Tsoki Chatterfang

Tsoki Chatterfang

Tsoki found himself riding a mountain through a rift shortly after the prophesized coming of the Wanderpus Crew. Without a way to return home, he has joined the crew for and vows to help in any way he can.   Although he is not much use in a fight, his limited foresight has landed him a spot in Navigation, where he uses his powers to guide the crew on their endeavors.

Tsoki is a squirrel who likes kites

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Thoughts on the Librarian

I have been told that the notes that we take should be done through recording instead of through writing. So this will be my first one of these that I record. There has been little new information about this Librarian character. But I want to record something just in case my memory fades away again.   We know that he is going around in a giant bookwyrm and harvesting the knowledge from worlds. And as was the case with Arboreal, he is not just making copies of the knowledge. He seems to have found a way of stealing the knowledge. And once he has it, everyone who once knew forgets that they ever knew.   In my vision I got the feeling that he is searching for something. What could he possibly want? We don't know. He doesn't want to share the stories that he is collecting. But why not? That is what stories are for! are they not!? Bah! Anyway Lio, Midnight and Raz have developed a sort of early detection system using some of Midnights buoy technology he was researching. So we should know when he is coming.   More troubling for me is the fact that he may know how intercept my visions. In the one vision i had of him already he seemed to both know that I was there and was also able to attack me. So I cant really use my foresight to try and find an answer as I am completely defenseless while in a vision. I have to find another way. hmmm. But what can we do? He seems to know what we will do before we even do it? How do we catch an enemy who knows so much about us when we know so little about him? AHH its so infuriating!   If I see him again I want to find out why he just doesn't make a copy of the knowledge instead of stealing it. If he was just copying others stories surely it wouldn't be as bad! Heck that is pretty much all I have been doing my entire life! I love to learn about other people but I am trying to spread their stories! Why is he hoarding them all for himself! He must have so many stories to share! I want to hear them.   Anyways that's about all we know.   This has been Tsoki's first audio log. uhh. bye?


