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30 Jun, 2018 13:44

Is there a way to add your own RPG system or at least define own set of stats (and how they interact with each other) for characters?

1 Jul, 2018 02:09

I found on your youtube chanel that i can do it with custom blocks but still have no idea how to do it :/

4 Jul, 2018 15:08

You first have to contact the team requesting a system (using the feedback form, emailing Dimi, or pinging him from the discord).   I'd suggest you join the discord, as we have a dedicated channel for this which can explain it well.   Thank you for the feedback, I will work on a guide for that!

2 Aug, 2018 20:15

Is it possible to add a Patheon category? For World Building purposes it would be helpful to keep deities and pantheons separate from Organizations and Characters.

2 Aug, 2018 20:34

A Pantheon is considered a type of Organization and can even be selected as one under the Organization Type.   And organization is merely a grouping of characters. From the Fellowship of the Ring to the Ultor Corporation, to the Greek Pantheon, all are just organizations just as Deities are just characters.   If your Deity isn't a physically manifested character, and is instead a story, I'd suggest using the Myth template.

26 Jul, 2019 00:44

That's actually a pretty nice form of organization

26 Jul, 2019 03:23


6 Aug, 2019 23:49

Would like a family clan count as Organization?

9 Aug, 2019 03:58

An organization is any group of people, so yes. :) I believe that's even one of the types of organization you can choose within the template.

25 Jan, 2019 10:54

Im a huge world anvil fan but i'd love a guide to the perks of being a guild member. Please and tnx if you make the guide.

25 Jan, 2019 18:09

This might be what you're looking for. There's also some videos slated for the next week to describe the tiers, so keep an eye out for that on the WorldAnvil youtube page!

25 Jan, 2019 19:04

Question - If I have a PNG image, in this case, a blank scroll. Is there a way to have text laid over top of it? So basically have the image in the background and be able to input article text over it. I know I could likely just make the complete banner in Photoshop or something but I'm just curious if there is a way within the system to do this.

26 Jan, 2019 02:50

For more advice on CSS check out the CSS Guide or join the discord. :)

The following will only work for Grandmaster+


Example Image


Put this in your article
[container: con-img-background] [img:169171|nolink] [h1]Test[/h1] [p]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum dapibus, augue at porttitor dapibus, enim nulla volutpat nunc, sit amet posuere leo neque vel nibh. Integer mi mi, fermentum vitae ullamcorper venenatis, malesuada id nunc.[br][br]Class aptent taciti sociosqu ad litora torquent per conubia nostra, per inceptos himenaeos. Cras blandit dictum arcu, tristique pellentesque tortor vestibulum in. Praesent in odio sit amet tellus elementum convallis vitae ut nunc. Praesent tempus rutrum tincidunt. Nam vel viverra arcu.[/p] [/container] Swap the image ID and text for your own.    


Put this in your CSS panel in your world config page
.user-css .con-img-background {
  position: relative;
  text-align: center;
.user-css .con-img-background h2 {
  text-align: left;
  padding: 10px 0px 5px 10px;
  height: 2%;
  margin: 0px;
  border: none;
  position: absolute;
  width: 100%;
  top: 1%;
.user-css .con-img-background img {
  border-radius: 0px 10px 10px 10px;
  opacity: 0.5;
.user-css .con-img-background .padding-10 {
  background: black;
  padding: 0px;
  border-radius: 0px 10px 10px 10px;
.user-css .con-img-background img {
  border-radius: 0px 10px 10px 10px;
  opacity: 0.5;
.con-img-background p {
  position: absolute;
  top: 10%;
  padding: 3%;
  height: 100%;
  border-radius: 0px 10px 10px 10px;  
.user-css .con-img-background .artist-credits {
  position: absolute;
  bottom: 0;
  width: 100%;
  border-left: none;
  border-right: none;
  border-bottom: none;
  border-radius: 0px 0px 10px 10px;
  You do not have to put a header, it's just there in case you do.

28 Jan, 2019 15:37

Thanks! This helps tremendously, much appreciated.

