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Guild BBCode Tags

Restructuring the Codex

We are currently moving articles around and changing the general structure of the Codex. Please come back later if you get lost!

Guild Exclusive

This is a guild-only feature. To get access, Join the Worldbuilder's Guild!

This page contains all BBCode commands or tags that are exclusive to the Guild. To understand how BBCode works, as well as learning BBCode tags available to all users, please see the Guide to BBCode Commands.   The tags of this page are sorted by Guild tier, starting with tags available to all members and ending with tags available to Grandmasters and above tiers only. Note that many tags don't need to be memorised, as they can be copied from different places. These are usually the tags that require an ID number.  

General Guild tags


Use this to hide text from the presentation view. This will hide text even from you.
(Note: nothing shows on the presentation. It only shows on the editing side.)


Secrets let you hide pieces of content. See the Guide to Secrets for more information.
Copy the secret tag from the secret page. It will look like "secret:4ceadcde-cf29-45b2-8d06-980fc37a1dad" enclosed between [ ].
This will embed a secret into the article. It will only be visible to you and whatever subscribers you give permission to.

Embed PDF Documents

This BBCode allows you to embed PDF Documents in World Anvil articles. The PDFs cannot be hosted by World Anvil itself, which means you have to have a linkt from another platform to use this BBCode.
The BBCode has three parameters:
  • The url to the PDF itself, which is required.
  • Height of the embed in pixels (1000 by default)
  • Show toolbar: "no", "n", or "0" will hide the toolbar (it's displayed by default)
  • Result:

    From Google Drive

    If you're hosting your PDFs on Google Drive, you'll need to do an extra step. After getting the public URL for the PDF, you'll see that it ends with /view?usp=sharing. To embed it on World Anvil, you'll need to replace this last part with /preview?usp=drivesdk.  

    From OneDrive

    To embed pdfs from OneDrive you need to use the embed link and not the share link.  
    1. Make sure the PDF is public via the share options. Create a link that is accessible by anyone.
    2. Open the PDF in the online OneDrive.
    3. From the upper toolbar select the extra options with the three dots.
    4. Select the Embed option. This opens a sidebar with the embed code.
    5. From that code only copy the URL from the code between the quote characters: ""
    6. Paste this URL into the pdf BBCode.


    You can use this tag to generate sliding text.  
    This feature is based on the HTML tag marquee. This tag is deprecated and browsers may not support it anymore. This means that for some users the marquee may not be animated or displayed at all!
    [marquee:scroll|right|10]Look at me scroll![/marquee]

    There are three parameters:
  • Behavior: scroll (as in the example), slide (the text slides and stops when it reaches the end), and alternate (the text bounces from side to side).
  • Direction: the direction towards which the text will start moving.
  • Speed in pixels: the higher this number, the faster the text will move.
  • Result:
    Look at me scroll!

    Master tags

    Guild Exclusive

    This is a Master+ feature. To get access, Join the Worldbuilder's Guild!

    Family trees and bloodlines

    Use these tags to embed a family tree or bloodline in an article. You don't need to memorize them —simply copy them from the family tree widget in the character article editing interface. See the Guide to Family Trees for more information on this feature.
    When you copy the code from the family tree widget, ID will be replaced by a string of numbers and letters. Paste the tag anywhere to get an interactive embed of the family tree.

    This will embed the family tree with a starting zoom level of 50. The starting zoom level can be anywhere between 50 and 150.

    This will make the family tree go leftwards instead of downwards. Accepted values are top, down, right, and left.

    This will display only the parents and descendants of a character, not the full tree. Replace parent-1-id and parent-2-id with the IDs of the characters (you can copy them from the family tree widget).

    Diplomacy webs

    Use these tags to embed a diplomacy web in an article. You don't need to memorize them —simply copy them from the diplomacy section in the organization article editing interface. See the Guide to Diplomacy webs for more information on this feature.
    This displays a web centered on the selected organization.
    This displays a web including all the organizations tagged with the specified tag. In this example, the tag used was webs.

