Guide to the mention system

    The mention system exists to make your world building life on WorldAnvil a whole lot easier; it links your articles together so your readers will stay on your world for all eternity.   If you have started an article and you mention something that you already have an article for then the only thing you have to do is to mention it and it will appear as a link. Even if you don't have an existing article you can still mention it and it will also appear in your to-do-list.  

Mentioning an existing article

To mention an article that you have already created, maybe with the purple button, you type an @ and add the first letters of the name of the article or the first letters of the article type. Then you click the button of the article you want to link to and it will automatically appear in the editor.  
  If you have several articles with the same name but they are different templates you can search for them to, like this @person  
  This is how the link will look on the front end, on the article in your world-  
  and this is how it looks on the backend, while you edit the article.  

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Mentioning a non-existing article

If you want to mention an article you don't want to create yet you can also type an @ ...but this time you need to type everything out by yourself.   Like this Testy
  -You write the name of the article and after that, you type the name of the template within these ( ). The article will also appear in the to-do list after you have saved it.
  These are the templates; Character (character) or (person), Conflict (militaryConflict) or (conflict), Condition (condition), Document (document), Ethnicity (ethnicity), Formation (formation),Geographic location (location), Generic article (article), Item (item), Language (language), Law (law), Settlement (settlement), Building/Location (landmark), Material (material), Myth / Legend (myth) or (legend) or (prophesy), Organization (organization), Prose (prose), Profession (profession), Rank/Title (rank) or (title), Spell (spell), Species (species), Technology (technology), Tradition / Ritual (ritual) or (tradition) and Vehicle (vehicle).   While editing an article you can always find this list under "BBCODE REFERENCE" in the right sidebar :)  
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Excerpts vs. Tooltips

If you have an article you can go to the Design tab and write in an Excerpt.
  That excerpt will appear when people hower over the link. Like this;  
If your article isn't created yet you can fix that by adding a tooltip like this;   Testy
  Excerpts are to explain what an article is about. Tooltips can also be used for that. But it can also be used to explain words or concepts that you won't be making any articles for.      
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Block links and other tidbits

While you are editing an article, on the right sidebar below the to-do list you will find this:
  The text link is just the regular link that you get with the mentioning system. But the block link looks like the left one if you are placing them at the bottom of the vignette or a text box or like the right one if you put it in the sidebar.



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