21 Feb, 2019 20:59

Finding links to your articles, etc. is rather laborious. Would it be possible to add a page or list of your worlds articles so you can have them listed and ready for coping?

21 Feb, 2019 21:51

Theer's two ways to go about this.   The short way is, within your editor, to type the @ symbol followed by the name of the article you want to link. This will pull up a context menu where you can quickly click the article and it will paste in. You can even change the text in [brackets] to whatever you want and it will still link to that article.     The long way is if you go to your articles page, on the right (right between the wrench and the trash can, is the button to copy the link.   Hope that helps!

22 Feb, 2019 13:49

Thank you for the very quick reply.

3 Mar, 2019 20:26

Is there a tutorial how exactly the links work? I just started to use World Anvil and i´m a bit confused. I can refer to an article i have not yet written by writing for example "earth ". If i now view the article i can click on the link and it will create the article. Why doesn´t the original article get updated with the new created link? I have to edit the article so that the link works properly. Or is there something i am doing wrong? thanks in advance

3 Mar, 2019 20:44

: -D didn´t know that the link thing also worked in the comments. That´s why earth is written in bold letters

4 Mar, 2019 03:12

In that particular case it might be acting weird depending on what word you put in the (parenthesis) and it might be confused, because you've got the right idea on how to use it.   What did you put in parenthesis?

4 Mar, 2019 17:03

So far i have used location, settlement, person and organization. It does create the right kind of article,when i click on the link. After the name of the article i type a blank an then in brackets the article category.

4 Mar, 2019 19:43

I don't suppose you're on the Discord? This could probably be settled much faster with quick screenshots and all the other eyes that come with being there,

5 Mar, 2019 17:52

Solved the problem. No blank after the name and its works fine now.

5 Mar, 2019 18:12

Ademal The Narrator, would it be possible for your web team to put links to Discord and Codex links on the top blue navigation bar in WorldAnvil?

5 Mar, 2019 21:15

I'll keep that in mind and chat with Dimitris! For now, if you click the Need Help? button below you can submit a request so that it definitely ends up on our programming queue for assessment and action!

13 Mar, 2019 12:58

Is it possible that at some point the editor will be updated to be more user-friendly?   While the end product of a site is a great tool for the author and readers, the kludgy nature of the editor makes it hard to create on site. Because you have to keep a reference for formatting it really interrupts the creative flow process.   As a result to be able to rapidly write I'm doing all my world building in google drive, then planning to just spend a day batch adding it to World Anvil. It would be great to not have to duplicate the effort.

14 Mar, 2019 04:58

There are eventual planned updates to the interface, yes. :)

26 Apr, 2019 05:10

Could you make a template article? i saw one, but it said i didnt have permission

26 Apr, 2019 06:31

You can't make your own templates to duplicate currently without just using copy paste, however if you check out the BBCode guide it goes over how to add your own fields to an article from an existing template!

26 Apr, 2019 19:04

i meant more like can YOU make an article on templates? like a list of what to use in the parenthesis for the mention system

26 Apr, 2019 21:07

An overall guide to the templates is planned, but for the list of how to @ each template type: check the BBcode guide to the righthand side of the article editor. It's down at the bottom of that guide.

27 Apr, 2019 01:19

Ok! Thanks

26 Apr, 2019 05:18

Also is there a way to mention historical entries?

26 Apr, 2019 06:30

Using the @ system, not currently. But within entries is a link to them on the righthand side.

30 Apr, 2019 09:04

Do yall have any plans of adding the option to create specific foods and culinary culture? Or is that included somewhere else? All the currently existing options I've found are rather barebones and basic when it comes to food and dishes, and I'd love to create a catalogue of different foods that my different species make. Stuff like taste, texture, cooking methods, (seasonal) ingredients and cultural value would be really neat to keep track of. :')

8 Jul, 2019 18:44

Foods are a type of item, but you could always scroll to the bottom of the site, click Need Help? and submit a feature request for fields such as taste and texture to be added to the template!