    Grandmaster tags

    Guild Exclusive

    This is a Grandmaster+ feature. To get access, Join the Worldbuilder's Guild!

    Containers and sections

    Containers and sections are custom CSS Blocks which you can define and then style using CSS. See the Grandmaster Container CSS guide for more information.  


    [container:box-green] Containers block out text. [/container]
    Containers block out text.


    A [section:box-green]section[/section] can go within text.
    A section can go within text.
    It's up to you to write the CSS for your world, but there are resources for you with the CSS guides and on the Discord server. Here is the CSS code used for the above examples.
    .box-green {
    background: #7cfc0047;
    border: 1px solid #7cfc00;


    Using section tags, you can use icons from Font Awesome and RPGAwesome, two extensive icon libraries. You can find all of the icons in the Font Awesome and RPGAwesome web sites. The Grandmaster Container CSS also has some information on how to use them.  
    Tips and Tricks for Using Icons
    Generic article | Apr 23, 2022

    I bet there's at least one tip in here you may not have known

    Community Guide by hcraven  

    Font Awesome examples

    [color:#7d4cae][section:far fa-2x fa-compass] [/section][/color]

    [color:#233d94][section:far fa-2x fa-book-dead] [/section][/color]

    [color:#5b5c4a][section:far fa-2x fa-bone] [/section][/color]

      For a full explanation on how to use Font Awesome (including the different icon styles you can use), check out Font Awesome's official documentation.  

    RPGAwesome examples

    [color:#f1f1f1][section:ra ra-2x ra-key] [/section][/color]

    [color:#387a46][section:ra ra-2x ra-dinosaur] [/section][/color]

    [color:#bd4d1b][section:ra ra-2x ra-wyvern] [/section][/color]

    Notice how, in both FontAwesome and RPGAwesome, the part that changes is the last of the three elements inside the [section] ("fa-compass", "ra-key"). This is a name of the icon, and it must always be prefixed with "fa-" for FontAwesome or "ra-" for RPGAwesome. You can replace the 2x with higher numbers to have bigger icons.   The examples include the [color] tag. You don't need it, but it's a great combination of tags to improve the design of your articles.  

    Colored text

    [color:red]This is red[/color]
    [color:#0000FF]This is blue[/color]
    [color:#0000FF90]This is blue with 90% opacity![/color]
    This is red
    This is blue
    This is blue with 90% opacity!
    You can specify both HTML color names and hex codes (including transparency).  

    Marked text

    [mark]This is highlighted![/mark]
    This is highlighted!

    User states

    You can make certain content available to some readers only. As an extension of the subscribers feature, you can choose the kind of relationship with your world a reader needs to view some of its contents:  
    [userstate:loggedin]You'll only see this if you're logged in[/userstate]
    [userstate:loggedout]You'll only see this if you're logged out[/userstate]
    You'll only see this if you're logged out
    [userstate:follower]You'll only see this if you're following the Codex[/userstate]
    [userstate:notfollower]You'll only see this if you're not following the Codex[/userstate]

    Subscriber management

    Subscribers are people you give permission to view some (or all) of your private content, and these tags can help with managing subscriber groups. See the Guide to Subscribers for more information.  

    Subscriber containers

    [subcontainer:ID]Content here[/subcontainer]
    The content between these tags will be visible to the subscriber group specified in the opening tag. This tag can be copied for each group in the Access Rights page.