I finally was able to present my Kite project to King Reedi of Pastura! However! Nothing went according to plan. But that was mostly because I couldn't remember ANYTHING! So instead of showing Reedi how everything works, because ya know I forgot, Lio Midnight Vatna and I all went to investigate!   The first order of business was to find out how to read my notes! I knew that I wrote them in my native tongue but the symbols on the page just didn't make sense. So we first took the airship to the squirrels tribe outside of Pastura to see if they could help. We landed and asked the locals for help. But even though they had some of the symbols on the architecture, they didn't know how to read my notes either! They suggested that I return to my home world? Plane? Place? and ask around there. I couldn't quite remember quite how to get back but luckily Vatna and Midnight knew a way!   Vatna opened a rift and led us through the tunnel towards Arboreal. And with Midnight at the wheel, we had a real smooth ride through the rift. The space between worlds is a wonderfully beautiful place. If you listen closely I swear you can hear it calling to you. As we approached arboreal we detected traces of the Librarian. The man responsible for stealing the knowledge of worlds. Now my memory loss seemed to have a reason and I grew worried for my home. After about a week we arrived in Arboreal.   First thing we notice, well not me at the time but everyone else, is that the world is lacking its normal color. And there wasn't a single kite in the air! Unbelievable! Arboreal without kites is like oceans without water. Anyways I wouldn't remember that till later! So we walk into town and start asking questions and it is very clear that something is very wrong. Everyone has this mental block and cant quite remember how things work here. We meet up with Master Longwhiskerchin and he informs us that everything is wrong and we need to fix it. He points us to the cloud river and says that's where I used to live and should check there first. Of course I know where I lived! Except that I had forgotten! Kind of!   We get into the airship and begin our descent into the cloud river. Luckily Amel was there and turned all of the clouds into ice! So we didnt even have to worry about the river part! Again with Midnights expert driving and the rest of us controlling the wind we made it to the forest that lies beneath.   I had spent many of my years in this forest. Traveling back and forth between the towns and learning all that I could from the Tree of knowledge. But at that moment we landed, I had only the vaguest memories of the place. How could I forget something that is such a core part of myself? It just doesn't make sense. Alright back to the story.   The forest remembered me. It was calling to me, bringing forth the runes that I couldn't read, trying desperately to tell me.... something! I decided to follow the runes where they would take me.   The runes led us to the Great Tree of Arboreal. Back to where I had made my home for many years. In any other circumstance this would have been a wonderfully exciting time. A time to tell Lio and Midnight where I, Tsoki Chatterfang, came from. But this was no ordinary circumstance. My memory was shattered, broken fragments swirling around, my mind barely able to connect the pieces.   As I approached the Great Tree the Guardian appeared. This awesome creature that was both my best friend and mentor. And he looked at me as if he no longer knew who I was. Luckily I was able to calm him. The Guardian showed us that the Great Tree had parts of it erased. I had tended to this tree for years. Making sure that the acorns upon it were kept in immaculate shape! How did this happen? The knowledge on this tree was erased, and why did it affect my memory? How is the Librarian doing this? We needed to fix this. But how could we replace what was lost? Stolen? Gone...   One of the blocks of ice that fell managed to fall onto the Great Tree breaking off a branch. So before anything else we decide to try and put the fallen branch back onto the tree. We decided to use the same tactic that I used to heal the word tree in Liminal. By using the acorns of the Great Tree itself as glue, and a lot of help from everyone to get the branch into position, we successfully reattached the limb. Suddenly knowledge flowed back into my brain. Knowledge that shouldn't be there, the forbidden knowledge that should have been left forgotten. How could I have forgotten what exactly these acorns I carry with me were? Before I had time to reflect on my newfound memories, a rift formed!   