30 May, 2019 03:25

Request: Could "The Strange" be added to the list of RPG Systems?   I found the "Cypher System", on which "The Strange" is built, and one of its sister settings - "Numenera" (also built on the "Cypher System"), but not "The Strange".   So, while I can probably get away with just selecting "Cypher System" from the list and customising for my own purposes, I wanted to help anyone else looking for "The Strange" stuff by building and sharing my completed PC/NPC character sheet templates/blocks under the correct system so they can be found more easily.   Thanks, Su-Ji

30 May, 2019 08:25

Dimitris has added it. :)   For future reference, things like this are a feature request, which are file by clicking "got an idea" in the bottom bar! :D

30 May, 2019 13:57

Oh, I see. I misunderstood. Sorry. But also thank you. ^_^; Feel free to delete my comment so it doesn't encourage others to make the same mistake.

2 Jul, 2019 14:32

Hello! Can we expect translated versions in the future? (I write in French and it's always weird to have the main text of an article in my language with sections titles in English... or maybe I missed something in Configuration) Thanks :)

2 Jul, 2019 16:28

Check your profile! It's down on the bottom left of it.

5 Jul, 2019 13:30

I feel that more authors could be added to the codex, so it can be always kept to date.

5 Jul, 2019 23:08

We have a few. Ondo Alvellë is pretty active on the codex.   Are there any articles you'd like to see in particular?

6 Jul, 2019 11:13

Well, there are a few stubs, Administratum and World Anvil Team to name a couple.

8 Jul, 2019 04:36

Is there a way to mass-edit the privacy/visibility/access options on all articles? Secondly, is there a page somewhere on how access perms work as a whole? I have a private world, so I assume that all articles I make are also private, but any time I make a new item it has "public" as the default access. Does this mean that even though my world is private, everyone can see those articles? Or does a "public" article for a private world just mean that the few people who do have access to the private world can see the article?

8 Jul, 2019 18:43

If you go to your article list and scroll to the bottom, you'll see some dropdowns. The action you do there affects all the checked articles.   If your world is private it should default them to private, otherwise that's either a bug or the world isn't actually set to private. You can test if they're private by opening an incognito tab and trying to access one of those articles.   Nobody can see private articles unless you make them a subscriber. If an article is public in a private world it means that anyone can see the article if you link the url to them.

8 Jul, 2019 23:25

Thank you! My world is indeed set to private. It's when I'm in a timeline, creating new historical events, that "public" is the default access setting. I'll file a bug report on it!

9 Jul, 2019 20:24

Oh sweet! That was my code. I broke it! Dangit. :D

22 Jul, 2019 15:38

Make the service compatible with mobile devices. I tried using the website on my phone to scribble thoughts I had that I wanted to capture. I found the screen size/real estate on the phone (in the browser) was not conducive. My recommendation to reduce implementation costs, would be to just make the website have a mobile style (as opposed to creating native solutions). That way for desktops/laptops you can render your site bigger (taking advantage of all the screen space) and for the mobile users they can have a more focused view (and the navigation bar won't eat the entire screen). :) Keep up the great work!

22 Jul, 2019 16:37

There's a rehaul of the UI on the worldbuilding side coming out within the next few days which will make it look like the UI used by Heroes. This should be much more mobile friendly. Beyond that I know Dimi polishes where he can but since he's still aiming for feature complete he hasn't quite had the time to focus on all the little quality-of-life tweaks.   We're definitely keeping this in mind and want to make the site as mobile friendly as possible with time!

6 Sep, 2019 21:57

Are there any sample maps for people who are either not artistically talented or cannot find a good image of a map online?

7 Sep, 2019 05:01

While we do not supply sample maps, you can check out Wordbuilding Resources. Under the section Maps, is a comprehensive list of tools and sites aimed toward world/dungeon cartography.   Your welcome to join the World Anvil Discord as well. We have many amateur and professional cartographers and a channel dedicated to mapmaking.

