ah, I shouldn't write my opinion on that, lest the Word Tree have a copy of that too.   Leah, Mom, Dad. I think I found my home here. It will be great to see you again some day, and maybe chat through our devices if we really get it working, but I don't think I'm going to go home. I hope you can forgive me when we do meet eachother again, and I'll miss you all until that day comes. However, I'm not just a male lagora to be a part of population production back home in Ukko.   I am Lio Lewis Levon. Engineer, Tinkerer, and Tool-Maker for the Wandercrew. A Citizen of Silver Thimble Isle. And a Denizen of Liminal.

The Road to Unification
19th of December, 19xx

"...ende ot etsle fesylm ofr eht ufteur, Leah. Htsi liwl eb a rtila..."   I was assigned with Record Keeper Isaac, Officer Krieg, and Officer Joaquin to help as much of Liminal as possible. Admittedly, I wasn't sure if I was up to the task... Surely there were better crewmates right?... Then again with all that's going on, everyone needs to do their part without hesitation, so I did not refuse.   We were able to save as many of the people as we can in Port Barter, as well as a fairy named Seventeen. We brought her back home to reunite with Three as her home was... Destroyed. We were able to also get a few books from the crumbling library, and was given a special armor from Seventeen. It's sure to help the crew spearheading the assault soon, I'm sure...   Pastura had two very different issues. South Pastura had a hole that the Redcaps were using as an invasion point. The Sigil used there, combined with the rocks being disguised as Kuklas and the Illusion of the Kukla that was made, kept them away. We also were given a paper with information of one of our crew members... But I forgot they existed until I read it! It then dawned on us that this is a piece of the Word Tree! Things are getting dangerous very... very quickly. North Pastura however we had to be moral support. We attended a feast by King Reedy, and Peanut... Peanut spoke. And he spoke ill about King Reedy in ways I wasn't sure could be used together in a sentence! Joaquin and I were able to lift his spirits thankfully, as right now we do NOT need the nations to be against each other or unwilling to help. Thankfully we were able to fix that issue, and a bet Officer Krieg won ensured Reedy's assistance!   Then there was Salt and Sand. We found out the people there were being.... Enslaved... By the Redcaps, and the one who was controlling them with strange music. Of all people, it would be one formerly of the crew leading them! Tsura, one of the only Invokers of the crew turned traitor. We were able to stop her and the redcaps but... When I saw what she used to keep them in line... the marks on the people that matched this item I... I almost lost it. If the Officers weren't there I might have... It's.. It's best I don't think about what could have happened...   We also learned that Timothy and the others are working to destroy the Word Tree! We were not able to make it to the Archipelago in time, or Yoke, but we did the best we could, and we were able to help out half of the people. Now we will need to be ready for the Word Tree itself, currently encapsulated in a strange colorful bubble, no doubt formed by Timothy himself. I do not know what will happen, but we all need to prepare for... Whatever may happen. Whatever the case, I'm... I'm ready.   I hope you are safe back home, Leah. I'll do my best to make sure I'm safe too.

18th of December, 19xx

"...nacton aktl umhc, Leah, oyrsr!"   What in Liminal is going on!?   Redcaps every which way, Liminal's suffering a full on invasion??   No time for an entry, I'll do my best to be safe Leah, and talk again when I can!