    Self-assigned subscriber groups

    [subgroup:ID|ID]Display text[/subgroup]
    This will create a button with the "display text" as label that any logged-in user can click to join the specified subscriber group in the opening tag. This can be copied for each subscriber group in the Access Rights page.
    Check this video for a quick and basic introduction to the World Anvil BBCode system:  



    Tips & Tricks

    • The BBCode Reference panel is available to the side of all articles for easy access and has a list of useful examples.
    • You can use BBCode in the sidebar panel content, footnotes and even in your own notes in worldanvil!
    • It's important to consider visual hierarchy in your articles, so try and make the things you want people to look at first bigger and bolder.
    • Most resources created in WorldAnvil can be added to an article with a BBCode. You can always copy these codes where you created these resources.
    • If you need further help with formatting, hop on the WorldAnvil discord and ask an in the help channel for assistance!
    Check out this guide for an introduction to BBCode in general as well as the BBCode tags available to everyone:
    BBCode Tags
    Generic article | Jan 25, 2024

    This article lists most BBCode tags with an example on World Anvil.

    Other guides

    BBCode: Dice Roller
    Generic article | Oct 29, 2023

    Use this BBCode to add an interactive dice roll button to anywhere on World Anvil.

    Generic article | Jan 30, 2024

    In this article you learn how to upload, manage and use images on World Anvil.

    Embed 3D 360° Scenes
    Generic article | Oct 29, 2023

    Embed 3D 360° scenes from Kuula or Sketchfab on World Anvil.

    And check out the full category.  

    Community Guides

    You can also check this unofficial tutorial by Grace Gittel Lewis:   This is a quick BBCode reference by SoulLink:
    BBCode Reference
    Document | Oct 18, 2022

    A World Anvil BBCode Reference, for quick lookup.

      The following is a deep-dive written by Annie Stein into Bootstrap classes you can use to create custom columns and grids with containers (if you're a Grandmaster or above):
    Advanced Formatting with Containers
    Guide | Feb 7, 2024

    How to create responsive articles, and do advanced formatting of rows and columns with bootstrap 5, a guide for grandmasters and sages.


    Please Login in order to comment!
    Aug 10, 2021 17:13

    Is there any way to add your own icons or are we limited to Font Awesome and RPG Awesome options?

    Aug 11, 2021 09:44

    You could upload your icons as images and then embed them using the [img] BBCode, possibly using containers to treat them as icons. If you need help with the CSS side of things, I suggest you join our Discord server, where we have a #css-help channel. Hope this helps!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Nov 29, 2021 01:02 by Snake Venom

    Hi, I would appreciate it if the Font-Awesome section contained a bit explaining that you need to use fas, far, fal, fad to get the solid, regular, light, duatone version respectively. This was not intuitive to figure out, and it is not in the grandmaster container css section either. I still don't know how to get the thin version, since the, based on the system written above, expected code 'fat' doesn't work.

    Nov 29, 2021 10:37

    Hi! I have added a link to Font Awesome's official documentation in the section. As for the thin version, the documentation doesn't seem to include it, so I assume it's not supported.

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Nov 29, 2021 15:49 by Snake Venom

    That works. Odd that the thin version isn't supported. Oh well, thank you for adding the link.

    Feb 3, 2022 16:01

    We've updated to Font Awesome 6, so thin versions should now work!

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
    Oct 13, 2022 18:04

    Hello, Is there an option to pull in text as much as I want? In MS Word if I hit the tab key I can pull in with certain amount. If I hit it again, it goes further down. Unfortunately I can not figure how to do this with bbcode. The "['in']" (putting the 'in' in quotation marks as otherwise the comment also pulls in) command indeed pulls in the text with a certain amount, but if I want to pull it more, how can I do that? I tried combining multiple"['in']" commands like "['in']['in']['in']Sample Text['/in']['/in']['/in'], but unfortunately I just got the result of one pull in. Could you please help out? Side note: The possible options on Worldanvil are awesome! :) I like it a lot! Thanks for the good platform!

    Oct 14, 2022 08:22

    Hi! The amount of indentation can't be edited with BBCode. You might be able to use some CSS (Guild feature) to change that, but it would still be a single indentation level unless you used containers (Grandmaster+ only).   And as a tip, you can use the [noparse][/noparse] tags to type BBCode tags without them being applied! For example, [noparse][in][/noparse] will generate [in].

    [they/them] Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.