A place of fire and flames accompanied by some aggressive music lied on the other side. Four redcaps jumped out of the rift and we all jumped into action! Vatna threw his holy fire while Lio and Midnight charged in! The Redcaps didn't even know what hit them! Unfortunately the Guardian went through the rift! and the rift closed! He always was so curious to explore new things. Vatna suggests that he could try and reopen the portal to see if we can find the Guardian. I gladly accept his help and the portal reopens.   But on the other side is not my friend. Instead a giant monster with a gun bigger than all of the party combined walks through the flames towards us. It starts to unload fire a volley of bullets at us as it breaches the threshold of the portal. The guardian is gone, there is only us to protect the tree... I was so full of anger. My world was being siphoned, my knowledge and memories taken away from and now my best friend had disappeared. I decided in that moment that I had to be the one to take this thing down. So I channeled all of the emotion that I was feeling and flung myself at the beast. I weaved through the gunfire on my approach, somehow avoiding the entire onslaught the demon directed my way. I reached its feet and began slashing and clawing. The first hits seemed blocked by some sort of barrier and as I continued my flurry of blows the shield gave way and my claws found purchase. I ripped and teared up through its torso before repeatedly attacking his face. It tried to shoot me. It failed. Through the portal I glimpsed the Guardian, he was coming back and he did not look happy. A few more blows and the demon placed its gun right beneath me. I didn't care, in that moment either he was going down or I was. As the whir of his gun started I attacked one last time. And tt the same time the Guardian breached through the rift, and through the demon. I jumped onto the Guardians back as the lifeless demon fell back into the portal. The portal closed and another battle was won.   After we all calmed down. I communed with the Great Tree, just like I used to! As I reached out to the spirit of the tree I could tell that it was weak. The spirit had barely any form and could not speak with me. It was a tree without sap, and The Tree was dying.   I told my friends what I had learned and that's when Amel spoke up! They suggested that we just needed to infuse the Tree with new life! Like a transfusion of sorts. And that must have given Vatna an idea because he said he had a plan and disappeared. I am not sure what he did but soon enough new life began flowing into the Great Tree. Lio, Midnight and I came up with a plan to replace the knowledge on the tree by carving the lost knowledge back onto the blank acorns. And as we wrote the knowledge my memories came back one by one. Whatever Vatna was doing was working and the Tree hummed with life once more. We did it. We saved The Great Tree! and possibly Arboreal as well.   In the aftermath the Guardian approached and bestowed upon me additional powers. He showed me how to find any answer I seek but warned me that there could be a great cost if done wrong. As I reached into the unknown with my mind I found myself looking upon the Library. It was here, siphoning knowledge from my Tree. And then it moved onto the next world siphoning its knowledge as well. I got the feeling that it was looking for something. Searching but unable to find some sort of knowledge. Suddenly I found myself in a room. Face to face with the Librarian. One arm burnt off, the other cradling a sapling. He looked at me and smiled. "See you soon" he said.   As I snap back to my body I am covered in scratches. How could the Librarian possibly have known that I would have that vision? And did he attack me WHILE I WAS IN A VISION? How can that be possible? We must warn the others.   I inform my companions of the danger we are in and we waste no time. We head back to Liminal through the portal Vatna made and go to warn everyone of the Librarian.   I have many questions. But first I must rest and reflect on what this newest vision could mean.

