Guide to the Mention System

  The mention system exists to make your world building life on World Anvil a whole lot easier; it links your articles together so your readers will stay on your world for all eternity.   If you have started an article and you mention something that you already have an article for then the only thing you have to do is to mention it and it will appear as a link. Even if you don't have an existing article you can still mention it and it will also appear in your to-do-list.  

Mentioning an existing article

To mention an article that you have already created, maybe with the purple button, you type an @ and add the first letters of the name of the article or the first letters of the article type. Then you click the button of the article you want to link to and it will automatically appear in the editor.  
  If you have several articles with the same name but they are different templates you can search for them to, like this @person  
  This is how the link will look on the front end, on the article in your world-  
  and this is how it looks on the backend, while you edit the article.  

Mentioning a non-existing article

If you want to mention an article you don't want to create yet you can also type an @ ...but this time you need to type everything out by yourself.   Like this Testy
  -You write the name of the article and after that, you type the name of the template within these ( ). The article will also appear in the to-do list after you have saved it.
  These are the templates: Character (character) or (person), Conflict (militaryConflict) or (conflict), Condition (condition), Document (document), Ethnicity (ethnicity), Formation (formation),Geographic location (location), Generic article (article), Item (item), Language (language), Law (law), Settlement (settlement), Building/Location (landmark), Material (material), Myth / Legend (myth) or (legend) or (prophesy), Organization (organization), Prose (prose), Profession (profession), Rank/Title (rank) or (title), Spell (spell), Species (species), Technology (technology), Tradition / Ritual (ritual) or (tradition) and Vehicle (vehicle).   While editing an article you can always find this list under "BBCODE REFERENCE" in the right sidebar.  

Excerpts vs. Tooltips

While editing an article, go to the "Design" tab on top of the page and find the "Excerpt" text box:
  That excerpt will appear when people hover over the link. Like this;  
If your article isn't created yet you can fix that by adding a tooltip like this;   Testy
  Excerpts are to explain what an article is about. Tooltips can also be used for that. But it can also be used to explain words or concepts that you won't be making any articles for.  

Block links and other tidbits

While you are editing an article, on the right sidebar below the to-do list you will find this:
  The text link is just the regular link that you get with the mentioning system. But the block link looks like the left one if you are placing them at the bottom of the vignette or a text box or like the right one if you put it in the sidebar.



Guide to Creating and Using Categories
Generic article | Jan 13, 2020

Categories will help you organize your world!

Table of contents



Can I change the display text of a link? Yes, the displayed text does not affect the actual link. Anything between the two square brackets can be changes to anything you wish.  

Extended mention system

Advanced linking is a Guild feature!
If you want to make use of this feature, consider supporting World Anvil.
Guild members can also link to other elements (i.e. images, maps, historical events, categories and secrets) using the mention system. The only difference is that instead of using "@", the character "[" must be used. To use it, simply type "[" followed by the name of the elements you want to link to and a drop-down will appear, just as with the article mention system.

Guide to the Article list
Generic article | Aug 1, 2019

While adding glorious articles to your world you populate the article list.

Cover image: by geralt


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30 Jul, 2019 18:28

Is there a way to provide alt name for article link? E.g. I want to link a character, but I want to use only the first name, or I want to link a organization (e.g. Kingdom of X) but I want to use X?

1 Aug, 2019 01:49

Yep, if you look at the first image you can see that I've written @world and gotten as a response at the top of the list "PatheticBarrel's World-Building Guide" Or did you mean something else?

4 Aug, 2019 23:28

Hmm, what I mean is that I have an article about some Taric LeSample. But I want to mention him as Duke LeSample for example. How can I do that? Is it possible if the article is not created yet?

5 Aug, 2019 03:04

The mentioning system works on the title of the article. If you create an article for him and name it Taric LeSample and then when you want to link to him on his sister's article you write a @tar or @les and his article will appear in a list together with other articles with similar names. You click on his article and a string of text looking like this will appear:

and within the [ ] you can change it to anything. So you can change the Taric to Duke and then the link on his sister's article will say Duke LeSample and when a reader clicks the link it will still take the reader to the Taric LeSample article.   I hope I made sense and that this is what you wanted to know. Poke me again if it isn't XD;;

5 Aug, 2019 03:17

If you haven't created Taric's article yet but you are writing his sisters article and you want to mention him as Duke LeSample you just type (a)Duke LeSample(person) and this link will work when you create an article with that name. (if you click the link an you will automatically end up on an empty article with that name) If you are a Guild member the article will appear in the to-do-list and you can just change the title of the article later on when you have named him. If you aren't a guild member it's a lot easier to just create the article with the purple button and use the link that the button gives you and place it there and later rename the article. (it will still say Duke LeSample on his sister's article until you change it since the text within the [ ] is the name the article had when you linked it on that article. )

6 Aug, 2019 20:06

Thanks mate, cheers!

7 Aug, 2019 03:53

Cheers :)

10 Oct, 2019 12:28

Is there a way to create a link in an article's title? For example, if I create an article with the title "Mr. Example goes for a walk", can I have Mr. Example be a link to that character?

11 Oct, 2019 18:44

Yes, if you write your article in the vignette.

(and if you mean the headers in the article)

18 Nov, 2019 17:30

Is it just me or Mentionning doesn't work anymore in the new Text Editor? I also tried to get back in Source code and didn't work either...

19 Nov, 2019 02:26

There can be bugs with the new text editor. If you're on the discord bring them up in the #alchemists-wysiswyg channel. Otherwise, you can take screencaps and report what browser you're using (the report a bug page can be reached on the bottom of all pages on the backend). If you don't mind using the old editor you can go to the Interface setting page and change to Legacy under the Editor selection header.

19 Dec, 2019 22:07

I believe we can't at-mention timelines, correct? Or at least not before the timeline exists? Do events in a timeline work in either case?

19 Dec, 2019 23:16

No, I don't think so. Articles and events (/timelines) run on different systems as far as I am aware.

31 Dec, 2019 04:49

Is there a way to add links with the new update. Ever since they changed the layout of the type box I haven’t been able to link things by using the @ method. If someone could explain this it would be great :)

2 Jan, 2020 01:48

The new wysiwyg editor and the mentioning system isn't the best of friends yet. You can change it to the old editor if you would prefer the old ways. To change click on your avatar image in the top right corner, and then on "interface and accessibility" You'll get this page.

Change to "Legacy" in the dropdown under "Editor Selection" and click save. Hope it helps :)