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Content Linking and Mention System


Update by SoulLink
An integral part of worldbuilding is to create relationships between everything in the world. On World Anvil it is possible to link to any kind of resources with either the mention system or with a specific BBCode. The mention system also offers up a dropdown where suggestions are shown as you type.

Mentioning an Existing Article

This feature is available to everyone.
To link existing articles, just type an and then at least three letters of the title, of a tag or within the content of any article within the current world. Suggested articles with the word in the title or within a tag are ordered first. After that is a list of all the articles which contain these letters in the main content (vignette). The suggested list can display at most 100 articles, except in the legacy editor, which provides a much smaller list. Use a more specific word if your article does not appear at the top of the list.   The search for letters has some limitations.
  • Spaces have to be replaced with an underscore ( _ ) character.
  • Characters that are not letters or numbers will not be matched.
  • It is not possible to match Cyrillic, Greek and other non-Latin characters.
  • Article with a title that only has one or two characters cannot be found via title (due to the three-letter minimum)
  Assign unique tags that you can search for in order to get around these limitations.  

Mentioning a Non-Existing Article

This feature is available to everyone.
  You can also link an article that hasn't been created yet. To do so, simply add the link as normal, typing the full name of the future article. After the article title, type its template name between (parenthesis). You then create this article by clicking on the link generated by this placeholder on the view side of the article. The placeholder will be updated to the full mention the next time you save the article, but the link will start working from the beginning.  
This only works for articles where you are the author. When someone else is the author, the link is not rendered and instead is just bold. Only the author can see and click on the article to create the corresponding article. The system does not take into consideration if you have the permission to do so.
  • Character (character) or (person)
  • Conflict (militaryconflict) or (conflict)
  • Country (organization)
  • Document (document)
  • Ethnicity (ethnicity)
  • God/Deity (character) or (person)
  • Military Formation (formation)
  • Geographic Location (location)
  • Item (item)
  • Language (language)
  • Law (law)
  • Settlement (settlement)
  • Building/Location (landmark)
  • Material (material)
  • Myth/Legend (myth) or (legend) or (prophecy)
  • Organization (organization)
  • Generic Article (article)
  • Prose (prose)
  • Profession (profession)
  • Rank/Title (rank) or (title)
  • Spell (spell)
  • Species (species)
  • Technology (technology)
  • Tradition/Ritual (ritual) or (tradition)
  • Vehicle (vehicle)

Linking Categories, Secrets, Maps, Images, Historical Events and Variables

This feature is available to all guild members.
  It is possible to get a suggestion for items other than articles by typing the character "[" instead of the . Then three or more letters of the title of the desired item. In this case, only the title is searched and not the content or the tags. The resources found are always listed grouped together by type in the following order: images, maps, events, categories (link & toc), secrets and variables.   The suggester returns 50 results at most.  

Frequently Asked Questions

These are questions that come up regularly. If you feel something is missing please leave a comment or tell us on the Discord.

Can I change the display text of a link?

Yes, the displayed text does not affect the actual link. Anything between the two square brackets can be changed to anything you wish.

Can I force a mention link to open in a new browser tab?

No. You have to use the URL-BBCode with the open tab option
However, in general the tab option should be avoided for internal links. This allows the user to decide whether to open a link in a new tab or not.

Can I make a mention link to target an anchor?

No. You have to use the URL BBCode as well to do so:
Make sure to store these links in variables to make sure they can be updated.

Other guides

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Horatio Hornblower
30 Jul, 2019 18:28

Is there a way to provide alt name for article link? E.g. I want to link a character, but I want to use only the first name, or I want to link a organization (e.g. Kingdom of X) but I want to use X?

1 Aug, 2019 01:49

Yep, if you look at the first image you can see that I've written @world and gotten as a response at the top of the list "PatheticBarrel's World-Building Guide" Or did you mean something else?

Horatio Hornblower
4 Aug, 2019 23:28

Hmm, what I mean is that I have an article about some Taric LeSample. But I want to mention him as Duke LeSample for example. How can I do that? Is it possible if the article is not created yet?