The Trial of the Wolpertingers

Officer Lio approached me the other day and asked for some assistance with a request he received from Mama Parse. I humbly accepted and began my usual preparations. Apparently the Worpletingers have begun a project to clear their forest of the interplanar flowers that have begun growing all over the world. So Lio and I joined with Officer Vatna and Officer Krieg and departed.   We arrived at the small village and were greeted rather enthusiastically by Mama Parse as she scooped us all up into her arms and gave us a big hug! She introduced us to her children Ol/Ive, Mozzer/ Ella, and Besh/Amel. As I took care to memorize their funny names, Mama Parse told us to lead them on an incursion into the forest! We were to let them do all the work and only step in if absolutely necessary! Easy enough!   As we entered into the forest we spied one of the plants in the distance. As I understood it, the forest could be a dangerous place. So before we went further I decided that I should give an inspiring speech and offer my protection to the children. Lio and Vatna must have thought the same because as I was putting my shield on Ol and Ive they did the same for the other children. And good thing too! Because right after we did the plant attacked! It somehow managed to grab all of us without anyone noticing! We all jumped into action and as the children charged the plant absolutely demolishing it, Vatna played a most relaxing song which even made flowers bloom! Mama Parse looked very proud of her children as we marched deeper into the forest.   The next plant was surrounded by a family of hedgehogs. They looked like they were about to eat it! Luckily enough Krieg was quick to intervene. And with Mozzer negotiating and Krieg translating, we were able to avoid any confrontation. Krieg even fed the Hedgehogs and made some new friends!   As we journeyed deeper into the forest Parse lamented the loss of her husband and sister. Apparently, three years ago they mysteriously disappeared. That would be awful! Just having someone disappear with no explanation! Anyway, next up, we came up to a hole with vines coming out of it.   Krieg asked the children who among them was interested in Botany. Ol/live stepped up to the ledge. I look away for two seconds and Ol, Lio and Vatna all jump into the hole! There have been quite a few times since arriving in Liminal that I have had no idea what was going on, this one goes to the top of the list. So the rest of us go to look to see what was so interesting and all I see is that the hole is really deep. Krieg mounts Squishy and gives one end of a rope to Mama Parse and floats down. Once he reached the bottom, we all descend the rope.   At the bottom we entered into a large corridor, with a river of red sap and plants and vines lining the walls. We also heard sounds of battle from further in. We pressed onward and arrived at a giant cavern! Funnily enough I thought the placed looked a bit familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it at the time.   As we entered, a pair of enormous figures could be seen fighting a giant plant! If only you could have seen it! They were wielding claymores the size of a small tree! Turns out, these two were the long lost husband and sister of Mama Parse! Aspara and Gus! Plants approached from all sides and we set up to defend Aspara/Gus as they fought the main plant. Everyone else guarded the entrances while Lio, Crabert and I took our place on the rock in the center of the room.   As I steeled myself for the upcoming battle I surveyed my surroundings. I took a good long look at Aspara And Gus, they were absolutely radiant! They looked at me and seemed surprised to see me. They were excited and called me a little guardian of the forest. I had never felt such a rush before! A fire was lit deep within my core and I was PUMPED UP for this fight!   The first wave of plants was handily dealt with by the Worpletingers. They are all so amazing! There were more coming and this time they snuck underneath the sap! A big one emerged right in front of the rock we were on and knocked me flat before I could react! As I stood up, I locked eyes with Aspara. She was worried and looked like she was going to come over and help! But she had her job and I had mine, I told her to leave this one to me! I directed Crabert to open up the plant so that I could get a good shot. I wound up my flaming acorn and threw as hard as I could. I took another wallop to the head as my attack found purchase and the beast was slain! As I dealt with the big one in the middle, the rest of the group made short work of this wave of plants.   I thought we were done but Ol informed everyone that there was another plant coming and that it was bigger all of the other ones! I steeled myself once more as the fire within bubbled up and I yelled as loud as I could "Everyone together now!" The Worpletingers simultaneously unleashed a war cry and we all went to work! In the chaos Officer Akhana made an awe inspiring entrance. With guns a blazing she rode in on her motorcycles and cut the plant demon to ribbons within the blink of an eye! So cool! At the same time Aspara and Gus ripped the giant bulb in half with just their arms. Two amazing feats back to back, I just stood there speechless!   The battle was won and everyone was celebrating. Gus ran and picked Lio up. I thought it was funny but before I could react Aspara came and picked me up and set me on her shoulder. I find it hard to explain exactly what I felt in that moment, but it was a feeling of overwhelming joy for sure! Aspara/gus told us of how they were pulled into a rift but managed to fight their way back and were holding off the everything coming through the rift! That must have been so exhausting!   As I sat there on the shoulder I remembered why this room felt so familiar. I have been here in a vision before. The feeling unmistakable, I am high in the air as I ready my sling ready to throw. The vision never revealed what I was fighting but I felt compelled to draw my weapon. I load in an acorn. I wind up. And turn around to see... a redcap?! Here?! I do not hesitate and attacked! I must have thrown harder than I thought because the single blow was enough to vanquish my foe.   We hurry to seal the rift that was in the room and Lio must have been in too much of a hurry because he almost fell right in! I managed to grab him before that could happen. Vatna sealed the tear using silver thread and it turned the rift into a door! How cool is that! I wonder if we will start doing hat to all of the rifts we find.   The mission was a complete success! We even managed to do more than we set out to do! To celebrate we took the kids out for ice cream! Yay icecream!