18 Sep, 2019 02:22

Hi, I backed Project: Deios on Kickstarter, and found World Anvil as a result. I'm looking for a way to set up a shared campaign world with at least one other GM - possibly more. The catch, however, is that each GM would probably be a player in the other GM's campaigns. We need to be able to keep secrets from each other, and, after discussing things on the Discord channel, it appears that right now all creators can see all of each other's secrets. I'd love to see a way for a gaming group with multiple GM's to collaborate one some things, but to keep other things secret - so as not to ruin any surprises in game. Sharing a single world, and developing it together would be great fun, but if Game Master "A" can't keep their secrets secure from Game Masters "B", "C", and "D", a lot of the functionality of this tool would be wasted and GM's would be forced to keep separate game notes elsewhere, defeating the purpose of having a single source for all campaign data.

19 Sep, 2019 22:29

This has been discussed, but goes into the matter of Co-Authors being able to keep secrets from each other, which is problematic. Currently, writers cannot see each other's secrets, but world owners as a rule cannot and will not be able to hide content from each other.   Setting them as writers and having a core GM author to handle the secrets may work, as may them storing secrets in their notebooks if they are guild members.   What I ended up doing was using an honor system where I put spoilers within secrets. If someone doesn't see their name on the secret, they can't open it.   This is not off the table, and would be good for westmarches campaigns, but is much easier said than programmed.

27 Sep, 2019 04:28

When will the codex be updated for 2019 and 2020?

27 Sep, 2019 04:55

Which part of the codex? We update the guides all the time

9 Oct, 2019 07:34

I would like to request the addition of a few things missing to the BBcode formatting or commands pages:
a) the roll:CODE command
b) the fact that using parenthesis after the author's name in a quote changes the script colour
c) the tooltip command
d) the genesysdice:TYPE command
  While most (not the author parenthesis trick) are in the "Tag reference" area of editing a page, many people don't even know about this. I think it makes sense to include in the bbcode codex page all that one is able to do with bbcode, and not leave parts out. Potentially, it would make sense to have a bbcode and an advanced bbcode (if you want to avoid making overly long/complex articles)

9 Oct, 2019 17:37

Is there a way to create a second world, on the same account?

9 Oct, 2019 20:48

On the left sidebar, click worlds, scroll to the bottom, and the button is there. :)

10 Oct, 2019 00:39

Request / Question: Is there a way to give a character multiple species / ethnicities? It would be useful to be able to tag a character with Human + Elf + Vampire, rather than just picking one, or making a separate one for each combination that shows up in the game.

10 Oct, 2019 05:47

There is not as it will be used for a later generated relationships system, but if you don't wish to create subspecies you can put something like this in the sidebar:   [h2]Species[/h2] --Mother::Human-- --Father::Elf (Vampire)--     Which creates...


Mother Human
Father Elf (Vampire)

16 Oct, 2019 01:42

Having seen mentioned and experienced it on the site, I was hoping that you could make a codex page on the topic of the different types of Metadata tabs. This would include the setup for all forms of tabs like the organizations trees, timelines, and all other types that could be added in theory, as I can't seem to figure out any form of Metadata tab beyond the timelines.

2 Nov, 2019 21:13

Hello, is it possible to have multiple rulers/owners, owning organizations and parent locations for a geographic location ? I have territories that are shared with two regions and I would like to specify that.

10 Dec, 2019 19:34

It is not. If the territory is shared by two groups then that group is technically a group of its own, a treaty, concord, etc.   If you do not wish to create that organization I suggest using the --Key::Value-- bbcode to write it into the article sidebar! :)

26 Nov, 2019 09:48

If WA is supposed to be for writers and creatives working on projects besides roleplays, it would be nice to have some workflows and guides for them. The site I saw advertised to me and the one I'm greeted by on registration seem worlds apart, and it's a bit discouraging.

10 Dec, 2019 19:32

These are in progress. The first is on the front page currently and we are working on more.

10 Dec, 2019 18:48

I'm very new to WorldAnvil and I like the option of choosing genres, but I have no clue what the difference between some of them is. Like, what's the difference between Biopunk and Solarpunk and Steampunk? What is Flintlock? What's the difference between High and Low Magic? I'm very lost.

