Academic Discounts

We know things can be tough if you are a student.
We've both been there!

... if we can, we'd really like to do so ...

How does it work?

Our stipulations for a Student Membership are pretty strict (because we don't want to be taken advantage of!), but hopefully the rewards are worth it!

We will require:

  • A photo of a dated, expirable student ID card from your university
  • An account in a matching name associated with the university's email address system
  • Information on your choice of either a master 12 month or grandmaster 12 month membership

Educational discounts are available only on year long subscriptions, and only for Master and Grandmaster memberships. The discount, though, is about 40% of the normal price, which is far higher than any sale we ever have (and probably ever will) do!

If you're fine with this then email the requested materials to [email protected], and we will send you a unique code to be applied during checkout.

Keep in mind

  1. You will have to repeat this process at the end of the period
  2. We will send you a reminder but if you don't send us new documents, this will roll to a normal membership (under the assumption that you are no longer a student), and as all other transactions this is non-refundable.
  3. This cannot be applied retroactively to an existing account
  4. We will make exceptions for students of online universities but we will require further documentation