Questionnaire Part 8

101. Are you from Liminal? If not, where are you from and what makes your world unique?   A:101: Tsoki is from the land of Arboreal, home of the flying squirrels. The world has made great use of the constant winds that flow over the mountaintop. All the technology of this world revolves around the wind. Major modes of transport involve the use of kites and power is generated through the use of windmills.   102. What are some places in your world that you have been to? What specifically makes them unique?   A:102: The cloud river runs in between the two mountaintops that the squirrels have made their home. It follows many of the same attributes of a river of water, in such that it flows, has a tide, and is home to many species of flying fish. “The Great Tree” is a natural phenomena to the denizens of Arboreal. This tree reaches into the heavens with its branches. Tsoki frequently visited this tree to meditate. He claims that the tree is living and calms everything under its boughs. Tsoki has been given a number of acorns from “The Great Tree” that he always keeps on his person.   103. Is there somewhere specific that you favor in particular? Tell us about it.   A:103: Tsoki prefers areas that exude natural beauty and calmness. Both the Cloud River and The Great Tree were places of comfort for young Tsoki. He is currently searching for areas around Liminal that would fit the bill.   104. Is there somewhere specific that you hate? Why?   A:104: Tsoki has yet to experience true hate. He has a certain wanderlust and seems to be able to find beauty in even the most terrible circumstances.   105. How about a place you haven’t been to yet but you have always wanted to visit?   A:105: Now that Tsoki is on Liminal he plans to map out every single corner of the plane. He is very much living his wildest dreams.   106. Are you a typical individual for your world? Is there some significant way you consider yourself to differ from your societal norms?   A:106: Tsoki is a flying squirrel much like the rest of the population of his hometown of Arboreal. He is however a soothsayer. Occasionally he glimpses visions of the future. The most important vision he has had in his life is the foretelling of the Wanderpus Crew.   107. What makes you stay with the crew rather than stay in one place? Is there something that would make you leave?   A:107: Tsoki is living amongst his heroes, Tsoki will not be able to leave until he has documented what makes every single crewmate extraordinary.(Whether the crewmate in question believes it or not.)   108. What do you find interesting or what theories do you have in regards to all the rifts that open in Liminal?   A:108: Although currently out of reach, the rifts have the power to bring together all peoples of all worlds together. 109. Do you believe that closing the rifts is the best long term solution or do you think there are other possibilities to explore?   A:109: Perhaps there is a way to connect the rifts together? This would be a great way to make travel over large distances easier? Would it be worth the risk? Maybe we should only close the “bad” ones.   110. Do you have any particular thoughts about the Redcaps?   A:110: oh you mean the big scary bloodsucking monsters that seemingly only exist to wipe out civilizations? I don't like them. And what do they need all that blood for?   111. What is your relationship with your home? Do you want to return? Is there something keeping you from doing so? Or is there a reason you are satisfied to simply stay with the crew?   A:111: The rift that connects to Arboreal was only formed during an extremely unlikely series of unfortunate events. The fact is, that even if he wanted to, Tsoki would likely be unable to return home. That being said, Tsoki is living his wildest dreams working as part of the crew he idolized his whole life. Since his arrival on Liminal, he has not once thought about going back to Arboreal.   Part 9: Role & Crew Relationships   112. What is your role among the crew and why did you choose this role?   A:112: Navigation! Tsoki has been preparing to be a guide to the Wanderpus crew for the last few years. Now that he has joined the crew, it was only fitting for him to continue this role.   113. In what ways do you fulfill your role in the crew? Is your role one that might have a lot of downtime? If so, what duties do you perform to fill in that downtime?   114. On a mission, what is your ideal loadout to bring along? What things would you like to carry with you, even if you might not necessarily currently have access to them? Why these particular items?   A:114: Bring everything! You never know what might be useful so I make sure to bring everything that I can.   115. Sometimes the crew can get a bad reputation. How much does this matter to you and why?   A:115: Any bad reputation must be a simple misunderstanding. There is no way that the Wanderpus crew has done anything to warrant bad favor. (probably)   116. Were you a part of the crew before the Admiral was killed? If so, what were your thoughts on finding out the truth about their motives for the crew and did it leave any lasting effect on you?   A:116: Nope :/   117. A police force organization by the name of Starlight has a particular dislike for the crew and does not seem to like the crew interacting with the rifts. Have you had any interactions with them and what are your thoughts of them so far?   A:117: Who? That Joust character seems to be trustworthy enough.       118. Who on the crew have you formed a close relationship with? Tell us about this relationship.   A:118: After landing on Liminal, Tsoki has had the most contact with Officer Lio and Midnight. Officer Lio took Tsoki through the entry test and has earned a great deal of respect and admiration from Tsoki. Midnight is proving to be a good friend. He gives sound advice and looks out after his fellow crewmates.   119. As a player, what is your goal for your character? What would you like to see them pursue or what do you hope to get out of your character?   A:119: I want Tsoki to be the finder of things. Someone lost the remote? Go get Tsoki. A Crew Member was kidnapped? Better go get Tsoki. Oh no! We need to find the hidden rift. Get Tsoki. I think it would be neat for him to be able to learn how to channel his Psychic abilities to scry for things. If that doesn't work out, I want Tsoki to become a Rift Specialized member. Whether that is sealing or something else I don't really know yet. Part 10: Other   120. Do you have any special traits that might not be apparent just from an initial glance? Is there a particular reason you know of for having these traits?   A:120: Tsoki has runes Etched into his fur that he normally keeps covered with his robes. I would imagine that these are wards placed upon him by Master Longwhiskerchin for Tsoki’s protection

