Guide to Explorer Mode

Guild Exclusive

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The Explorer is a feature that lets the author of a world quickly browse and edit its articles, maps, and timelines —all in one page. It features a full-body search bar, a tree-structured article list, a quick edit mode and more!  

The basics of exploration

The Explorer is integrated to your world's Dashboard. Simply click the Dashboard button on top of the sidebar to get there. Once you access the explorer, an additional sidebar will appear with these four options (click on the screenshots to expand):  


This is a list of all the articles in your world grouped by category. Categories are collapsed by default, but you can expand them by clicking the category name. If you click on any article, it will instantly open in the main section of the page (and not in a new tab). Under the article title you can find the visibility status, and the are also some options at the bottom of the article box: "Quick Edit" (using the same page), "Edit" (in a new tab), and "Open in world" (to view the article in presentation mode, in a new tab).  
explore codex.png


The Compendium is very similar in functionality to the Codex, but instead of using categories, it uses article templates. All articles using the character template will be grouped under "Characters", and so on. As with the Codex, you can quickly open any article by clicking on it, and it will also have the same edit options.  
explore compendium.png


Atlas is the same as the Codex or the Compendium but for maps. It contains a list of all the maps of your world, and while it does not have a quick edit option for more advanced settings, it allows you to quickly add new markers on the map: just right-click anywhere on the map to do it! There is also an edit button that will take you to the map edit page (new tab), as well as a button to create a new map (also in a new tab).  
explore atlas.png


Finally, the Chronicles section is a list of all timelines of your world. The section is divided in master and parallel timelines, and when you click one, it will display it in the main section of the page. You can click on historical events to edit them as normal in a new tab and there's also a general edit button for the whole timeline at the bottom.  
explore chronicles.png


Can my co-authors use the Explorer mode in my world?
Yes, co-authors with enough access can use the Explorer mode in the world they write for.

The search bar

The search bar in the Explorer mode is pretty straight-forward: just type the word or words you want to look up and a list of all content that include the search query will appear. It searches in all articles (both title and body text), timelines, historical events, maps and images.  
explore search.png


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21 May, 2021 05:57

Is there already a way that I can give my world's subscribers (the players of my DnD game) the ability to use the explorer UI to navigate all the content I've created in my world? It's such a convenient, well-designed interface, and while I guess it might be possible for me to replicate the functionality thru css and the linking system, I'd rather spend the free time I have actually creating content for my world. I hate that the players are stuck with an inferior UX when I try to get them to engage with the information I've put into the world. I see what the FAQ says about co-authors, but it's not clear to me if I'd have to explicitly assign them full authorship privileges for each article and object I wanted them to be able to see, or if I could tie it to subscriber groups or something so the explorer just shows them the content that's either public or viewable by their group. If it's not already possible I'll spend coins to make a feature request, but wanted to check first. Thanks!

23 May, 2021 10:41

Hi! Unfortunately, the explorer mode can only be accessed by world authors at the moment. I don't recommend giving your players author permissions, as they would also get access to most of the private content of your world. However, you could suggest giving subscribers access to the explorer as a new feature! You can do so here (link in the help page too).

Creator of Black Light, a science-fantasy universe.
24 May, 2021 05:46

Thanks for your response! Yeah, I've made a few of the players writers so they can create articles, but I would never want to risk giving them access to spoilers or secrets, which is a big part of why I decided to ask here instead of experimenting myself :P I think I'll suggest it as a new feature, maybe I'm not the only one who wants this.