Vatna's Reunion
18th of December, 19xx

"...os apyhp Vatna si fesa, Leah!"   One strange situation after another. The Crew was able to pinpoint Vatna's location! The island however, was being attacked by Redcaps. On top of that, a strange noise was emanating from somewhere nearby. The scanners were very active. While the team moved in to help the people there and find Vatna, the rest of us went to the source of the strange reading. The Submarine's Sigil was able to keep the Redcaps at bay as we retrieved the strange artifact: A rather large moon-like rock!   We had intended to retrieve it to study but things got a little hectic on land with the redcaps! We wound up doing something stupid and risky buuuut... It worked! With the engine's systems, we kicked it into overdrive and launched the ship out of the water to drop the moon-like rock at them, preventing our foes from fleeing! It's gonna take a fair bit of work to buff out those uh... Scratches the ship got, no doubt, but heh, it was worth it! The people are safe there, Vatna's been rescued, and has returned to the crew proper, ready to help the people of Liminal!   We learned that the snailsman, Ezekiel, was the one behind the treatment of the moth-like denizens of the island, due to an interrogation done by the crew on land. Before we could take him to custody however, Timothy showed up and shot Laurel before escaping with the snailsman! Thankfully we were able to tend to her wounds right away, but it will take some time before she makes a full recovery. If Timothy's appearance isn't a sign for worse things to come however, I don't know what is...

Wandercrew's Wild Ride
22nd of November, 19xx

"...pohe eht Ringleader lwil eb eno ot epke Reedy apyhp."   Today was a.... Stressful adventure, to say the least. We had originally intended to get to a ship from Corzipa's home world of Corinthos, but things got out of hand... real quick. A catfish the size of which I've never seen before suddenly arrived and ate the entire ship, along with the smaller boat 4 of our crew members were in to reach it in the first place!   While they figured out how to progress in there, the rest of us needed to make sure we did not lose that fish! We were able to hook onto it snuggly with the new claw hand added to the ship, as well as a few tools the crew had on hand. But from there it just became a roller coaster! The fish did not stay still at all, and it took all the crew and ship could just to make sure we didn't lose the fish!   As it made portals to attempt to leave, I saw the 'inbetween' of one, filled with Redcaps. We were able to keep those away from us as we redirected it. Then we wound up hurtling from the sky to another portal. I... I could've sworn I saw a Dragon!! Then we wound up in a drained river, but thankfully it was back in Liminal. By then the crew figured out a way to get out. And thankfully it was from the entrance and not the... ugh, exit.   It seems like they made a rather uh... Unique fellow there too, with the Ringleader. Working together with him, they helped the giant fish get rid of the monster that plagued it and even helped us befriend it for Liminal! The Ringleader agreed to help, with King Reedy himself as part of his entourage. My guess is Pastura City is going to be more lively than ever, I bet! Though I feel terrible for Corzipa, the few remaining on that Corinthos ship didn't make it... Hopefully we can find a way to work together with the people of Corinthos. Last thing we need is another great danger just around the bend.

Timothy's Trial
1st of November, 19xx

" orridew ofr osem fo eht rewc."   It seems the cold is causing a lot more trouble than I thought. There are odd circumstances that seem to be responsible for the cold, possibly? The crew, with Timothy's help in exchange for our cooperation with him, were able to find one of them. The team that went for it were able to stop them by apparently shoving them back into the portal they were trying to utilize to summon.... Something. Something powerful, maybe Eldritch even in nature.   From what was said, it seemed like a Planet... but it had a face on it. Possibly sentient? And it emanated a cold energy unlike anything Liminal has ever experienced. If it found its way to Liminal, the results would've been catastrophic, but they were able to destroy it entirely! Some of the crew members are truly powerful people, it's... It's frightening to think about!   Unfortunately there seemed to have been a scuffle with Timothy and some of the crew, and Timothy left. The team seemed to have gotten in big trouble with the higher ups. The Captain seemed extremely unhappy... Hopefully this problem can be fixed.