Tsoki's First Mission

Today was a wonderful day! I got to go on my first mission as a fully fledged member of The HTML Wanderpus! Krieg, Quet, Midnight and myself were chosen to go and find some boxes that may or may not have been stolen. We were dropped off on the shores of Salt and Sand and quickly got to work. Krieg led us forward into the desert and we stumbled upon a town. This town was not on any of our maps and seemed to be in the process of starting up.   There we are, on a cliff overlooking the town that shouldn't be here, and Midnight beseeches the shadows to see if he can sense our boxes. After a bit he senses that the boxes are indeed somewhere in that town. We all decide that we are going into the town so I pass out some kites that I brought and tell them all to follow me! I jump off the cliff and fly into the town! I bet we looked super cool!   We landed in the center of the town and are greeted by some of the locals wearing funny hats. They tell us that this is the town of M.O.P. Now it is very important to note that this is the town of M.O.P and not MOP. They get real mad if you say that the town name is MOP. So we tell them that we are looking for some boxes and the guys with funny hats challenge the crew to some games of skill so that we can compete for the boxes. The team with the most wins gets the boxes! So we accept the challenge! They didn't stand a chance!   The first challenge is beast taming! Well too bad for them we have a certified beast hunter in Midnight! I was sure that Midnight could calm any beast but we never had the chance to see his skills as the Alpaca they were planning on wrangling went into a rampage and ran off! So the first game ended in a draw.   The second challenge was a show of physical strength! I stepped up to the plate as I thought that I would have the best chance given Quet's... fragile(?) nature. And I didn't want Krieg to dirty his nice looking suit. So I enter the ring and size up my opponent. A centaur-lady four times the size of me! I knew it would be a hard battle but I was ready to give it my all for the crew! We go back and forth for a bit and then she picks me up and tries to throw me out of the ring! She must have miscalculated or something because she totally didn't put me out of the ring. So I jump around to get to the center of the ring and pushed my opponent out of the ring! Score one for the crew! I won a bag of gold coins for my trouble.   The next challenge is a simple duel. Quet accepts this challenge and faces off against the Owl guy. First round ends in a draw as there was not a telling blow that hit either contestant. The owl guy then tries to convince Quet to give up but Quet refuses and they go another round. This time the owl guy shoots Quets gun and blows it up! The owl guy wins this contest.   So the final contest that decides everything comes down to a poker game between Krieg and the leader of the other group. I grew tired of watching the game that took hours to finish but in the end it seemed as though Krieg pulled out the win. Score one for the Crew!   Since we won the most challenges we go to collect our prize. Our prize being the boxes we were sent here to get in the first place. We end up in a warehouse and as we go to collect the boxes, The leader accuses Krieg of cheating! Well I don't believe that one bit! Before we can really dispute they open fire! Luckily they were lousy shots because i do not think that they hit anyone.   And as if the gunfire wasn't enough, the rampaging Alpaca burst through the wall destroying some of the boxes and throwing everyone around! Midnight covered our exit as we grabbed the last box and ran! We saw Officer Akhana riding some motorcycles so we hopped on board and made good our escape.   All in all, I would call the first mission a great success! I cant wait for the next one!

The Upgraded HTML Wanderpus

The crew has been quite busy these last few weeks! And our efforts have been rewarded with a beautiful new ship! I kept hearing stories of how the old submarine was destroyed. And although I am disappointed that I was never able to see the "beast" from the tales of my childhood, this new creation has surpassed all of my expectations.   The ship is massive! We added kite wings and it can fly! It has legs that allow it to walk over the land! And not to mention the fact that it is still a fully functioning submarine, that means we can go literally ANYWHERE with our new ship! I am told that we also managed to add almost everything that was on the old ship so the new ship must just be better than the old one! The crew has really outdone themselves!   Now that the ship has been completed, there is going to be a huge celebration! I am so glad that I am part of the crew so that I can experience everything first hand! Now I am off to party!

