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Play with Us: Game Schedule


Catch up & Get Down!

How-to Get Started!
#1 Character Creation
#2 Game Schedules
#3 Streamloots & Twitch

Find Past Game VODs &
Upcoming Game Announcements
The Season One Recap
CURRENT Midseason Two Recap

Lists of current Crew & Depts.
with links to Character Profiles
Archive: S1 Character Manifest
CURRENT Character Manifest

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Upcoming Games
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Game Calendar

Create the World!

Who's Who
Crewmates (Players)
Dossiers (NPCs)

Soon: More World Lore
Silver Thimble
The World's Fair

Soon: Season Two Expanded Recaps
Soon: All the Maps

Character Manifest Google Sheet

Character Manifest & Coin Purse

This feature is finicky and may look weird in the Chrome browser. Visit the full Character Manifest Here or the Published Google Sheet instead.
When you click inside the Google Sheet it will force you to the top of the page. Scroll back down and now you're "In" the document.
Update your character's Coin Purse, Music Points, Items, etc. by right clicking on a cell and COMMENTING your update! Mods will be alerted via email.

We know this article of games schedules is pretty out of date as of October 2022, and will be updated during the Pre-Season 3 break.

Game scheduling is currently monthly in the discord. A list of games get posted with dates of the game and dates of when player slots open. Note: Officers have first dibs on select games currently, this will be changing in some way Season 3.

Have a little time? Have all the time?
Like to talk a lot? Like to text a little?

We've got something for you!

3-Hr Events

Our live RPGs and Speakeasy average only 3-hours long!
The perfect amount for anyone needing a fantastical break or a quick immersion! To be a voiced player, join the discord for sign-up alerts.

Text-Based Fun

Our Speakeasy and Crew Quarters Discord Section require no mic or cam! Especially great for those who enjoy bringing their characters to life through written interactions.

Get your CREATE on!

If you'd like to delve into some creative ANYTHING focused on your
character or other worldly/lore aspect, HAVE AT IT!
This includes your music, writings, art - literally ANYTHING!
Send it to us and we'll post it to the World Anvil!

Twitch Streamed Games

Monthly Main Games

Last Sunday of the month, our Officers brave the world with crew support via emote voting and buffing in chat.

Away Games

At least twice a month on Mondays, four willing Crew Members are invited to face the unknown with hopeful crew support.

Text-based Roleplay

Shore Leave Speakeasy

While the ship resupplies, crew members are invited twice monthly to roleplay their shore leave at the Diving Belle speakeasy through twitch chat.

Crew Quarters

Everyone is welcome to casually roleplay their characters aboard the ship in the Discord too!

The WanderCalendar

View and Add upcoming events to your own Calendar!
If the PlugIn isn't working, use this WanderCalendar link!

Would you like the calendar displayed in a different timezone?

Click on the dropdown menu and click your timezone to open a new tab with a calendar converted to that timezone.

*If you're not sure what your UTC offset is:

    • Under the green box there is a link to set your location.
    • If the blue box says UTC is ahead of your time by X hours you are UTC-X.
    • If the blue box says UTC is behind your time by X hours you are UTC+X.
    • Remember the switch to and from daylight savings time changes the offset.

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