Guide to Maps

Written by tjtrewin

Maps 2.0 has landed! This guide will go through every maps feature and show you how they all work. Use the navigation on the right hand side to find what you're looking for!

Interactive example


How to upload a map

Select the world you want to work on and then click the map icon on the left panel, or from "Go to world..." > Maps. This will take you to the maps list of your world! You will be able to edit your maps here, not in the images section.   To add a map, click the Create Map button. You will need to upload an image of your map and fill in some basic information like a title.   Can't upload? Your image might be too big. Check what size image you can upload based on your guild membership here.  

How to add and edit pins on a map

Once you have uploaded a map, drag the example pin into the location you would like the pin to be, or input the longitude and latitude in the boxes below. You can adjust these later if it's not quite in the right place.   Select what type of pin, label or other you would like to add to the map and fill in any extra details.  

Visual example of all of the map pins


How to add a polygon or circle

To add a polygon to the map, use the default example pin to move to the first point of your polygon shape. Note down the longitude and latitude in the box, separated by a comma. Before saving, move the pin again to get the coordinates for the next point of your shape and add this to the details.   Coordinates should be separated with commas, and points should be separated by spaces. Here is an example used on the showcase map:
  If you check the helper box, you can drag the initial pin into place on your map and draw out your shape by clicking, dragging and releasing for each point of the polygon.  

How to add a map line

Click the line tab and make use of the same features as the polygon tool to draw lines on your map. Again, if you check the helper box, you can drag the initial pin into place on your map and draw out your line by clicking, dragging and releasing for each point of the path.   You can also set the line thickness, and if it is dashed.   The line tool can be used to show trade routes, roads, rivers, constellations in the night sky, borders, military tactics and pretty much anything you can think of!  

How to add a custom pin

To add your own custom pin to the map, you will first need to upload your pin image (and a separate image for it's shadow, if you wish) to your image gallery. This must be on a world that you own, not a co-author's world.   Next, go to STUDIO on the top menu of World Anvil, and select your pin image. Create a memorable name for it, fill in the details and then you will be able to add your pin to a map!  

How to add map layers

To add a layer to a map, edit the map and click the Layers tab. Upload the layer image and that's it! It might be a good idea to make sure that the image is the same size if you are showing a comparison between the same image. Check the sidebar of this guide for ideas on alternative uses!   The layers will appear in the very top right of your map view, where you can switch between the layers.  

How to use marker groups

Marker groups allow you to toggle pins, labels and shapes on and off. It displays in the same place as the layers, in the top right of the map.   To add a marker group, select the tab when editing a map. Create a group, and then add your pins to it (edit the pin and select the group to put it in).   This means that you can assign specific pins, markers or labels to only display on a certain layer (if the layer is added to the same group). When you toggle the layer, the correct pins will show for that layer!   You can also set a marker group to be visible on load. This means that all items in this group will be visible when you load the map.  

How to embed a map

Edit a map, and find the BBCode beneath the View Map button, it should look something like this: [map:d359e84b-f549-4fd4-8999-a8566e491c41]   Copy & paste it anywhere in your article to insert the fully interactive map!  

How to use direct linking pins

When creating or editing a pin, marker or label you can make it so that it directly links to something - rather than having a pop up message.   Under the Functionality tab, check the Direct Link box and then choose a related map, location or organization.  

How to use CSS on map features

For more CSS guides read the Guide to CSS Formatting.   Click the examples on the map for the code to copy!
These are a work in progress, want to contribute? Contact TJ or Ademal !


Edit a pin.
Add a CSS class to the pin e.g.
make sure to leave out the .
In your world CSS (configuration page) add your custom css to affect that pin, e.g.
.mypin-redbg {
background-color: #b51c1c;

Feature Access

  If you're thinking of becoming a guild member and want more information on what other cool features are available, check here!  
Available to all Journeyman Master Grandmaster+
Max 3.5MB upload for Maps   2 Map Layers   Standard Pins Set   Generic Pins Set   Inject yours maps into any Article BBCode   Set Initial Zoom Level & Location   Set Max/Min Zoom   Direct Link Pins   Max 25MB upload for Maps   9 Map Layers   All fre features, PLUS:   Fantasy Pins Set   Science Fiction Pins Set   Geography Pins Set   Map CSS Styling Access Max 25MB upload for Maps   15 Map Layers   All Journeyman features PLUS:   Marker Groups   Map Labels   Map Compass Image   Invisible Marker Max 25MB upload for Maps   UNLIMITED Map Layers   All Master features PLUS:   Circular Markers   Polygon Markers   Creator's Studio: Pin Designer

Quick Navigation


I need more storage space for my maps! Free accounts have a 100 MB storage capacity and a 3.5 MB upload limit. If it's not enough, you can either upgrade to Guild membership (up to 5 GB of storage and 25 MB of upload limit) or use compression tools to make your maps smaller.  

Tips & Tricks

  You can embed maps pretty much anywhere! Try it in your world introduction (under world configuration), in an article or even in the sidebar (such as the example here).  

Alternative Uses

Here are some great ideas from our Discord community for interesting ways you can use the maps feature!
  • Treasure maps (using layers)
  • Labelling the anatomy of a species
  • Showing the x-ray or heatmap of something (with layers)
  • Creating a custom, interactive timeline or tree
  • Floors of a building (using layers)
  • Creating an interactive adventure (using direct links)
  • Showing the change of a landscape after an event (using layers)
  • Showing how a person has aged (using layers)
  • Describing an item or vehicle with labels
  • Sharing secret locations with your subscriber groups
  • Showing the scene of a battle


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31 May, 2019 01:57

Is there any way to change the center point of a map when embedded in a page? For example, is it possible to have the map automatically center on a settlement when that map is embedded in that settlement's page?

5 Aug, 2019 20:55

I'm really interested in the custom label for my maps, but I can't seem to get the CSS code for those to work. Any tips or help on these?

17 Aug, 2019 21:53

I understand that without Guild Membership, all my maps are also visible on the main page, it's fine that way. However, is it possible for those maps not to start with Map? I mean I give the title to the map so that it is displayed there, but then the system seems to add Map to the start of the title for some unknown reason. Is there a way to get rid of that functionality?

21 Aug, 2019 10:15

how do I delete a map that I don't want anymore?

22 Aug, 2019 05:54

Edit the map, go to Map Settings, Other Actions, Hit de button.

25 Aug, 2019 14:19

thank you

31 Aug, 2019 16:13

I have my campaign set to private, but my invited PC's can see any articles marked as public. However, while they can see the first map I've created as a thumbnail under "Maps" they cannot click on it and get to the map, even though it's public. I can embed the map into an article, but then the view is much more constrained than I'd like, and the pins have weird translucent boxes around them.

31 Aug, 2019 16:13

Meant to actually ask my question: how can my players see the full screen map?