10 Dec, 2019 19:32

I'd recommend having a look at Different punk: A to Z of punk genres by Xanthuss for a comprehensive guide of different punk genres that are out there!   High Magic is lots of magic everywhere, and powerful magic at that, like Harry Potter. Low Magic has much less of it, more in the vein of Game of Thrones.   None of these terms are unique to WA so there's tons of online resources if you want to know more!

11 Dec, 2019 01:07

Is there a way we can allow players in a campaign to write an article? Many players have backstory characters that they would like to add or want to add notes on NPC's they care about. Additionally, they would like the opportunity to keep track of their own maps (using the base world map) to track their own personal journeys through the world/campaign.

11 Dec, 2019 01:46

If you add them as writers to your world they will be able to create draft articles but not read or edit other articles. Here's How   Map markers they can't do unless full authors, however.

14 Dec, 2019 17:57

Thank you! This was great to use

11 Dec, 2019 09:43

How do I change the name of my world ?

11 Dec, 2019 16:07

In the configuration of that world.

22 Dec, 2019 06:18

I would like a guide on how to create/edit custom article templates.

23 Dec, 2019 16:34


24 Dec, 2019 03:25

How to navigate the app for new accounts.

28 Dec, 2019 18:28

Hello, I'm new to WA and was just checking out the storytellers screen. I can't seem to figure out how the live handout screen works. A guide to that would be much appreciated.

29 Dec, 2019 15:44

Could you build a guide to how to use the Article Templates? Like, put out an article that lays out the sub-sections of each Template type, and why you would use it over another Template that is similar. Case in point: "settlement" vs "location" - aren't all settlements at a location? What's the difference or advantage of using one or the other (other than the sub-sections, which I'm finding problematic to keep straight)?

30 Dec, 2019 19:10

There's one in progress! I'll check where it's at and let you know!

9 Jan, 2020 18:36

Awesome thank you. I realize I can just go through them all... but it turns out to be a little confusing in cases where I have to go a long time before resuming editing (and I forget) and when collaborating with others.

9 Jan, 2020 18:36

If you want a co-editor or someone to help write/proof with you, let me know. I'd like to try to help if I can find the time.

9 Jan, 2020 22:46

If you're in the discord feel free to @ me and maybe we can get something rolling!

15 Jan, 2020 05:52

I would like a workflow guide for building adventures and how to use the Storytellar Screen. It looks like a neat process, however, I am mystified about what should be a plot (and therefore view-able through the screen) and what should fall into other categories. For example, how would you build a traditional Dungeon Crawl for use within WA while GMing?

19 Jan, 2020 17:08

I am currently proofreading this one! I'll let you know.

23 Jan, 2020 02:51

Wow, I've been struggling with the same question as James, so I eagerly await for this to be published. Ademal, thanks for the great work!

23 Jan, 2020 06:25

Start here and feel free to add any comments or questions in this thread or over there and we'll add more accordingly!  

Gamemaster Workflow Guide
Generic article | Jan 23, 2020

This Guide is to help you, a GM of any RPG system, use World Anvil to its maximum potential.

27 Jan, 2020 13:22

It would be useful to have a guide to the different navigation/structure options and styles within WA to help world builders with organising our sites. For example, what is the difference between categories and hierarchy? Are they compatible? How do they appear for visitors? Are there ways of including multiple articles with a link to a query (

27 Jan, 2020 13:27

(Oops. Finger hit post button too soon...) ... query, e.g. all NPCs with tag Akorros which would act as a summary article? Or would I have to maintain it manually? Etc. Thanks

28 Jan, 2020 03:07

I think there's something wrong with the calendar function. The instructions said that when I place a number in the month category of a historical entry the name of the month will appear but its just the number.

29 Jan, 2020 17:02

That functionality isn't currently hooked up I believe, but I will check and fix it if it is! Either way, it's planned!

12 Feb, 2020 11:53

Is It possible to share the world you are building with another person so you can both work on it at the same time

13 Feb, 2020 06:15

Journeyman guild members can add co-authors.