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The Worldbuilder's Guild

Restructuring the Codex

We are currently moving articles around and changing the general structure of the Codex. Please come back later if you get lost!

The Worldbuilder's Guild is the name for those who pay for a World Anvil subscription to support its development and to have access to its many, many features. There are many ranks to the guild, to cover a vast array of use cases and needs.




Master the tier to get if you want a particularly sleek experience for readers and authors alike. Push updates to your discord server, chart a course with advanced mapping features, and customize the world editor to your specifications!


Grandmaster is the tier for TTRPG Devs, master GMs, and power users. With it, you may add RPG systems and create your own custom HTML + TWIG templates for sheets and blocks. It also adds custom styling containers and removes ads for viewers.


Sage is the tier for the pro with a plan. If your focus is on turning your world into something you can sell, or into a supplement for a product, you want to be a Sage.

Upper Guild—Limited Ranks

To access the upper Guild, you need to go through a quick application process—fill out this form to get started!   These ranks are intended for World Anvil super fans who especially wish to support the ongoing project.

Inner Sanctum

For the World Anvil champion

This is the rank to take if you want direct input on the major upcoming feature sets of World Anvil. On the third Saturday of each month, in two sittings of one hour each, Dimitris and Janet host Inner Sanctum Coffee, a zoom video call where they discuss the upcoming features and use the feedback of the IS and above to shape these features to best benefit the use of those present.

Dimitris also more closely watches the Inner Sanctum Discord channel throughout the month, and so it is a great way to provide feedback on the site.


For the accomplished Developer

This rank grants access to the Javascript Development pane. You may upload Javascript to each of your Codices (after the team has reviewed and approved it) and to RPG Systems you have made within WA. That Javascript executes for all visitors to your codex or on worlds which use your RPG System.

Deity of Creation

At this rank, you're contributing out of an extreme love for the platform. The Deities always have the direct ear of Dimitris and Janet, and get a 1 hour 1-on-1 meeting with them every 3 months—for consultation, advice, or whatever else (within reason!).

How do I join the Guild?

To become an Epic Hero, go to your Hero's page and click the option to Become an Epic Hero down under your character's portrait.   To become a Journeyman, Master, Grandmaster, or Sage, head over to the Pricing Page and check out the level you would like to purchase.   For Inner Sanctum, Legendary, or Deity, contact the team at [email protected] with the subject line "Hello, I would like to upgrade to the upper guild!"


Can I upgrade at any time?
Yes! Any amount you have paid is prorated into an upgrade, meaning that what you've already paid goes towards what you will pay.
Does membership prorate when I upgrade?
See above!
What happens if I drop membership?
If you drop membership, none of your content is deleted or held hostage from you, but any content beyond your top two worlds and the first 175 articles of those words is locked against editing.

Additionally, features above your membership level stop working—for example inline secrets, map marker groups, and containers no longer appear. This is all restored by restoring membership.

This is to prevent exploitation of World Anvil's features.
Why can't I access my world?
If you were a co-author on that world, it is possible that the world owner removed you or lowered their subscription level beyond being able to support you.

If it was your world, and you lowered or dropped your subscription, it is likely that that world is outside of the list of worlds you may edit at a time. To modify this, you may change the operable worlds from your worlds list.
Do my co-authors need a membership as well?
They do not! Many of World Anvil's features are tied to a World's owner, meaning that if they own the world then all their co-authors can use their guild features on that world.
Can I get a refund?
From the ToS: World Anvil is obliged by law and in accordance to the Consumer Rights Act to provide refunds for purchases if said purchase has been done illegally, and if this is within the first 14 days of the purchase.

World Anvil will not provide refunds for any digital product subscriptions in any other case. In order to allow the user to test the product, World Anvil provides a free membership and monthly paid subscriptions.
How do I gift a membership?
You can find the Shop on the bottom of the left sidebar of the editor at any time. Aside from buying world anvil merch there, you can also pick up gift subs!
Is there a lifetime version?
Lifetime memberships were available for a limited time (an optional purchase) as part of the Project Deios Backerkit in partnership with DungeonFog. They are not currently available for normal purchase.
Is there a student discount?
There sure is! Check here!
Can my friend/group (etc) share my account?
This would be a breach of ToS. Please consider a membership level which will allow you to add them as a co-author—even Journeyman has the functionality.
How do I get sponsored by World Anvil?
Please read here.