5 Aug, 2019 03:04

The mentioning system works on the title of the article. If you create an article for him and name it Taric LeSample and then when you want to link to him on his sister's article you write a @tar or @les and his article will appear in a list together with other articles with similar names. You click on his article and a string of text looking like this will appear:

and within the [ ] you can change it to anything. So you can change the Taric to Duke and then the link on his sister's article will say Duke LeSample and when a reader clicks the link it will still take the reader to the Taric LeSample article.   I hope I made sense and that this is what you wanted to know. Poke me again if it isn't XD;;

5 Aug, 2019 03:17

If you haven't created Taric's article yet but you are writing his sisters article and you want to mention him as Duke LeSample you just type (a)Duke LeSample(person) and this link will work when you create an article with that name. (if you click the link an you will automatically end up on an empty article with that name) If you are a Guild member the article will appear in the to-do-list and you can just change the title of the article later on when you have named him. If you aren't a guild member it's a lot easier to just create the article with the purple button and use the link that the button gives you and place it there and later rename the article. (it will still say Duke LeSample on his sister's article until you change it since the text within the [ ] is the name the article had when you linked it on that article. )

Horatio Hornblower
6 Aug, 2019 20:06

Thanks mate, cheers!

7 Aug, 2019 03:53

Cheers :)

10 Oct, 2019 12:28

Is there a way to create a link in an article's title? For example, if I create an article with the title "Mr. Example goes for a walk", can I have Mr. Example be a link to that character?

11 Oct, 2019 18:44

Yes, if you write your article in the vignette.

(and if you mean the headers in the article)

18 Nov, 2019 17:30

Is it just me or Mentionning doesn't work anymore in the new Text Editor? I also tried to get back in Source code and didn't work either...

19 Nov, 2019 02:26

There can be bugs with the new text editor. If you're on the discord bring them up in the #alchemists-wysiswyg channel. Otherwise, you can take screencaps and report what browser you're using (the report a bug page can be reached on the bottom of all pages on the backend). If you don't mind using the old editor you can go to the Interface setting page and change to Legacy under the Editor selection header.

19 Dec, 2019 22:07

I believe we can't at-mention timelines, correct? Or at least not before the timeline exists? Do events in a timeline work in either case?

19 Dec, 2019 23:16

No, I don't think so. Articles and events (/timelines) run on different systems as far as I am aware.

Tall Guy
Konstantinos Vasileiadis
11 May, 2021 10:44

Seems to be possible now via the "Links" section in the right part of the Historical Entry editing page, where you can copy and paste a url to include a link this event's page into any of your articles.

31 Dec, 2019 04:49

Is there a way to add links with the new update. Ever since they changed the layout of the type box I haven’t been able to link things by using the @ method. If someone could explain this it would be great :)

2 Jan, 2020 01:48

The new wysiwyg editor and the mentioning system isn't the best of friends yet. You can change it to the old editor if you would prefer the old ways. To change click on your avatar image in the top right corner, and then on "interface and accessibility" You'll get this page.

Change to "Legacy" in the dropdown under "Editor Selection" and click save. Hope it helps :)

21 Jan, 2020 15:56

Hey all, I just joined, so apologies if this is covered somewhere else and I just haven't found it yet:   If you change that article name, will it update mentions of that article throughout your content? or does it break the links?   Thanks in advance!

22 Jan, 2020 02:47

Hey! Welcome! :)   The links will continue to work. However, if you change the name of an article the name won't change on the other pages. So for example; if you have an article Named "King Anvil" and have a mention on another article King Anvil ...If you change the name of the article to "Queen Anvil" then the link on the other pages will still say "King Anvil". It's like that so you can use different names for the same thing or make it fit more with what you are writing. ...I hope I made sense? XD   If you feel like it, you can also join the development discord ...most of the community is over there and want to answer a lot of questions. :)

22 Jan, 2020 13:12

Thanks so much for the quick response!   Yes, that makes sense. Maybe one day we can get the option to update all mentions when you rename an article. For example, I have preliminary names for the continents of my world right now. It would awesome if in the future I decide to rename a continent and could just change the name of the article and it pushed that update to each mention.   I'll shoot on over to the discord and check that out soon. Thanks again!