The Quiet (But Busy!) Year
17th of October 19xx

"...shwi oyu docul ese htsi, Leah!"   Never did I expect these would be some of the works I could get done with the crew! Now that we broke off from the others who turned out to be using us for less-than-honest ends, we're now our own crew, on our own island to shape our reputation as we see fit. And we clearly made a lot of work to it!   A silver mine was found on our island, and that was a bit of a jump start we needed for sure. With it, we were able to make a proper set of ships. Not ones that can submerge, or handle traveling through rifts... But they are immune to their pull! Such ships can make transporting goods to and from our island more secure than ever before. Our technology was making some great strides aside from that, like the heating systems we were able to master! We... did use some of it to make a hot spring kind of establishment, but it's surprisingly gone well for those who visit, so that's good! We were able to get the heating system working on the homes and buildings too, very nice, honestly.   We did have a few scouting missions we were going to get through in order to research more on those Redcaps. I think that may be a goal for us now. To truly be a force of good here in Liminal. Unfortunately we never got to finish those scouting missions. Suddenly winter came to Liminal, and it's something I never noticed before in Liminal. Something has affected the climate heavily, making the world incredibly cold and tough for the world. Our ships however have been really helpful in making sure they're doing well with supplies and food.   It really has changed the crew and what we do for Liminal now, not closing every rift we find, but only checking in on those that are truly dangerous, and finding the best way we can all help each other. And... Honestly, it makes me really happy. Like I'm actually making a real difference. Leah, I think you, Mom and Dad would be really proud of me and what I can do now. Maybe... Maybe one day I'll get to see you all again, and show you just how much I've grown.   I miss you all, Mom, Dad, Leah. I hope you are trying to find me just as much as I'm trying to find you.

A Not-so-Warm Welcome
11th of September, 19xx

"Yhw od eplepo aehv on esnes fo ecdyenc?"   I just had to ask what could have gotten worse.   Our return to Liminal was met with Bobbert, trying to sell our home, our things! I thought I was going to lose it, but thankfully my fellow engineers were able to scare them away from doing that... The giant tentacle coming out of a sudden rift also helped no doubt. It was a hectic return back to Liminal, but we managed to get things under control. The rift was sealed, but it didn't seem very secure.... We'll need to keep an eye on it.   We visited Doctor Nicholas, and we were able to, with his help, create a device to find the Red-Caps! It would go a long way in getting rid of those monsters and make Liminal, and the other World, safer. The three ships heading to the archipelago however look exceedingly dangerous... Just like the ones in Corzipa's stories. I should talk to her when I get a chance too, maybe get some confirmation on this.   I'll never tempt fate again. It likes proving me wrong.

Saving Private Squishy
28th of August, 19xx

"I Oehp eyth ondt ifdn ehrti ayw ot Ukko, Leah..."   This has been an eventful day, to say the least. I had not expected there to end up as... wild a rescue as it has been. Squishy was taken by an entirely new organization, and our rescue run went a bit... chaotic, as per the norm. The Captain herself went to the enemy ship to save squishy along with some of the officers. Needless to say there seemed to have been explosions aplenty, thanks in no small part to Chef Tobias. By how it went, everyone that was imprisoned in there that... apparently was supposed to escape, did so successfully? We did gain a new recruit with Loyde, so that's a bit of a nice plus!   ...Of course, it wouldn't be as straightforward as that, it never is. A deafening silence swept the area for a bit after the enemy's ship exploded, and out with it came a Red-Cap Queen! They were able to send it back, but not without her releasing dozens of her little spawnlings. There will be a big task to clear out all of those monsters... But first we need to find our way back to Liminal. Our ship is... Nowhere near ready to try that. Not to mention there's the matter of the missing Vatna.   Just how much more problems can we cause just trying to do one good thing at this rate...?

Avian Antics
30th of May, 19XX

"...eht ridb irteb rae otn ikle oeths ni Atlas, Leah..."   Deception!   The tip we were given over a possible rift in the mountains was all but a trick! The Parliament had baited the crew to take our ship and potentially kill us with that giant bird! It was beyond risky that occurred, Gate hopping with the LETO Engine ranking among the highest 'What the @#!$' Moments that somehow worked out well. Some of them went back in to finish the mission, which turns out the Parliament captured a village to use that giant bird as a weapon on threat of its own children...   I'm glad that despite it all, everyone among the crew made it out alive. Vatna and Peanut were especially hurt but they are pulling through with folks like B+ on medical staff. The Village was saved as well, thankfully, and The Roc in particular even got captured by the crew during the team's mission! I hope he doesn't remember me, considering I didn't really fight him compared to the others back at the manor...   I'm honestly rather proud of what I was able to accomplish with the Skycaller Amulets. Now they should be able to always allow the ship to keep in touch with its crew members with the new tracking system I installed! I didn't know I had it in me to pull it off! Maybe I -Can- make my Amulet work in such a way to talk to you again, Leah. Honestly I do miss you, Mom and Dad a lot.   I will say this though. A Lagomorph Demihuman like myself was NOT Meant to be tossed around within a large submarine. If I were meant to fly, I'd have wings like the Bird Tribe! I probably should apologize to the custodian for vomiting on the floor.... Which was actually the roof... Actually maybe it's best I don't mention that was my fault to the cleaning crew.   Yeah I'm gonna keep that secret.

