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Authors are a Guild Feature!
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  You can let other people edit your world from their World Anvil accounts adding them as authors of your world. There are three author ranks:


Writer can create articles as drafts, but they can't publish them nor edit existing articles. They can't view private content unless they are also a subscriber.


Editors can create articles and publish them, and they can also edit existing content. They have access to all private content, including secrets.


Co-owners not only can create and edit any kind of content, but they can also edit your world's configuration, the world CSS and manage access rights. Make sure you trust your co-owners!

  This page explains how to add and manage the authors of your world.  

Add an author

First, access the Access Rights page. You can do so from the Access Rights page, which you can find in the left side bar:  

Access Rights links

  Once there, click on the Authors option. The right side bar of this page will look like this:  

add author editor

  Type the username of your co-author (double-check for typos!) and choose the rank you want them to have. If you miss, you can always revoke their author access. Click the Add new Author button and, once the page reloads, you will see your new author on this same page:  

author list

  Congratulations! :) you now have somebody who can help you build your world. Your friend will find your world among the list of their worlds on their Dashboard. If you need to, you can always revoke your author's access clicking on the "Revoke access" button.


Do my authors need to be guild members? No, they don't need to. The number of authors you can have depends on your Guild membership level.   Can my authors "go rogue"? That depends on the rank you give them. Co-owners can change all your world settings, so it's recommended you are careful with this permission. Editors can delete any articles. Writers can only delete the articles they have created (and can't access the edit interface of any other article).   How many authors can I have? This depends on your Guild rank. Journeymen, the lowest rank, have 2 author slots. Please note that these slots count for all your worlds (i.e. If you have two author slots, you can have two in a single world or one in two different worlds, but not two in each world).   Can I change the authorship of an individual article? If you are a Grandmaster Guild Member (or above), yes! There is a Select new author box in the sidebar of all article edit pages. Choose one of your co-authors from the dropdown and click the Change Author. You can use this feature to change who appears as the author in the metadata of the article.  

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