22 Jan, 2020 13:12

Thanks so much for the quick response!   Yes, that makes sense. Maybe one day we can get the option to update all mentions when you rename an article. For example, I have preliminary names for the continents of my world right now. It would awesome if in the future I decide to rename a continent and could just change the name of the article and it pushed that update to each mention.   I'll shoot on over to the discord and check that out soon. Thanks again!

23 Jan, 2020 02:15


27 Apr, 2020 19:15

Is there a way to put a hyperlink in an article to jump around the same article in different places

28 Apr, 2020 00:56

Do you mean anchors? Yes, there is, you'll have to use bbcode. While you're editing an article you can find the codes under the "WORLD ANVIL TAGS REFERENCE" tab in the right sidebar.  

Master Gandalfthe28th
Shayan Ghorbanian
7 Jun, 2020 16:47

Is there a way of combining Anchors and Hyperlinks? So a link to a specific header in another article?

8 Jun, 2020 01:02

Yes, but you'll have to do it manually. [url=WORLDURL/ArticleName#Header][h1]Header[/h1][/url]

Silent Seal
Set Saber
1 Jul, 2020 08:00

Hi there! I've got a question which I suspect might be quite foolish, but is necessary non the less: When using mentioning, the article sometimes shows a bold text instead of a link to the article. All articles are non-drafts WIPs, and most of those articles (if not all) possess working mentions in other articles, or sometimes even within the article itself. Does anyone have an idea what's going on? It's driving me mad

2 Jul, 2020 17:40

Hmmm~ weird, I think the bold text is only supposed to be for articles that aren't published. Might be some kind of a bug?

Silent Seal
Set Saber
3 Jul, 2020 10:32

maybe? it's fairly common though I mean, it happens in almost every article I'm trying to use mentions in. As far as I know the only case in which I could get this bug (?) to be fairly consistent is when mentioning the same article twice. Other than that, I got nothing. who should I go to if it is a bug? Because if it is, than probably more information is needed to solve it (at the very least links to articles as they are currently, the source code on my end and the mention link that is used, or at least so I would guess)

3 Jul, 2020 16:54

Yeah, but if the same mention link works in other articles I can't think of anything else that it can be. You can report the bug here; Dimitris uses a third party program to sort and optimize his bugs and feature requests so you'll have to make a new account there.

Silent Seal
Set Saber
4 Jul, 2020 10:33

Will submit, thanks!

4 Jul, 2020 20:17

np! Thank you as well :)

22 Jul, 2020 10:26

Hey there, when I link an article in our world, no preview pops up when hovering with the mouse over the link. The linked article is published already. What could be the reason and how do I allow a linked article to be previewed?

22 Jul, 2020 15:19

You've added text in the excerpt?

22 Jul, 2020 22:17

No, I didn't, thank you so much. I thought, World Anvil would automatically show the first few sentences of my vignette. Anyway, now I know how to make it work!

22 Jul, 2020 23:54

Great! Nah, for the simple preview popups you can put any information that you want there. :)

24 Jul, 2020 23:00

Is it possible to get a list of articles which link to a given article? I've got some (duplicate) stubs I made by accident in early articles and want to track down where they were made.

24 Jul, 2020 23:27

No real way, but you can take the code (the string of code you get when you mention it) and go to your world's view page. Put the string of code in the search bar there and all articles that have that article mentioned in them will show up.

25 Jul, 2020 18:12

With the new article update today there is now a reference list on the editing of articles page so you can load all articles that reference the article that you are editing.

25 Jul, 2020 22:54

That's exactly what I wanted! Just a couple of days too early

25 Jul, 2020 23:07


26 Jun, 2021 10:32

I'm looking for the reference list in article and am having no luck. Where at in the article do you see the the reference list? Does this feature requires a specific membership level?

26 Jun, 2021 22:42

Right sidebar, click "Open Advanced Tools & Options", and then click "Referenced in". I'm unsure if there is a specific membership level. I think it is available to all guild members but if you can't find it I'll ask.

