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Little Shop of Horrors

Wed, May 25th 2022 09:46
Visit The Jewels for some totally-not-stolen goods

Step right up! Welcome to The Jewels!

Wed, May 25th 2022 09:53

We get new Items in the shop every couple weeks. So keep looking in the Discord! cause we got the Sh't you mother fuc'ers want, so get your dumba''es in the shop! And its not stolen! Stop saying its stole. What are you writing? Are you writing this? This isn't going to be in the AD. What do you mean we pay by the word?!

Actual Shop Drops sporadically occur in the WanderDiscord! Primarily appearing in the #html-rp-offship channel, they are transcribed to WA as a form of transparent receipt system afterwards. Also, when a new shop is dropped, all others are closed regardless of leftover stock.

Coin Purse

Character Manifest & Coin Purse

This feature is finicky and may look weird in the Chrome browser. Visit the full Character Manifest Here or the Published Google Sheet instead.
When you click inside the Google Sheet it will force you to the top of the page. Scroll back down and now you're "In" the document.
Update your character's Coin Purse, Music Points, Items, etc. by right clicking on a cell and COMMENTING your update! Mods will be alerted via email.

Little Shop of Horrors Shop Drops!

Thu, Aug 18th 2022 11:41