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Welcome to the World Anvil Codex. The Codex is a compendium of workflows and guides designed to make you a World Anvil poweruser.   Whether you're just getting started, you're branching out into new features, or you just need a refresher, we've got you covered. If we don't, please ask us!   Let's take things from the top, shall we? World Anvil has a lot of features, so many it can be easy to lose track of them! Below we have organized World Anvil's features into their major suites—groupings according to what YOU want to focus your authoring experience on. Chose the suit which most matches your use case. Don't worry, you are not locked into any one role, this is simply to narrow down our focus.

Getting Started

Read the Guides First!

You may also navigate this Codex by seeing all the guides below and reading the ones related to what you want to do. Just a few of these will turn you into a World Anvil maestro!

The Workflows

Under each sub-header below are a few brief statements and a list of related features. Choose which resonates most with you and read on! If you are unsure, choose Storyteller. If you want to change roles later you can do so from your account settings.
Workflows for Writers, Gamemasters, and Creatives coming soon!

I am a Roleplayer

Tabletop RPG player, LARPer, Original Character creator, deep roleplay CRPG player.

I am here to...

You are here to play, either because you're looking for a group, because you want a place to host information on your character, or because your GM/DM invited you to a campaign within World Anvil.


Character Manager
Roleplay Stream
Gamemaster Interface
Player Workflow Guide
Generic article | Mar 29, 2020

A suggested workflow to using World Anvil as a roleplayer for campaigns or character development.

You're looking for all the best ways to express your character. In World Anvil, these are called Heroes.

I am a Game Master

Tabletop RPG Gamemaster, West Marches game team, LARP Storyteller, RPG designer, original RPG content creator.

I am here to...

You are here to create an immersive campaign, including a world with deep lore, maps, timelines, and all the tools you need to run a session at your fingertips, regardless of the RPG system you are using


Campaign Manager
Fast Content Exploration
BBCode Markup
Article Templates
Gamemaster Workflow Guide
Generic article | Mar 30, 2020

This Guide is to help you, a GM of any RPG system, use World Anvil to its maximum potential.