27 Jun, 2021 10:09

Thanks for responding back so quickly. The only options I see under "Open Advanced Tools & Options" are: To-Do List Special Actions MetaData   I don't see the reference list in any of these dropdowns.

27 Jun, 2021 16:24

I've sent a dm to the developer. It's his day off today and tomorrow so we'll see when he has time to reply. :)

27 Jun, 2021 16:57

Got a reply, it's a Master+ feature. :/ ....I suppose it's because it pulls a lot of juice from the server to search through all articles in a world.

28 Jun, 2021 20:00

Thanks for following up.

29 Jun, 2021 00:21

np <3

4 Aug, 2020 01:48

Can I link a location article to one of my maps?

4 Aug, 2020 02:15

How do you mean? You can put a map in your location article by going to "Map settings" and copy-paste the bbcode in the "map embed snippet" dropdown in the right sidebar. While editing your maps you can also connect the article to the maps.

4 Aug, 2020 02:25

Okay, I discovered the latter. I will try the former. I'm not very computer savvy you see, most of my work is on thousands of hand-written pages. I will give it a shot. Thank you.

4 Aug, 2020 04:05

Okay :) I hope it works for you, if you have any other ideas for how you want it to be you can put in a feature request.

9 Aug, 2020 08:26

Hi.   My question is related to a function that is a mention between the map and the articles, but only this time the reverse way. Let me explain. Is it possible for a word to be linked to a pin on the map in the manner in which we use something but this creates and article, and what I need it to do is when this particular word is clicked, to take it up on the map to that exact Pin. Also it needs to stay on the same page, not open the map in a different one. I have my map as a background for the world and if that could be done it would be awesome.   Please share your opinion if it can be done and if yes, how exactly.   Thank you

9 Aug, 2020 22:07

Hello, As far as I know, it's not possible to link a word to a map pin since the pins only have locations on maps. You could ask Dimi to make it as a feature the next time he works on the map system.   You can suggest features over here: It's a third party program so your WA login information won't work. You will have to get an account there. You'll only get emails from them if Dimi is asking about your request or if it's finished.   <3

15 Aug, 2020 01:12

Is there a way to link to a stat block WITHOUT the text being imported, ie, just a link to click to open in another window? I can't @ mention a statblock and when I copy the statblock ID to the article it pulls all the text.

15 Aug, 2020 02:57

I'm not good at the RPG side (I'm an author) but I think you should be able to do it like this

19 Aug, 2020 01:02

I don't seem to be able to link in articles that have diacritical marks in their name (example: Árdcnoc) while filling in the prompts on another article. Specifically, I am attempting to link a location article (Árdcnoc) to the 'current location' prompt on my new character article. Diacritics seems to be the issue. Is there a work-around?

22 Aug, 2020 01:26

Hello, sorry for the late reply, haven't had computer access for the last couple of days so haven't been able to try it out. But tested tonight and seems to work as well to type the last three letters. So for the example name Árdcnoc, it worked when I typed "noc". :)

22 Aug, 2020 16:39

Why did I not think of that? I feel very smart. Thank you.

22 Aug, 2020 22:43

<3 you were probably preoccupied with the worldbuilding. :3

29 Jan, 2021 03:12

If I'm running an RPG (D&D 5e), I'd like to create some links in my articles to player characters. Is that possible?

29 Jan, 2021 03:44

Yes, the mentioning system works in all articles.

29 Jan, 2021 23:45

Thank you!

30 Jan, 2021 04:08

No problem :)

N. Phillip Cole
6 Feb, 2021 21:14

Is it possible to link to Campaign components within a World? For example, something like "This event was fleshed out in the [Die Hard 37] campaign by the [Donner Party] during [Session 05]" or some such?

8 Feb, 2021 02:53

I don't use the RPG features but people tell me that it's not possible. They say that campaigns do have a presentation page that you can link to, it's also possible to use session reports with the mentioning system.

10 May, 2021 11:22

I tried this but for some reason, it just doesn't work at all. What could be wrong?

11 May, 2021 00:35

What did you try?

14 May, 2021 20:15

How do i delete an map, timeline or generic link? I miss clicked and put the wrong mal, how do i erase?