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Jul 13, 2020 21:31

What's the deal with the Titan?

Jul 16, 2020 19:17 by Ademal

The story there is that we have a user who insisted on a higher rank than Deity so that he could give WA more, so he got his own rank which is basically double-deity.

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Jul 16, 2020 21:05

Ahh Thanks

Jul 28, 2020 00:28 by Krystalyn

Is there any article or maybe a shareable spreadsheet somewhere that lists the benefits in greater detail? I know there are TONS of great features on various Guild tiers that aren't clear with these (necessarily) small summary lists, but it would be great if there was a more in depth list for each tier so that if one is looking for a specific feature that they MUST have, they can see which level they need to get. :)

Jul 28, 2020 22:07 by Ademal

There's this page and the pricing page. Otherwise not really! Is there anything in particular you're looking for?

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Jul 31, 2020 19:49 by Krystalyn

At the time I was looking for the option that allows you to change the author in the metadata, such as on a placeholder article. I've since learned that it is probably GM+.   But since it doesn't already exist, I would like to humbly request one be created someday if someone has time, as it's the unlisted bonus features that would probably be the biggest seller for someone like me. I know there are a lot more important things for everyone to be working on, and would take a lot of maintenance since new stuff is added nearly every day, but you never know. Someone might upgrade for that ONE feature that's a higher tier because it's that important to them. Personally, I'm hoping around Christmas time I can jump up from Master to Grandmaster for a year, but it would be nice to know in advance when else comes with it that isn't visible here or on Pricing. :)

Aug 7, 2020 02:40 by Ademal

Had a talk with Lengna Olio and they wrote it up. Check it out

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Oct 14, 2020 15:14

What’s the difference between grandmaster and venerable grandmaster?

Oct 14, 2020 19:17 by Ademal

Venerable gets 300 subscriber slots and 10GB storage instead

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Dec 7, 2020 03:42 by Lethann Aeda

Was also going to ask about the Exalted Grandmaster as well. Are those ranks for Early users? I'm just curious because I haven't seen anywhere else where it's explained. See those on people's profiles and go "Oh cool, so what does that mean?"

by Lethann Aeda

Costuming Challenge Article: Divine Vestments
Dec 23, 2020 02:33 by Lyraine Alei

My understanding is that the Venerable and/or Exalted ranks come from the Patreon days, and for people whose subscriptions had not lapsed. Eternal are those who bought lifetime subscriptions.

Lyraine, Consumer of Lore, She/Her, primary project: Corive
May 11, 2021 18:36 by Pierrot

What about Apprentice Worldsmiths? Haven't seen anything about them other than a few messages in the WA discord, so I think having a bit of info on this page about it would be cool

Jun 10, 2021 02:18 by Ademal

The apprenticeship stuff is under a redesign, I believe. The current apprentices are more Dimi keeping an oath to uphold an old membership model, but a more official implementation will eventually come.

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Dec 12, 2022 08:16

Any possibility of being able to opt between Freeman - RPG and Freeman - Writer features in the future? I know Manuscripts isn't going to be available at that level ever since it's a huge undertaking, and that makes sense, but there are a lot of other useful features to Authors. Or, even possibly having an trial of the upper levels, an "Apprentice" level that can let you choose a few of the Master-level features, and/or some kind of track system where you can choose to have fewer of the RPG features in return for getting useful writer features?   While I'd love to have the kind of social network to need to worldbuild as a GM, (or even get to play more TTRPGs than I do), and I'd love to find out people want to play campaigns in my worlds if I build them, too, right now that's not the case, and I stumbled upon this as a very very n00b in the universe of worldbuilding. It's done a lot for my confidence in getting started!   But I don't NEED a lot of the features that I already have or would get if I leveled up, so to speak, whereas the ones I do need seem to be out of reach. For example, the features look pretty simple broken down on the pricing page. But if we look at the features list breakdown, it skews heavily toward GMs (and I get that, because this is originally for that purpose, but now that Manuscripts is out and it's being promoted on Nano sites and so on ... you get my drift). Even though many of those sections offered for free involve pretty specific integrations, you can't have family trees or notebooks or even TOC in Categories without a Master subscription feels a little like I'm being punished for not being a GM and that sucks when the rest of the website is so good and helpful.