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Status Legend

The following is a clear explanation of what each status means.


Open means that you can vote in support or against that suggestion. A suggestion vote remains open for 20 days, and then it will be submitted to the Team for discussion.


Closed means that this vote is no longer active, due to the fact that 20 days have passed without the suggestion reaching the required 300 votes.
Closed suggestions can be re-suggested after a month or two (unless advised otherwise by us!). Consider better clarifying your points, how this will be used, and how it will be beneficial to others. Please do not spam the board!.


Accepted means that the suggestion is considered to be beneficial to the community and World Anvil as an application, and it will be implemented. The score of the suggestion is used as a guide to the importance of the suggestion. The higher the score, the sooner it will be considered for implementation


This indicates the request does not match the vision of World Anvil (and likely will not be implemented)

In Progress

This suggestion is being actively worked on and it's on its way to becoming a reality.


The feature suggested is implemented and you can ALREADY enjoy it on the platform

What is this?

The Community Feature voting board is the place that YOU can tell me (Dimitris) and Janet what is it that you want to be developed, upgraded, added or .... removed(?). You can spend your hard earned coins, to collectively decide what will serve you best. We take pride saying that World Anvil is built by the community but now we will be able to quantify this by allowing you to both, choose and clearly see where the wind blows.

I do not promise that everything is going to be implemented but I do promise you that everything that reaches a threshold will be very carefully considered and discussed.

How to use the board

You have the choice to either submit your own suggestion, or vote up or down other peoples suggestions. Suggesting will cost you 300 coins. I know it's a bit of a big amount, I have done this on purpose so this is truly a representation of your will and not a thought that just crossed your mind. These 300 coins are the initial score for each suggestion.

Each member can spend up to 300 coins to either add or remove 300 points from the current score. Adding 300 points meaning that you are absolutely on board with the suggestion, -300 points meaning that you are absolutely against it. You will not be able to alter the number of points after submitting.
Also, please make the extra effort and leave a comment with your vote, it really helps.

Things to be aware of

You will not be able to edit your suggestion or the amount of points you set after you have submitted it. This happens to ensure that what people are voting on remains unchanged.

The threshold for an "Answer" is not solidified yet but currently the idea is that a post should have been considered by at least 300 people and have a positive score of at least +10000

If needed, there will be times that you will be called, if you wish to take part in live chats regarding suggestions that you have voted on, so you can make your case and really have an open forum.

If you ever have any questions or feedback, you can always find me on our Discord in the #development-updates channel.

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