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This is a guild-only feature. To get access, Join the Worldbuilder's Guild!

You can let other people edit your world from their World Anvil accounts adding them as authors of your world. There are three author ranks:


Writer can create articles as drafts, but they can't publish them nor edit existing articles. They can't view private content unless they are also a subscriber.   Advanced writers can additionally keep editing their articles even after they have been published.


Editors can create articles and publish them, and they can also edit existing content. They have access to all private content, including secrets.


Co-owners not only can create and edit any kind of content, but they can also edit your world's configuration, the world CSS and manage access rights. Make sure you trust your co-owners!
  This page explains how to add and manage the authors of your world.  

Add an author

First, access the Access Rights page. You can do so from the Access Rights page, which you can find in the left side bar:  

Access Rights links

  Once there, click on the Authors option. The right side bar of this page will look like this:  

add author editor

  Type the username of your co-author (double-check for typos!) and choose the rank you want them to have. If you miss, you can always revoke their author access. Click the Add new Author button and, once the page reloads, you will see your new author on this same page:  

author list

  In order to have an advanced writer, choose the "Writer" option in the drop-down and click Add new Author. Then, look for the write name in the authors list and click on the Make Advanced button. It should look like this:  
  Congratulations! :) you now have somebody who can help you build your world. Your friend will find your world among the list of their worlds on their Dashboard. If you need to, you can always revoke your author's access clicking on the "Revoke access" button.


Do my authors need to be guild members?
No, they don't need to. The number of authors you can have depends on your Guild membership level.
Can my authors "go rogue"?
That depends on the rank you give them. Co-owners can change all your world settings, so it's recommended you are careful with this permission. Editors can delete any articles. Writers can only delete the articles they have created (and can't access the edit interface of any other article).
How many authors can I have?
This depends on your Guild rank. Journeymen, the lowest rank, have 2 author slots. Please note that these slots count for all your worlds (i.e. If you have two author slots, you can have two in a single world or one in two different worlds, but not two in each world).
Can I change the authorship of an individual article?
If you are a Grandmaster Guild Member (or above), yes! There is a Select new author box in the sidebar of all article edit pages. Choose one of your co-authors from the dropdown and click the Change Author. You can use this feature to change who appears as the author in the metadata of the article.

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Please Login in order to comment!
15 Oct, 2019 05:44

I feel like having the ability to chat easily with your co-authors would be helpful. Maybe that already exists and I just missed it?

15 Oct, 2019 06:41

If you have a character active you can pm other characters. Otherwise you can suggest it as a feature:

17 Oct, 2019 18:53

Why aren't Writers allowed to edit published articles which they authored?

18 Oct, 2019 01:41

Probably so the owner of the world is protected if the writer becomes angry and wants to change what the owner has already approved. That's the reason I can think of off the top of my head but I can ask for specific reasons if you want me to?

18 Oct, 2019 04:12

That's a fair point. I asked on the Discord, and it sounds like there may be some interest in adding a level above Writer to match this case. I have submitted a feature request so my opinion is noted. This is third-hand knowledge, so don't quote me on that!

18 Oct, 2019 12:05

Yeah, I'm hoping on some more levels for writers for the scribe update. :3

18 Nov, 2019 20:18

Id love a level where the players in my campaign can add things without me needing to untick draft on every page. Id love them to do everything except DELETE and View Secrets or GM notes.

19 Nov, 2019 02:28

There's feature request button on every backend page :)

19 Dec, 2019 21:53

Perhaps a better feature is a checkbox on each article "owner can publish" so you can lock those with the writer role overall but give them publish rights on certain articles, like a TTRPG PC's character article. Not everyone sees heroes/campaigns in its current state as sufficient for how we are doing things today, and they may not use it or may use it in combination with something like this. I did create an enhancement request about this, about 6 months or so ago.

19 Dec, 2019 23:15

Yeah, there is still only one dev working on the whole of WA so requests can take time. Did you request it via the Jira board? If it was during the transition from Trello to Jira it might have fallen through the cracks as well.   There will be an update on writer permissions during the Scribe update as well.

19 Dec, 2019 23:15

Yeah, there is still only one dev working on the whole of WA so requests can take time. Did you request it via the Jira board? If it was during the transition from Trello to Jira it might have fallen through the cracks as well.   There will be an update on writer permissions during the Scribe update as well.

12 Nov, 2019 05:41

How do authors notify each other when they've added or updated an article?

12 Nov, 2019 06:17

There is currently no official way of doing it on the articles but coauthors can leave msgs to each other on the backend of the articles.

(you can also see when an article was last updated in the article list) It's also possible to send messages to each other through Heroes.

13 Nov, 2019 03:30

OK thanks a lot Dragon, I'll try that out. I have to assume this is somewhere on the feature request list...communication between authors in the same tool your authoring in seems like a no-brainer. Anyway, I appreciate your assistance...cheers!

14 Nov, 2019 02:28

Yeah, Dimi has a long list of features to add. XD; ...there will be a Scribe update coming sometime next year , hopefully something like that is included in that update. :)

27 Mar, 2020 18:17

i cant seem to find this ? there's nothing underneath 'followers'

28 Mar, 2020 05:02

Followers? What are you looking for?

28 Mar, 2020 05:43

If you mean the Access right page it's currently in the "Setting & Tools" section.

Mark Arveen Pasculado
3 Apr, 2020 04:35

HI! I have a Grandmaster account. Can I add co-authors who are using the free version of Worldanvil? Will they still have the same benefits listed in the co-author? And can they make their own worlds using my account?