Admiral's Orders
8th of May, 19xx

"...m'i os tixedec, Leah!"   This was an unexpected situation, but I am definitely not upset over this at all. I have been given a mission to do! Seems like me keeping a journal is going to be put to good use after all!   Walking by, I came across Admiral Taupe, who seemed very worried over something, if her back and forth pacing was any indication. Admittedly I got a bit nervous over it, but I managed to see if there was anything I can do. In response to that, I was given a notebook! She has informed me to take note of anything I may hear involving the Wandercrew. It seems there might be some bad rumors going about if that's the case, and I'll need to pay attention to what I might hear! A straightfoward task, but an important one.   She also gave me something else: An iridescent shell tied to a ribbon. I asked her what this was, I wasn't sure why she gave it to me. Her response simply was that it was "Just a token, which might be useful." I can't help but wonder about this shell, but it is rather pretty, not to mention it would be rude to refuse something from a superior officer.   The Admiral seemed like she was rather busy, and left rather shortly after, but I did wound up getting pat on the head some! It felt nice... Focus, Lio! You have Orders to do, I need to make sure it gets done!

IWL Debacle
3rd of May, 19xx

"...tlils nac't levebie ew idd tawh ew idd.. I lwil ryt ot lalc oyu gania, Leah."   Another message sent that won't go through. Pointless, but perhaps a comfort for myself. I cannot believe all that happened today, what a mess. It was just supposed to be a simple task by our captain, nice and straightforward: Get the contraband! We figured it would only be the belt, but there's more than we expected, or bargained for.   There were multiple unusual occurrences. For one, the beetle was quite focused on a ring of mushrooms, despite them not being magical. Perhaps there's something important there we missed? I will need to speak to the captain over it that we might recheck there when things die down. We found in the basement of the manor odd paintings and the like that show we were being spied on by the folks here! We'll need to be wary around the owls, not to mention the odd stones that were apparently set up in a puzzle. Admittedly I wasn't there for that on account of the Roc literally showing up! I'm lucky I was able to put the unconscious guard hidden, or else that would've been a disaster! Rha, Seth and Alabaster were able to take him down.   I...Still feel a bit terrible for being unable to help against the Roc. I was just... too scared to really face him. We were in the end, able to at least get the belt, which was the main piece of contraband, along with the stones and paintings. Seth retrieved a book but... It wasn't what the beetle was pointing toward, so that's something we may have to try to retrieve at some point. There was some more good news though at least! One of the wrestling representatives, Honey, has joined the group! Seth seems to really have taken a liking to her right away. I wonder if that is a normal reaction or not?   Don't think we'll be able to go to the IWL again after that debacle. Ah well, I was never a fan of Wrestling anyway.

1st of May, 19xx

What am I doing?   I've been in the workshop when I don't need to be. The Ship's been finally repaired, and I should be taking time to rest, maybe go to the speakeasy, try to actually talk to people over something that isn't work. Instead I'm here, working on something I know I can't do on my own. I want to get this fixed, but that would mean talking to others about it, bothering others with my problems, and many of them have their own issues to deal with. A good amount of them aren't from Liminal either. Asking them to help me with my problems would be like telling them my issues are more important than theirs, and frankly my problems aren't above anyone else's.   I don't even know what I would do among them. I can barely talk to anyone without stuttering like a fool. I never really grasped the common tongue here in Liminal as well as others did. I never really could do things as well as others here. Maybe that's why I'm always here, working on this impossible project? To stay away from others and not be a bother to them?   I won't improve acting like such a coward. I should try to speak to them more.