Dude Where's My Teeth!?

There I was, tying the last piece of string to the kite that has become my magnum opus. This thing was beautiful, let me tell ya. It was HUGE! And Colorful! And the best part was that it could fly even without wind! Oh man what a wonderful creation. The whole crew was there as well, cheering me on and staring in awe!   They decided that we should all celebrate and Midnight brought wine! So I went to take a drink and it was... hot. And then everything around me began to fall away until all was cast in darkness. I shut my eyes. and when I opened them, all I see is Midnight standing there feeding me soup.   So as I am waking up I go to ask him " hey what's the big idea waking me up? I was having the best dream?!" but what came out of my mouth was a slurred mess and probably didn't make much sense. And then I feel it, or rather, the lack of it. My teeth?!!? Where have my teeth gone?   So I sit up and Midnight fills me in. Apparently lots of people were drugged and then their teeth were taken! We found out later that Cree the one responsible and was arrested for the theft of teeth. Weirdly enough it sounded Cree was trying to help. I don't know what they were trying to do but surely they could have asked first right? If it was a good plan I'm sure we would've been willing to help.   Anyways I want to find out where to get some of that sleep juice. I haven't slept that well in a long time. And maybe Midnight has some of that soup left... I can definitely go for seconds.

After The Pot & Kettle

I have done it! I have been made a member of the Wanderpus crew! And as the first order of business! I am told I am not allowed to go anywhere! How weird is that? Something about people not trusting the crew for everything they have done. I don't know what all that is about but I am sure that the fine members of the crew will sort out this misunderstanding.   They are sending a few of the members and officers out on a mission. Since I can't tag along I have decided to sneak a number of snacks and refreshments into Seth's bag. And just in case I put a bit of that healing tea I made during my test to wash it down.   I saw Midnight fishing so I decided I would join him. He even showed me a few tricks that I had not known. I wonder why his name wasn't in "The Book". Seems to me that he totally should have been. Anyway we sold the fish and I got more coins!   The team came back in one piece! that's good! And apparently we are allowed to travel again! I was so excited I pulled out some expensive wine to celebrate. And Tattoo was yelling at everybody but I don't know what that was about either. So I gave him the wine to calm him down, but all that seemed to do was make him go off on a rant about bears and stuff. I should ask someone to explain what has been going on so that I can figure out the best way to help out!

Legends Rise
June. 19th. 19xx

It finally happened! The Wanderpus and crew finally arrived! Although it was a bit different than what I had foreseen, as soon as I heard their ship my heart nearly burst from my chest! The way the ship rose from the cloud river parting the clouds like waves in the ocean was truly a site to behold.   I was the one lucky enough to welcome the legends to our humble abode. And although they did not know that we were having problems... and weren't exactly here to help us with said problems... They DID jump at the opportunity to help just like the heroes I knew they were!   Some of the officers from the book were there, as well as some people that the book had not made mention of. I wonder if they are followers as well. And if they are, maybe I would have a better shot of getting on the ship myself! But anyways Royce seemed to be the one in charge of this expedition so I told him all that I had prepared for. I showed him where the glowing electric storm was coming from and all of sudden *poof* we were just there! So cool!   There were squirrels down there that I had never seen before and they had weapons like those the crew had. But they were no match for Royce and Midnight! And then we went into the cave and saw some more squirrels i didnt recognize and they were all like "stop" and Royce was all like " No i dont think I will" and then they blew up and Royce just kept walking! So cool!   Royce went to work on the machine thing and then a giant slime thing showed up and then left after Royce hit it. And then everything happened so fast! there was lightning and Royce was telling us to grab metal and then we were falling and then we apparently teleported back to the Wanderpus homeworld and hit a tree and i dont even know what happened.   When we walked out of the cave there was this big ole tree that was falling over and good thing that I brought extra supplies because I had just the thing. As the crew held the tree up I was able to use some of the acorns of the great tree in combination with some of our miracle growth serum to close the wound on the tree. And as the tree mended it also grew to become even bigger! I could almost touch the branches as they almost reached the ground, but I didnt because it looked to be important.   We waited for the airship to come and pick us up. And I got to ride on the airship! Never in all my years of waiting and preparing did I think that things would turn out like this.   As we flew back to the home base of the Wanderpus I was talking with the one known as Midnight. He has told me that I may not be able to return home. That I am now on a plane known as Liminal and that even if I were to return home, there is no guarantee that I would return to the correct time. This was surprising news to be sure but i am sure that if anyone can return me back to my world, it will be the crew of the Wanderpus.   Until that day arrives though I must learn all there is to know about Liminal and the members of the Wanderpus. There are many names and faces that were never mentioned in the book. Maybe i should write an updated version including all of the newest members of the crew.   And maybe, just maybe.... I can join the crew.

