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Sat 23rd Jul 2022 05:49

The Upgraded HTML Wanderpus

by Tsoki Chatterfang

The crew has been quite busy these last few weeks! And our efforts have been rewarded with a beautiful new ship! I kept hearing stories of how the old submarine was destroyed. And although I am disappointed that I was never able to see the "beast" from the tales of my childhood, this new creation has surpassed all of my expectations.
The ship is massive! We added kite wings and it can fly! It has legs that allow it to walk over the land! And not to mention the fact that it is still a fully functioning submarine, that means we can go literally ANYWHERE with our new ship! I am told that we also managed to add almost everything that was on the old ship so the new ship must just be better than the old one! The crew has really outdone themselves!
Now that the ship has been completed, there is going to be a huge celebration! I am so glad that I am part of the crew so that I can experience everything first hand! Now I am off to party!