3 Apr, 2020 05:04

Hello, :) Yes, as a Grandmaster you can have co-authors that have free accounts and they will be able to do anything that a co-author can do.   Letting them use your account is a breach of the site's Terms and Conditions.

Mark Arveen Pasculado
3 Apr, 2020 05:54

Thanks for the speedy reply! One more thing: Can my co-authors add worlds of their own to the list of worlds I make using MY account, or are they limited to making worlds only in THEIR account?

4 Apr, 2020 02:53

Your benefits do not extend to worlds they create, they only grant additional feature writes to co-authors on your worlds so that their guild level is not an inhibiting factor to them being able to help on the project.   Hopefully, they end up liking the features enough to join the guild themselves, as guild memberships almost exclusively fund the site. :)

Mark Arveen Pasculado
5 Apr, 2020 06:41


5 Apr, 2020 06:52

NP! :)

3 Apr, 2020 17:30

Why is it only available for guild members? I feel like the ability to collaborate is an intrinsic part of the world-building process, not a bonus or addon.

4 Apr, 2020 02:58

The ability to communicate and have a community is absolutely intrinsic to worldbuilding, but collaboration, while nice, is not a necessity. For this reason, the collaboration features, as well as other non-critical-but-very-awesome features, are restricted to Guild Membership.   Please keep in mind that the prices and tiers are designed to be as fair as possible to both the users and the Founders, and that 99% of the features of World Anvil are developed by one person. Adsense makes very little revenue for a site like this, so it relies on guild memberships to keep the lights on.

Admin of the WA Codex & Discord

Ethnis | Ko-Fi | Twitter

29 May, 2020 03:20

Cannot find the World Anvil Codex, nor Access Rights.... Am a Grandmaster level subscriber.

29 May, 2020 03:59

The Access rights is under the SETTINGS & TOOLS header in the left sidebar under your world.

Grandmaster ferdbold
Frédéric Bolduc
5 Aug, 2020 14:43

Can you make someone a coauthor of a single article? I'd like my players in my campaign to be able to edit their own character articles without also having access to all the hidden stuff on my world.

6 Aug, 2020 00:42

If you make them a "writer" they can only write drafts, you will have to publish them. They shouldn't be able to see private stuff in your world.

21 Aug, 2020 09:38

What about advanced writers? Can they see hidden stuff

22 Aug, 2020 01:21

They can't see private articles. (Editors and co-owners can)

22 Aug, 2020 06:27

Understood, thank you!

22 Aug, 2020 22:38

*Thumbs up*

18 Jan, 2022 03:52

Unfortunately, my players (whom I've made writers and/or advanced writers) quickly discovered that they can indeed see articles they shouldn't have access to. As soon as they click the Articles link at the top of any page where it's available (i.e., while they're viewing an article they have rights to), they are taken into the articles directory backend where they can click around and see the vignette and excerpt of every private and/or public article that exists whether they have subscriber permissions to it or not. They can't edit the article, but typically the damage is already done when the entire article's existence was supposed to be hidden from them.. This is another reason I've had to tell my players to bail on WA for now. I' trying to run a campaign with select PC knowledge and it's just not currently possible to keep the walls up.

18 Aug, 2020 02:33

Can I give my advanced writers edit access to specific articles, even ones they didn't create?

18 Aug, 2020 02:57

Under "Open Advanced Tools & Options"->"Special Actions" you can change the creator of the article. If you change this to their users they will be able to edit that article.

18 Aug, 2020 21:31

I see "move article to another world" and "export article" in that section, but nothing else.

22 Aug, 2020 01:14

Hm, then it might be a higher tier guild privilege. (sorry for the late reply, haven't had computer access for a couple of days)

Darcy Fitzalan
23 Sep, 2020 15:09

My Co-Author and I both have Guild Accounts (my level is Grand Master). We've found that she cannot access/see the Manuscripts I create, which is a problem. I've looked at every level I can find, tried turning Access from Private to Public in every way that seems to exist, tried "Publishing" a trial Manuscript, but still the problem persists. We both need to be able to access (and edit, etc.) Manuscripts, otherwise we've lost our main reason for subscribing. We seem to have no problem with Articles, just Manuscripts. This is beyond frustrating for us both; so much time spent trying to fix this, which we could have used in writing. Help?

24 Sep, 2020 02:00

Seems like the only place where it's possible to find manuscripts that you haven't written yourself is in the   As far as I know (I have only used that feature for myself yet though) the co-author feature doesn't work on it yet. (beta reading should be working though.) If you join the discord you can ask more people who have used manuscripts more than I have under the #manuscripts-development channel.   You can also read more here:

24 Sep, 2020 02:40

It may be planned for later (Manuscripts are bran new and all).   But there is a work around atm.
If one of you sends the link of the edit side of the manuscript to the other they, can also edit the same one.
This is how me and my co-author do it.   BE CAREFUL THOUGH! Use good communication, cause you can very easily overwrite each other's work!

~Confused Soup
24 Sep, 2020 02:58

Thank you Lengna! :D

Darcy Fitzalan
27 Sep, 2020 16:06

Thanks so much! We'll check out that link.

Darcy Fitzalan
27 Sep, 2020 16:07

@Lengna Thanks for the tip! Going to see if we can figure out how to do that with a test Manuscript before anything we can't bear to lose. ;-)

28 Apr, 2022 02:36

Is there a way for me to share drafts with others not on WA?

28 Apr, 2022 04:38

No, they have to have a WA account to see private/draft articles.