The Time Approaches
June. 18th. 19xx

My vision has been happening more often recently. At first I would have the vision once a month. A month turned into weeks, weeks into days. I experience the vision almost daily now. I cant help but feel excited! The frequency of my visions can only mean that the time is close at hand. High priest Whiskerchin is still doubtful that my vision will come true... But I know it will, it just has to!   I spend most of my time by the riverbank waiting for the crew to appear. I have gathered everything that I think may be useful for the crew... or at least everything that i can fit into my bag. Maybe I should get a bigger bag...

A Newfound Purpose
March. 15. 19xx

I had another vision. It began the same as the first, sitting on the riverbank as a shadow shrouds the village in darkness. In the sky the giant beast descends. My body rushes forward as multiple figures dismount the beast. They introduce themselves as members of the Wanderpus crew. I recognize a few of them as figures from the statues around town. The legends are true! And they say that they are here to investigate a magical disturbance. As I offer my assistance the vision ends.   As I wake from the vision I find myself with new purpose and filled with resolve. I will have to figure out what the disturbance is so that I will be ready to guide the crew when they show up. I wonder if it has anything to do with the cloud river... I know that I will find it, I must.   If the Wanderpus crew is really coming here I must make sure to keep my skills sharp. I must develop my powers and become stronger if I am to make a good impression. Maybe, just maybe they will let me join, and then i will be able to see what the world really has to offer!

Thoughts on the Cloud River
Feb. 20th. 19xx

The Cloud river that lies in the great canyon has always been of great comfort to me. As I sit here on the river bank the flow of the clouds reminds me of the balance of nature. That even though I may be feeling sad or upset today, tomorrow still comes and with it new emotion. Feelings will come and go, much like the tide of the clouds.   I feel as though the river is upset. The tide slowly creeping higher and higher. The flow seems almost disturbed by something. All of us know that venturing into the clouds is dangerous, but I cant help but wonder what the clouds are hiding below. If only we had a giant beast like those of the Wanderpus legends surely we could go and venture beneath the clouds. But until we find a way to dive into the clouds, I will continue to come and visit with the clouds. One day you will reveal your secrets to me.

Visions Pt. 2
Jan. 24. 19xx

Whiskerchin says what I experienced may have been a vision of the future. Normally I would conduct a reading channeling my powers through the acorns of the great tree, but for my powers to manifest almost on their own... I knew that my powers have been getting stronger but to think that it may let me glimpse that which has yet to come is truly wondrous. For now I must try to understand what this vision is trying to tell me.   In other news the church has finished the sculpture of the great Royce Vanderbilt. And I must say that they went a bit overboard on the moustache. Looks good though.

The Visions Begin
Jan. 19th. 19xx

During my daily meditation today I experienced a feeling like no other. I found was looking through what i knew to be my own eyes but I had no power over the actions being taken. My eyes peered over my village swathed in shadow. I look up to the sky to see a ginormous beast made of wood and stone blocking the sun from view. I see people on its back looking down at my people. and my body begins to rush towards where it appears to be landing.   All of a sudden I am wrenched from my mind and back into my own body. My head is pounding as I look up to the sky, but find nothing but the sun beaming down and the wind rushing through my fur. It all felt so real.   I should consult High Priest Whiskerchin about this.


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