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HTML Wanderpus Discussion Boards

World Shops

Wed, May 25th 2022 09:42

Little Shop of Horrors

Wed, May 25th 2022 09:46
HTML Wanderpus Discussion Boards

RP Fun!

Tue, Jun 14th 2022 02:19

Music Lessons

Tue, Jun 14th 2022 02:19

Departmental Chatter

Thu, Jun 30th 2022 06:10

Open Role Play

Thu, Jun 30th 2022 06:11
HTML Wanderpus Discussion Boards

Test things out here!

Wed, May 25th 2022 08:17
Open for All to Use!
  Forums/Discussion Boards seem to be a new enough World Anvil Feature that things get real weird for seemingly no reason.
Use this Board to test out your BBCode'd responses before posting elsewhere!
Here, you'll find spoiler buttons and threads full of 2AM TWY trying to figure out the feature too!
Top Category. oh okay, so This will be just like the button in the main discussion boards page -- then we'll have another category board in this PER SHOP and then under each will be the individual thread updates. Otherwise all the pictures of each shop will display in the main ALL boards page and that's just a lot of scrolling. all the in world shops available and not available

can put pic here Multi Shop Pic here

OH SHIT, we can make clickable banners here and make the images link to the next step in the heirarchy - sick..

right now, only people with the WanderCrew permission can view this Category - you get that permission when you follow the world. OH shit! I can also set it to where only people with specific permissions can write or moderate! FUCK YES!! That means DEPARTMENT CHAT CAN be A THING!! When you sign up for your dept, in the character creation article (fuck I could just copy that shit over here too!) you get access to view, write, even moderate specific boards! OH SHIT!! well isn't that fucking NIFTY!!! Makes it real neat if we wanted to do specific week/month long written one-shot projects across departments (like To build radio tower need 1 Communication roll, 2 Engineers, 1 Security. IDK people love being needed) and then if success, success! if not, it's not! but it's all here and can be roleplayed... awwww sheeeet.

Testing - Category Board

Wed, May 25th 2022 08:18
Practice Posting or Creating Threads here! Open for All!
okay so this is one level down in the top level discussion board hierarchy, "Shops" is a category board. All the actual shop listings with posts n replies and shit are called thread boards and they'll be listed two levels down.
So if you're in the main discussion board page you only see the words here and the image, but not the images of the individual shops below - but if you're one level down because you clicked shops, you'll see all the shop thread boards with their top level pictures below. Theeeeen when you click one of those you'll see a list of threads with all of thooooose pics? or does the list of threads not show pics?

WELP let's see!!! (taking notes like this is wild.. if you go and check out Shop Pink and read thread 1 and thread 2, there's a point where I'm literally typing to myself about typing to you.. whoever you may be who actually fucking read this.. you're the weird one, not me.. this is called DOCUMENTATION! and i've been told by many an older engineer that I have a knack for it because I'm a girl, so.. yea.... gotcha.... i. win? what?ugh... )