14 May, 2021 22:05

What is a mal? With a regular link you just click backspace. If you’ve chosen something out of a drop down menu under the template specific prompts then just click the x next to it.

16 May, 2021 14:18

A wrong map* so i think i found a bug, on mobile i am unable to erase any type of link.

17 May, 2021 03:11

I don't know much about maps, you'll have to ask here: Or on WorldAnvil's discord server:

11 Oct, 2021 18:05

Hello, lately I had trouble with linking articles for a specific article. It seems like a bug to me and I'm not sure how to solve it. I am writing a generic article and linking or mentioning other articles doesn't seem to work. When I enter the "View-Mode" the words which would lead to the mentioned articles appear in a different color, but I can't click them. Btw, the same issue appears with breadcrumbs or the articletoc. It appears in the article but I can't click it. This issue also seems to be bound to just this one article. I have tested mentioning and linking articles in other articles and it works just fine. Do you know a way to solve that problem by chance?

12 Oct, 2021 14:16

The issue has been solved. It was just a bug and it disappeared randomly as I continued editing the article.

13 Oct, 2021 00:41

:) That's good! (sorry I didn't answer yesterady, I was busy ^^;; )

25 Oct, 2021 17:08

I'm wondering if it is possible to change the color of the link text using CSS (or another method). In a few articles, I placed article links in a container and used CSS to change the container color and font size, but I haven't been able to figure out if I can change the font color of the article links in those containers to something other than red.

26 Oct, 2021 01:46

This is a CSS question and you can find CSS information and help over here:   But since I know.....   Link color for entire world:

.user-css a,
.user-css a:focus,
.user-css-extended a,
.user-css-extended a:focus {
  Link color for containers
.user-css .CONTAINERNAME a {

25 Oct, 2021 21:13

Two questions...   First, is it possible to article search with square brackets and find timelines yet? Last I checked it and historical events could not be linked in this way, and did not have "Links" sections on their article pages. Now it seems they have "Links" sections both, but only historical events show up when you search in this way. Since they both certainly have links now it seems odd that timelines would not be searchable in this manner.   Second, is it yet possible to create links to non-existing "articles" but for timelines and/or historical events? I don't see example anywhere of anything like Name etc.

26 Oct, 2021 01:42

No. There probably won't be any updates to the old timeline feature (as far as I have heard) either since Chronos (since you are a grandmaster you should have access to the Alchemist's lab so you should be able to try it out already since it's in beta testing) is currently being developed.

27 Oct, 2021 00:59

Also, for Generic Article, (generic) did not work for me, but (article) did.

27 Oct, 2021 01:06

*checks* ...yupp. *updates*

23 Jan, 2022 19:06

Apologies in advance if this is answered elsewhere... Is there an easy way to link an article to specific users in World Anvil. As we all know, RPGs are collaborative affairs and I'd like to give the players in my games credit for their part in developing the story/setting.   Thanks in advance.

25 Jan, 2022 01:31

Remove the /
[/user:THEIRUSERNAME] for text links and
[/usercard:THEIRUSERNAME] for blocks

Kryat Lore
1 Feb, 2022 23:25

If I have an article that many other articles reference, what happens if I change the name of said article? Will all of its mentions also update with the new name?

4 Feb, 2022 21:03

Sorry for the late reply.   No, it won't change @[everything in here] you will have to change manually because you can have whatever you want in there.   When I write an article and I reference another article I usually reference the content of the article instead of the title of it for partly this reason.   Article name: The Solanian Empire   References: @[The Empire] and so on....

Kryat Lore
5 Feb, 2022 22:26

Thanks for the help! That's a great tactic. Cheers!

16 Feb, 2022 07:49

How do you add the cursor-over blurb to a linked page? When you drag your cursor over a page and a brief summary of the linked article pops up.

17 Feb, 2022 06:48

If you mean the plain text link popup, you have to fill in the article's excerpt under Design> Basic (below the article cover).

13 Jan, 2023 12:15

Can I link a stat block to an article?

13 Jan, 2023 15:48

No, I think it has to be done the other way around. The stat block has to be put or linked in an article.