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Music Lessons

Tue, Jun 14th 2022 02:19

Music Lessons - Info & Lore

Tue, Jun 14th 2022 02:22

Harmony Lesson Inception


I was once told..
“I was once told a story how you and my father collaborated to build the Planar Origin Infoscope & Nautical Telegraphic Energy Responder, still used to this day. He spoke of how your voice was the key to every breakthrough.” Vatna paused before asking his question. “Is this something that can be learned?” He paused again before asking his real question.“Is this something you can teach?”


I suppose..
"I suppose, I could start again.”Ceylon gets starry-eyed.“Why, back when I didn’t wear this uniform, I’d launch every gallery opening with a complimentary performance. Yea, I was real good at lulling my lovely patrons into a better-buying-mood. My bejeweled glass harmonica and natural Siren's penchant for plucking heartstrings ensured that.”Ceylon shrugs her shoulder toward the young moth with the frivolity of a wink, and points to Vatna+'s silk-stringed fingers.“But you already know a little about plucking strings, don’t you?"
I will.
Ceylon leans in closer, her feather tips starting to labradoresce, her voice losing all playfulness. "I will not teach simple things. Anyone can witness music and think they understand enough of its potential. No, I will do your father right as he has done by me, I will impart the wisdom required for you to become the very Call the music begs."


I accept!
He tugged on his string as a nervous tick while listening to his father’s friend. She talked as a master of their craft, and he had just days ago discovered the first drops of the ocean that was music. The tug became a pluck that let out an off tune note accompanying the word “Call.” It made his antennae twitch. There was something about that specific word.. To bring the music to him..
"You can teach me to BE music? I accept."

Participating in Harmony Lessons


The Lesson begins with Yourself

Personally complete the Lesson

My Lesson
By posting a reply to the Harmony/Music Lesson’s Thread with [*h2]My Lesson[*/h2] (without the *) at the top of your post,
followed by your retelling, role-playing, free-form notes, inspired poetry, art, musical interpretation/rendition of the shared song, etc.

  • Any form of creativity per the theme of the Lesson or attached song counts as participation and is deeply encouraged!
    Get Creative and Get Weird!

  • Gain Music Points:

    Roll for Points
    In the same thread post, fill in the Dice Roll section with “1d20” and the note section with “Music Points.”

  • Music Point Breakdown is as follows: 1-10: +1 MP, 11-20: +2 MP.
  • Then update the Character Manifest Google Sheet found below with a comment like “Music Lesson #1: +2MP” in the Music Point’s column for your character.
  • 10 MP is the Max.

  • The Lesson continues amongst Ourselves

    Harmony Ability Collaboration (voluntary)

    Music Lessons are a time of exploration and discovery into not just the scientifically physical and sonic, but into the personal - the musical. As others participate in the Lesson, explore the similarities between your musical journeys into the Self and others’.

    What about the way a crewmate responds to the Music Lesson (internally, externally, existentially, etc.) harmonizes with your very core? Collaborate with fellow crewmates till a significant mutual connection is revealed, then jointly develop One Harmony Ability that matches the depth of your Duet’s expression and impact.

    Harmonies are Special Combinations

    Harmony Example
    Harmonies are musical expressions of the individual influencing the other, till the combined voices become a new Duet entirely.

    In a Music Lesson thematically centered around exploring “Yourself & The Future,” Officer Quet (a paper flower) & Tsoki Chatterfang (a seer squirrel) could notice that the other’s shared exploration resonates on a deeper level, (perhaps both simply view the future as hopeful or near-literally see the future as “written.”) Together, they could create an inspired mutual ability called Reading Tea Leaves with possible epic to near-legendary effect.

    Harmony Ability Details
  • (Can create only one Harmony Ability per Music Lesson.)
  • (Can have only one Harmony Ability per player pairing (Duet) at a time.)
  • (Include the amount of MP a Harmony Ability uses; it should be weighed against the Ability's intent as it fits within the current HTML World.)
  • (The Guide/GM retains final approval on all custom abilities to maintain narrative & mechanical cohesion of the HTML Wanderpus World & System for all.)
  • (Collaborate under the appropriate Music Lesson thread, or in the Discord.
    The Character Manifest Google Sheet has player information. DM with consent.)
  • Submit your Duet’s
    Harmony Ability

    Roll for Points
    Reply to the same Music Lesson thread at the top with [*h2] Our Harmony Ability: Character 1 & Character 2 [*br] Ability Name: X MP [*/h2]
    (without the *)

    In the same thread post, fill in the Dice Roll section with “1d20” and the note section with “Music Points.”
  • Music Point Breakdown is as follows: 1-10: +1 MP, 11-20: +2 MP. The MP result is added to both Harmonizer’s MP.

  • Then update the Character Manifest Google Sheet found below with a comment like “Music Lesson #1 Harmony Ability: +1MP” in the Music Point’s column for your character.
  • 10 MP is the Max.


    More Lesson Info

    Using Harmony Abilities in Game

    Custom Rules
    Entirely contingent on the Guide/GM
  • In a live game where both members of a duet are active players/main characters, enact your Duet’s Harmony Ability by jointly spending Music Points (MP), similar to Ability Points (AP.)
    MP maxes out at 10.
  • The more you attend Music Lessons, the more Music Points you gain.
  • The more you atune with your fellow crewmates, the more Harmony Abilities you have access to in game, AND the more Music Points you refill on.

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  • Public Domain Info

    Referenced from
    “The lyrics, melody, and arrangement of songs, as published before 1927 are in the public domain in the USA. However, it is a virtual certainty that video, sound recordings, and 1927 or later music arrangements of this song are under copyright protection. The ONLY way to know precisely what lyrics and melody are in the public domain is to obtain a Sheet Music Publication with a Copyright Date of 1926 or earlier. You then work from the PD publication to create your own derivative work, but you cannot use or work from any version published after 1922.”

    We physically own two books of sheet music printed in 1902, from which the songs presented in Music Lessons RP are sourced.

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    Music Lesson Plans

    Wed, Aug 17th 2022 07:04
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