A Futile Report
25th of April, 19XX

"-...Ehya, ti swa netsigernti, ot ays eht stlae. Oehp ot ese oyu noso, Leah... sims oyu, eb fesa."   Done with my third call for the day... even though it really doesn't amount to anything. This amulet still doesn't work like I hope it would, despite all I have been trying to do to improve on it. Maybe I should get someone who's better with this kind of particular technology, but I don't want to bother them, there's way too much everyone needs to do right now.   The officers got into a fair bit of trouble in the last rift that was closed, and frankly they woke something BIG, big enough to shake the sub from all the way out there. Not like we had things going much better, what with our ship getting a pretty bad hole in it and causing a good amount of the cargo we were supposed to deliver to get lost. Were it not for folks like Snik Snak and all those metal tables he just poofed into existence and the others pitching in to move them over, I don't think Royce and I would've had enough materials to even weld it shut.   At the very least, everyone among the crew is safe but... Oh we messed up so bad. Two of the major lands are now mad at one another for the missing cargo, blaming each other. I'm... I'm wondering if what we're doing is going to be of any help if we cause new problems in the process? We all need to do better, it seems... Though first I should focus on the ship's repairs, considering the damage.   Liminal is a strange world, Leah. I hope things in Atlas aren't as chaotic for you as they are for me here.

The Final Exam
22nd of February, 19XX

So today was the day...   The final exam to become an official member of the crew. I still can't believe I managed to pass, considering how terrible I did.   The first test involved an obstacle course and a duel, in which I went up against another crewmate-to-be, Gemini. We were pretty neck and neck, despite a near stab to the foot. Thankfully what I've learned really helped me avoid any real injury, but I screwed up big and showed too much concern, making sure Gemini did not get hurt himself. That wound up causing me to fall behind and just fail the first test by getting frozen before even making it to the arena proper. No good deed, Lio. No good deed...   The second test involved defusing a bomb, something I should be good at! But I began second-guessing myself, unsure which wire to cut after ruling out the obvious fake. Gemini had a backup plan at the very least, though another crewmate-to-be, Carica, couldn't really assist after getting hit with a stray pellet from the firing range nearby. Thankfully Officer Joaquin was there to inform of potentially the correct color, and going with his suggestion, we got the bomb defused! I feel stupid for second guessing myself, but considering I would've picked the wrong color without his help, maybe it's for the best...   The third test involved finding materials to assist an injured civilian, which for the purpose of the test was one of the professors. We all worked together rather well that time! The others searched for the materials while I kept guard, making sure no further danger befell the 'civilian'. The medicine made was apparently quite a tonic, able to deal with stuff like concussions! Thank goodness too, Carica needed it, so the professor made sure they took it, before there was a fire in the lab room of the academy... Again. She had to go deal with that, so we moved to the last test.   The final test involved closing a rift without causing a panic. The others were very clever and distracted the bystanders so that I can close the rift, but I dropped my set of tools! One of the others handed me theirs and I closed it, but I also accidentally let something slip out when I was closing the rift. The professor gave us a pass and let the mistake go under the rug, provided we never make that mistake out on the field.   In the end, we all passed. Officer Joaquin did the best, unsurprisingly. I wonder what happened that made him have to take the exam anyway? Gemini was just behind him, doing very well for not showing any weakness or hesitation. Carica was third but only because they lost the duel to Joaquin. I was dead last and only barely made the cut. I'm certain if the professor didn't let the mistake I made in the last test slide, I wouldn't have even passed. I'm such an idiot! ...I'm officially a part of the crew, don't I don't feel like I truly earned it. I'm going to need to work very hard to keep up. I don't want to be a burden to people anymore.   I just want to help.


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